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Part Four - The Finale!

Part Four (The Finale)

“Excuse me, I was looking for records on the Dupree Estate?” I asked the nice old lady behind the counter. She looked up at me and smiled.
“Of course sweetie. Right this way.” She led me back to the records and pulled down a box and handed it to me.
“Everything we have on the Dupree Estate. There are tables over there.” She pointed to a row table of tables and toddled off back to her desk.
“OK…thanks.” I carried the box to the nearest table and set it down. I took off the lid and looked inside to find a bunch of newspaper clippings, and strips of film and such.
“OK, let’s get to work.” I sat down at the table and pulled out a newspaper clipping it read: “Dupree Home finished in 1805. The Dupree family moves in, and is quickly known as the richest family in the state.”
“Hm…” I put it down and picked up another, this one was a birth announcement. “Dupree family make room for new baby girl.”  “Elizabeth? No, can’t be she’s only five or six, Aunt said she died in late 1880’s.”
“OK, need some later newspapers.” I dug through the box until I found one dated November 20th, 1888. “Perfect.” I sat back and read the newspaper clipping, it was a special edition. “Dupree family bring home a beautiful baby girl, named Elizabeth. The Dupree family brought home their little bundle of joy last night and are very proud of her.”
“Elizabeth…I knew she was real!” I dug through the box for a older photo of Elizabeth. I pulled out a clipping that was also a special edition, except this one was not as happy.
“There she is…Elizabeth…” I sat down slowly and stared at the photo of a smiling little girl. She looked exactly like the little girl I’d seen in my room this morning. I shivered all over and tried to stayed calm. I took a deep breath and read the clipping. “Tragedy strikes the Burgh area! The entire Dupree family were found dead in their home this morning. June 13th, 1894. Mr. and Mrs. Dupree and little Elizabeth Dupree, were all found in their beds. No sign of foul play was found. The doctor suspects smoke inhalation as a on inspection the chimney was found closed, the smoke had no place to escape except into the house and killed the family as they slept.”
“How horrible…” I looked around for the lady and before I quickly shoved the newspaper clipping into my bag. I put everything back into the box and replaced it where it was. I smiled at the lady before leaving.

