Saturday, October 6, 2012

Little Lost Ghost Girl

“We’re moving?!”  I stood up from the dinning room table, shocked.
“Yes sweetie. With the new baby coming we need a bigger house. But, we’ve decided you can have the entire attic to yourself. You should see it, it’s big enough to be your room and living room, it even has it’s own bathroom, OK toilet and sink.” My aunt smiled at me, but all I heard was they already bought a home without telling me.
“I want to see it before I even pack.” I sat back down a little at ease, they both nodded.
“OK Isabella you can see it. But, you have to start packing, we are moving in whether you say yes or not.” She got up and walked out, probably to pee again. Pregnant ladies pee a lot.
“Fine…an entire floor to myself? That’s better then a tiny closet of a room.” I got up and headed off to my closet I call a room.
“Be lucky you have that closet at all.” My Uncle called from downstairs, I rolled my eyes and walked in to see they’d already put empty boxes in there.
“Hm…maybe I can start a new school where I’m no longer Orphan Annie, and an entire floor all to myself, yes!” I smiled and turned around to see my aunt in the doorway smiling.
“Who are you talking to?” She smiled and waddled in to help me pack.
“Myself,  Aunt Jane, who else?” I sighed and turned to her, she was trying to bend down to pack some boxes, I couldn’t help but giggle.
“Might be easier if you sit down rather then…bend down?” I sat on my dresser and watched her.
“If I sit down I won’t be able to get back up…” She sighed and sat on my bed, giving up.
“Do you have a nice big nursery? Can I help  paint it? You know I love to paint. Rainbows, balloons, and when you find the sex, I can add girl or boy things?” I loved to paint, and I was an excellent artist. I wanted to go to an art college, but after my parents died I sort of gave up on my dream.
“I would love that Isabella, I would. You know I can’t draw worth crap. And your Uncle can do stick figures.” She giggled and opened my bedside table and made a noise of disgust.
“Oh hush! You know I only do deep cleanings once or twice a year.” I shut the drawer and opened my closet, it was filled with tons of boxes. I sighed and started to pull them out.
“I’m going to have to go through these before I pack them, most of this junk can be given or thrown away.” I sighed and pulled the lid of the box.
“Can’t you do that at the new house? That will take too long and we would like to move in within the week.” She smiled at me, I sighed and put the lid back on.
“Fine by me! You know me, procrastinating queen.” I giggled and put the box back.
“We can just carry…by we I mean everyone but you.” I gave her a look and she rolled her eyes. “Can just carry these to the truck as is.”
“Right, I won’t be carrying anything heavier then a basket of clothes, relax.” She rolled her eyes again and staggered to her feet. Aunt Jane liked to do everything herself, even when she’s 6 months pregnant and can’t carry anything heavier then a stuffed animal.
“Better not. Just because you’re pregnant doesn’t mean I can’t hit you.” I gave her a look, she just smiled and shook her head.
“Nice to know.” She waddled out of the room, I opened my dresser and started putting my clothes into boxes.
“Make sure your clothes are put in neat!” Aunt Jane yelled from down the hall.
“Whatever…” I yelled back, while I put my clothes in neatly. Good thing about her being pregnant is she can’t sneak up on me.

“Whoa!” Was all I said the second I stepped into the house.
“I know right?” Aunt Jane said from beside me. Pretty bad if I didn’t hear her waddle up to me.
“This is incredible. It had to cost a fortune…” The first thing I noticed was the beautiful wooden staircase. Dark oak wood, with carvings on the banisters. The banister posts each had a light on top, quite handy for dark nights. I looked over at the fireplace beside the staircase. It was a gilded gas fireplace, it looked very old. With a mirror and an old golden clock on the mantel. The one thing I didn’t like, was the wallpaper. It was an ugly red paper with golden flowers on it. With the decor and furnishings it looked Victorian, which is normally beautiful.
“So, the whole third floor belongs to me? It’s not tiny is it?” I looked at my aunt but she had already waddled into the kitchen with a box, I let out a huff and grabbed a box and decided to go upstairs and explore.

“Whoa! That’s quite a climb, I may have to rethink this whole third floor living space thing. What’s with all the kids stuff?” I dropped my box and walked into the attic and picked up a beautiful porcelain doll. She had on long beautiful pleated green dress, and a wide brimmed green hat, and a little green purse. She was very beautiful and looked expensive.
“Aren’t you the prettiest little thing…” I smiled and decided to keep her. I loved porcelain dolls. I laid her inside my box and looked around the rest of the attic.
“I’m going to have to use my cell phone to talk with my aunt and uncle. As I’m too far away to yell to them. Especially with a new baby.” I pulled out my cell to text my aunt. I paused in my typing as I could of sworn I heard, no, no can’t be. I’m imagining things. I finished my text and put away my phone when I heard it again. This time I was sure I heard a little girl giggling.

Come back next Saturday to find out if she really did hear a little girl giggling and who she is!


  1. I love ghost girls. I'm one. I will follow you. You speak to my heart. I am the one giggling...