Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Dark Magick---- Week 3

Hi everyone! Welcome Back! Are you enjoying Fallons adventures so far? I wont keep  you waitign anymore  Here's this weeks episode of
Dark magick

Hell breaks Loose… again

“You invite a stranger into your house and let him spend the night.” I held the phone away from my ear and Josh’s voice was still felt as if it would shatter my eardrum.

Actually two. My stomach tightens at the thought of telling him the next part.

“I didn’t actually invite him. I brought in a cat, the cat turned into a man.”(I left out the naked and well hung part)

“You should have made him leave.” Finally h stopped shouting so loud.

“He refuses, says the demon can’t touch him here.”


“Yeah. Yesterday evening another man showed up to claim him. I thought they were lovers but they aren’t. He’s a Demon that has a claim to him.”

“You believed this garbage? Fallon, what’s come over you?”

How do I explain the proof over the phone? I tell him the entire story of course leaving off my thoughts and attraction to them both. Do I blurt out your girlfriend is lusting after, not only a mage, but a real honest to goodness Demon? I think not.

“You should’ve called the cops, or at least me. Fallon, shit! I can’t believe how dumb you can be at times!”

“Gee thanks Josh for the vote of confidence.”

“What the hell do you expect me to say? You tell me you have a strange man in your house and he spends the night. You rarely let me spend the night and we been together for three years.”

“We didn’t sleep together! Gosh after three years you could trust me!” Why should he when don’t trust myself?

“I never said I didn’t trust you! Dammit! I’m worried about you! He could kill you, rape you or worse!”

“I’m alive and he didn’t touch me.” I wanted him to though, really badly. The Demon even more.

“So is he gone now?”

Telling him the truth is gonna really be bad, but if I lie and he comes over and finds out I lied it will be worse so I decide to tell the truth. Honesty is supposedly the best policy.

“No. He is still here.”

“Both of them?” Josh sounds incredulous.

“No, just Sebastian. The Demon can’t come back until dusk.”

I can envision him sitting there shaking his head then dropping it, cradling it between his hands. I know him that well.

“He has to leave, Fallon.”

“I don’t know how to make him. I told him, but he says he is going nowhere until he figures out how to get the demon off his back.”

“CALL THE FRIGGIN COPS!” I have to pull the phone away again.

“He says he will spell them or kill them if I do.”

“Fine! I’ll take care of it myself!”

Bzzz bzzz bzzz. Dialtone! Crap he hung up and is probably on his way. Now what do I do. Will Sebastian kill him?



I go into the living room where I find Sebastian already up, sprawled out on the sofa in nothing but the boxer briefs I bought him, reading the witchcraft book I clonked him with the other night.

I need my camera; I could get rich with a photo like this on the Internet.

Looking up at me, he lays the book on the coffee table. He smiles coyly, his golden eyes gleaming. His bad-boy good-looks heating me throughout. My panties dampen. This is not going to be any better a day than the last two.

You look troubled Ma’lady”

“How many times do I have to tell you to call me Fallon! Oh never mind! It doesn’t matter what you call me. You have to leave. Now!”

“I can’t do that. Not until we find a way to free me from Matanbuchas. I am safe here. At least until all Hallows Eve.”

“How can we free you, like in the next two minutes? Why before Halloween?”

“Since I have no idea how to free myself as of yet, I’ll answer the other part. On All Hallows Eve the demons roam free to make deals, bargains, and call in markers. That is, they can claim souls they have deeds too. Why do I only have two minutes?”

BANG! BANG! BANG! The door practically vibrated for the furious knocking.

“You don’t. He’s here and he is madder than Hell! Get to your room! Don’t come out until I say so, no matter what you hear!”

He stands up quickly. My eyes trail his nearly naked body.

“And put on some clothes!”

“Fallon! Open the Damn door right this instant or I’ll kick it in!”

“Someone is angry. I should stay here. He sounds like he means to do harm.”

“Yeah but it’s not me he wants to harm, so get the heck to your room and get dressed fast!”

I can’t help but admire his tight backside and be taken aback by the protective tone in his voice as he strides down the hall.

Josh pushes past me as I open the door, nearly knocking me over. I grab him by the arm and pull him in pressing my lips to his. I kiss him hungrily, hoping make him forget why he came. Or at least distract him long enough for Sebastian to get dressed. He gives in as my tongue presses for invitation.

