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Aprils Kiss Chapter 3

Aprils Kiss Chapter Three
By Cathy Brockman

Brice grinds his teeth nervously. He really doesn’t like bars at all, but he knows of a nicer one not far from his house with a decent cab service. It is also one that is frequented by business people and more people like him; older, divorced or widowed just looking for some company and perhaps a quick lay. It’s not really a hangout for younger people, and it’s a bit pricey to keep the clientele a bit more upscale. It isn’t really a place Kelsey or April would probably want to go to.
“I was planning to go to Thirty Plus since it’s close to home. I doubt you girls would find it interesting.”
Kelsey wrinkles her nose.
“Thirty Plus?  Does anyone actually go there?” Kelsey looks out the car window in deep thought.
April doesn’t say anything just sitting contentedly next to Brice. As long as he is there she is happy, though she is afraid to let him know how she feels. Yet anyways. Maybe if she keeps up the flirting he will get the idea soon enough.  He will probably go through the roof when Kelsey springs the surprise to him later this evening, so she doesn’t want to push her luck. Any moments she can steal with him make her happier than they should.
“How about Stellar instead. It is pretty classy and still a little higher priced, but closer to the kind of people you’d find at Thirty Plus and some of us college kids that aren’t into the raging drunk and getting high scene. I know it’s still a good twenty to thirty minutes from home but April won’t be drinking so she can drive. If you’re worried about getting laid; there is a good motel next door.  Just be sure to tell me you’re leaving and be back by closing time so we don’t worry.” Kelsey glances at April who is getting a bit red-faced.
  Kelsey is pretty sure April has more than a crush on her dad but for now she needs to get it under control, at least until they get him relaxed and drop the news on him.   A drink or two is just the ticket to ease into that conversation.
“You sound-like you have been there a few times. I hope you aren’t spending too much time in the bars Kels, when you need to  be studying.” Brice notices April is unusually quiet.
“You asleep?  How does that sound to you?”  He nudges her playfully.
“What? Us getting a motel room while Kelsey gets drunk on syrupy cocktails and chats with the preppy dudes?  Sounds great to me.”  She squeezes Brice’s knee and gives him a flirty wink.
He swallows hard. Shit this is not going to be an easy night, and I am tired of cold showers and porn on the computer. Perhaps it’s time I join one of those dating sites and actually try to find me someone serious. I am getting too old for these games and tired of being alone. Kelsey probably won’t move back in full time after college. It is time I move on I suppose.
“APRIL! Please, that’s just gross! Now I will have nightmares of you doing nasty things to Dad in the motel! Can’t you control your flirting until we get to Stellar? Then you can latch onto some hottie and dance the night away as usual.”
Stellar isn’t too busy yet since it’s early. They luck out and get a parking place close by. From the outside the place doesn’t look too stellar.  It’s actually much nicer inside, with a long bar across the entire back that covers about three fourths of the place. To the far right in the corner is a stage with a band setting up.  To the far left appears to be a smaller room with small tables with rows of sofas along the wall. There are a few people back there with their laptops and phones.  There are plenty of tables in assorted sizes in front of the bar and around the dance floor. It is so similar in set up to Thirty Plus that Brice wonders if it’s not owned by the same people.
After they get a table and order drinks, April takes off to go sing karaoke and dance, though Brice notices she doesn’t look as happy as she had before they got back in the car after shopping.  I wonder why she is upset. Why am I all of a sudden so interested in April and her feelings?
Brice sips his beer slowly opting for beer instead of hard liquor which he actually wanted. But since he had the girls with him his plan’s changed. No way was he going to slip over to the hotel with a total stranger for a quickie.  He is surprised Kelsey is drinking so much.  Hmm I would have figured April the one to drink and party and Kelsey to be the innocent one.
His gaze travels to the dance floor and finds April gyrating and swirling. Her mood seems to have improved a great deal since they got here. Well maybe she is still the wild child. Brice chuckles to himself, orders himself another beer and April a fresh soda.
“Kels. I am going to the restroom.  See if April wants something to snack on and order us all some Appetizers. You know I want some medium hot wings. You can order one more for yourself then you’re gonna slow down or pay for your own a while.” I better keep food in my stomach I sure don’t want to get too drunk.
“Ok Dad. Don’t start in on my drinking. I only do it on the weekends. I am a grown up now and it’s my life. Back off and worry about getting a life of your own.”  She rolls her eyes and heads to the dance floor to talk to April.
