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Forbidden Crush - Part 7

Ah Part 7 is here! Things are seriously heating up between Jamie and Darren this time! If you need to catch up, check out the links for previous chapters, happy reading :-)

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Forbidden Crush, Part 7
By Samantha Kay

Jamie fumbled in his pockets to pull out a cigarette and lighter, while Darren called a Hotel to try and book a last minute room.
Darren’s stomach flipped excitedly when he was told there was one available.
”That’s great, thank you!” He told the chirpy women on the other end of the phone. “We’ll be there shortly!”
He turned to look at Jamie once he’d hung up; his heart sank as he saw his face had gone pale as he stared at the floor, his hands trembling as he brought his cigarette up to his lips.
”You ok Jamie?”
Jamie’s eyes darted at Darren, before his rigid neck allowed him to nod. He flicked away the remains of his cigarette, exhaling deeply the last cloud of smoke from his lungs.

Darren slowly approached him, tenderly wrapping an arm around his waist, pulling him into his warm body.
”It’s ok if you’ve changed your mind.” Darren whispered into Jamie’s ear, as his fingers curled into Jamie’s hip.
”I-I haven’t. I’m just…nervous.” His voice quiet and hoarse. 

Darren released his grip of Jamie, then turning to face him properly. He looked him up and down, his tongue sticking out slightly as he admired Jamie’s body. The fabric skimming along his thighs, I want them thighs wrapped around my face. His shirt hugged the flat, defined chest and stomach, and emphasised his strong shoulders. The things I could do to you given the chance…
”Fuck, I want you so badly.” He murmured inwardly. “And you’re not even naked, yet.”
Jamie stared back, wide-eyed, his chest profoundly rising and lowering.
Darren reached for his hand, and tugged gently to get him to follow along as they made their way down the street. 

”The hotel, The Liss, is just up the road from here.” Darren’s hands were beginning to feel sweaty.
”Ok,” Jamie smiled, his heart fluttering. “What was wrong with your place by the way? Thought you were single?”
Darren laughed, softening the atmosphere.
”Well, yes, but I have a room-mate. She’s lovely, don’t get me wrong, but she wouldn’t give us any peace. She’d want to know how we met and so on. She’s…a bit of a fruitcake.” He grinned.

”Ha! Really? Sounds fun.” Jamie teased, enjoying the warm feeling in his stomach from their hands being intertwined. The heat from Darren’s felt soothing. How does holding Darren’s hand feel so right?

”Oh yes, very! Reason I very rarely take guys back there –not that I make a habit of hooking up all that often!” Darren’s cheeks reddening as he quickly tried to explain. “I just meant, when I’m dating someone, not that this is dating –or just a hook up, I mean, err.”

Jamie laughed, finding the sudden panic in Darren’s tone rather flattering.
”Oh no, you’re not worried I’m going to get jealous, are you? About you sleeping with other people? I thought I was the only one?” He mocked, a mischievous grin lighting up his face.

”Whatever.” Darren shook his head, trying to tame the smile curving deeply into his cheeks. “Anyway. This is it.” He said as he stopped to a halt, making Jamie jerk back with their locked hands as he’d continued to walk.

”Wow.” Jamie said in aw, as he admired the tall, white building. There was a steep set of steps leading up to the large dark mahogany doors. The doorway was framed with a golden metal, curling into an elegant floral pattern. A soft lighting flooded the entrance.

Jamie gripped Darren’s hand tighter as they slowly made their way up the steps, the sound of people chatting across the road fading into the background as his heartbeat overwhelmed his ears.
Darren opened the door, going through first as he took the lead. They were quickly greeted by a young woman, dark haired wearing a thick mask of make-up.
”Hey, Darren was it?” 

”Yeah.” He said quietly, not matching the body of the woman’s voice. Jamie smiled to himself as he noticed Darren’s cheeks blushing fiercely. Guess we both know she probably has an idea why we’re here…

They followed her to their room, number 121. The hallways were silent, the lack of conversation feeling awkward.

”Well, here you are, and here’s your key.” She beamed, before flashing an exaggerated wink as Jamie.

They both burst into laughter as soon as they made it into their room.
”My God, how uncomfortable was that!” Darren chortled.