“Eh he hum.” Sebastian clears his throat.

Perfect! I told him to not come out until I called for him.

Josh makes a move towards Sebastian and all of a sudden stops abruptly, as if frozen in his tracks.

I glare at Sebastian. His face remains calm, self-assured, confident. Even though Josh is taller by several inches, and quite a bit broader. He doesn’t seem intimidated at all by Josh’s size or the burning anger in his steel blue eyes.

Josh stands there fuming. He pulls me closer, positioning me slightly behind him, taking a protective stance, even though it seemed he was unable to move forward.

“You need to get the Hell out of this house before I pitch you out on your bony ass!”

Josh’s deep voice seemed to echo through the room causing me to flinch. I guess the pissing contest begins.

“I’m sorry, but I cannot do that, and you cannot remove me.”

“We will see about that!” Josh lunges forward, striking out at Sebastian. He stops cold.

“What the hell! Why can’t I move?”

“Sebastian! Release him! There will be no spells in this house!”

“Behemoth, you can’t move because I have put restraints on you. Ma’lady I won’t harm him, though I don’t believe he means no harm. It’s best he remains restrained until we can all three come to terms. I take it this giant means something to you.”

“Quit calling him names. Yes. Josh is my friend.”

“When did I become just a friend? You told me he invited himself here against your wishes, and you had no desire for him to stay!” Josh turns to me and glares.

“She actually brought me here. Though she didn’t know I was actually a man. As to her desires, that’s entirely her business.” He glances at me seductively and winks.

I can feel the heat rising to my cheeks. Josh gives me a very angry look.

“Let’s just sit down and discuss this like adults ok?

Sebastian sits in the nearest chair still close to the hallway leading to his room. Smart man.

I take Josh’s hand and lead him towards the couch. Surprised that he could walk, though he still seems to be somewhat restrained in movements. If he moves in Sebastian’s direction he just freezes. We sit on the couch and he pulls me close wrapping his arm tightly, possessively over my shoulder. It seems like it took all afternoon to come to the agreement that Sebastian would stay, in the guest room. It still was unsettled if I would stay, (which I was insisting) with Josh also staying (which I was trying to figure a way to prohibit) or go to Josh’s to stay until Sebastian found his escape or Halloween whichever came first. I finally persuaded Josh to take me out to dinner and a much needed drink, though Sebastian refused to leave the sanctuary of my house. I really don’t want Josh to be here when the Demon shows up after dark. I doubt that meeting will go anywhere near as well as this one had.

I shower and dress quickly. I know Josh is under some sort of a spell where he can’t physically harm Sebastian, but I don’t feel comfortable leaving the two alone.

It was really cool when I came out and both men looked me over appreciatively and whistled simultaneously. It really felt good, since I know I am no beauty. Right at that moment I felt like a goddess, seeing the desire in both men’s eyes. Josh pulls me in for a hungry kiss. As Josh’s lips trail down my cheek to my throat as if claiming me in front of Sebastian, I turn my head slightly looking at Sebastian. His tongue flicks over his upper lip, his golden eyes gleam with burning need. His erection pressing tightly in the black jeans I bought him.

I clear my throat and gently push Josh off me. He smiles possessively as his eyes land on the huge bulge showing in Sebastian’s jeans, he quickly grabs me and leads me to the door.

“Don’t wait up. I hope you have earplugs just in case she insists we come back here. She’s quite the screamer.”

I guess he made his intentions clear. Talk about cavemen!



Things seem to go better at dinner. I try to keep Josh’s mind occupied with any topic as far from Mages, magic, demons, black cats, and strange men in my apartment, as much as possible. By the time we had a second drink and finished our appetizer, the evening seemed to fall into its normal pattern. We moved into the bar after finishing our meal, Josh opting for a large community table near the TV’s as usual. I sat watching people dance and have a great time, wondering why tonight I felt so bored and disinterested in Josh. This is our normal Saturday night date. I have never seemed to mind before. We would have a nice dinner, maybe a movie or something, and then stop in here for drinks. Or Josh would come and watch the game and I would be a good girlfriend watching Josh and occasionally dancing with one of his friends, the gay regulars, or the wives of his friends.   Tonight my mind seemed to be at home with a very sexy mysterious man, and worse than that, an even more intriguing Demon.

