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Sunday Memories

It is Sunday in the life of all our main characters and they are all sitting somewhere, on their porches, verandahs relaxing, all with a memory in mind, remembering a moment that made them cringe or smile, or blush and now we invite you to share that memory with them as we present to you the following:

                                           Nicolai..Even Memories Bite

It is a beautiful Sunday afternoon. I am sitting on the porch at my mansion in Brookeville, sipping ice cold lemonade. I love this place so much more than the Penthouse in Manhattan. It is one of my favorite of the many homes that I own, reminding me so much of home. Home before I became cursed. Home in Colonial New England, where I first met Illia. She was my first and only true love, my soul mate.

I love sitting here, listening to the sweet sounds of nature, the birds, crickets, frogs and especially the braying of the horses in the stable.  Sunday afternoons were always my favorite. Especially the day I realized just how much I loved the beautiful little witch. She cast a spell on me alright, but I don’t think it had little to do with witchcraft. All she had to do was look at me and smile. Especially that wicked little smile. The one that told me she wanted me as much as I wanted her. Like the evening we slipped out and met in the stables. The night I decided we would marry and soon.
It was a Sunday much like today. The sun was out and the air crisp. We agreed to meet after the sun set when we knew my brothers would be in town and my father in bed. I was brushing Celia, my favorite mare, already aroused from the mere thoughts of holding Illia in my arms, kissing those sweet warm lips.  She came in quietly, wrapping her arms around me, her body pressed close against my back, her breath warm and sweet against my ear.
As she kissed my neck and gently nipped at my ear, I ached for so much more. She slid into my lap and took the brush from my hands.
“Illia, you look ravishing tonight as always. I brought us out food.” My voice was thick, and full of need, as I nodded towards the blanket with the cheese, bread and some berries.”
“My Nicolai.  Always the romantic, so sweet, so handsome. We don’t have much time to be alone together. No amount of food will satiate my hunger. Only you, my love. I want to taste your lips, and so much more.  I ache for your kisses.” Her lips met mine. I got lost quickly in her hot sweet kisses. Just her kisses alone made my head spin.
I swept her up into my arms and carried her to a pile of straw. I had covered it earlier with a blanket so she wouldn’t get straw tangled in her thick red hair. She giggled as she felt the blanket beneath her.
“Nicolai, I am the luckiest woman in the world. Though I have no idea why you choose me when you can have any woman in Virginia. Probably any woman in the entire world.”
 Her voice was as sweet as the rosewater she had dabbed behind her ears. She moaned as I gently lick there. Her hands were busy tugging my shirt from my breeches, raising it to my chin, baring my chest to her lips.
“Illia,” I moaned as she gently bit my nipples.
“Shh, my love, let us enjoy what little time we have.”
I gazed into her eyes as she watched me. Her tongue ignited flames of passion and desire through my entire body. Her hands were busy unfastening my breeches, sliding them slowly down my hips. I gasp as she explored parts of me no one had ever known. My body quaked as she brought me to ecstasy. She slid up my body, kissing me long and hard, smothering my moans and screams of pleasure.
Finally I had stopped shaking and opened my eyes, gazing into her beautiful face. The face of an angel.
“Illia, I will never love another the way I love you for as long as I live.” I sighed.
She smiled wickedly. Oh how I loved that smile. No one has ever been able to melt my heart with a smile such as hers. Not in over a hundred years. Not until a few months ago when I had turned on the news.
A small waif of a woman, nothing like my beautiful, curvaceous Illia appears on the screen. Her impish smile sends waves of heat coursing like fire through my veins. Merah Slavings.
I open my eyes coming back to reality; the harsh reality that the woman I want has made it perfectly clear that she wants absolutely nothing to do with me. She may say that, but I just know by the look in her eyes that it is not true.
She wants me. I am very patient man. I will have her in time. And I have all the time in the world.


