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Dark Magick Finale

Hello everyone!  Thanks for coming back. If it’s your first time welcome! Today is a bittersweet day! But as they say all good things must come to an end.  This week is the final episodes of this month’s stories, but I am sure you have all been eagerly waiting to see how they all end! We hope you enjoyed them all and check back to see what the Trysters have planned for next month! I’m sure it will be just as exciting!   So, without further ado, here it is the finale of ………..

Dark Magick

Tricks and Treats




Memories of yesterday come rushing back as I awaken to the comfort of a firm, warm body pressed against my back, a strong arm draped over me, long thin fingers splayed across my stomach. Sebastian and I making love. Me waking up to Sebastian serving lunch in bed. Having Sebastian again for dessert, dinner, evening snack, and bedtime. The man is insatiable. I think we have made love more in one day than Josh and I have in the past three years. He gives that sexy wicked chuckle and says ‘Ma’ lady, I told you it’s been centuries,’ in that dreamy odd accent of his.

I always thought Josh was great, but he doesn't hold a candle to Sebastian. Making love with Sebastian is, well no other way to say it but magical. Perhaps it’s his experience of being centuries old, or just being a Mage, but whatever it is, it’s amazing.

The memories alone make me want him again. I turn over and decide to spend some time exploring him. Running my fingers over his small but strong arm, tracing the tattoos wrapped around them like a sleeve, they seem to move with my touch. I could have sworn they were closer and much more of them before yesterday.

His nipples harden tempting me to pinch them softly. His eyes flutter open.

“Good morning Ma’lady.” His voice sounds sleepy, but already deepening with need. So sexy.

“Morning, Magick.” His lips meet mine before any more words can be spoken. Shock waves roll through me like lighting. “Let’s shower together. “I just nod, following him like he’s the pied piper.

He washes my hair, my body, and I wash his. I kneel to soap up his legs, fingers twine in my wet hair pulling my head up. I come face to face with Sebastian’s long slender erection. He thrusts forward, brushing it against my lips. I decide to play his game and tease him with my tongue. His throaty moans are like music to my ears. Suddenly he jerks me up by my hair kisses me harshly, pressing me to the shower wall. He lets my hair loose, grasps the soap and caresses me with suds over my back and shoulders as he makes love to me in the shower.

“Ma’lady, you stay here and wash the soap out of your hair. I’ll go make us breakfast. We need to replenish our energy.” I giggle like a school girl watching him walk out naked as a jaybird admiring his tight backside.

Combing out my hair I notice a mark on the back of my neck. Lifting my hair and twisting to look in the mirror I see tiny swirls and curves, starting at my hairline and moving down my neck. What on earth?

“Sebastian, what is this?” I lift my ponytail so he can see the strange marks.

He gives me the cutest look, like a small kid that’s been caught doing something he shouldn’t.

“I’m sorry Ma’lady. I was hoping you wouldn’t find those.” A hint of color creeps up his dark cheeks.

“It’s a wee bit of me. Something for you to remember me by.”

“You’re planning on leaving me soon, Sebastian?” My words come out sharp as a razor.

Pulling me into his arms, he reassures me with a gentle brush of his lips to my forehead.

“Ma’lady, because your Mat didn't show up last night doesn't mean he just gave up on me. He will return for me.” The way he said my Mat, made me beam. He is jealous of a demon, not Josh? Oh crap! Not only do we have a demon to deal with but, there is also Josh. What do I do? What is this with Sebastian?

The harsh reality set in. Sure Sebastian is a powerful mage, but is he a match for a demon? Will he be whisked out of my life as quickly as he appeared?

“I thought you had a plan to be freed.” Pushing him back, breaking contact so I could think more clearly, I slump into the nearest chair.

“I do, Ma’ love, but dealing with a demon always can backfire. You will just have to trust ME, no matter what happens, what you see or what you hear. Be sure to remember this. I am doing what I do for us.” Sliding my chair back he kneels in front of me taking my hands in his.

“Ma’lady, the day I escaped I had only one thing on my mind and that was freedom. The moment I saw you and felt your kindness, I knew I wanted more. After yesterday, things changed yet again. Falling in love was not in my original plan.” Lifting my hands to his lips, the warm wet heat of them on my skin sends shivers through me confusing me even more. He loves me? Do I love him? What about Josh? Why do I still wonder about Mat?

“What is your plan?” My voice cracks slightly as I try to keep tears out of my eyes. Tell me you love me but will be leaving me forever?

“Please trust me Ma’ love. It is better that I don’t tell you. You should prepare yourself that things will get very ugly. Matanbuchus will use all his charms and powers to break your trust in me. He will tell you horrible lies and make them sound very real. Remember this time we have together and the bond we made. Believe me whenever I say I love you.” He leans forward and kisses me warmly and passionately.

“Maybe he has given up? He didn’t come here the other night or last night, it’s dark now and still no demon.”

“Believe me he will return. I was surprised also that he didn’t come last night.” He leans in kissing me, his hands sliding up my thighs. He grins that grin, the one that turns me into pure mush every time. “I am very glad he didn’t interrupt us.”

