Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Forbidden Crush Part 8

Will they finally go all the way? Read on to find out!

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Forbidden Crush, Part 8
By Samantha Kay

Darren leant in and tenderly placed his lips on Jamie’s, as his fingertips brushed down Jamie’s cheek.
They were both still naked and laid on their sides facing one another.
Jamie sucked in a breath, as butterflies suddenly overwhelmed his stomach.
God, Darren make’s me feel so…alive.

Darren ever so slightly came away to look into Jamie’s eyes, and to gently rest his hand on his cheek.
”I really like you too, Jamie.” He spoke softly. “But there’s no rush you know? If you don’t want us to go all the way we don’t have to. We can talk about what happens next? Whether you want to talk to Laurie…or pretend this never happened?”
God please don't say the latter option...

”No that’s the last thing I want!” Jamie blurted out, quickly grabbing Darren’s shoulder as a way to give his reassurance. “The ‘pretend it never happened’ bit, I don’t wanna do that. I know I need to talk to Laurie, I just…I’m just, scared of hurting her.” Jamie’s shoulders suddenly slumped. I really don’t want to hurt her…

A small smile soon crept across Darren’s face, despite a dull ache in the pit of his stomach from seeing Jamie full of conflict.
I hate how complicated this could all become, but I’m so crazy about him!
”I get that Jamie, I really do. So if you’re not ready to tell her yet, I’d understand. I’m happy for us to put things on hold or something if you’d prefer?”

”No.” Jamie smiled. “I don’t want things to be put on hold. I’ll tell her. Tell her that I'm not in love with her...I just need to be honest with her; it’s the least she deserves. She’s been my life for years, we were childhood sweethearts.” Jamie paused to sigh deeply, his gaze disappearing into thin air as he had a fleeting thought of the day they met. “It’s going to be horrible. But i'll deal with that tomorrow. Right now I want to focus on spending time with you."

”Well, you’re doing the right thing by being honest with her Jamie.” Darren offered as he gave Jamie’s shoulder a gentle squeeze. “So, can I ask…am I really the first guy you've been with?”

”Yeah.” Jamie blushed as he chuckled inwardly. “I’ve fancied guys before, well, one, years ago. Otherwise I’ve just found guys attractive, I’ve never let myself think anything more than that about a guy…”

Darren’s heart melted.
I’m his first…
”It’s just, everything has come so, naturally to you? Like, you taking the lead earlier?”

”Ha! Well, I didn’t want to…well; I wanted to…make you feel good, and enjoy your time with me. I thought you’d maybe be put off by my lack of…experience.” Jamie’s cheeks burned profusely as he stammered over his words.

”Aw!” Darren mentally slapped himself for sounding probably rather patronising. “Sorry, just trust me Jamie, your ‘lack of experience’ couldn’t put me off in the slightest. But for the record, if I didn’t know you lacked experience, I wouldn’t have guessed.” Darren gave Jamie a playful wink as he took a fleeting gaze up and down his body. “Especially since you’re this hot!”

Jamie just pushed his mouth into Darren’s in reply, his hand taking a hold of Darren’s ruffled hair as he began to passionately kiss him. Jamie then shuffled up closer to Darren, so their bodies were touching, pressed up against one another.

Darren let his fingertips brush down Jamie’s smooth back, before slowly creeping around to Jamie’s cock and taking a firm hold of it.
”Wow, hard again already?” Darren chuckled into their kiss.

Jamie smiled before letting out a gasp, as Darren grabbed both their cocks together and starting stroking them.

”Oh my God.” Jamie moaned, as his mouth slid away from Darren’s, before replanting his lips on Darren’s neck, where he began to suck on the slightly salty tasting flesh.

Darren’s breathing became staggered as he stroked their cocks faster, relishing in the feeling of Jamie’s warm moist mouth on his skin. A heavy sensation suddenly appeared in his chest though, as he reminded himself he couldn’t take things too far yet.
Darren abruptly pulled away, raising his hand up away from Jamie and nudging Jamie with his shoulder to get him to come away from his neck.

”What’s wrong?” Jamie said breathlessly, his eyes wide as he tried to read Darren, who was staring back with a sunken mouth and furrowed eyebrows.

”Sorry, I don’t want to push you into anything you’re not ready for. I shouldn’t have gotten carried away like that.”

A big smile spread across Jamie’s face and a twinkle appeared in his eyes.
”Behave Darren; you’re not pushing me into anything. I want to do this!”

Darren laughed, his cheeks blushing.
”Sorry.” He muttered sheepishly with a grin.
”So, let’s…do this?” Jamie’s voice had gone a little shaky, his limbs feeling jittery and his stomach beginning to knot.

Darren took a hold of Jamie’s arms, and pulled himself to lay on his back, bringing Jamie on top of him.
”Wow.” Darren gasped, as his hands rubbed down Jamie’s tanned smooth stomach. “You look incredible.”
His gaze wandered down from Jamie’s pretty face, his cock tingling as he took in the sight of Jamie’s defined chest and abdomen, and the trimmed hair above Jamie’s almost-hard dick.
Darren involuntarily licked his lips, as he took a grasp of Jamie’s hips. He then pushed his cock up against him, which was pressing up against Jamie’s ass.
”So are you sure you’re ready for this? For us to…go all the way? Because we don’t have to, we can just, do other stuff?” Darren whispered as he continued to stare at Jamie’s body.

Jamie lowered himself so he could kiss Darren lightly, before speaking in a low smooth tone.
”I’m ready, I promise.”

Darren’s heart fluttered. He looked into Jamie’s eyes, the pupils were mesmerising; so big and shiny.
”If…if we do this with you on top…then you’ll have control. So, like, well, you can control how…deep I go…” Darren’s voice quiet and husky, his heart racing causing an ache in his chest.

”No.” Jamie answered firmly. “I want you to be in control. I want you on top.”

Darren smiled mischievously, loving the way Jamie was biting his lip as he stared down at Darren.
”You have no idea how sexy you look.” Darren uttered, swallowing hard, before playfully pushing Jamie off him, getting him onto his back. Darren then got on top, Jamie instantaneously wrapping his legs around Darren’s waist.

”Fuck Jamie.” Darren gasped as their cocks rubbed together, a jolt of electricity firing into both of them. “I need you so badly.”

As he leant in to kiss Jamie, a thought suddenly popped into his head.
”Fuck!” Darren exclaimed. “I forgot about lube and condoms!”

To be continued…


  1. I cant believe Darren forgot the condo about fell over laughing!

  2. Yes, please, don`t forget the condom!