“Auntie! Auntie!” I yelled out to her as I ran into the house. I ran to the living room where I knew I’d find her with her feet up.
“Look what I found at the records office.” I pulled out the clipping and handed it to her.
“I thought you were out buying paint for the baby’s room?” She asked and took the clipping. “Oh how horrible for them. I’ll make sure your Uncle looks at that chimney before we make any fires.”
“No, you don’t get it. That little girl Elizabeth, I saw her in my room this morning.” I told her, she looked at me funny and sighed.
“Isabella, I know this is a huge change and you’re lonely but please ghosts?” She shook her head and gave me the clipping. I sighed and walked to my room.
“I knew she wouldn’t believe me…” I got to my door when I head giggling and singing. “Elizabeth!” I opened my door and ran inside.
“Elizabeth…” There was sitting on my bed playing with her doll and singing. I had a brief thought to call my Aunt, but she was so big it’d take her three hours to get up here.
“Elizabeth, I know how you died. You died from smoke in the fireplace…” I held out the clipping, she stopped singing and looked at me.
“It was the bad thing.” She shivered and combed her dolls hair.
“No, you died from smoke inhalation, the chimney was closed.” I was still holding out the paper.
“The bad thing closed the chimney on us. My daddy started the fire because it was very cold that night. He made sure the chimney was open before we went to bed. The bad thing closed it on us, he killed us. He’ll kill you too, and your family.” She looked at me dead serious, I shivered and dropped my hand.
“How do you know?” I asked.
“When we woke up dead, the bad thing was there. He told us what he had done to us and why.” She sniffed.
“Why?” I asked, she looked at me.
“Because this was his land and we stole it from him when we built our home. He will kill anyone who lives here.” She sniffed again and hugged her doll.
“But, the house was built in 1805, why’d it take him so long?” I asked, confused.
“It didn’t. He killed my grand parents before I was born.” She sighed.
“Let me guess, smoke inhalation?” I asked, she nodded.
“When they died my mommy got the house so she moved in with my daddy.” She set her doll down and looked at me.
“How do I stop the bad thing?” I couldn’t believe I was asking that, let alone talking to a ghost.
“On the anniversary of our deaths the light thingy will reappear if you can get me into it, I can get the bad thing expelled. He needs me here to stay, if I’m gone he will have nothing to feed on and the underworld will take him.” She nodded and I wondered how she was so smart.
“OK, that’s June 13th, that’s tomorrow.” I said, she nodded.
“How do I get you into the light?” I asked, again not believing I was.
“You have to distract him long enough for me to slip past and get in. I don’t know how you will, you can’t even see him.” She sighed.
“I’ll think of a way. Don’t you worry.” I felt very brave for someone going to take on a bad dark thing so a ghost can escape to the afterlife.
The day of her death had finally come and it was time to fight the bad thing as Elizabeth called it. I still had no idea how I was going to do this.
I couldn't even see the thing let alone fight it, I'd been up all night trying to think of ways to distract it. But, short of killing myself to face it, I couldn't think of a thing. It was about 10pm that night, I was lying in bed trying to think of a way to fight him.
"It's almost time, I can hear the bag thing coming for me." Elizabeth was curled up on the other side of me as if I could protect her from the bad thing.
"I know, I know, I'm thinking." I sighed and closed my eyes and covered them. I had to think of way, I just had to. The next thing I knew, I was floating in the air above my bed. Elizabeth was playing with her doll trying to be calm, but her hands were shaking. I looked down at my body, to find I looked like I was sleeping.
"Am...I sleeping? What is this?" I looked at myself, I was all gray and see through. "Elizabeth..." I called out to her, she blinked and looked at my body then up at the ceiling, she gasped.
"Issy...are you…dead?" She asked scared, I frowned.
"I…don't think so." I landed on the floor and became almost solid like Elizabeth.
"What are you?" She got up and walked over to me, she reached out to touch me, but I was solid.
"I don't know...I'm not dead. My body is breathing..." I got a sudden chill and I spun around to find a large dark shadow coming out of the corner.
"Is that..." I started.
"The bad thing? Yes!" She whimpered and hid behind me.
" weren't kidding." I watched as it made it's way slowly towards us, the overhead lights blinked and went out as it drew close. It worked very hard to avoid all light period.
"Elizabeth, go! I'll distract him." I pushed her away from us.
"But..." She started, I waved her off.
"OK, good luck!" She whimpered, grabbed her doll and ran. The bad thing looked at her, like it as going to follow.
"Hey! You ugly excuse for a ghost...over here!" I yelled at it, it hissed and turned back to me.
"You...the astral plane walker...I met your mother, she came to see me. I enjoyed killing her, just as much as I will killing you." It hissed, I blinked and stepped back. What was a astral plane walker, and my mother died in a car accident.
"Liar! My mother wasn't asleep when she died!" I yelled back, it hissed some more.
"You don't have to be asleep for me to kill you. She was trying to stop me, so I took care of her. I made sure the oncoming driver fell asleep at the wheel and hit them head on." It hissed then laughed some laugh that made me cover my ears and shiver.
"Liar! You're lying!" I yelled at it, it seemed to grow bigger and hissed.
"Delicious..." It tried to move around me, but I stepped in it's way.
