Friday, April 20, 2012

Friday Week in Review

What a week this was!
We discussed these stories and where we were taking them this week, but I must say when you are planning to write, it is one thing, and when you start to write it seems the characters steer you in another direction.

Monday - We saw a side of Nicolai that made us understand him a little. Wasn't that just cruel? The old tale of paying for love. What was different about this one was, there was no happy ending for Nicolai and Illira. Even the sweet escape of death they robbed from Nicolai. I was so wrapped up in this story, taken back to that farm 100 years ago. Then the end of the episode came and Merah had escaped. Seems Nicolai can’t get a break man. I wonder what is next for him. Will he find Merah? Where did Merah go? Will she kill? What will happen when she realizes what she has to do to survive?
Wednesday - A refreshing episode with Matty stepping from under that gloomy cloud. And who pulls him out of it, a woman. But, not just any woman, a woman who was born a man. Gosh where is Emmy going with this? What does she have in store for us? In the end of the episode Matty is stepping out to a night on the town with the boys. Now that sounds like some juicy fun in store. We all know what we do when single and out on the town with the pals. What do you do? What do you want to see Matty do? Come on, don’t be silent, engage us in the comment, lets know your thoughts.

Thursday - A wonderful tale of....oh yes, the quiet, reclusive and lonely librarian was masturbating this week while texting to her Superman. Someone said, naughty. Malora J Braveheart delivered a teasing and naughty episode as the two online friends became online lovers. Jake described a sexual act that got a lot of us hot. Don’t lie, you know you got hot. So what next? Is this one of those heartbreaking online affairs? Or is there more for these two online lovers? Will they meet and do the actual act? Or will things remain online?

There is only one way to find out what happens next in any of these stories and that is to return next week for more of Story Time with Cathy and Friends.
That name is kind of long, don’t you think? Would you like us to shorten blog name? What would you like to the blog to be renamed? Let us know.

Oh, check this out; I hear on the grapevine that Emmy will be reading that steamy text sex scene from Wednesday's story. Shhhhhhhhhh, I didn’t say anything to you about it, mum’s the word. But do return tomorrow for that special reading. And you don’t want to miss our big surprise for you on Sunday, as we launch something new, just for you, from us four unique women.
Thank you and keep on reading, muah!

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  1. What an awesome week!!Your story was really hot Anjie--I loved the sex scene. I Am Glad Matty decided to go out and wow the sexting --awesome week.I cant wait to see what next week Brings.