Friday, March 15, 2013

April's Kiss--- Chapter 2

April’s Kiss
Chapter 2
By Cathy Brockman
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After the run April slips into Kelsey’s room to wake her and get a shower as Brice goes into his for a nice cold shower. He resolves to go out and get laid tonight after the shopping trip with the girls, especially if April is spending the night which he is sure she probably is.
Brice steps into the shower and shivering as the cold water hits his  burning skin. Why is this young girl getting into my head and arousing me so? This isn't good.
Brice steps into the shower and shivering as the cold water hits His burning skin. Why is this young girl getting into my head and arousing me so? This isn't good. As he soaps up his hands running over his skin the touch heightens his arousal. All he can think of is April bent over warming up.  His cock aches. His soapy hand turns to a hard caress. He thinks of April bent before him her ample ass naked and inviting. He grabs her hips pulling her towards him, shoving his hard cock into her, pounding, her begging for more.  His balls tighten and he comes hard. Shaking from both the cold and his release he warms the water, rinses, his cock is soft but he feels no better.  What the hell am I thinking? She is just a child. There are plenty of women wanting me but I haven’t even though of anyone in particular until now. Why April of all people?
After his shower he puts on a nice fitting pair of jeans and a soft pullover shirt that hugs his trim body. The maroon color looks good with his lightly tanned skin, warm brown hair and  hazel eyes. He gives himself a once over in the mirror and smiles ,unbuttoning the top two buttons on the placket exposing a tuft of dark chest hair. Not too bad for a man approaching forty.
The girls were waiting in the living room. Kelsey still looking half a sleep and April her usual spry, playful self.  As he glances at April he feels his cheeks redden and his cock harden as the unbidden thoughts he had in the shower resurface.  
“Ready for breakfast or shall we do lunch since it will be nearly noon by time we get into town? I am assuming you girls will want to hit up the mall while we are out?”
“Let’s go somewhere that serves breakfast still like the IHOP or  a diner.  Is that cool with you April? I want some hotcakes and strawberries. “Kelsey stands and stretches with a big yawn.
“Sounds good to me. I love a good, big, hot, stack with a side of meat and of course whipped cream.” April looks at Brice licking her lip and giving him a playful wink.
“Gosh April it’s too early in the morning to be so crass.” Kelsey gives April a disgusted look.
“Kels. It’s almost noon some of us actually get up early. Besides   I wasn't being crass perhaps it’s you with the dirty mind.”  She gently smacks Kelsey’s shoulder.
“Okay girl’s lets go.” Brice grabs his keys falling in behind April as they file out the door.  Damn! What an ass! What the hell am   I thinking? She is half my age.
Brice can’t help but grin at the two girls. As different as night and day.  His Kelsey with her neat, shoulder length, light brown hair, green eyes, slim athletic build, and girl next door looks. Then April, with her shoe polish black hair, cut  in layers and spiky on top, thick eyeliner framing sapphire blue eyes,  dark red lipstick on her full mouth and a small hoop with a heart dangling on her bottom lip, a small crystal nose stud and a  ball in the center of her tongue.  She is an inch or so taller than Kelsey with full breasts and curvy hips.  She would be gorgeous with less makeup and maybe even without those piercings. But damn what would that ball in her tongue feel like running over my hard cock?  Bruce shudders involuntarily
Earth calling Dad!  You seem to be on another planet.  Did you have other plans for the weekend? I guess I should have called before we came in. We hadn't really planned it though.”
“No honey. I didn't have any plans for the afternoon. But tonight I better make a visit to the local singles club. It’s always nice for you to come visit. It has been a while. You must have been pretty busy lately.” He pulls into a parking lot of a local restaurant.
“Is this one OK? I like their eggs Benedict and you girls can get any kind of hotcake plate you like. Plus it’s across form your favorite mall.”
Both girls nod, unbuckling their seat belts and scooting out of the crowded car. After a hearty breakfast and a fun afternoon at the mall they head back to the car.
“Dad what are you doing tonight?” Kelsey glances at Brice as she hands him the last of their bags to put in the trunk.
 “I was thinking about going out and having a drink or two before you girls came. So if you two have plans I think I still may do that.” Brice shuts the trunk and gets into the car.
The girls exchange a sly glance as April scoots in close to Brice making room for Kelsey as they had on the way to town. Brice protested once again though the girls just giggled and both got in front. He lost that argument as he had the on earlier with April and her skimpy jogging gear.
“Awesome! We can go with you!” April’s arms brush his as she slides the seat belt across her lap with a click.
“Er! I don’t know. I was going to a bar. For a drink. Alcohol.”  Lots of alcohol. And  to find a quick lay. Brice fidgets in his seat feeling closed in and aroused by the touch of April’s warm skin on his.
“Duh! We didn't think you were going for a root beer float at the Dairy Queen.” Kelsey elbows April roughly in the side.
“April, be nice! Dad we aren't little kids anymore. We are both twenty one and can drink. Besides if you’re planning to drink more than one drink you need a designated driver.’ Kelsey bats her eyelashes sweetly.
Clenching the wheel tightly with both hands, Brice nods in defeat.
“So I guess you are going to be the devoted daughter and chauffeur your tipsy dad around.”” “Me? No! April doesn't drink. She can chauffeur both of us.” Kelsey laughs.

I hope you are enjoying the story!  Do  you think Brice  can handle a  night at a bar  with April and Kelsey?What  do  you think is gonna happen? Is Brice too old for April? In case you missed last weeks episode  Aprils kiss chapter 1 you can find it here


  1. Very sexy shower scene, and totally fitting the storyline so far. The man seems to be putting up on hell of a fight against his baser urges and that speaks well for Brice.

  2. Thank you Vicki! But with the surprise coming next week I wonder how strong Brice can be. And I just was blindsided with yet another surprise. this one may make you laugh .