Saturday, October 13, 2012

Little Lost Ghost Girl - Part Two

The middle of the night ... a ghost is about.  Is she posting this?  Only she knows.

Little Lost Ghost Girl - Part Two

We'd been living in our new home for a month now. But, I was the only one who kept hearing the little girl laugh. I was starting to think that maybe I was going nuts. After all, there were no little girls in our home. So who is giggling around me? I figured that maybe I was just bored. I'd finished painting the babies nursery the first week we were here. I add things when I think of them, but, beside that I'm bored out of my mind. I won't start my new school until the fall as it's almost Summer Vacation. So, I spent my time going through the boxes in the attic, I'd moved them to a small room off to the side. I'd found so many amazing things in them.

"Good night Auntie, don't do anything to hard." I yelled downstairs to her. I was sure she was rolling her eyes at me. I walked up the stairs to my floor and turned on the light. I yawned and took off my dressing gown and climbed into my bed. I had no idea why I was so tired, not like I'd done anything all day.
Wasn't to long before I was fast asleep, and having a dream filled with a child’s giggling voice. There was this cute little girl, with long brown curly hair, dimples, and red rosy cheeks. She had on a pretty party dress, it was black with red shoes. Her hair was tied up in a red bow.
She was dancing around the room, giggling, laughing and singing. I didn't know if she knew I was here or not. I might of been invisible to her.
She danced past me and stopped, she gasped and jumped back.
"Who are you?" She asked and backed away.
"Isabella...who are you?" I asked, she smiled and giggled.
"I'm Melissa, nice to meet you." She did a cute little curtsey and giggled some more.
"Hi Melissa. you live?" I asked, I wasn't sure if this was a dream or real.
"I live here silly. With my mommy and daddy..." She giggled and the room became the attic. "This is my play room. I play here all the time with my nannies and my mommy and daddy. But, I haven't seen them in a long time, I miss them." She sniffled and wiped her eyes.
"I'm...sorry. Where are they?" I gulped and looked around her play room, looked exactly like my bedroom.
"They went away...they told me to go with them...but, I couldn't. I really wish I had. But, it was just so scary..." She looked scared and she grabbed the doll I'd found in a box and was hugging it.
"" I asked, she looked at the doll, giggled and nodded.
"My daddy got her from me when he came home from his very long trip. He'd been gone for a long time, I didn't even know him when he got back." She hugged the doll and wandered off singing and giggling.
"Where...did they go?" I asked, I wanted to know what she meant about went away and scary..." I looked at her, she stopped and looked at me.
"Into the lighty thingy...mommy had my hand and pulled me towards it, giggling and talking about how much fun we will have. But, the closer I got the more scared I got. It hurt, I couldn't stand it. So, I pulled and ran away. Mommy called after me, she tried to come for me, but the light wouldn't let her...then...she was gone. They were all gone...I haven't seen them...since." She sniffled and wiped her eyes.
"'re...dead?" I asked a little shocked.
"That's what mommy said. But, it didn't happen when mommy did. I was gone long before them, I missed them so much. I still do. I want my mommy." She hugged her doll and began to cry.
"'s OK. Don't cry...Please." I went to pay her but I went right through her, I freaked and stumbled back some.
"Please help me...please." She begged, the room began to spin. The next thing I knew, I was in my bed and my alarm was going off.
"...Melissa? ?" I shivered and got out of bed. I picked up the porcelain doll I had beside me at all times. I looked all over the doll, I wanted to see if there was any proof this doll belong to the little girl, Melissa. Or, I'd just dreamt it all. I'd just about given up, when I noticed she had a cute little purse, I lifted it up and looked on the front. There was a name sewn on it, "Melissa".
"...Melissa..." I was so freaked I almost dropped her on to the floor. "No, no, no...not possible. It as just a dream." But, then I heard it again, the giggling.
"" I looked around, I heard a giggle behind me and spun around to see her, Melissa...from my dream. She was real, a real ghost girl.

Come back next week to find out what happens next!!!

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