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Dark Magick Episode 4

Welcome Back!!  I hope your enjoying Dark Magick ! Did I surprise ya last week? Well wait till ya read this one..With out further ado I will get with it !

Dark Magick Episode Three 


 I glance around and notice that the crowd has considerably thinned out. One drink and one dance led to enough that I lost count. I haven't enjoyed being with a man in such a long time. The conversation was intriguing. Mat seems truly interested in what I have to say and he also has a great sense of humor.  He can also dance better than anyone I have ever met. But then again he isn’t an average man. When did I start calling him Mat? Thinking of him as a man? Heck he isn’t even really a man is he? He’s a freakin' Demon and I just ignored my boyfriend an entire night to be with him and Enjoyed every single minute!

As much as I have enjoyed this evening, I have business to attend and you should return to your boyfriend.” Am I imagining that his voice sounded wistful?

Holding my breath as he steps behind me pulling back my seat, I stand, half afraid he will kiss me and half hoping he does.

“Yeah, I guess you are going to inflict some sort of punishment on Sebastian. Please don’t break anything in my house.” I can tell by the distance and his stance he isn’t going to kiss me. Why do I feel so disappointed? 

“My dear, I have plenty other work to attend to that has absolutely nothing to do with Sebastian. I haven't had an evening that I entertained myself in a very long time. It was a pleasure, but now I must go.”

He quickly bends and plants a quick kiss on my forehead.

“I will be seeing you very soon, my love.” Without a sound or movement or anything he just vanishes. It was as if hadn’t been there at all.

I return to the table nervous, not sure how to explain my long absence to Josh. He still was nursing a beer, his eyes still glued to the TV.

“That must be one heck of a good game.” I lean over and kiss Josh on the cheek.

“Oh babe! I am so sorry. I don’t know what came over me. You’re not mad are you?” He seems to just snap out of some sort of trance.

“No actually I ran into an old friend. I was afraid you'd miss me and be upset.”

“You know I trust you. I don't have anything to worry about do I?” Smiling jokingly as he pulls me close and kisses me. Does he?

I can’t help but feel guilty. I never once thought of Josh after Mat and I started talking and dancing.

“Wanna come to my apartment? I feel weird making love to you with a total stranger in your house.”

He feels weird? What about how I feel? Will I be able to make love to Josh, knowing Sebastian can hear us? Can I sleep with Josh and not think about Mat?



All my feelings of guilt quickly disappear when we come in and find Sebastian sprawled out on the couch in nothing but a pair of  boxer briefs. Obviously trying to provoke at least one of us.  I couldn't help but admire his assets.

“I figured you must have decided to go back to his place tonight so I got comfortable. Sorry.” He looks up innocently, lays the Witchcraft book on the table and stands stretching. He grins wickedly at both of our reactions.

“You have no business running around in FALLON’S house in just your underwear. That’s disrespectful.” Josh fumes, clenching his fists. I grab his hand.

“She doesn’t seem to mind, or she would have told me I shouldn't run about in my skivvies. Besides SHE is the one that bought me these.” That sexy wicked grin that seems to set me on fire spreads across his face.

Josh turns his angry glare my direction. I wish I really was a witch like Sebastian keeps calling me so I could vanish like Mat had.
"You bought those?"
Yeah remember he came here as a cat in nothing but fur. would you rather he run about nude?" The vision makes me smile. Perhaps I shouldn't have bought him clothes. He seems comfortable a enough in his own skin.

“Come on.” He grabs my hand and practically drags me to my bedroom. Once we get inside he undresses us both and pushes me forcefully onto the bed. He didn’t make love to me like he had mentioned earlier. He went at me like a caveman, grunting and groaning. After he finishes he pulls me close and holds me tight as if I might sneak out while he sleeps.

A bright band of sunlight in my eyes awakens me and I realize Josh isn’t in bed. I don’t hear screaming or anything smashing. I smell bacon cooking, so I put on a pair of workout pants and t shirt and enter the room, secretly praying I don’t trip over Josh’s dead-body.

Instead I am pleasantly surprised to find both men at the kitchen table. Sebastian has the Witchcraft book out again and Josh seems very interested in whatever it is Sebastian is saying to him.

Sebastian hops up and pours me a cup of coffee.

