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Dark Magick by Cathy Brockman

Wanna join us for a Tryst? There is no better time than now. October first brought in a fresh new line up.. What a way to start a month!! We hope you loved Raymonds-------- Wasn't Ellie Mack's first episodeof Valkyrie's Curse  Hot? Now for a little more  October magic..
As always bear in mind that these are first draft stories. Final manuscripts will be slightly different after editing revisions. You are always free to leave comments about anything pertaining to the stories here.   We love to hear from You!
Now with that all out of the way are you ready for some DARK MAGICK

Dark Magick
                                                                    Bad Hair Day

 Have you ever had one of those days that nothing seems to go right? You know the one; as soon as you wake up you realize you got out on the wrong side of the bed and the world has peed in your cheerios?

Well today was one of those for me. Actually; worse than that. One where everything you touch breaks, or goes absolutely wrong. It’s been one of those weeks, no, I take that back…MONTHS!

I got up this morning with no power. The clock is blank. Darn battery backup…battery must have died again why don’t they make a clock that tells ya when to change the backup battery? I flip open my cell-phone and I have thirty minutes to get to work. Fan-freakin-tastic! It takes me 25 minutes on a good day to drive there! I look in the mirror and yes, you guessed it, a bad hair-day! I wet it, trying to detangle the wild, matted, mess the best I possibly can. After about 5 minutes to no avail I scrunch it up and add a large butterfly clip so it at least looks decent. Thank heavens I had lain my clothes, down to accessories, out the night before and pack my lunch. I quickly dress, hoping to snag a cup of coffee at the convenience store. That is if it has power and is open. If not hopefully I can snag a cup when I get to work.

I put my lunch-box and purse in the passenger seat, buckle my seat-belt and turn the key. NOTHING! Really?! I plop open my cell to call in and of course there is no reception towers are down or circuits are full.

Shaking my head in frustration, I start walking to the convenience store, glad there is one just around the corner. I can use the pay phone there to call in to work, call Josh to see if he can come fix my car and get me that much needed cup of coffee.

SNAP! POP! FLASH! Just great!! More storm! Folding my hands and gazing into the sky in silent prayer, I beg and plead. Please! If anyone up there is listening to me wait five more minutes! Just five more minutes till I get in the store! Oh and while you’re at it be sure it’s open. PLEASE! BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!  thunder bellows, but remarkably I make to the store, and Yes! I pump my arm, its open. As I shut the door it’s as if the heavens open up and spill an ocean.

“Thank you!” I look up to the ceiling and praise.

I must look pretty crazy glancing at the clerk looking up at ceiling she says “Uhhh, Can I help ya?”

For some reason I don’t really think she means, ‘can I sell ya something’. Smiling I shake my head. It’s best I don’t speak until I get at least one cup of that coffee down me. I pour two and set them on the counter.

“Will that be all?” She looks at me hesitantly, standing a bit farther back form the counter than usual.

The scent of sausage and hot grease fills the air making my stomach wake up and speak to me.

“I’ll take a chicken and biscuit please.” Gazing longingly at the chocolate donuts, I lick my lips and add a jelly filled chocolate frosted one. Hey! I’ve had the morning form Hades already. I deserve to indulge. I glance up to the flickering lights.

“Two of each?” She looks at the two cups of coffee.

“Huh? Oh!!! No both of these are for me. The power is out and I need them.” I chuckle.

Gingerly she hands me the change, her expression remaining confused and a bit frightened as I hand her back two bills.

“Can I get quarters for these? I need to call in to work and call my boyfriend to see if he can fix my car for me.”

 Nodding she hands me the coins carefully not touching me. I guess she is having a bad morning too.

Saying another quick prayer before dropping in the coins, I pray the machine works and don’t take my money. It’s all I have until I can get to the bank.

CHA CHING! The dial-tone is music to my ears. I call work first. It seems to take forever for the operator to answer.

Finally! She runs through her ‘thank you for calling and how may I direct you spiel’.

“Hey Maggie, its Fallon”

“Let me guess. You’re either gonna be late or not coming in?”

“Probably not coming in.” I give her a rundown of my morning.

“You and over half the store! I’ll direct you to HR. I’m tired of being yelled at.”

“I’m really sorry but even if I wanted to walk I doubt I could get there today since I live 20 miles across the river.”

“Not my problem” I hear a click and a couple beeps as I’m being transferred. She was right. The human resource manager did yell. Oh well. I don’t really care. I take a long swig of my coffee and a bite of the biscuit, deciding to wait till I get home to tackle the messy donut. I plan to sit and savor the devil out of that baby.  The second cup of coffee is nestled carefully in the bag with plenty of paper towels to keep it upright.

I quickly drop in two more quarters and dial Josh’s number hoping he answers.

“This better be good.” Josh’s voice slurs sleepily but still Oh! So! Sexy!

“It’s me.” Who in Hades does he think it is? Then I realize the number from the pay phone won’t show and he will have no clue it’s me.


“Yeah! How many other Me’s do you have calling?” I know I sound rather snarky, but the way I feel, he better be glad snarky was all I sounded.

