Friday, April 13, 2012

The Week in Review

As we wrap of week two of our stories we are curious to know how you, our wonderful readers, are finding the stories so far.
This week things started heating up in some of the stories, big changes came about in the characters lives and one character faced a lot of his fears.

Monday our hostess Cathy started off the week with a bang. Merah awoke in a magnificent surrounding, impressed by its beauty and humbled by its magnitude. But, when she finds out who lived there, she reacts by spraying him in the eye with mace. It was a humorous moment when Merah tried to blind a Vampire. I sure did chuckle over it. However, things changed for Merah when she finds out what happened over the last few days and in the end Nicolai gave her a shock of her lifetime. Cathy’s Vampire Story ended in great suspense and I surely want to know how Merah is going to react to this news. What is she going to do now?
Do you know why we are still calling Cathy’s story a Vampire Story? Because we are waiting for you to suggest a name – we even created a whole page here for suggestions. So head over there and suggest a name, a word, a phrase – anything.

Wednesday, Emmy Grayshun’s character Matthew went through a very sad and revealing episode as the dealt with the feelings of lost and hurt. He was faced once more with he devastating episode of losing his lover. He was just getting comfortable in circles of people when his lawyer gave him some news that sent him into an episode of depression. Matty flees from Spain and now we wait to know what happens next. What is Matty’s life going to be like now? Will there be any silver lining for Matty?

Thursday, Malora J Braveheart, showed us a view into life as a lonely woman. With only her cat as companion we are sucked into this woman’s lonely house where she feels at home. We feel her loneliness and wait with anticipation for more to happen between her and Jake. As we witness their first official date, even though done online, we hope in our heart that this guy can bring some sort of light and love into Phoebe’s life. In the end things steam up a bit, as we feel a soft glow of love in the atmosphere. Now we are eager to know what happens next week. What is in store for Phoebe? And will Jake be different from Steve?
The week rounded off well as the characters progressed in each story. Now return next week for Episode three in each story to find out what happens next.
Please head over to our review page and leave a review of our individual stories. Let us know what you liked, what you didn’t, what we could do to make them better for you, and what you wish could happen to these characters – you never know we might just make your wishes come through.


  1. Hi everyone!! Great job to my Gurls!!I am eager to see what you all think!!

  2. Oh I just can't wait to see what Jakes next move is!

  3. I cant wit to see that and what happens to Nayisha and Fiona!!or will Lucifer actually get involved.. And Ohh poor Matty i just want to hug him