I blush.

“If he doesn’t show up tonight, my guess is he isn’t wasting his powers. He is waiting for Samhain.”

“So we have two more days and nights?” My hands roam his body, eliciting soft moans, making me feel like the sexiest woman on earth.




The next two days go rather quickly. Whatever spell Josh was under worked really well. He only called once and I called him enough to keep peace. After all, I am still confused. Sebastian could be gone forever in a day or so and I don't want to burn any bridges just yet. Josh and I have a lot of history. I wasn’t real thrilled that this decision was under Sebastian's suggestion after I told him I needed to end things with Josh. I guess he had a valid point.

Sebastian worked on his plan and read the spell book he called my great-grandmothers Grimoiure while I worked. He also had the house clean and dinner ready by time I got home. He got a real kick out of carving jack-o-lanterns and preparing treats for the trick-or-treaters. Josh never got involved with decorating for the holidays with me. I pray with all my might that his plan works.

Just in case I have a plan B. I don’t plan to share with Sebastian.

I was disappointed the first couple of nights that Mat didn’t show up. I thought for sure after our mini-date at the bar the other night he would come to see me. I guessed that one wrong. Maybe it’s for the best, Sebastian may be a centuries old mage, but at least he is human.

I took off work on Halloween to spend time with Sebastian. This could be our last day together. I was really shocked when Josh showed up just before dusk.

Sebastian got a kick out of the kids all dressed up. I got a bit nervous as dusk fell, hoping that Mat wouldn't show up while the kids are out. When all the candy is gone we turn off the porch-light. I decide to pop some popcorn and we would watch a movie and wait for the inevitable. I take the popcorn and go back to the living room trying to figure out where to sit. My decision was a bit easier since both men were sitting on the sofa, so I just scooted in between them. Josh seemed to be acting a bit strangely. I guess Halloween must have broken the spell he was under.

“Well, well, well. What a lovely family we have here.” Mat appears in a poof of bright light in front of us. Dramatic much? I scream and throw the popcorn bowl off my lap secretly hoping this is the least of the mess I’ll have to clean up tonight.

Both men stand up simultaneously. Mat looks them both over oddly and lets out a chuckle.

“Sebastian is  the this best you can do? Do you really think I would fall for the simplest trick in the book?” He looks at Josh as he speaks.

“I don’t have a clue to what you refer to.” Sebastian looks at him and chuckles.

Something about his expression seems off. That wicked grin he flashes so freely seems a bit off. Maybe he is a little more afraid than he is letting on.

“Take me and let’s get this over.” Sebastian stands avoiding my stare.

My mouth about hit the floor.

“Sebastian! You can’t just give in. I thought you had a plan? What about us?” Like a rejected school girl I run to him wrapping my arms around him.

“Fallon, the plan wouldn't work without you getting hurt. It’s easier this way trust me. You and Josh can work through this.” His words sounded stilted, rehearsed.

I look over at Josh standing there quietly. His face was blank except for what seems like a slight smirk. I glance at Mat, who had picked up one of the popcorn bowls and sat in a chair watching with a big amused smile.

I turn to him glaring.

“No! You can’t take him!” I wrap myself around Sebastian as if my 5 foot, one-hundred thirty pounds would be an obstacle for such a huge man, well Demon.

“Ok I’ll just take this one.” Mat chuckles and moves over to Josh. Josh looks angrily at Mat.

“You can’t just take someone without a deal like that can you? Josh say no!” Panic feels me. How can I protect them both?

“No Fallon, don’t worry I can’t take a person without a deal. This is Sebastian; he is using glamour to appear to be Josh. I warned you to not trust him.”

I look closely at Sebastian. His eyes seem less fiery, the gold less bright the grin seems off. I move over and inspect Josh closely. Tall, handsome, muscular. Definitely Josh. I can’t help but wonder though why Josh would stand there and let me hug and feel all over Sebastian and not start smashing things. Josh is definitely Mr. modern caveman. I chalk it up to another spell to keep him docile.

“You are the one trying to deceive me, make me not trust Sebastian. He warned me you would try this.”

“Of course he did. All a part of his plan. Seduce you, get you to believe him even assist him to convince me to take the wrong one, buying just enough time for him to disappear.” My heart feels like it’s on the verge of shattering like warm glass sat on a cold surface.

“I have to give it to you Sebastian, the transferring some of my magic into her was a surprise. Quite a pleasant one. What a wonderful gift. I should give you a few years to thank you for that, but I’m not a generous man.”

Crack the shattering of my heart begins slowly and painfully.

I decide to test Sebastian’s love and pull out plan B.

“I want to make a deal. Take me instead. I’m sure I could be more fun than Sebastian. You could leave me here couldn’t you? We could make some sort of arrangement, a time frame, but I get to keep my soul like Sebastian. If he has already started storing some of your magic in me, I must be of some use even though I am not a witch.” I use the painful bit of info that was just dumped on me to my advantage.”

All three men stare at me dumbfounded.