”I don’t know what you mean, I think she just wanted to join us.” Jamie giggled as he mimicked the girl’s wink at Darren.

Darren wrapped his arms around Jamie, pulling their chests together as he stared into Jamie’s eyes, admiring the twinkle. Jamie held him back, rubbing his hands down the shirt hugging Darren’s back.
Their laughter calmed down, until they were smiling lovingly at one another.
Darren, slowly, placed his lips onto Jamie’s, the contact firing electrical pulses into their bodies.
Jamie gasped as he kissed back, hungrily, and clutched at Darren’s back. Why are you so fucking hot!
Darren grabbed Jamie’s ass, and wasted no time in pushing him towards the bed.
”You have such a nice ass.” Darren mumbled into their kiss, as Jamie began unbuttoning his shirt. 

Once Jamie had Darren’s chest exposed he quickly allowed his mouth to leave Darren’s and dive into his neck; licking, sucking, nibbling, and biting. As his teeth gently dug into Darren’s flesh he rubbed his crotch into him, moaning at feeling Darren’s hard-on rubbing back.

”You’re so hot.” Jamie murmured, as his hands roamed inside Darren’s shirt, feeling the heat of his back and shoulders.

”Oh fuck Jamie.” Darren groaned, letting his head fall back. The feel of Jamie’s eager mouth on his neck was electrifying, making his cock pulse relentlessly.

Jamie’s mouth began to stray away, sliding down to Darren’s chest where he kissed and licked until he found a nipple. He sucked at it, gently at first before tugging at it with his teeth. He did the same to the other, as his hand wandered down Darren’s stomach and onto the bulge in his trousers. He slowly rubbed Darren’s cock through the fabric, as his lips continued to tease Darren’s nipples.
”Oh my God, how are you so good at this?” Darren panted, his cock painfully hard, begging to feel Jamie’s hand wrap around it. Darren’s legs were feeling weak, and his breathing was shallow, but becoming staggered as Jamie began to drop to his knees, his wet tongue leaving a trail down Darren’s stomach.

Darren groaned deeply as Jamie’s mouth was suddenly nibbling and sucking through his trousers, at the throbbing cock contained within.
”Jesus, you sure I’m the first guy you’ve been with?” Darren moaned, his legs nearly buckling. He let his fingers stroke through Jamie’s hair as he watched Jamie rub his tongue against the hard-on pushing out against his trousers. “Fuck, you are way too good at this.”

As Jamie soaked the fabric at his lips, he was desperate to taste the flesh underneath it. He came away and looked up at Darren, who was biting his bottom lip as he stared back. You’re so gorgeous…
Jamie unfastened Darren’s trousers, and pulled them down past Darren’s thighs, letting his fingers brush against the soft layer of hair. Darren wasn’t wearing any underwear, and so his heavy cock was unleashed.
”Fuck that’s big.” Jamie gasped, admiring the length and thickness of it. The dark purple tip glistened as a drop of pre-cum leaked from it.
Jamie’s own cock throbbed wildly, feeling hot as it was tightly contained within his boxers.
Fuck, I hope I can do this right.
He gulped nervously, before carefully using his tongue to lick up the pre-cum from the tip.
Mmm, that so good…
He heard Darren exhale heavily, making him look up at him.
”Jamie,” Darren choked through his lack of breath, “You-you, don’t have to, um, you-“
He suddenly moaned loudly as Jamie –while still looking into Darren’s eyes- took the cock into his mouth.
”Holy fuck.” He panted; roughly running his fingers through his hair as the wetness of Jamie’s mouth overwhelmed him.
As Jamie closed his eyes he slowly tried to take Darren further down into his throat. Darren quickly pulled away when he heard Jamie gag.
”You don’t need to, honestly, it doesn’t matter.” He said breathlessly.
”Give me a chance.” Jamie chuckled before taking Darren’s dick into his mouth again; he stopped when he had as much as he could handle in his throat. He then gently sucked as he let his tongue rub around the shaft, his own cock going crazy at the flavour, and every time Darren let out a moan.
Dam, Darren sounds so sexy when he moans….
Jamie felt desperate to stroke himself, but instead he held Darren’s hips and let his mouth glide up and down Darren’s dick. He loved how the flesh tasted, warm and slightly salty.
He even smells sexy, musky and manly…

As Jamie continued, Darren began to feel light-headed.
I’m not gonna last much longer…
He wanted –no needed- to taste Jamie, to feel his smooth skin and hear him moan.
His hands dived into Jamie’s hair, the soft strands sweeping against his skin as he brushed his fingers through it.
”Let me go down on you.” Darren murmured with a needy edge to his tone. “Please let me go down on you.”