"If that's true, then I will finish her work and stop you once and for all!" I puffed out my chest and crossed my arms.
"You? Child?" It laughed that horrid laugh again, this time I didn't cover my ears.
"You don't even know where you are, how you got here, or even what I am." It hissed.
"You are a bad thing that killed an entire family and is keeping a young girl from reaching the ever after where her family is waiting. That's all I need to know." I snorted and stood my ground, I felt kind of tingly in my hands.
"If you say so, I've killed more the this family. Every family that had ever lived here or anywhere near here. This entire town is mine, I kill who I wish and no one ever knows it's me, I will never be defeated." It roared, I think I like the laugh better.
"Someone’s got an ego. How long have you been here?" I asked.
"I have been here since before this town was created. When this was all woods and lakes and nature. It was mine, now these humans have stolen it and made it their town! So, I get back by killing whole families for fun!" It laughed this time, I winced. I take it back, I don't like either.
"You creature. This land does not belong to you, you aren't even whole or slid how can it belong to you!" I asked, it hissed and started to take shape. Once it was done it became a man in his forties, in a Victorian like suit, with a cane and a hat.
"How about now?" He smiled.
"That's not real, it's just your pretending to be solid." I sneered, he glared at me and put his hat on and smiled.
"You can't keep me here forever Isabella. I can get past you easily, but I have time until the light appears, also I wanted to talk to you, like I said I knew your mother to well." He smiled.
"My mother lived nowhere near here..." I said, but I wasn't very sure.
"Not while you were alive. But, as a girl she did, she moved away when she was 25." He swung his cane and walked around.
"Then why kill her now?" I asked.
"Because, I heard she was coming back to put an end to me once and for all. That's where she was going the day she died. Here!" He smiled and showed pointy teeth.
"No...she was on her way to pick me up." I stuttered. He just grinned.
"She lied. If I'd known you'd be here now. I would of waited until she got you then killed her." He showed his pointy teeth again.
"Liar." I was getting not angry, but wanting to stop him. I was getting strong I could feel my hands pulsating with some kind of power, I didn't know what it was. But, I knew I had to use it on him, but not yet.
"If you say so. But, I really must be going it's 11:28pm you see. I have an appointment." He smiled and vanished.
"Elizabeth..." I ran down the stairs and through the attic door, I didn't even pause to wonder how. Elizabeth’s bedroom was the baby's nursery. I ran in to find the bad thing holding onto Elizabeth as the white light appeared in the wall. It was beautiful, but something else appeared. It was a red swirling vortex in the floor.
"That's for you isn't it?" I looked at him, he glared, but I could see a glimmer of fear in his illusion of eyes.
"Let her go!" I demanded. I could feelk the power growing inside of me. "Now."
"No thank you, I'll keep her." He smiled, I looked at Elizabeth who smiled and hit him in the face with her doll and broke free of his hold.
"Run!" I yelled to her, I balled up my hand and concentrated the power I could feel into it.
"I can't go until he's gone!" Elizabeth yelled banging on the barrier in front of the light.
"No problem..." I threw the ball of energy at him, it hit in square in the head, he stumbled backwards towards the swirling vortex.
"No, I will not be beaten by a child." He yelled and became mist again, he reached for Elizabeth and me. I threw as many balls at his tendrils as I could, they burned him like they were fire.
"It hurts..." I thought about the lights he put out when he appeared. "Yes..."
"You won't stop me..." It hissed.
"Want to bet?" I ran to the light switch and flipped it on, I turned on the night light and the crib light and every light I could find.
"No!" He screeched and withered away from the lights.
"It's time for you to see the light!" I concentrated as hard as I could and filled my chest with as much power as I could. When I was done I released it, a light as bright as the sun shone out from my chest and covered every inch of him.
No!" He screamed and screeched. I aimed one last ball at his center and made it as big as I could muster. It hit him square on and he fell backwards into the swirling vortex.
"! I won't!" He screamed until the vortex closed and there was silence. I just stood there and stared at the spot.
"Holy...cow..." I panted and looked at Elizabeth, she was shocked too.
"Issy, you did it!" She squealed and tackle hugged me.
"Yes, I did. You can go home now." I smiled down at her, but she hugged her doll and shivered.
"I'm scared...what if mommy forgot about me?" She looked up at me scared.
"She's your mommy she will never forget you. It's OK, go." I walked her over to the light.
"OK, bye Issy thank you." She smiled.
"Good bye Elizabeth, I will never forget you or this." I laughed, she smiled and handed me her doll and walked into the light. I heard her scream "Mommy!" just before it closed and the room became dark. All the lights I'd turned on her blown out.
" do I get back into my body?" I sighed and went back to the attic.

"Isabella, wake up!" A voice yelled, I jumped and sat up in bed.
"What?" I looked around, my Aunt was beside the bed, she looked annoyed.
"What?" I asked guiltily.
"It is three pm, get up." She shook her head and walked out.
"I guess I was tired." I grinned and picked up the doll. "Good bye Elizabeth, I hope you are finally at peace."

                           THE END!!!

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