Thursday, March 7, 2013

April's Kiss by Cathy Brockman

Who doesn't love a kiss? Especially a quick free one? Join me for my new series of kisses. I am starting of spring  with April's Kiss.

April’s Kiss
By Cathy Brockman
Chapter one.
 Trade Mark and product  Acknowledgements:  Hello Kitty
Was it the whirr of an appliance in the kitchen, or the tempting aroma of fresh ground coffee beans that stirred Brice Evans from a deep, peaceful but dreamless sleep? Scrubbing his hands over his stubble and blinking at the soft golden rays of sunlight filtering through the blinds he glances over at the alarm clock.  Eight am on a Saturday. Kelsey must have developed new habits living in the dorm. She was like her mom, Saturday was her only day to sleep  till ten and lounge around all day if she pleased. Brice carefully pulls back the covers dropping his feet to the floor, wincing at the still cold wood beneath his bare feet. After a quick visit to the adjoining bathroom to brush his teeth, he glances in the mirror trying to convince himself its ok to shave later. Being a creature of habit he takes out the razor and finishes his regular morning routine. He grabs a pair of neatly folded jogging pants and a matching grey t shirt, and steps into the living room to see his daughter.
“Fuhhhhh…Fudge! April!?” He stops in his tracks nearly colliding with his daughter’s best friend April Bowers.
“Ya know DaddyB, your teeth won’t really turn black or your tongue won’t fall off if you actually say the F word . Right?” April giggles pulling the pink Hello Kitty ear-buds from her ears, letting them dangle right above her breasts.
Brice’s eyes follow the ear-buds, his gaze resting on her ample over exposed flesh. Too much flesh this early in the morning. Shaking his head he tries to pull his gaze back up to the young girls eyes.
“Jeesh April have you no shame? Why on earth are you running around the house in your undies?” Color rises to Brice’s cheeks as he quickly turns and heads towards the kitchen.
“Where is Kelsey?” He rests both hands on the kitchen counter taking a couple deep breaths before reaching for a coffee cup.
“Asleep, its Saturday and before noon. Undies?  Who even says that anymore? This is athletic wear. Don’t ya like it?” She winks at Brice. “I’m fixing to go for a jog. Wanna join me?” She leans against him reaching over his shoulder to get a mug.
She pours them both a cup of coffee then sashays to the fridge, wiggling her scantily clad hips. Returning to the table she sets out a bottle of hazelnut creamer and a bowl of cut up fruit along with two cups of vanilla yogurt.
“You still jog don’t ya?” She picks up a large chunk of pineapple and plops it into her mouth, a small trail of juice drips down her chin.
 “Are you planning to go on a jog like that?” Brice waves his hand at her tight fitting pink bra top, with Hello Kitty spread across her large full breasts, down to her skimpy tight pink short shorts that barely cover her curvy hips.
“Got something against Hello Kitty?”  She winks as she plops another piece of Melon into her mouth and moans in delight.
Brice shakes his head, taking another sip of coffee that does nothing to sooth his dry parched mouth. It’s definitely time to hit the singles bar and try to get laid if  a girl this young can have this much effect on me without even trying.
“Cat got your tongue Daddy B?” April’s girlish giggle reminds Brice she is still a young girl, even if she has grown into one heck of a voluptuous woman.
Has it really been that long since I last saw her?
“I’ll join you if you put some clothes on. Sleepy head will probably be up and hungry as a bear when we get back. I’ll take you both out for breakfast. That is if you two don’t already have plans.” He finishes his coffee, then goes to his room to get a towel and his MP3 player.
April grins and shrugs as she returns the creamer and remainder of the fruit to the fridge. She tosses the yogurt cups in the trash and puts the coffee cups in the sink, running a little cold water and a drop of dish soap in each one the way Brice likes it.
Brice steps out the door with two water bottles that thud lightly to the ground rolling to a gentle stop by his feet.
April had beat him out the door already warming up, nothing but her firm behind facing him as she bends forward touching her toes; still in the same barely-there outfit.

 Have you ever had a crush on an older man or woman? Did it lead to love or heartache?


  1. Oh dear . . . This is going to be trouble, I can see it coming.

  2. you have no idea.... I just o wonder if i can do it in four weeks lol.