Jamie purposely ignored him, instead continuing to work on Darren’s cock, letting his own saliva act as a lubricant as he slid up and down it with pursed lips. He also began massaging Darren’s balls, which were tight and ready to explode.

”If you don’t stop.” Darren panted. “I’ll cum. You don’t want that. Not yet.”

Jamie couldn’t get enough of the sensation of the smooth, warm dick filling his mouth and throat. Darren wasn’t ready to cum yet though, so he carefully pushed Jamie away, instantly missing the feeling of Jamie’s moist mouth.

Jamie looked up at Darren, a little bit of spit dribbling down his chin. He sucked on his own tongue, savouring the taste of Darren’s pre-cum still on it.

”You look amazing.” Darren whispered, as he reached and took a hold of Jamie’s arm to get him to stand up. Darren then pushed his lips to Jamie’s, as they simultaneously wrapped their arms around one another.

Darren got a kick from tasting himself on Jamie’s tongue, and he moaned as he eagerly unbuttoned Jamie’s shirt, pulling it off him roughly before shedding his own.
He then kicked off his shoes and trousers, as he held on tightly to Jamie.
With their lips still locked together, Darren pushed Jamie onto the bed. He grabbed Jamie’s wrists and pushed them down next to his face.

Jamie relished in Darren taking the lead, enjoying the feeling of vulnerability as he lay underneath Darren’s muscular body. Jamie tried to rub his crotch against Darren’s dick, his stomach feeling warm and uneasy with excitement.
”Oh Darren.” Jamie gasped, as Darren suddenly had his mouth at Jamie’s neck sucking and biting. The twinge of pain felt good, making him moan needily. His cock was so hard it was getting uncomfortable; he needed it to be released, to be touched.

Darren slowly freed Jamie’s wrists, and after brushing his fingertips down Jamie’s arms he began to play with his nipples.
”Oh my God, Darren.” Jamie said through his staggered breath, goosebumps quickly spreading across his body.

Darren smiled to himself mischievously, as he began to slowly lick and kiss his way down Jamie’s torso. He flicked his tongue over Jamie’s belly button, making Jamie whimper and his hips noticeably twitch.
”You like that?” Darren grinned.
 He then nibbled at Jamie crotch as he unfastened his trousers.
All Jamie could manage in response was a breathless chuckle as he lay back, waiting to feel Darren’s hand on his cock.

As soon as the trousers were unfastened, Jamie kicked off his shoes and Darren tugged the clothing off, throwing it onto the floor.
Darren gazed at Jamie, as he knelt in-between his parted legs.
”Wow…you look…so beautiful.” Darren whispered as he stroked Jamie’s thighs, looking at Jamie’s smooth, tanned skin and the pretty cock that was laid on his flat stomach.
Jamie’s cheeks reddened, feeling self-conscious from being so exposed, and from the compliment. His mouth was starting to dry out and his heart was racing.
Darren got down between Jamie’s legs and started by kissing his thighs, slowly nearing towards Jamie’s cock, which was clearly twitching in anticipation.

”You tease.” Jamie chuckled, as he shuffled about, trying to get his cock closer to Darren’s mouth. He then gasped, and his head fell back when Darren suddenly engulfed Jamie’s dick, burying it deep into this throat. Wow!
”Fuck!” Jamie moaned as Darren’s wet mouth caressed his shaft, his experienced tongue making his cock leak profusely.
Jamie clutched at the bedding as he continued to moan, overwhelmed with how good Darren was at sucking him off.
How can Darren be so good at this, I’ve never known it be as good as this with anyone!

”Oh Darren! Oh fuck, Darren!” Jamie called out as Darren took more of his dick down his throat. He pushed his head back into the duvet, as he bit his lip to stop himself from screaming out.
Oh my God, this feels amazing!