Fiona's memory

By Anjie Harrte

Being a fourteen year old is already complicated enough to deal with. Being a fourteen year old who thinks about kissing the girl she detests the most, is torture. Being invited to her house to hang with other girls and play makeup could be hell.

Fiona stood on a little back porch overlooking an orchard that stretched for a few meters and then a cane field that stretched for miles. She took a deep breath to breathe in that clean crisp country air. A bus had picked up about ten girls at the high school compound and brought them here, a few miles west of the town after crossing the harbor bridge over the Demerara River. There were now nestled in Canal No. 2 Polder, an area known for trees, fruits, and cane fields. Candi lived in a nice two storey concrete house, painted in pink. At the back of the house on the ground floor there was a little porch with a hammock, a rocking chair and two old sofas. Fiona stood there admiring the beauty of nature. The other girls were inside making up each other. Fiona didn’t like make up and thus she didn’t join the game.

After taking a glance behind her into the house and noticing that everyone was busy dressing someone else up, Fiona stepped off the porch, pushed her feet into a rubber slipper belonging to someone from the house and ran off. With her arms extended like wings, she let the breeze pass through her long pony tail and sweep it up behind her into the air as she ran, swerving inand out and around the trees until she was standing in front of the cane field.
The leaves made a whishing sound as the cool breeze passed through them and Fiona slowly walked through a little path. After about fifteen lines of canes she saw an opening. Fear jerked at her chest as she looked around. She had come down a winding path, so she could no longer see the house. She walked to the clearing and discovered that it was an orange tree standing in the middle of the cane plants. She smiled, sighed and then giggled at her foolishness, for being afraid. Just then she felt a touch on her shoulder and she jumped back screaming at the top of her lungs. When she spun around she saw Candi standing there smiling with a makeup case in her hand.
“Sorry to scare you,” Candi said as she giggled
“Yea? You don’t look it”
“Sorry man, saw you wander off so was coming to ask if youwould like me to do your make up?”

“No thank you, I don’t like make up.”
“What do you like?” Candi teased as she walked around andstared up at the orange tree.

You, Fiona wanted to say but instead said, “This, this whole place is so beautiful, so peaceful, so serene.”
“That is why I invited you, you looked like you would enjoy relaxing somewhere like here.”

“Thanks. Please don’t let me keep you from your makeup party, I am good here.”
“Want to hear a secret Fi?” Candi looked at Fiona as a look of curiosity crept upon her face, “I don’t like makeup.”
“So why organize a makeup party?”
“Because if I invited you to hang with me, you might not have come”

“This is a ploy to hang with me?”

“Why?” Fiona asked
“Every time I try to talk to you, you are always defensive and picking fights with me, so…”

“I pick fights with YOU? Come on Candi, you always have these stupid na├»ve notions about things.”

“Yes, you are so gullible, I bet you believe in mermaids.”
“You see, you are starting a fight again,” Candi said, hugging the trunk of the orange tree. Then she turned away from Fiona, resting her back along the tree trunk, “and for the record mermaids are beautiful,” she turned and smiled with Fiona who walked up to her and took the makeup kit from her.
“Why don’t you like makeup?” Fiona asked

“Because it is fake.”
Fiona took out the lipstick and put it on Candi’s lip. Candi watched Fiona straight in the eye as Fiona felt that tug. Fiona leaned in and let her lips touch Candi’s. She tasted the cherry flavoured lipstick and she felt Candi part her lips. She leaned in further and kissed her, her tongue slowly searching and massaging Candi’s own. The two girls closed their eyes and their tongues continued to swirl, and they continued to taste each other.
The sound of grass crushing caused Candi to push Fiona away causing her to fall backward and onto the ground, flat on her butt.

Candi’s little sister appeared and asked, “What’s up guys?”
Candi was still leaning against the tree trunk and backing her sister, she closed her eyes and swallowed hard as she wiped her mouth with the back of her hand. She turned and trampled past her sister. Fiona sat on the ground and drew her knees up and rested her hands on it.

