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April's Kiss special addition

Aprils Kiss Special Edition episode 4
 By Cathy Brockman
I would like to acknowledge a dear friend and fan of mine. Since I like to make you all happy and I do listen to you, here is a special edition. Thanks to Faith Ann Whitten for the steamy idea for the dream scene I hope you like what I did with your idea!

Brice barely remembers getting home. The ride, getting a shower and then tumbling into bed in nothing but boxers were all a drunken haze.  The last thing he remembered was staring at the ceiling trying to make sense of the night. He went out to get laid and came home with two phone numbers for more than casual lays and April as a permanent house-guest. Then he closed his eyes and drifted off to dreamworld.
The door opens then shuts. There is a soft click of the door being locked before the light flicks on nearly blinding me. Rubbing my eyes, trying to adjust to the sudden change, I hear soft music start to play. Swallowing hard my gaze is transfixed on the illusion in front of me. April dances a few feet from my bed, dressed in one of those naughty schoolgirl outfits. You know the one, the way too short plaid skirt; almost see through white button up blouse with a sexy red bra showing through that barely hides her small but firmly rounded breasts. Long white socks just over the knees complete the ensemble. She gyrates seductively hands roaming her body, mimicking what she would like my hands to be doing to her.  She slowly unbuttons the shirt leaving it hanging open; exposing that beautiful, white flesh that is begging to be explored.
 She slips the top of the bra down exposing one perfect, hard nipple, pinching it, tossing her head back moaning.
“Do you want this Daddy?” She rasps; her voice needy, full of want.
“Please don’t call me Daddy. I want you so much, but you’re right. I practically raised you. I AM sort of your daddy. This is so wrong.”  My voice comes out a soft whisper as I try to convince her why we shouldn't do this, or am I trying to convince myself?
She continues caressing the exposed nipple in one hand; the other is sliding slowly up her thigh, lifting her skirt, moving closer and closer to the place that would bring her release and so much pleasure. Knowing that in her release I would find my own, as the heat pools inside me.