In the restroom, Brice tries to will down his semi erect dick so he can take a leak. He notices the man  at the urinal beside him looking just a bit too much and hurriedly  finishes his business and heads to the sink to wash his hands. Much to his dismay the younger man follows him. I’m making something out of nothing. He is just doing  the same as I am, I’m being paranoid.
“Hi! I’m Corey.” The young man appears to be in his early thirties, very handsome. Tall slender, broad shoulders, sandy brown hair, hazel eyes.
“Brice.” Brice shakes the hand extended to him, feeling a bit nervous but not sure why. Then he notices the man’s gaze trailing over his body as if thoroughly checking him out.
“Sorry. I don’t generally ogle men in the restroom, but I couldn’t help but notice you. Are you here alone?”
 “No I am here with my daughter Kelsey and her best friend and my sort of daughter April.”
“Sort of daughter?” Corey chuckled softly; the sound was warm and soothing like a slow rain on a warm spring day.
“Yeah she has been with my daughter since they were about 5. She spent more time at my house than she has her own so I kinda unofficially claim her as a daughter.”
“So let me guess the one with the lighter hair is yours the one with the piercings and black hair is April?”
“Yeah and both are single and as far as I know neither are even seeing anyone.” Brice eyes the door trying to figure out how to politely take an exit.
“Actually neither of them are exactly my type. I am much more interested in you. I couldn’t help notice you were a bit worked up when you first came in. I’d be more than happy to help you out with that.” Colby’s eyes trailed back to Brice’s nether region.
Brice shifts uncomfortably, trying to not look too surprised but he can tell by the big smile and soft chuckles coming from the other man that he failed miserably. Did he just proposition me? Surely this is just a joke.
“Step into the handicap stall and I can suck you or jack you off if you’d like.” Colby licks his lips suggestively.
Brice glances down the man’s body and see’s he is sporting a massive hard on. Fleetingly he wonders what it would be like to have the handsome man’s lips on his once again rising erection. Why on earth am I getting hard over a man asking to suck me? Why in hell am I even considering it? Because I am so damn horny; and a man, and getting off seems to be all I can think of since April and Kelsey showed up last night.
Brice’s shock must have been obvious from the look of disappointment on Colby’s face.
“Ah. You have never been with a man have you?”
Brice slowly shakes his head.
“Well I’d be more than happy to be your first. Think about it. I’ll be around most of the night.” Colby adjusts himself and heads out the bathroom door.
 Brice leans onto the sink grasping it tightly with both hands; partly to steady him-self and partly to stifle the urge to go grab Colby and jerk him into the stall. He stands a few minutes trying to get his wits and let his hard on pass, and then goes back out to the table. Both girls are sitting there already munching on hot wings and cheddar fries.
“Damn Dad we thought you fell in. Did you slip out to the hotel?” Kelsey chuckles drunkenly and April glares.
What is April’s problem this evening? Why do I care?
“No just was chatting with someone.”  Brice feels his cheeks flushing.
“Colby? Something you want to tell me dad? Is this why we haven’t seen you with a woman lately? You switching teams?” Kelsey chuckles as she wipes a bit of cheese off her lips.
“Your dad isn’t gay!” April speaks a bit loudly.
“SHHH!” Both Kelsey and Brice say simultaneously.
“Well you’re not are you?” April looks at Brice with a mixture of anger and disappointment in her eyes.
“No I am not gay or bi or whatever it is you all call it.”  Brice picks up a hot wing and starts eating.
 “From the gorgeous gay guy at the bar.” The waitress appears with another beer and a business card
“I was going to leave you my number but looks like I may not be your type.” She winks.
“I’m not gay. You better take it back to him.”
“Ah nothing wrong in taking the drink and card. Corey is a sweetheart and very open. He also told me to tell you he would like to just be friends.” She picks up a clean napkin and jots down a name and number.
 “Looks like you just made two new friends tonight.” She smiles mischievously as she walks away.
“Wow Dad I didn’t realize how popular you are.  Maybe you should call them.”
“Both?” Brice stares down at the two numbers in disbelief.
“Yeah why not? Colby is nice and he isn’t pushy. He won’t press you for more. Now Jillie is another story. I haven’t known her to hit on an older man, but she may be sincere since the guys she normally dates aren’t very well off so perhaps she really is attracted to you. It wouldn’t hurt to call her and meet for a drink or burger or something. It never hurts to have a few friends to hang out with.”