“Thankfully, as much as I love you there is only one of you.” He chuckles.

Picturing him lying in his bed, his wavy blonde hair all tousled, a sleepy, just woke up look on his face, my mind clouds almost making me forget my troubles. The sound of his chuckle sends shivers straight to my stomach and lower. I sigh, wishing I was there in his warm bed, wrapped in his strong arms. Not standing at a Pay phone on a wet sidewalk with water soaking my shoes and a cool drizzle in the air.

“Why you blocking your number, Fal?”

“I’m not. I’m at a pay phone.” I repeat my story for what seems like the hundredth time already in the past hour or so.

“Wow! That’s one hell of a morning!”

“Erik, please don’t cuss. I’ve had a bad enough morning already, don’t jinx me please.” I beg.

“So did you spill the salt last night or have a black cat cross your path?” He chuckles.

I don’t, find it near as funny as he seems to.  I try to remember if I possibly did any of that.

“Nothing I can think of.”

“I was just joking babe! Trying to cheer ya up! Where are ya?”

“At the convenience store around the corner from me.”

“Want me to pick ya up there?”

“Nah! I can be home by the time it takes you to put on your clothes and get here. Just come to the house Ok?”

“Sure, babe. Can ya get me a cup of coffee while you’re there, just in-case the power isn't back on?”

“Sure “I eye the bag with the precious black fluid cooling in it hoping I can scrape up another dollar and keep mine.

I hang up the phone and rummage through my purse and find a five. I decide to be nice and get him a donut too. Well not being only nice. If he sees mine I won’t have one.

Luckily it’s stopped drizzling and I get home only a bit damp and chilled.

Josh comes and my car just needed a boost.  It looks like I left the lights on again. He eats his donut and drinks his coffee.

Wrapping me in his arms he smothers me with a long lingering kiss, leaving me breathless. The taste sweet taste of the donut and the bitter taste of coffee just makes him more enticing.

 “MMMMM I sure wish I could stay, but I have to go into work.” He gives me a long lustful look.

“I thought you worked tonight?” I lean in and lick the little dollop of chocolate at the corner of his mouth eliciting a guttural moan from him.

“Quit teasing me Fal, you never play fair.”

Grinning wickedly, I lean against him pressing myself into his growing erection.

“I guess we had a lot of call-ins too. The boss called just after you hung up. I told them I could, but it would be a couple hours.  They told me it’s slow right now to come in at one.  They will see if I can leave a little early tonight if there isn’t a lot of call-ins.”

“Want to come up and meet me after my shift? I’ll buy ya a burger and a stiff drink”

“You know I don’t drink during the week! Besides I have to work tomorrow.” I smack him playfully on the head.

Leaning in I press my lips to his, hungrily he devours me, the bulge in his pants growing against my stomach. Pulling away reluctantly, he adjusts himself and sighs.

“I better get going babe or I will be calling in. I could use the extra cash. Working days at a bar serving lunch doesn’t bring much tips.”

“I know.”

“I’ll try to call ya when I get a break. The towers should up soon.” Planting a quick kissed on my lips he climbs into his truck, blowing me a kiss as he pulls away.

Dusk is settling in and still no power, so I decided to go visit mom. The cemetery is beautiful this time of year with the lovely fragrant blooms of the crepe myrtle, and the stones adorned with lovely artificially fall flowers. I put a new topper on mom’s stone and hang her basket I fix every year for the past two years with her scarecrows and tiny pumpkins in it.

The rain has stopped but it’s still overcast and I can see the occasional flash of lightening. I talk to mom a bit and finish cleaning and decorating the stone. I put my cleaning stuff and the old flowers in the backseat, getting ready to leave.

That’s when I saw him. Long black hair and the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen. Golden yellow like the moon.

“Here kitty, kitty.” I kneel on the path.

“What are you doing out here in the rain?”

Well, it’s not raining now, but still a mist and most cats wouldn’t be out in this weather at this time of night unless they are lost or been dumped.

He stood there a few minutes staring at me. I start slowly towards him. He arches his back and hisses at me, darting behind a stone a few rows down. I know he’s still there since he didn’t climb over the fence.

“Fine! Have it your way. Stay out here in the dark, wet cemetery. I was just offering you a chance at a warm place to stay and some food.”

I could feel him watching me as I turn and head back to my car. Cats usually like me, but the day I had today I am lucky it didn’t attack me.

I barely made it back to my car when it got suddenly darker, like both the sun and moon were in hiding. The rain picked up a little. A loud BOOM of thunder makes me jump. I double check my flowers to make sure they won’t get blown away and head home. I mutter a little prayer that the power is back when I get home. I’m not looking forward to a night in the dark.



A surprise


Damn! I’m so close to being free. I’m not sure where I am but it looks like a cemetery. Just my luck. Looking about trying to decide where to go, knowing I better get out of here fast, I hear a sweet voice beckoning. I come very close to falling for her sweet voice offering me sanctuary and food. When our eyes meet I know she was my chance escape before I was found. I get a few feet from her when I pick up the scent. One good thing about being a cat, I have acute since of hearing and smell.