 She spread her legs arching to the music, giving me a peek at the tiny wisp of fabric barely covering the treasure trove I ached so badly to see, to touch, to taste, to slip inside and feel her heat  surround me.  I try to look away, to try to not want to, but her gasp and seductive chuckle keep my eyes riveted.
“Face it. You want this as much as I do, Da…. Sir.”  She dips her finger under the red lace thong .
 “You do want this.” She says as a statement just before she puts her wet finger in her mouth licking, her cheeks hallowing as she begins to suck it. I do want her. I have for a long time but not like this; not just a toy.
 My mouth goes dry, I’ve never wanted anything so bad in so long. She is like that forbidden fruit; you know you shouldn’t sample. I come totally unglued. In one swift movement I am out of the bed, and standing before her. She removes the finger from her mouth and extends it to mine. As my tongue darts out to taste it she chuckles, jerking it way, reaching behind her with both hands to unfasten the bra.
“No! Stop! Don’t speak unless I ask you something! The hungry command in my voice stuns us both as I roughly grab her arms, jerking her into me. She gasps as our bodies collide and my hands fumble at the closure on the back of her bra.
I gently pepper each shoulder with butterfly kisses as I slide the shirt and bra over her shoulders, down her arms. then push her back as I toss the garments toward the chair by the door, not even caring that I miss. I briefly admire her beautiful body, bare from the hips up standing, lan offering before me.
“How do you want me? Against the wall? On the bed?” She starts to unfasten the single button holding the skirt on her curvy form.
“I thought I told you not to speak. Leave it!” I bat her hands from the button, grabbing her I sit back on the bad flipping her over my knees.
Bent over my lap, the short skirt raises baring two gorgeous voluptuous globes; a hint of red strap barely peeks from the valley leading to a small wisp of lace holding the thong in place.
“You’re such a bad girl.”  I smack each cheek twice rapidly, then gently rub them to sooth the sting. My cock straining beneath us, threatening to explode. 
She presses her hips down, grinding against me.
I rapidly slap her ass twice more. ”So wonderfully bad!” I toss her up onto the bed straddling over her. Her beautiful brown eyes; deeper, richer, than usual, behind fluttering lashes as she battles to keep them open, to watch.
Her tongue darts out to wet her dry lips, the hoop in her bottom lip gone, but a small silver cone still in her tongue. My dick twitches as I try to imagine what that will feel like working over my hard hot flesh. I lean down, caressing one small but firm orb with my lips, my tongue teasing the hard nipple. I circle it slowly wanting to lavish every inch of her, but that’s for another time.  I Take it  between my teeth, nipping and tugging, eliciting a gasp of surprise; pain mixed with pleasure. Satisfied with the combination I continue my torture of her lovely breasts, first one then the other, nipping and sucking. Her wanton moans, urging me to continue doing the things I have wanted for a while but have been trying so hard to ignore. I can’t hold back any longer. Her teasing has just been too much. I am man, human after all.
I reach down and pull off my boxers, tossing them to the floor. I move up pinning her arms down to her side with my knees, my pulsing cock bobbing near her chin.
“Suck me, show me what that tongue ring feels like on my dick.” I shove both pillows under her head raising it so she can get to me; I grasp the headboard with both hands for support. 
Carnal moans escape my throat as she teases, licking the length, then my balls, back up the shaft. The small hard piece of metal in the soft velvety midst of her tongue sends mixed  sensations of pleasure and pain through me.  I cry out as the tiny cone dips in the slit almost losing my control and coming. 
“Stop! Gonna come! “ She pays me no minds as she takes me deep in her mouth sucking.
I try to pull away. She pulls her arms from between us and grasps my hips tightly, holding me there as she brings me to a roaring climax. It’s all I can do to hang on to the headboard not collapsing on her, suffocating her.
All of a sudden I hear another door open. I was sure she locked the bedroom door. My eyes dart towards the bathroom door, a tall slender figure barely illuminated by the light.
“No fair. You started without me.” Colby drops the towel wrapped around his hips and places his knees on the bed.
“Can I join in?” He leans forward, his mouth finding mine, slowly, deeply, he kisses me.
“Please.” I murmur beneath his soft lips as his tongue enters, dancing against mine.
April’s body tenses beneath me. I feel her pushing to get me off.  I sit gently down on her trapping her. I pull away from Colby momentarily.
“Be still. I ‘m not done with you. You disobeyed me. Made me come. Now you wait. I’ll take care of you soon enough.”
I turn back to the handsome man in front of me and breathe helplessly into his lips.
“Suck me. Make me hard again.”  I rearrange us so Colby can get on the bed, his mouth on my demanding cock and I can reach Aprils hot ,wet,  core  As Coby’s tongue explores my cock, I explore her heat with my fingers watching both these beautiful people, listening to their cries of pleasure, so eager to please me, trying to decide what I want.  Such a tantalizing decision to make. But I can’t really have both can I?
My eyes flutter open as hot spurts of liquid cover my stomach and chest. I awake finding myself in my bed alone. Thank heavens!
 As I remember the dream nausea overwhelms me. I jump from the bed barely making it into the bathroom before streams of bitter, stale beer and bourbon erupt.  I don’t hear the bathroom door open or the water turn on in the skin as I continue gagging and heaving. A cool cloth covers my forehead as a soft voice stuns me back to reality.
“You OK Daddy B?”
 I jump as if I've been burned at the sound of Aprils voice, nearly knocking her to the floor.
“April! What the HELL!”  I let out a small sigh of relief as I notice she is wearing pajamas and not the racy school girl costume. Whew it WAS just a dream.
“You can’t just come into my bedroom, uh..or bathroom without knocking! If you’re gonna stay here with me we are going to set some rules, some boundaries, or you’re gonna have to go! I can’t do this!” My voice sounds panicked and harsh.
 She looks at me dazed and confused, tears welling in her eyes as she drops the cloth into my lap and turns running out the door sobbing.
Shit what have I done? I start to head out after her when a cool breeze reminds me I am naked and covered in puke and semen. I jump in the shower and rinse quickly, grabbing the robe I keep on the door and hurriedly head out the door, barreling right into Kelsey. Can this day get any worse?
 I steady her and try to move around her but she grounds herself reaching out blocking my path.
“What the fuck Dad? I can hear your yelling through my door.”
“I had a dream, got sick, April barged in the bathroom. Shit I have to talk to her.”
“Not yet Dad first you and I need to have a serious heart to heart!” Her voice held that ‘you’re not going anywhere until you listen to me tone’ her mother used to get.
My head is pounding my stomach roiling, I am confused enough, I don’t need my twenty one year old daughter telling me what to do. What I need is a drink.
 Leave a comment and let us know what you thought about Faith Ann’s suggestion to add a bit more heat! What will Brice Do? Will April stay? Where does Colby factor in?  Be sure to check back Friday for the conclusion of Aprils Kiss.
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  1. I liked it. It was a good way to bring some erotica into the story and yet keep Brice from appearing to be a lech by giving into his lust too easily.

    I`m still trying to figure out Colby`s role in all this! =)

    1. Glad you liked it!! *winks* I like to throw in a few twists to shake things up Friday you will see LOL