Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Oral Dilemma

Well, have you missed me?  I've been recovering from injuries in an auto accident.  Plus I needed to take a  bit of time off to reconfigure my schedule.  My files were destroyed and I've been working fast and furious to regain most of what I had.  Through much aggravation I have reached a point where I will have to rebuild the rest, but I think it will be better.  

Anyone out there ready for Spring?  I know I am.  Our other authors have already been growing a crop of budding romance and erotic tales for our readers.  Although I'm a little late getting started I do sincerely hope that this new tale will entertain, amuse, and get your own passions stirring.  

Happy Spring everyone! 

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 Oral Dilemma
Ellie Mack

It was the story of my life. The same thing that always got me in trouble – my mouth.  I stood just off  the stage, shaking inside, so nervous I wasn’t sure I could go through with this. 

“Hey, knock ‘em dead Roxy.”  His hand brushing my shoulder as he eased past me.  Devon Miller, the man I’d crushed on since 6th grade.  Oh hell, who am I kidding? I’ve had a crush on him since that first day of kindergarten when he shared his fruit chews.  He was instantly my best friend.

We sat at the same table in class.  He rode my bus and we shared a seat because he lived four houses down and we got off at the same stop. We raced our bikes, played in the tree house, skipped stones at the pond and made mud pies.  Then in fourth grade my parents divorced.  I spent half my time with my dad and his flavor of the month. Back home mom worked long shifts at the hospital leaving my sister and me at Devon’s house. We made forts, hunted monsters, played video games and slept on the couch together.  Not that anything happened, we were just kids.
By the 6th grade, I’d gained a good amount of weight and was chubby.  That’s when Devon broke my heart the first time.  We were sitting at the edge of the pond skipping rocks when he told me he asked Casey Reynolds to the school dance.  Then he asked if anyone had asked me.  I’m not sure if I was more upset that he asked Casey, or that nobody asked 'the chubby girl'. 

Anyway, it was the first in a long string of disappointments.  I’ve been a plus sized girl in a size 0 world ever since.  By my junior year I was in a size 16, my double D’s the only thing that got me dates. the rest of me is rather plain Jane nothing special.  My dark hair never gets noticed. My facial features are average.  I wasn't blessed with thick long lashes, or pretty eyes, or even full luscious lips.  My lips are small, unnoticeable, and completely forgettable.  Although I've been called a big mouth for other reasons.  My 'big mouth' was always getting me into trouble by saying the wrong things.  I made a smart alec comment to Chad Ramsey, this gorgeous hunk of a soccer player and he challenged me to “put my money where my mouth was”.  He dared me, so it kind of forced my hand.  

Just then who should walk in but Devon with Phoebe Yates draped on his arm.  Phoebe was all of 98 pounds soaking wet. She’d make Taylor Swift look fat standing next to her.   Why I even cared I don’t know but I did.  It pissed me off, big time.  I slammed a glass of Jack and Coke, and told Chad  “I’ll accept your challenge."

I grabbed Chad’s hand and dragged him to the unoccupied room, his bedroom. Once inside I kissed him hard, walking him backwards to the bed.  I followed him down when his knees hit the edge of the bed.  He scooted up to where his head was on the pillow as I climbed on top of him and straddled him. 
“You’re really gonna let me?” Chad asked, his eyes huge, a hopeful grin on his face.

I slowly peeled my shirt off over my head and tossed it.  His eyes grew even larger.  I reached behind me to unclasp my bra hearing  the hitch in his breath.  I held the bra in place for a few seconds making him wait.  I nodded slowly, teasing him.  I knew he had a thing for breasts.  He was always flirting with me, I doubt that he even knew what color my eyes were as nothing registered above my tits. Slowly, very slowly I lowered my bra then tossed it on the floor.  I leaned forward teasing him with them, my nipples just barely out of reach of his lips. 

“You’re spectacular Roxanne.” He grabbed me pulling me down, sucking each nipple into his mouth greedily. I gasped it was so intense.  Chad worshiped my breasts, made love to them, then proceeded to worship the rest of my body.  

He openly admitted that he liked curvy girls and big tits.  I’d put him off for three months thinking he was just another guy that thought that because I was a big girl I would be desperate and willing to do anything.  I didn’t feel desperate, but I was willing to do anything.  I was just selective with whom I did it with. 

He held my breasts rubbing the pad of his thumb over my hardening nipples.  I could feel him growing hard beneath me,  I was only slightly buzzed from the two drinks.  I moaned as he teased my nipples  He pulled me down to him and kissed me deeply.  The tingles began instantly. Chad's kiss was like lighter fluid poured on glowing coals. It was instantaneous combustion. 

