Saturday, April 7, 2012

Sensational Saturday

Welcome to Sensational Saturday on Story Time with Cathy Brockman and friends.

We had a wonderful start to our stories this week with a wonderful 761 views, yay. However, we would love it if some of you wonderful readers would follows us, that way you don't miss a story or a post.

Our Monday started off with a M/M story which we regret to inform you will no longer be featured due to unforeseen circumstances :(. But don't worry, next week we have a treat for you - our hostess, Cathy Brockman, will be moving from Friday to Monday with her wonderful Vampire Tale, yay!

For those of you now joining us here is the week in review:

Tuesday -  Anjie Harrte brought to you a story of two women who feel a sexual connection and an emotional bond to each other as they form a friendship that gets stronger with each day. Will these ladies explore these feeling? Will Fiona be brave enough to step out of her comfort zone? Or will Nyasha make the first move?

Wednesday -  Emmy Grayshun delivered an emotional tale about a man trying to recover and deal with the loss of his life partner. He travels to Spain for the court trial charging the hospital there for his lover's wrongful death. The story was moving, touching and sexy as Matty was taken back to an erotic experience with his lost love. Now back in Spain will Matty be able to deal with the memories? Will he move on from the loss? Will he find someone else?

Thursday - Malora J Braveheart told us about the librarian jilted the day before her wedding, broken hearted and lonely. Now living in a small town and running a library, her only source of entertainment is playing an online game where she meets someone who may just bring some excitement back into her life. Malora expertly delivers a great view of a lonely woman craving excitement, the next question is, will it come next week? What word will the librarian play next? And do we even know who this fellow is she is chatting with, will it be love or heartbreak?

Friday - Our wonderful Hostess Cathy Brockman brought the week to a sizzling end with a wonderful tale about a Vampire and a nosy reporter looking for her big break. We were tantalised with passion riling inside of Merah as she fought the urge to kiss the Vampire. Oh wait, she doesn't know he is a vampire. So what now? Guess we have to wait for Monday to see what happens next. What will Cathy do to these two who are obviously already lusting after each other. She had a contest where you get to help decide. Check out the friday post and don't miss Cathy now on Mondays.

Today is all about our teasers, so keep your eyes on  this blog today for MORE!!!!!!!!!!

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