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Aprils Kiss Finale

Aprils Kiss Finale
By Cathy Brockman
The Author wants to acknowledge the following trademarks and /or word marks:  Die Hard movies.

 Kelsey Glares at me, looking more and more like her mother and me.
“I’m really surprised at you Dad!” The angry tone of her voice didn't help the throbbing in Brice’s temples or ache in his heart.
Covering his face with his hands, Brice slumps onto the sofa like a child being scolded by his parents.
 I've had a rough night Kels. Let me go smooth this over with April, so I can go lay back down.” His voice has a note of pleading and agitation.
“Just let me say this, since you are either too blind to see, or too stupid to comprehend.” She looks at Brice cautiously as if testing the waters, stepping back slightly as if he may strike her. Seeing her dads look of resignation she jumps back in.
“You don’t know how hard this is for her. She is so lost, though she hides it well. She doesn't want you to feel sorry for her. Dad she really cares for you, though I doubt it’s the love she thinks it is. Heaven knows I sure don’t get what she sees in you but hey it’s her life not mine. She is her happiest when she thinks she is doing something that pleases you. If you’re all that keeps her trying then at least for now don’t burst her bubble I’m not saying lead her on, but don’t shut her out right now.” She stops for a breath, glancing down the hall. She puts up her hand as Brice opens his mouth to speak.
“Let me finish before she comes out. Her moving in here was my idea not hers. You need her as much as she needs you. Sitting here alone isn’t good. Mom has been dead eight years. I don’t remember you having any serious relationships or even going out much for that matter. It’s time for you to man-up.”
“Kelsey, I had to work, take care of the house, the yard, you and even April. There was no time for anything else. I’m a big boy I can take care of myself.” Brice looks up anger showing in his eyes.
“Look, I’m not prying. You have been an excellent father, I have no complaints. I’m a grown woman now, and I’m not coming back home. Not permanently. I love you but you’re not the center of my world. You are hers and she needs you now. She doesn’t need another person making her feel worthless and kicking her out because they can’t deal with their own insecurities. Last night opened a few doors for you. You need to at least look into them,” She looks back down the hall at the closed doors, worry creasing her pretty brow.
Wow!  She sure has grown up! I think she is more adult than I am.
“I have to say the Colby thing shocked the hell out of me.” She lets out a little chuckle flopping down on the sofa beside Brice.
“Me too. Look hon, this was all dropped on me suddenly. I need time to think. You know how set in my ways I am. Change doesn’t come easy for me. I like simple. I like order.”
“I know dad but it’s time to loosen up.  Get a life. Have some fun. You’re not THAT old. And obviously pretty good looking to get two numbers in a couple hours without trying.” Kelsey makes a gagging motion and grins.
“Let me deal with this situation today. I better go talk to her and see if I can get my big foot out of my mouth. You’ve really grown up. Your mom would be proud of you. I am proud of you.” Forcing a smile he bends over, planting a quick kiss on top of Kelsey’s head, and then makes his way down the hall to Kelsey’s room where April is.  Guess we better clean and redecorate the guest room. I hope she doesn't want it painted bright red or black.
Brice knocks softly at the door. Once. Twice. No answer. Slowly opening the door, his heart leaps into his throat. April is dressed in jeans, a long loose sweater, no harsh eyeliner or bright red lipstick, looking like a sad, crushed little girl, not the edgy confident woman he is used to seeing.
“April. Can we talk?” He wants to just  pull her into his arms and make all the hurt disappear.
Red, tear-stained chocolate brown eyes slowly meet his with a slight nod and shrug of her shoulders.
“I’ll get a second job; find a place of my own. I won’t burden you.” Her usual vibrant sing-song voice sounds defeated.
“You’re never a burden.” Squatting down, he takes April’s chin in his hands, gently lifting it to meet his gaze.
“I’m not sure what else I can offer you, but you always have a home here. Have mixed feelings but I need time to sort through them. I have always thought of you as my daughter. I just don’t know if I can get past that and offer you anything more than fatherly love.” Swiping away a tear with his thumb Brice continues softly. “You caught me at a bad time this morning. I had just woken from an inappropriate dream. I was still half asleep, half hangover, and very confused. When you came in I wasn’t really sure what was dream and what was real. I reacted brashly. I’m sorry.”
April flings herself into his arms sobbing, and trembling like a leaf.
Leaning over he holds her and kisses her on top of her head, warring with whether to leave it like this or to kiss her.
After a few minutes, his legs throbbing from being crouched so long, he stands up pulling April with him.
“Go wash your face. I’ll get Kelsey and take you both for breakfast. Then we better go grocery shopping since my cupboards consist mostly of soups and cereal, and the freezer has only frozen meals. Perhaps stop at the home- store and let you pick out paint for the guest room and some new d├ęcor. Just no red or black paint on the walls please!”