“What’s up with her?” Candi’s little sister asked.
“She didn’t like the way I applied her lipstick.”




by Emmy Grayshun

            What in the hell possessed me to do that? Matt asked himself, thinking about what he’d just done. When did everything get so fucked up? Oh, yeah, that’s right. Three years ago, that’s when. Why the fuck did you have to go and die, you selfish fucking bastard? If you were here I wouldn’t have fallen into this stupid hole I’m in! Because it had been perfect. It really had. He remembered that day,eight, no nine years ago. The day he realized Jake was it for him. It had started just like any other day….
            “So, we’re all set for tonight, right?” asked Jake. “I’m picking you up or we’re meeting there? Or what did we decide?”
            “You’re picking me up, Jake.” Matt said, sighing. “Then we’re meeting the guys and going out to eat at the Sports Bar and watching the game. Can you remember that?”
            “Yes, dear.” said Jake attempting to sound sincere but failing miserably.
            “See you at 8.” With that Matt said goodbye and hung up. Everything was all set.
            Matt waited in the living room and paced. It was 7:20 and he was all set up. Dinner was in the oven, the bathroom had all those smelly scented candles people liked to light when they wanted to set a ‘mood’, the silk ties were on the nightstand, lube, condoms, toys. Check, check, check… a million times check.
            The doorbell rang. Jake had arrived. He walked to the door, trying not to run and look pathetically desperate.
            “Jake, come in. I’m almost ready.” he said.
             “You look ready to me.” Jake said, looking down. “In fact you look more than ready.” he said, seeing the hard ridge pushing against the front of Matt’s jeans.
            Hmmmm, what’s that delicious smell? I know it’s you but there’s a foodie smell. Are you cooking?”
            “Um, I threw together something for dinner.” said Matt.
            “Oh? I thought we were going out?” asked Jake.
            “That was a ruse. We’re staying in, love. Come into the kitchen. I’ll get you a drink. Dinner will be ready in about 45 minutes.”
            Jake followed Matt into the kitchen where Matt handed him opened 2 beers and handed him one.
             “What’s the occasion?” asked Jake as he took in a cool mouthful of the golden liquid.
            “Nothing special… just wanted to have a quiet evening in…”
            Matt took Jake’s hand and pulled him from the kitchen and towards the bedroom. Jake noticed the cedar scent coming from the en-suite bathroom and subdued lighting. He also spotted the silk ties and assortment of sex toys laying on the nightstand.
            “Hmmmm looks intriguing, Matty.” said Jake.
            Matt pulled Jake into his arms and kissed him. Jake’s senses were overwhelmed with the scent of the man, the feeling of being in the bigger man’s arms, the sensation of Matt’s tongue pushing against the seam of his lips. Matt slowly began to push up Jake’s sports shirt then drew off his own. He popped open the button of his jeans then Jake’s. Moments later, having pulled Jake’s very willing body towards the bed Matt spoke.
            “Jake, I just wanted to tell you I love you. You mean the world to me. I’d like for us to move in together, honey. What do you think?”
            Jake looked at the ties again and up into Matt’s glittering azure eyes.
            “Are those ties for me?” he asked as he reached down to tug on Matt’s hard cock. “Is this for me?” he asked, sinking down to sit on the edge of the bed and flick out his tongue to taste Matt.
            “Yes, Matty, I want us to move in together and, of course, I love you too. Now, tie me up and fuck me till I can feel you all the way through next week.”


Must Love Sundays


by Melora J Braveheart

Annie! What’s your poison?” Phoebe yelled from the kitchen.

“What do you Have?” Annie hollered back. She was in the living room, sitting on the sofa, trying to pet Licorice, but he had his eyes narrowed and ears flattened. He was letting Annie know that he was just putting up with her.

“Okay, okay, you fickle bastard,” Annie muttered” I never know why she picked you out of all the cats at the shelter.” She dusted her hands off, and stood to go into the kitchen.

Phoebe peeked her head around the corner.” What?” she said.

