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Manic Monday

Hi everyone! Thanks so much for voting my vampire story your favorite of the week! Glad you are enjoying it! So read carefully today, and remember last week's story. It is time we come up with a title dont you think? So if you'd like to see your title on the story leave it in comments below and we have a page  for you to place you titles*muses point to new page and review page  buttons*--I will pick a few and next week we will vote for the winner! So DRUMROLL PLEASE!

My head hurts like mad. I open my eyes, the light seems to be blinding. The noise deafening. Where the heck am I?
I look around at my surroundings. Big fancy windows. Wow! What a view! The lights of Manhattan twinkle like bright stars in the night sky. Night? Why does it seem so bright? The moonlight is so bright that I had thought it was the sun. Finally my eyes adjust. That’s better. Amazing. Looking around the room, it appears to be a hotel. A very nice one. Perhaps a swank apartment. The bed has large round posts, solid wood, possibly cherry. The bedding rich and plush, lots of plump pillows of different sizes and shapes piled neatly off to one side, the duvet pulled back where I had been lying. What a beautiful room. Not many pictures on the wall just a very nice mirror over a really large chest, with lots of drawers accented with large brass handles and knobs. The wood matches the frame of the bed. Across from the bed is a huge matching armorer. All three pieces huge and intricate, but polished to perfection. It looked more like a furniture showroom than a place someone would live. Well, that I have ever been in anyway.
 I glance in the mirror, man do I look rough. My hair is nasty and matted. I am wearing a man’s shirt. From the size of the shirt a pretty big man at that. I am only about five-three and a fit one hundred twenty pounds, and the shirt hangs to my knees. It is buttoned all the way to the top. The sleeves come just above my wrist and appear to be short sleeves for a man. At least I still have on my underwear. I don’t appear to have been molested. Whoever dressed me took care to make sure I was modestly covered. Strange. Why kidnap me undress me, and not molest me, then redress me modestly. Where are my clothes? I can’t seem to remember much of anything, where was the place I was at last? I am not dating anyone. Neither I nor my roommates know anyone I would have been partying with to be in a place like this. My purse is sitting on the nightstand by the bed. I go grab my pepper-spray that is on my key-ring. I took a deep breath and open the door to go see if I can find some answers. I walk down a long corridor; I can see a light shining through the doorway at the end of the hall. I approach cautiously.
I felt like I walked a city block just to get to the large arched open doorway. I thought the view in the bedroom was beautiful, spectacular doesn't come close to describing this view. Dang! It would be a full week’s work just to clean all these windows. The living room, great room, whatever you want to call it was as big as a hotel lobby. Decorated like one too, but with less pictures. Not many places to hang any artwork. The room is huge and open with strategically placed wooden columns for supports. It looks almost like the ancient Greek rooms you see on TV. I definitely would not want to be the one cleaning this place.
I have only seen two rooms, well three if you count the dining area behind some of the columns. As long as the hall was, and if the other rooms were decorated like the ones I have already seen, it would take a full-time cleaning crew to keep it as spotless as it is. A huge sectional arranged in a square, one end opened facing a big screen TV that took an entire wall. I have been in theaters with smaller screens. Nothing else was on that wall, except a door off to the side that looked like it may lead into another room. How big is this freaking place?
“Hello sleeping beauty. Did you finally decide to rise from the dead?” A man’s voice seemed to boom over the even louder TV as he chuckled. I grabbed my ears and leaned against the door reeling. I felt a sudden movement and someone grabs hold of me.
“FUCK! Why didn’t I think to remove that from your bag? I hate this crap. All it is worth is to piss someone off. Do you really think it would protect you?” he shouted as he walked through the dining area.
I guess he is right, it didn’t do much good. Note to self; when I get home buy a gun and take shooting lessons, maybe throw in some real karate or something instead of my Zumba. Feeling weak and nauseous I went and sat on the far end of the sofa and tried to figure out how to work the remote so I could turn down the dang TV! I have no clue where I am, and I am not dressed to run. From the looks of the place, there could be guards. Besides, I am not tied up, I am modestly covered, and even have socks on my feet that practically serve as stockings. Someone went to all this trouble to cover me; I am probably safer than I would be if I tried to run. I just need to stay calm and assess my situation. Oddly I feel comfortable here, as if I know this person. His voice sounded vaguely familiar. I hear footsteps. The man comes back into the room. He has a towel wiping his eyes. I turn to see who it is. My heart thuds as he lowers the towel. NICOLAS MASTERSON!?
I remember now! I was following Nicolas. I had been investigating him for months. He had become like an obsession. I practically studied him morning, noon, and night; even in my dreams, lately. I felt myself blush.
“It isn't very courteous to spray your host in the eyes with mace.” His voice full of agitation, his handsome face red with rage.
What the crap? I am the one that should be angry, not him.
 “I wake up in a strange place, all sticky and dressed in a strangers shirt, I think I have the right to try to defend myself. Do you care to explain where the heck I am, and why I am here with you?” I huffed.
“My home. And because I acted without thinking. Well without thinking with the proper head anyway.”
“Why do I feel like I have the hangover from hell? The last thing I remember is working?”