Josh seems even more glued to the tv than usual. Practiaclly spellbound. I excuse myself to go the  ladies room and see if I recognize anyone Josh would allow me to dance with when I spot him at a table off to the side but close to the dance floor.

He raises his glass as if in a toast, smiling widely his teeth almost too white to be real. My shoulder hits the wall bringing me back to my senses. Even as dark as his eyes are the lights seem to reflect the mischievous glint in them. I seem to melt all over as he winks and gestures to me to join him. I look over and see josh still glued to the TV. It doesn’t seem he has even noticed that I am gone.  I shake my head an hurriedly dodge into the bathroom door as two giggly college aged girls come out. Good maybe he will turn his attention to them now and leave me be.

 Shutting the door behind me I slump against the wall. What on earth is he doing here? Why isn’t he at my house tormenting Sebastian? Has he already killed him and here to finish off me, the only witness? My heart pounds faster.

 I finish my business, check myself in the mirror, reapply a bit of lip gloss and step out the door, my mind set I won’t even glance near the dance floor, just go straight to Josh and convince him to go home.

“We need to talk.”

Large strong hands cover my outh as I let out a muffled shriek.

“Shh. I mean you no harm, but we have business to discuss. Then after that perhaps we can shake up this rather bring dancehall.” He flashes another of those sexy suggestive looks, his large body hiding me as he presses me against the wall.

“Don’t yell out, I’ve cast a spell. No one will hear you.” He seems to follow the movement of my eyes as I look towards where Josh still sits watching a ballgame.

“No need to worry about him. He won’t miss you. He thinks you are still there beside him. Everything will be just as it was when you return to his side.” He removes his hand from my mouth, but doesn’t move away from me yet.

“Good, so come join me at my table. I’ll buy you a drink or two, then after we decide what to do with the mage we can dance and enjoy ourselves.”  He moves his handsome face so close I can smell his breath. The hint of whiskey and cinnamon making me long for a taste. Is this a spell he is weaving over me? Surely I can’t be lusting this much over a Demon. Though he does look like a man. A very handsome, sexy man.

I follow him back to the table and accept the  Jack and coke he ordered me. Can he read my mind?     

“If you can read my mind, why the game?” I blurt out.

“Read your mind? Dear, I have no desire to be able to read the thoughts of humans. Though I guess it does seem that way. I am just very observant. In less than an hour, I surmised that you are very unhappy with your current boyfriend, and you like Jack and coke, since you have ordered two in the past hour.”

“I am very happy with  Josh.”

“You can’t lie to a demon, so save your breath. Your sex life or lack of it is no concern of mine. I have more important issues to deal with. I must return the thief back to where he belongs before he hurts someone. That someone being you.”

“Funny, he seems to think he needs to protect me from you. So one of you are lying to me.”

“Obviously you think since I am a Demon you think its me. Trust me; the mage you harbor is much more dangerous and devious than any Demon you will ever encounter. ”

I can’t help but chuckle.

“So a mere mortal is more dangerous than a demon? I must seem awfully gullible if you think id even half believe that.” I take a quick drink.

“What makes you think he is mortal? He escaped from a place a close to hell as you can get without being there, he is centuries old, and has more magic in him than any mage and most demons, yet you think he is mortal?”

“I guess you have a good point there. So what is it you want of me?” I blush at the way his eyes trail over me.

He quickly stands pulling me with him.

“A dance.” He leans in close, his voice thick and sexy as he whispers it into my ear.

“I thought you said we have business to discuss?”

“We do, but I have a good ten days, Why waste such a lovely evening. Let’s enjoy ourselves tonight. We can discuss business tomorrow.” He led me to the dance floor like a lamb to slaughter.

“About that, You can’t come to my house. Josh is mad enough about Sebastian being there. I could never explain you.”

“Let me handle that. He won’t be there. I’ll take care of it and don’t worry your pretty head about your human boyfriend. He won’t come to harm by my hand.” He pulls me close his body guiding mine to the music. I find myself sinking into his warmth and wanting the moment to never end. Well actually I’d like the moment to become hours with more contact and less clothes.   What on earth is wrong with me wanting a Demon?
It's gettign exciting isnt it? WOuld you be enthralled by a Demon? I'd love to know who you are routing for Mat, or Sebastian or even Josh?
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