He rolled me off of him onto my back and told me, “I want to look at you Roxanne.  All of you.  You’re absolutely gorgeous .” 

He kissed his way from my lips down my neck, leaving a trail of blazing fire behind.  When he reached my collar bone, he switched and went back up for my ear.  As he sucked my ear lobe lightly I had the briefest moment of thinking I should stop.  I don't know if it was the alcohol kicking in or what but suddenly it wasn't sparks it was full blown raging fire.  I wanted every kiss, every touch that Chad offered.  He made me come alive, feel sexy, attractive and  it's a heady feeling. 

Chad's mouth was on my nipples again licking, teasing driving me to the edge.  As he continued  his tormenting affections his hand moved lower.  I vaguely knew he was unfastening my jeans and didn't care.  Suddenly his hand was on me, gently touching me as he slid my jeans down.  His kisses trailing lower over my tummy and I wasn't self conscious. In that moment I felt free, uninhibited, and desirable. I'm not sure what button he pushed but it was amazing. 

His fingers worked magic, gently caressing, rubbing over my nub, then slipped one finger  inside my wet slit.  My back arched automatically, OHHHHH God it felt so amazing.  I helped him remove my jeans and my panties.  Up to then I'd only kissed and my only experience was touching myself. He was slow, gentle, and amazing.  Soon his mouth was on me, and  within two minutes I was clutching his hair coming hard.  He moved back up, wiping my juices from his face as he grinned at me.  I pulled him up to me kissing him hard.  At that moment Chad Ramsey  owned me.  No one had ever made me feel so alive, so desirable.  I would  do anything for him. 

We kissed long, deep, sensually. I reached down to touch him, wrapping my fingers around his hardened shaft.  He felt like marble wrapped in silk. Chad moaned into my mouth as my fingers curled around him.  At the first slow stroke his breath was jagged.  It was at that moment that I realized just how much Chad loved my body. I caused him to feel that way.  It was my touch he responded to not some skinny chick.  I increased my speed and my grip, he nearly came unglued.  

"Please Roxanne, make love with me."  

He desired me.  Chad Ramsey, the best looking soccer player at our school desired me.  I held his cock in my hand having complete control over him at that point.  It wasn't a power trip, it was part of the entire sexual awakening.  It was a mutual action between us.  A consensual discovery of our own bodies and each other.  I nodded slowly my agreement as I pushed his jeans off, taking his cotton shorts with them. 

He was gentle with me, careful not to hurt me.  the pain only lasted a brief moment as he kissed the hurt away and we began to move together,  the world outside forgotten.  The new sensation taking me beyond the precipice I dangled from before, the heat pooled within me threatening to erupt on the magnitude of a Richter scale 7 earthquake.  I was gasping, sighing, as Chad pushed me to a mind-bending orgasm.While my had was still spinning he pulled out shaking with need, too afraid to come inside me.

That night was our first time ever.  I had only intended  to show him my breasts.  That was what the whole teasing was about – letting him touch, and see my breasts.  He promised I wouldn’t regret it.  He was right.

 We hadn’t prepared for intercourse, hadn’t planned on it. Neither one of us had a condom and I wasn’t on birth control.  It was risky and we were both thankful that I didn’t end up pregnant.  When he was close to coming, I wanted to bring him the pleasure that he'd given me.  

So there I am, on my knees, giving Chad his first blow job, alternately letting him fuck my tits, and there’s a fast knock on the door and just as Chad blasts all over my face and tits Devon swings the door open saying “Hey Chad, we’re leaving, I’ve got to get Phoebe home” then he froze.  My eyes flew open, turning to look at Devon at that exact moment.  He added a trailing ‘early’ at that point.  He looked at me with such venom and disgust I fought to keep the tears back.  Devon slowly closed the door and left as Chad gasped for air, lifting me off my knees then scrambling to find me a towel.  

 I lied to him and said the tears were only because he got a little in my eye. How could I tell him the disapproval in Devon’s expression hurt me?  I couldn’t.  

 Chad and I were inseparable after that, and we made sure we had condoms available. 
I was with Chad, but still the disapproving looks I got from Devon was killing me inside.  My childhood friend now had proof positive that his friend 'the fattie' was a huge slut thanks to me and my big mouth.


  1. Thanks Samantha - hopefully I"m recovered enough that I can get back in my groove.

  2. Spicy, spicy! Love that you have a curvy gal as your lead.