“If you were getting paid for stalking me, I would have gladly paid you double, no, triple to stop. Then we wouldn’t be in this mess.” He sounded aggravated.
“You act like this is my fault!” I hop up, childishly stomping towards the front door.
He grinned and shook his head. “If you weren't following me around, you wouldn't have been in that alley and I wouldn't have acted like some stupid Knight rushing in to save the distressed damsel.”
This time it was me that chuckled, “You, a Knight!? Yeah, I really believe that.” I said sarcastically.
I remembered following him to a nightclub, one of the better ones down on the waterfront. He went inside, ordered a drink and turned to scour the place. He gazed contentedly in an almost trans-like state. I remember thinking how odd it is that no one seemed to recognize him. You can’t turn on a TV or computer and not see the WONDERFUL MR. NICOLAS MASTERSTON. But no one seemed to know who he was. I followed him outside when he left with a tall leggy blonde. What on earth is one of the richest men in New York, heck, probably the world, picking up trashy bimbos. He could have any woman he wants.
They stand and talk a few moments. I assume waiting for his car. Some drunken bum comes up and grabs me by the arm, I try to push him off, but he caught me off guard and pulled me into the alley. I let out a scream by reflex. He was pretty drunk, so I was able to get the upper hand. I let him think I was giving into him and shoved him against the wall. I leaned in like I was gonna give him a kiss. Then I rammed his head into the brick wall. SPLAT! It cracked like an egg. I guess I was over-run with adrenalin, because I couldn't quit ramming his head into the wall. He finally slumped to the ground. That was it. The rest just disappeared.
Where did Nicolas come into the picture? How did I get here? I looked at him as he gazed intently at the TV as he messed with a remote.
“Here, see what your friends are saying.” He chuckles a soft low rumble as he hits the play button on the remote.
His sexy voice awakens something deep inside me, stirring up feelings I haven’t had in a while. Crap, I want him to hold me, kiss me, and make love to me. 
Yeah he is handsome, rich and powerful, but I would give my life that he is hiding something big. No one can be this perfect.
A picture of me flashed onto the screen. SPECIAL REPORT: Casey Dickenson came on sporting fake tears. I know they’re fake since she had been trying for my job ever since she came to work at the station, began. “Two days ago Merah Slavings, one of our esteemed colleagues and my dear friend, she wiped her eyes with a tissue; was reported missing by her Photographer and roommate. It is reported that she had not returned home after work the evening of May 12, 2012. The body of twenty six year old Courtney James was found on the riverfront the same night that Merah was reported missing. The cause of Miss James death is too inconclusive at this time. An unidentified man was found in the alley just across from where Miss James body was found. It appears that he could be responsible for the death of Miss James. There is no evidence connecting, Merah Slaving’s disappearance to either of these deaths. If anyone has seen Merah, or has any information that could lead to her, please call the station… thought I was going to puke.
afternoon. It is amazing how a measly reward of $5,000 can jog Casey acted like she was too good to even look at me, little less talk to me. Friend my foot! Nicolas turned the TV off.
“Does that answer any of your questions?”
“Er, no? Crap! I need to call Reggie, and the station. Obviously I am not missing. I need to borrow your phone. I don’t have mine on me and if I have been missing four days I am sure it is dead.”
“So are you.” He said matter-of-factly. “I suggest you sit back down. We have some things to discuss.”
I chuckled. “Like my funeral arrangements?”
“That will depend on what we decide your story is gonna be. That report was two days ago. Yesterday there was one offering a reward. Now some idiot waiter from the restaurant we had lunch has decided to announce that he remembers seeing us together at Yo-Yens Garden that someone’s memory.” He rolled his gorgeous blue eyes. “Mr. Yen is no problem, I can simply have someone offer him a few more bucks to forget again. Hell I can just make him forget again.”
“So now someone thinks you had something to do with my disappearance?” I smiled. Finally someone is going to believe what I have been saying and reopen the investigations.
“No. Don’t be silly.” He snickered. “That just brought to light that I haven't been at my office lately, or returning any calls, and missed a couple meetings. Very unlike me. More than likely they will eventually decide you have been harassing me and maybe killed me, then panicked and ran off.” His eyes lit up like he just thought of the winning answer on a game show. “That would answer all my problems. I could stage my own death, kill you. Make it look like suicide, then just go start over somewhere else.”
I swallow hard, “You aren’t really planning on doing that are you.”
“Unfortunately, since the only way to kill you is to behead and burn you, or remove your heart and burn both pieces, it would be hard to fake that as suicide.” He puts his hands over his face, pulling it down in anguish, and shaking his head. “It looks as if I am stuck with you for all eternity” He folds his hands and looks at the ceiling. I reach over and smack him on the head. “Oh cut with the melodrama and just explain what the heck you are talking about and why the heck I am here. I feel nauseous; do you have any stomach medicine?”
“You don't need medicine. All you need is a little blood.”
I look at him in shock. Did he say blood!?


The star of my dreams is lying in the guest bedroom. My blood flowing through her veins. She is mine now and all I can think of is what a mistake I have made. This woman will be the death of me, just like the only one I loved before her. What was I thinking? Well I guess I can’t be blamed since I didn’t really have time to think at all. It was either turn her or leave her there dead. She was too far gone to save.