“Here ya go Ma’lady. Sorry I don’t know yet how you take your brew.” He gives me a slight bow. I playfully pop him on the shoulder not even correcting him this time. His nickname is sort of growing on me.

Josh’s phone rings.

“Babe I hate to do this, but I need to go home and get ready for work. Sally called in sick again. I think she is using her pregnancy to the hilt. I may have to pull doubles most of the week.” He rolls his eyes, finishes his coffee and sets his cup in the sink.
 He gives  Sebastian a hard look. Sebastian smiles at him and the look fades. I'm not sure I like these two casting spells on Josh like this, but it is  keeping the situation calm. I wonder which man, or should I say demon or mage, fixed it so Josh will be out all week? I look at the clock and see it’s almost eleven am. Wow did I really sleep this late?


“That must be one interesting book. You haven’t put it down much since you first got here. Finding anything?”

Sebastian closes the book and looks up at me.

“Have you not read it?”

I shake my head still standing near the door. Sebastian actually had on the t-shirt with the frog on it again with the jeans I bought.

“I got you some men’s shirts.”

“I know, I am kind of fond of this one. I hope you don't mind I am still wearing it.”

I shake my head.

“Why do you own the book if you’ve never read it?” He stands and stretches, his gorgeous golden eyes gleaming.

“I actually inherited it from my Grandmother. It belonged to some distant relative down the line and she said it’s imperative it stays in our family. Besides, it’s very lovely and looks good on the coffee table.

He takes a few steps towards me and I back up. The wall blocks me from going much farther.

“Shall we get busy trying to find a way to get you free from Mat and back to wherever it is you want to go?”

He leans forward placing both hands on the wall above me.

“Mat?  Ah, Matanbachus. I was wondering why I wasn’t blessed with a visit from my dear friend last night. I see he wasted no time to use his charms to try to convince you that I am evil and a threat?”

My breathing speeds up, and my heart starts to race. I should feel more afraid than excited, but the closeness of Sebastian, the smell of the citrus and herbs of the aftershave he has on combined with the lust in his eyes, sends waves of lust through me. I find myself once again wanting a stranger to pull me into his arms and have his way with me. What has come over me? Is it a spell of some kind?

He places one finger gently over my lips.
"I assure you I am not the threat. He is. I am only staying here in this house to keep you safe from him. I could have left the first night, but i was the one that involved you so now i must protect you."
Can he be telling the truth? Which one is the real threat? Heavens! Why am I so attracted to both?

Sh. It doesn’t matter anymore. I know how to regain my freedom and save you at the same time.” He leans down his face so close to me I can smell the bacon and tea on his breath.


“We better get busy then.” My voice cracks and is barely more than a whisper.

That sexy, evil, bad-boy, grin spreads across his face as he closes in melting every inch of me. He kisses me hungrily. I part my lips and he takes the invitation quickly, his tongue searching. Exploring. I find myself falling into his arms as he picks me up still kissing and takes me to my bed. I don’t protest as he undresses me slowly exploring and kissing as he removes all my clothes. I can’t take my eyes off him as he removes his clothes. I gasp as he falls back on me our bodies hot and ready for each other.

“Hold on a second. I need to get something.”

"What could you possibly need at a time like this?" His golden eyes glow with desire and need.

“Protection silly”, I slap him on the butt.

He looks at me confused.

“Don't tell me you didn’t have some sort of protection in whatever time it is you are from.”

“Of course we did. But, it generally isn’t necessary between mates, but if it makes you more comfortable, then go ahead.”

Mates? I start to speak but he quickly stops me with a very deep, passionate kiss, making me forget everything but the issue at hand. I get out the condom roll it on him exploring him as I go, eliciting a stream of curses and words in a language I’ve never heard. He grabs me, pushes me down onto the bed, ravishing me, kissing me, exploring me. He enters me and I lose control. It feels as if sparks fly through me. Ha and mom says there is no such thing as fireworks.

We both are soon screaming out in unison. My entire body shakes and feels as if I'm on fire. The intense heat is almost unbearable.

“I told you it’s been a long time. Now that the deed is done, we can just enjoy ourselves until Matanbuchas returns this evening. He is going to be one very unhappy Demon. Sleep Ma’lady. 

Without a word I drift off into a deep sleep.

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