“I was just having quality time with your roomy,” She said. “I’ll come in there, and see what you have.” And she walked into her friends immaculate but bright and cozy kitchen.

It was a rainy Sunday afternoon in the Spring, and was the anniversary of the wedding that wasn’t. The plan was to distract Phoebe from the date while having a girly day. Phoebe sat a bowl of corn chips on the table and then brought over another that contained salsa. “I have Sangria," she said indicating the pitcher on the counter full off citrus slices and good Spanish red wine. "I think  there are a few beers in the fridge or I can make you a margarita.” she offered.

“Sangria sounds good.” Annie said dipping a chip into the salsa. Phoebe didn’t always cook, but she was good at stuff like dips and salsa. Her homemade salsa was amazing.  “Okay sooo, what movie do you want to start out with I have Jane Eyre or we can watch something that isn’t a period piece, like maybe, Must Love Dogs?”

“Actually Pheebs, I wanted to talk to you about something. I found this really cool dating website and I thought we could sign up together.  It’s called Fish in the Sea, Roxanne told me about it.

Phoebe sighed. Roxanne was one of Annie’s gym rat clients. She was over 40 recently divorced and was a cougar on the prowl.

“Listen Chica, I know that you mean well, and I know that you love me and want the best for me – but I just want things to happen naturally, you know BAM out of the blue when I least expect it. And if it doesn’t happen, I am okay with it, really I love my job, I love my friends,,, I have Licorice..” “ Yeah I know sweets, But it doesn’t hurt to be proactive. I, for one, am not gonna sit around waiting for Mr. Right to stumble into my gym in flipping Pinetree. I hate to think about you sitting here all alone with your cat, on Friday nights, playing that stupid phone game.” “It’s called Scrabble with Friends, Annie, and you should try it it’s good for your brain.” Phoebe teased. “I just don’t feel up to dating right now, not after the parade of morons you and my family exposed me to the past month.

“What? Jim wasn’t bad. He was an attorney.” Annie defended her set up “Was being the operative word. Fired for sexual harassment , Annie really? Now he just wants to live in his mom’s basement long enough to save up enough money to open up a comic book shop.”

“Well, comic books are books and you ARE a librarian.” Annie said.

 Phoebe blew air out through her lips impatiently.

“Okay okay I get it, but what was wrong with Phil? He seemed so nice.”  Annie asked.

“Phil was creepy. He wanted to video our date, as part of a pilot for his own reality show. Only thing was he was doing all the recording himself and he said lewdly that we’d get to the good stuff after dinner, uhm no!”

“Annie giggled, “Oh yeah, that was pretty weird.”

“It was weird as hell. And then there was Paul who my mother set me up with. Oh he was a nice guy, sure, very sweet. Nice car, good job, volunteers as a literacy advocate, all good things. There’s only one thing and my poor mother doesn’t seem to notice. He looks just like my brother, Rob.“

“Eeewwww. I had forgotten how bad those dates were, I’m kind of surprised that you didn’t run off and join the Dominican sisters after that string of losers.”  Annie said and the girls burst into gales of laughter. Phoebe grabbed Annie’s hand and said, “Please Annie, let me do this my way.”

Just then Phoebes phone chimed and a push notification appeared on the screen

“It’s your move with ClarkKent”

“Oh Jeeze, really? Clark Fricking Kent?” Annie said, ”I’ll bet he’s fat ,short, dumpy and has three teeth.”

“Clark Kent is a sweet guy; we chat a lot. You should see the words he uses, Annie, he’s really smart. Plus he reads, Annie, actual books. But he’s just a friend. He broke up with some girl around the same time as Steve and I and we got each other through some rough nights with this game. Anyway I don’t even know his actual real name and he doesn’t know mine.”

“ Yeah, well just so you know, I think you’re wasting your time there, when you should be on actual dates. Now, come on, let’s get a picture of you now that the rains stopped and there’s good sunlight. Then you’ll have one if you decide to join Fish in the Sea.“


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