April plants a quick chaste kiss on his lips then nods, smiling happily.
The first few weeks were tense but soon Brice and April got into a normal routine.
April kept the house clean, laundry washed and put away the way Brice likes it and had a good , hot meal cooked and on the table most nights by the time Brice got home from work. Afterwards they would talk about their day and maybe watch a movie. Some nights Brice would take her out to eat and maybe a movie or a shopping trip.
Brice had tried to talk her into going to college instead of getting a second job. They ended up compromising and April went to a beauty school instead. He agreed to help her open her own shop for a graduation gift.
A week or so after Kelsey returned to the city for college, Brice’s phone rings. Not recognizing the number he lets it go to voice mail, then listens to the message.
‘hey handsome. It’s Colby. Remember me from Stellar? I asked Kelsey for your number. Evidently you didn’t look at the back of the card I gave you with my number. Well, uh take a look at it. Then if you want call me back. If I don’t hear from you I won’t bother…’ the voice mail cut off. Dam a male version of chatterbox April. Just what I need.
Brice goes to his room and retrieves the crumpled business card that he threw in the trash not once, but twice, before reluctantly tossing it into his nightstand. He flips it over and sure enough there is a note written neatly on the back.
‘Don’t take this wrong. I’m not into one night stands or casual pickups. All I’m offering is a manly shoulder to lean on and an ear to listen. Call me anytime. Cole.’
Brice sits and stares at the card. The image of the handsome, friendly young man keeps running through his head for the next few days. Finally he breaks down and calls Colby back.
“Hi Colby. This is Brice.” Man do I sound lame?
“Hi. Glad you finally called.” Colby’s voice sounds tentative.
“I was wondering if you’d like to meet for that drink I believe I owe you.”
“Sure. When?” Colby’s voice takes on an air of excitement.
They make plans for that evening; April isn't really thrilled when Brice called to tell her he wouldn't be home for dinner  as he was going out with Colby. That evening turned into several repeats for the next couple weeks, then evolved into a couple of nights a week, usually one spent at Brice’s watching TV or movies.
One evening several weeks later Brice and Colby sat on the sofa watching the Die-hard movies, sharing a big bowl of popcorn. The diner April worked at wasn't busy so she came home early.
Seeing the two cozy on the couch, she tosses her purse and keys on the table by the door, storming to her room muttering something that sounds like; I can’t believe you chose HIM over me followed with a few expletives before slamming her door.
“What the hell?” Brice looks at Colby in confusion.
“I take it you still haven’t told her how you feel.” Colby washes down a bite of popcorn with his soft-drink.
How can I tell her what I am not even sure about? Brice looks at Colby then down the hall towards Aprils room.
“Dude. You have to tell her. You can’t keep her on a leash like this.” Colby picks up Brice’s hand cradling it gently.
Shit! Do they both think I have chosen them?
“Colby I don’t know what I feel.”
Leaning forward Colby kisses Brice on the cheek.
“I see the way you look at her. I have no delusions about the two of us. I know you are straight. I figured out weeks ago that you have it bad for April.” He takes Brice’s face into his hands. “Yeah I have real feelings for you, but I knew before we started hanging out that it’s just a guy thing for us. I knew it would never become anything more.”
How can he be so sure of my feelings for April when I feel so confused?
“Talk to her Brice. Soon. I think she is on the verge of giving up. Once she does, it will be too late. Don’t let the best thing that could ever happen to you slip through your fingers.” Colby brushes popcorn off his shirt as he stands. “Call me soon. OK?”
Brice stares bewildered as Colby shuts the door behind him.
April comes out her eyes widen in surprise seeing Brice sweeping popcorn and taking dishes to the kitchen sink. “I thought you left.”
“Where would I have gone? I live here remember?”
“I figured I messed up your plans for the evening by coming home early and the two of you went to his place to … uh whatever it is you do when I’m not here.” Her face flushes, her lips pursed tightly, eyes angry and hurt.
“Wha.. you think…”Brice stammers in shock.  “April. It’s not like that between Cole and me.”
“Oh its Cole now?  Sweet. Yeah you had me fooled. Seems like you can’t get enough of him lately. You spend more time with him now than you do me.”
Brice sits down heavily, once again confused by the two young people that factor so much in his life lately. How did this get so complicated? Sure he and Colby have gotten close lately, but evidently both Colby and April have come to some conclusions that Brice hasn't realized yet .But tonight one of them hit the nail on the head. It’s been  here right before his eyes the whole time. He is comfortable. Happier than he has been since Helen passed away eight years ago.
Without another thought he sweeps April into his arms, his lips crushing against hers madly. As she gasps in surprise his tongue dashes in. The rough kiss quickly turns into passion.
“I love you April. I have for a long time.” He whispers, his forehead pressed against hers.