”Does…does 69 work?” Jamie barely managed to speak as he struggled for breath, the intense pending orgasm taking over him.
Darren came off Jamie’s dick as he laughed a little to himself.
”Yeah, it ‘works’.” He grinned, as he looked at Jamie’s chest rising and falling from his heavy breathing.
”Let’s do it then.” Jamie panted unaware of Darren’s amusement.

Darren moved himself around, and lowered his cock into Jamie’s mouth as Jamie held his hips.
A long, deep groan escaped Darren’s lips once Jamie started sucking and licking. Hell, I’m not gonna last long like this.

Darren returned to Jamie’s cock, but had to stop for a moment when the vibrations of Jamie’s moaning nearly sent him over the edge.
”Oh fuck Jamie.” He groaned.

They continued on one another, clutching at each other’s flesh; rubbing their asses and balls as they moaned eagerly, both desperate to unload.

”You need to stop.” Darren huffed as he came off Jamie’s dick. “If you carry on, I’m gonna cum.”

”I want you to.” Jamie said quickly, wanting to fill his mouth with Darren’s cock again. “I want to taste it, to taste you.”

”Not like this.” Darren groaned, trying to control his cock, to stop it from exploding into Jamie’s throat. “Its…an acquired taste.”

”I’ll be fine.” Jamie gasped before taking Darren’s dick again, and gently massaging his balls.
Darren sighed before eagerly going back to work on Jamie’s cock.
The moment Jamie moaned, Darren was past the point of no return.

”I’m gonna cum!” He called breathlessly, as he looked underneath him to see Jamie’s reaction.
Jamie just continued, while Darren moaned loudly and his body quivered as his orgasm hit. Darren relished in the intense sensations pulsing through his body.
Jamie tried his best to swallow Darren’s load, but it overflowed his mouth and some poured down his cheeks and chin. Fuck, that looks sexy…

Once Jamie had sucked Darren dry, Darren came away and turned around to face him. Before Jamie had a chance to speak Darren kissed him, and licked away the trails of cum off his face.

”Was that alright?” Jamie said, his insecurity causing a small knot in his stomach.
”That was, amazing.” Darren grinned back, before quickly disappearing down the bed to take Jamie’s cock back into his mouth.
Jamie was about to chuckle, until Darren’s warm moist mouth encased his shaft.

Sweet Jesus…
Jamie whined as he gripped tightly at the bedding again. He spread his legs further apart as though it would give Darren better access to the cock he was already deep-throating.
”Darren, I’m gonna cum.” Jamie whimpered, squirming around on the bed in ecstasy. “Oh fuck Darren.”

Jamie called Darren’s name out again as his orgasm overpowered him, his body shuddering and his hands gripping the bedding to the point where his knuckles had lost all colour.

Darren swallowed Jamie’s cum with ease, loving the taste and texture of the hot liquid shooting down his throat.

He didn’t release Jamie’s dick from his mouth until it was bled dry and soft. He looked at Jamie sprawled out before him, his eyes closed and he was clearly still trying to regain his regular breathing.
Darren smiled to himself before collapsing at his side.

“So, you enjoy that?” Darren grinned, adoring the sight of Jamie as he turned his head to look at him.

”Wow. That. Was. Incredible.” Jamie panted, smiling at Darren.

”Ah, but how did I taste?” Darren said, raising his eyebrows suggestively.

”Bitter, salty, but good.” Jamie chuckled. “I’d happily have you do that again. But not right now, I’m exhausted.”

”Ha, well, you better recuperate quickly. It’ll soon be round two.” Darren laughed. “We haven’t even gone all the way yet!”

Jamie’s stomach did a flip, and his throat tightened, as he turned away and stared up at the ceiling.
Darren noticed that Jamie had suddenly tensed and it made him feel sick. Please don’t say you regret tonight…I’ve never felt so connected with someone like this…
”Hey, we don’t have to go all the way Jamie, I’m sorry.”

Jamie turned back to look at Darren, his eyes had moistened slightly.

”No, I really want to. I’m just, freaking out.” Jamie chuckled softly, to diminish the tension. “I…well I…” His cheeks burning as he struggled to maintain eye contact.

”What is it?” Darren said, worry evident in his voice.

”It’s just; I've not felt like this about anyone other than Laurie. I really like you Darren...”

To be continued…

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