Saturday, October 20, 2012

Part Three - Little Lost Ghost Girl

“This is not happening! Ghosts do not exist.” I watched her as she skipped around my room giggling and laughing.
“Isabella, are you awake yet?” My Aunts voice came from the bottom of the stairs.
“…Yes, I’m up…” I hoped my Aunt didn’t come up here, then again she may not be able to see her.
“Good, you promised to paint the nursery today.”
“OK…I’ll be down soon…” I watched Melissa as she picked up the porcelain doll with her name on it and hugged it.
“Dolly, I’ve looked everywhere for you.” She hugged her doll. I watched slowly as the doll became transparent and pale like her.
“Dolly, do you know where mommy went?” She sighed and hugged her again.
“…Mellisa?” I hoped she knew I was here.
“You said you’d help me find my mommy…” She whispered and hugged her doll crying.
“Why can’t you go into the light…like your mommy?” As soon as said this, I felt a cold chill blow through me. Mellisa eyes got wide and she disappeared.
“He’s coming!” She whispered from nowhere.
“…Who’s coming?” I asked and looked around. Why was my room so dark for 9am.
“The bad man…he’s keeping me…AHHHHH!” She screamed mid sentence and then both the darkness and her were gone.
“Mellisa…Mellisa?” I called out to her, but all I got was silence. “The bad man…keeping me, maybe keeping her here? That’s why she can’t cross over to her mommy?” I sighed and looked around.
“Isabella, who are you talking to?” Said a voice behind me, I jumped fifty feet and caught the porcelain doll that had appeared out of nowhere.
“…Myself.” I smiled a little and coughed.
“Let me get dressed and have my breakfast then I’ll come and paint.”
“OK…” She said and walked downstairs.
“Wait, Auntie.” I ran after her. “Who lived here before us?”
“No one, why?” She called back.
“Someone had to, all that stuff I found.”
“From the original owners. They all died in the late 1800’s.” She waddled back into view.
“You mean the entire family?” I asked confused.
“Yep, not sure how. I’m sure there’s records off it somewhere . . . here or in town.” She smiled and waddled away again.
“OK, thanks.” I frowned and sat down on the step and thought for a moment.
“The nursery will have to wait, I have investigating to do.” I jumped up and ran off to change.

Come Back Next Week For The Finale!!


  1. What? No more after next week? Not fair. You have to continue. You have to tell them about me. Continue or ... I WILL EAT YOUR SOUL!

  2. Hahahaha @ GG!

    Don't we get to see the bad man? Only one more week? Aw.

  3. Next week will be very long don't worry!!! I'd cont. But after October we change themes sorry!

  4. Good job on Isabella's reactions towards the spirits <3 I'm looking forward to the next installment <3 hugs