“It sure took you long enough. I was ready to give up. I don’t know how to compete with a man.” April gazes into his eyes, the pain fading, the love and desire flowing back in.
“I’m not going to lie. I still have feelings for him that I am unsure of. This isn't going to be easy.”
April pulls away. He pulls her back next to him quickly.
“I’m sure how I feel about you, so let’s not worry about anything else right now OK  Let’s just live in the present.” Brice’s kisses her passionately, letting his entire emotions flood into the kiss.
“OK.” April responds breathlessly.
The kiss turns heated quickly as tongues tangle and hands roam.
“Bed?” Brice whispers against her lips.
She nods, then smiling wickedly, grabs him by the hand, practically dragging him to the bed.
 He gazes at her lovingly now seeing the beautiful woman she has become. Since she moved in she has started wearing less makeup and gotten rid of all the piercings except for the one in her belly button and the one in her tongue. He slowly removes her clothes, touching and caressing her beautiful bare skin.
They kiss and fondle each other Brice surprised by April’s sudden shyness.
“Don’t you want this?”
She nods nervously as Brice’s worships her body with his hands and tongue, teasing her mercilessly. She shudders, screaming out his name as he brings her not once but twice with his fingers and tongue.
After she catches her breath she begins inching her way down his body with her mouth blazing a trail of heat. He grabs her head just as her hands circle his hard shaft, her lips parting to taste him.
“Not now baby. I want to make love to you.”
She gazes up at him her eyes full of want and desire mixed with a touch of fear. She swallows hard and quietly nods.
“Where do you keep your condoms? Bedroom or bathroom?”
“Um…I don’t have any. Don’t you?” Brice sighs.
“Mine? Why would I have any? You have shown absolutely no interest in me physically.” She sounded both shocked and disappointed, and perhaps a little relieved.
“You do use protection don’t you?” Brice’s eyes widen.
“For what? Oh! MY GOSH! You think I’m some sort of a slut? That I go around sleeping with just anyone?” April hops out of the bed grabbing the comforter and wrapping it protectively around her bare body. Anger marring her pretty face. “I’ve saved my self all these years and you think I’m an easy whore?” She grabs her clothes as she hurries toward the bathroom.
Brice feels like he has been hit with a sledgehammer. How could I not see it? How could I not know that she had eyes only for me? Was I really that blind?
“What? NO! I don’t think that. Wait! You saved yourself for me?” Jumping up quickly Brice grabs her by the arm, pulling her back into his arms.
“Honey. I’m honored. But I had no idea you felt this way towards me. I thought all along it was just playful flirtations. Perhaps even a little crush. I never realized you loved me enough to wait for me.” He covers her mouth in a soft kiss slowly working deeper, easing her back on the bed, kissing, caressing gently.
“You’re on the pill right?” He breathes huskily into her ear, nipping and sucking eliciting small moans from her.
She nods.
“Fine, you’re a virgin, on the pill, and I haven’t been with anyone in over a year and used a condom then we should be fine.” He starts working his way back down her body kissing, pausing a moment to relish the feel of her hard nipples in his mouth, gaining power every time she cries out in pleasure as he nips and tugs gently with his teeth.
“Slow down sailor. I love you and I want you more than anything in this world, but until I am positive about your feelings for me I can’t chance a slip up. Until I know you are absolutely sure about us and our future together you will suit up.” She smiles, once again getting to her feet and reaching for her clothes.
Wow she really is grown up. She is more adult than I am. Such a special young lady. How lucky can I be to have her?
“Where are you going, I thought you wanted this?”  Brice’s voice is full of both discomfort and disappointment.
“I do. That’s why I am going to the drugstore. I’ll be back in a few minutes.” She grins coyly.
Brice quickly grabs her pants from her as she lifts a leg to put them on.  She tumbles back onto the bed as he tosses them, pinning her to the mattress with his full body pressing tightly against hers.
“What are you doing?” She gasps.
 I've changed my mind.” He whispers into her ear sexily, nipping and tugging at her earlobe, sending shivers down her spine, passion pooling between her thighs.
“What? It doesn't look like you’re leaving my bed.” She giggles as he uses his stubble to tease her hard, sensitive nipples.
“I’m not. Since you saved yourself just for me I want to make your first night very special. Until then, there are other ways we can please each other.” He raises up and shifts, positioning his groin over her face and his face over her. Tired of wasting time he dips down his tongue once again teasing and tantalizing her. He moans into her as she starts returning the favor. He moans as her tongue tortures him slowly, the metal cone a stark but pleasurable contrast to the wet velvet of her tongue. As she screams his name around his thick shaft, shaking violently from her orgasm he finds himself on the edge of the precipice and groaning in submission he lets go and falls over the edge.
                                                 Not the End but a new beginning


  1. Wow, that was quite the finale! Well done.

    1. thanks Vicki I kinda miss them already lol