Sunday, April 1, 2012

So Excited!

                                                                           I'M SO EXCITED

I’m So excited
Ohhh- Tomorrow is the big day---I launch my new baby—no not a book – well sort of—
Like I really need more things to do—I got this crazy idea Crazy ? me?—yes but its cool—
I thought  why not offer a free short story- do it in installments- like a reading series- then I thought  why not share this opportunity with some friends—I found four more  writers that  liked my idea . So my Story time with Cathy and friends was  born—We have worked hard—A friend of ours even made some trailers for us you may have seen them if not  look at the first blog. The idea started  I had  thought Erotica--  th first title was Bedtime stories—but then  one   or two of us had some less erotic but  Sizzling stories.. So I downgraded to  just  Storytime-
There should be something for everyone here. Im gonna take a minute and introduce each  author by day—
First up—Jonz Victor Stoneroad—A, M/M –suspense- mystery I talked him into sharing some intimate secrets from his Men—OOOOH  LA LA—I hope you Love his  Dangerous Illusions—A look inside his character from his book A dangerous Tango—
Tuesday we have the oh so luscious Anjie Harrte—She with really heating it up here with  a Lesbian love triangle---Here Ill share a little she told us :
Two women meet in a workplace as the older woman, a recluse, tries to save the younger, attractive and confident beauty, from falling prey to the lecherous men and haughty women who work at the Channel 7 news agency. 
The two women forge an unlikely bond, rife with sexual tension and emotions; until one falls in love with the other so hard, so deep, so passionately - that life seems impossible without the other. 
However, that love is taken for granted until another woman, savy and intelligent, funny and light hearted steps into the picture and the green eyed monster raves his nasty head. Two women then compete for one woman’s attention and the woman caught in the middle is rattled by the fear of losing them both and confused as to who she truly loves - one woman is caught in the lesbian love triangle called . . . .
Darn—you will have to wait for Tuesday  for the title—
 Wednesday: we have the ever so awesome Emmy Grayshun with a heart wrenching- perhaps heartwarming story:  Purging Mathew: about- love lost - two men, deeply in love and with their whole lives ahead of them.. a long term love and then, suddenly, it's all over. Matthew has to try to get the pieces of his life back together but he can't move on because he has to keep living in the past because of the court case hanging over his head. Will he ever manage to get his life back together? Can he move on? Can he learn to love again or will he be destined to live alone foreverBring along your tissues here. I can wait to read the rest of this one---
Thursday—We are gonna rev you up for the weekend. Malora J Braveheart  is taking  us on a fun and frolic romp with a  librarian the is soon to spice up her boring life by playing  scrabble for friends on line—Trust me this gets wild—Scrabble anyone?—
The Friday im changing  things up with  a vampire story—Will there be love? Will there be mystery? Will there be--- well Ill tellya this there is more than one vampire now thanks to you all!! The Namedroppping yesterday was so fun—I couldn’t choose one so Now – we have more--*dark muse growls and shakes head –no sleep for me*

OOOOh I almost forgot—read all five—then vote for your favorite story—Our Emmy is going to READ it out loud—(what a swoon worthy Accent)
Leave comments for m—you get to choose powers for a possible female vampire—lets see what we come up with—dang you all keep changing my story—but this is fun---- We are even planning for new stories for  the- summer so tell us what you want—we may listen!!  See ya tomorrow with the first story!

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