“Why don’t you stay out of your dad’s love life Kels. I am sure he doesn’t need advice from his daughter on that.” April’s voice is harsh and sharp.
“Have you talked to him about ‘you- know- what’ yet? April changed the subject quickly.
“Maybe I should at least go thank him for the beer and let him know I’m not upset?” Brice folds the napkin and puts it and the business card into his pocket.
“Ask him Kels.” April gets up and heads back to the dance floor her mood once again dark and sad.
“What’s wrong with April?  She seemed fine all day today but since we got here she hasn’t been in a very good mood. Do you think she didn’t want to come here?”
“She likes coming here dad. She is just going through some stuff at home. Can I talk to you for a minute before you go flirt with the sexy gay man?” Kelsey giggles as she waggles her eyebrows.
“Sure go ahead. And for your information I am not going to flirt with him, though I think I will keep an open mind and maybe see if he wants to be friends as long as he knows nothing else will ever happen.” At least I  don’t think nothing else will happen. Perhaps I should call Jillian too. She isn’t bad looking and looks to be at least in her early thirties. Perhaps tomorrow I’ll also sign up for the online dating service too.
Are you listening dad?” Kelsey gives his arm a gentle shake.
“Sorry hun. It’s been a crazy day. Go ahead was there something you needed to ask?”
“It’s about April. You know how her mom is right?”
“Yeah if she hasn’t changed she was always a bit on the wild side.”
“She has only gotten worse. In the past couple years she has started drinking more and doing some drugs. I’m not sure what drugs but April says she has some pain killers and sleeping pills she takes and drinks too. Anyway, last month she started dating this guy that is about late twenty’s, he drinks way too much and is probably  staying there to get some of the drugs among other things. He doesn’t work, doesn’t plan to and he has been hitting on April.” Kelsey spit it all out in one fast breath.
“Wait. What do you mean hitting on April? Beating her?” Brice looks back to the dance floor to see April watching them nervously as she dances. Her mood still a little bleak looking.
“I don’t think he has beaten her though he has held her tight enough to leave a bruise on her arm. He has groped her and kissed her. He tries to get into her bedroom. She keeps it locked and props a chair under the handle, but the entire time her mom is out he harasses her and tries to get her in bed.“ Kelsey stops to take the last sip of her drink and looks imploringly at her dad.
“Ok I’ll get you another then perhaps we should head home. I’m suddenly feeling overwhelmed by the evening.” He motions the waitress over and orders another round and a drink for Colby with a thanks and his number on a napkin.
“I don’t get a number?” Jillian feigns a frown.
“Knock it off Jillie. Just copy the number from the napkin. I know you were going to anyway.” Kelsey rolls her eyes.
“Me? I’d never steal a hot man’s number.” She winks and wiggles her hips suggestively as she heads off to place their order.
“Has April told her mom?” Brice turns back to Kelsey, concern in his voice.
“Yes. The bitch actually went off on April and told her she is sick of her slutty ways and tired of her stealing every man she brings home.”
Brice almost chokes on his beer.
“April doesn’t really do that does she? I mean steal her mom’s boyfriends.”
“Dad I am ashamed you even asked that. You have known April since she was a little girl. You know her better than that.  Don’t tell me you are a judgmental moron like her mom?” Kelsey sounds like she is ready to strike out at someone.
“Calm down Kels. I didn’t mean it like that. It’s just, well you know April is extremely flirty and maybe the men being younger take it wrong.” Brice places a hand on top of Kelsey’s.
“I’m sorry Dad. But she showed up at my place Thursday all in tears and scared shitless. Her mom kicked her out. She has nowhere to go. I live on campus so she can’t stay with me.” Tears start to form in Kelsey’s eyes.
Brice quickly swigs down the rest of his beer, not liking where this conversation seems to be heading.
“Can she stay with you Dad? At least until we can figure something out? She doesn’t make enough waiting tables to get a place of her own. Maybe if she stays at our house a while she can save up for deposits and stuff and find a better job or a second one?”
Brice spews the mouthful of beer he was trying to swallow. April living with me? I can’t just put her out on the streets.
Ok. Kels, but only until she can get on her feet. She better put the money up and try to make an effort though.”
The waitress stops by to see if they need anything else. 
April returns to the table and takes a long swig of her watered down soda, looking at Kelsey as if they are having a psychic conversation
Sweat pops out on Brice’s forehead as he contemplates a few months of living under the same roof as April. He looks up at the waitress, “Bourbon. Make that a double.”
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