I don’t know, this one she smells different than the rest. She must be one of the inbreeds, or a witch that practices dark magic. I hiss and bolt. She walks away, just like that. She stops and talks to the spirits. Demons don’t talk to spirits, they trap them. I ease forward staying hidden behind the bushes. I guess it’s to hold back loose spirits. That’s when I see shadows moving. I notice her travel machine is open and I dart inside while she isn’t looking. Fate must be on my side. I barely get inside, cowering in the floor, when the door pops shut and she climbs in.

Damn! Did she call them on me? Is that what she was doing speaking to the spirits? Did I step right into her trap? Well I am safer here taking my chances with a mixed breed, than in a cemetery full of spirits and demons. That is if she doesn’t eat me for dinner.

   I hold my breath as the travel machine comes to an abrupt halt.

She opens the door still talking as if someone were with her. Does she know I am in here? What is she? What have I gotten myself into? I am hoping this is the lesser of two evils. Oh well death would be better than where I came from.

I bolt over the seat and out the door before she has a chance to close it.

“Well kitty, how did you get in here?” Her voice is sweet and soothing to my burning brain. My heart thumping with fear and pounding in my head, I dart behind a nearby bush.

“Ahh! I know you’re scared. How did you get in my car? I’ll go see if I can find you something to eat? Would you like that?”

Yeah I’d love some food but how do I know it’s not poison or spelled? My stomach growls at the thought of nourishment. I follow her in the shadows and hide beneath the floor of her dwelling. I see bells hanging on the porch.

Why would a demon spawn have bells to ward off demons. So she isn’t demon, but that doesn’t rule out witch. I hear her say ‘let there be light’ and I see a glow through the cracks above. She definitely must be a powerful witch! I shiver not sure if it’s from the cold or fear. Perhaps escaping wasn't the best idea I ever had. Ranks right up there with bargaining with demons.

She reappears soon and kneels peering under the floor. I try to blend in with the shadows. She sets a dish of cold white liquid she calls milk and some fishy smelling stuff she calls tuna on the ground. She moves out of sight but I can still smell her nearby watching. Soon I hear the door close. I’m starving and the food smells good. I finally cave in and go take a taste. MMM good stuff and it doesn't taste like ash.

I move up to the door so I can watch the shadows and decide if she comes back out and offers me shelter I will go inside. I would be much safer inside and I can ward the perimeter of the dwelling. Surely I am more powerful than some mixed breed witch. Besides, I hold a demons powers within me. I have just about decided to go back beneath the dwelling when she finally comes back.

“Ok you. Last chance. You coming in or staying out in the rain?”

I run inside hoping I don’t smolder into a crisp or worse. I’m taking my chances. In this form I have nine lives. Right? Well I’m not sure but hopefully I have one left. I crawl beneath a strange item of furniture and hunker down. I can hear her soothing voice over the loud thudding of my heart in my ears. It’s a wonder I haven’t had a heart attack yet as long as it’s been pounding so fast. But somehow I feel safe. I feel the furniture above me sink and she must have sat down above me.

“So what shall I call you? Hmmm. Spooky? No. Shadow? No. I’d say something like Amber like your eyes but your definitely not a girl… so…Magick! That’s it I’ll call you Magick.

Works for me. At least I am warm and my belly is full. Hopefully she will retire soon and I can ward this place perhaps get out of this form and stretch out.

I peer out about the dwelling. What kind of place is this? After a while she turns off the magic picture box and goes into another area of the dwelling.

After making sure she sleeps, I crawl out and hop on top of the soft sitting bench I was hiding under. She had left me a soft blanket amidst some cushions. Nice! I am now positive she isn't any sort of demon since she sleeps at night. But what kind of witch is she? What strange magic she has, lights that dangle from the loft, a box with images in it or are they trapped souls.

I shudder, and realize it is very dark and has been for a while. I better set some wards and try to rest. Tomorrow could be a long day. I wince in pain trying not to cry out and awaken her as I take my human form. It feels so good to finally stretch and be myself.
 HE kept me mostly in the cat form to prevent me from using magic. I quickly set some wards and pick up the bowl of milk she set out for me and drink it. She also set out some water. Ahh! This is good water. I look longingly at the fixture I saw her get the water from but fear she will hear and come in. It would be nice to wash up.
 I stretch out on the soft cushion covered sitting bench and pull the soft blanket over me. Ahh! It’s been such a long time since I have had this comfort. Perhaps I can charm her into letting me stay. And perhaps even helping me get this demon off my back.
 I doze off peacefully for once in centuries.

I hope ya loved  this episode. So tell me what ya think?  If you think thats a bad day, wait till she wakes up and see what she finds sleeping on her couch............I'll leave ya with that thought!
Stop in tomorrow and see what our next Tryster, Misty Harvey has for us!! Looks like an awesome month!! 
                                               Happy Halloween


  1. so enjoying this...and soooo happy to be reading you again...cant wait for next week

  2. Cathy! I really loved it! So fun! It kept me reading and wondering the whole time. I can't wait to find out more about Magick and discover his past! Great job!