“This isn't a game show Fallon.” Mat looks at me angrily.

I figured he would be pleased. I guess he isn't as interested in me as I thought. I’m glad all I did was dance with him the other night.

“I know, but I don't want to be without Sebastian.” I look at Josh.

“I am so sorry Josh, but I think I am in love with Sebastian.” Even though he just broke my heart, part of me wants to give him the benefit of a doubt. He did warn me to not forget his words no matter what I heard. I’m hoping this could be part of a plan and he isn’t going to just run off.

“Not as much as you think, if you can’t tell the man in your arms isn't the one you claim to love. He has used you to build trust. I still am unsure why he would think that I wouldn't be able to feel my powers through such a simple shield. Kiss him goodbye Love.” He shoves Sebastian toward me. I grab him and press my lips to his, my tongue searching his mouth feeling every warm inch. I run my tongue over his teeth and it hits me like a brick I shove him back, slapping him.

“Why?” He looks surprised.

“Open your mouth and smile I order.” He complies then quickly realizing a problem closes it and frowns, but it’s too late. I didn’t see the gap.  I look at the other and sure enough a slight gap.

“Everything Mat said is true. You would send an innocent man to hell to escape? Was it all lies? Are you planning to run off after tonight? Switch back NOW!”

There was a flash and Josh let out a long groan and dropped to the floor. Mat just stands there looking stunning and amused.

Sebastian pulls me close, his lips by my ears he whispers. “I told you no matter what to trust me. You’re blowing this. Shut the hell up and let me handle this.”

“I asked you was it all lies? Did what we do together these last few days mean nothing at all?”

“Yes, I love you. I meant it all.” He turns to Mat.

“Are you happy? You got what you wanted. The girl offered to make a deal for me so hear her out.”

I about fainted. He loves me but is willing to let me sell my soul for him, practically giving me to the Demon?

He pulls me close holding me so tight I can barely breathe. For once in the time we met I didn't feel that passionate heat. I felt fear.

“I think that deal is off the table. Am I correct Fallon?” I nod, tears already streaming down my face.

“Release her Sebastian.”

“No. You release me from my deal or I will kill her.”

What little was left of my heart crashed into a million tiny pieces.

Mat chuckled; there was a flash and boom. I wake up in Mats arms.

“What happened?”

“It’s over for now”

“Did you kill him?”



“I still have use for him. He isn’t free yet.”

“You let him run off with your secrets?”

“Yes, He will return. You now have the keys to the magic of mine he was holding.”

“How?” Not sure I really want to know

“When you had relations. You are like an open vessel, it must be somewhere in your bloodline. ”

“That’s why he was afraid of me when we first met, and called me a witch?’

Mat nods

“You knew too?”

“I could tell you were different, that there is something in your bloodline. I’m not sure though its witch.”

“Are you saying you think I have demon blood?”

“It is a possibility; something draws me to you that no other human has ever done”.

“I can’t believe you. You and Sebastian are both the same. Now I have lost the only one that truly loved me. I wish none of this ever happened.”

I reach out to hit him; instead he pulls me into a passionate kiss.

“Goodbye Fallon, I am sorry that you are unhappy.”

“Will I ever see you again” My voice merely a dry whisper.

“Do you want to?”

“Yes” I shock myself with the word.

“Why? You know what I am and that I am not capable of love only lust.”

“I know you aren't a man. It’s just... You know... Not natural.”

“I am very much a man.

“But aren't you a beast or something? This is just something for me to see right?”

“No this is me. But yes, I can take on any other forms I choose by magic.”

“This is your true form?”
“It’s the one I am in the most yes”

“See you talk circles. You won’t tell me the truth, just what you think I want to hear.”

“I must go dawn is approaching.

“When will I see you?” Hot tars fill my eyes.

“Soon, I’ll give you time to let this all sink in work things out.”

“Will Sebastian come back for me?”

“I am sure he will.”

“Will you stop him?”

“If you need help I’ll be here.”

“How will you know?”

“I can feel you; remember you have some of me now.”

“You’re not taking it back?” I reach back and feel the tattoos on my neck and the new ones that have appeared on my shoulders.

“Not yet. It’s safe where it is.” He winks and smiles.

“Besides gives me a reason to return whenever I choose.”  He flashes a sexy promising smile and he vanishes.
The End! Or is it

Whether you loved it or hated it I sure would like to hear what ya thought? Did it end the way you wanted? What would you like to see more of? Less of? Would you like more? If so tell me here in comments, pm me at Facebook or drop me a line in email!

If this is your fist time or you just want to read it in its entirety the first episode can be found here.

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Happy Halloween


  1. It was going along fine and then I got sort of lost. I'm fairly sure the problem is me - I don't generally read about magic and demons.

    Thank you for your story!

    Happy Halloween!

  2. I am so sorry you got lost. I would love to hear more of your comments such as what confused you and lost you My email is or facebook me at cathybrockman. Id also liek to hear what you liked and didnt like what you felt there needed more or less of!1 Thanks your for your comments!