It wasn’t my fault that she was stabbed. Well maybe in a roundabout way it was. None of this would have ever happened if I hadn’t been doing things to make her suspicious. I wanted to meet her in person. I guess I could have just called her office and made an appointment, but I wanted her to have interest in me. My plan worked perfectly, until tonight.
I was so excited she followed me that I got sloppy. I never noticed the drunken man. I thought she was safe until I finished feeding. Then I could talk to her without my hunger arising. My desire for her was bad enough. She had no idea I was drinking this lady’s blood. She would think I was just making out with her. There would be no traces of blood, that is the good part about being this old. Practice does make perfect.
 Perhaps that is why I turned her. I just felt guilty. No, I know that’s not the only reason. I wanted so desperately for a chance to get to know each other. I could just feel she would want me, love me, and eventually be able to handle my secrets. Yes, I could feel it deep within my bones. But that time was taken from me. Fate once again rears its nasty head and interferes. Is this part of the curse? Have I not been punished enough? 
When she walked into the room and saw me, her reaction confused me. I sat quietly and watched her as she takes in her surroundings. She seemed more agitated or aggravated than afraid.  When I finally said something, she appeared as if she was going to pass out. I grabbed her to keep her from falling. She sprayed me with mace. I was both shocked and angry, since mace doesn't do much to me but burn for a moment. Where it causes excruciating pain in a human the slight burn makes mine change for a few moments. I don’t want to scare her yet. She is handling this all rather well. I hope she stays this calm when she finds out what she is now. The new life does have its advantages.
 I walk to the kitchen and get a towel to cover my eyes. The change shouldn’t last long. Her scent and looking quite sexy in my shirt isn’t really helping matters though.
 When I return she is sitting on the sectional, messing with the remote. I take it from her. I am so glad that I decided to record the news cast. I am not good at explaining things. I can’t just say, “Hey I decided to make you a vampire, you were dead anyway. You now have my blood and are part of me.” That never works. That is why I just don’t make myself companions. I learned the hard way not to just turn someone without them agreeing to it. I only did it twice. Both failed and I had to eliminate them quickly. So I limit my turning someone that wants it or asks for it. That had failed also. Eventually they get tired of being under my control and ask to be released. Perhaps I shouldn't tell anyone I have the capability to release them from my powers. I have always prided myself in the fact that I give my companions the choice to stay or not. I have converted less people than I have fingers on one hand, in over a hundred years. I hate being lonely but, I don't like being in control of a person. I believe in free will. Especially in this case. I have never used my powers of persuasion to make a woman want to have sex with me. That would be rape as far as I am concerned. Besides I have never had to. I always have plenty of women begging me to bed them whether it is my looks or prestige I don’t know, or care. It serves its purpose to meet my needs. I wanted her to choose to be my companion.
 I hoped this newscast would explain things to her, but evidently I misjudged. She got a bit angry and complained she was feeling sick needing to go to the clinic. I assured her she wasn't, she was just hungry. When I told her all she needed was a little blood, she hopped up too quickly. Backing away, she lost her balance. I made sure this time she didn't have any mace before I went to catch her. I grabbed her by the shoulders to steady her. What the hell was I thinking? That’s just it I wasn’t thinking. Her deep brown eyes met mine. I was lost. All I could think of was how good it felt to have a woman in my arms. No, not just any woman, her. My body betrays me. It has been so long since these feelings and desires have emerged that I can’t even think when she is close. Instinct, desire, and natural reflex takes over as she starts to fall. I jerk her in close to me. Am I imagining her anger changing into something else?
Damn she is beautiful. Her petite body with womanly curves is perfect. Her small round face pixie-like, except for the large deep set rich brown eyes, like melted pools of dark chocolate. Matching brown hair with just a hint of red when light hits it. Cut in lots of layers almost spikey on top a little hangs down her neck in sort of a shag. The style is perfect for her. Cute but sexy. Most people may think of her as just average in looks, but to me she is the most beautiful woman I have seen in a very long time. Her look of anger quickly fading into desire. My heart melts. My brain is just mush. I can’t think at all.
“Let go of me if you don’t want my knee crushing your family jewels!” She exclaims trying to sound mad. Her scent tells me she wants me as much as I want her.
I pull her tightly into my body, my mouth hungrily takes hers. Damn she tastes good. I lost control, my desires erupting like a volcano into my pants. She gasped as her body, in turn, reacted to mine. I can feel her body tremble and knows it’s not with fright.
No I won’t take her like this. If she wants me, she will let me know. I’m not even sure I want her. Oh of course I want her body, hell who am I kidding? I’m madly in love with her. Why? I haven’t the first clue. I just made the worst mistake of my never-ending life; I won’t make it worse by forcing the issue. Not even though I know deep down she wants it as bad as I do. No I will let her come to me. I’ve waited over a hundred years for a true love. I can wait forever. That’s how long I have—Forever. I quickly pulled away and went into my room without a word, smashing my fist into the door-facing, causing it to splinter. I slammed the door behind me more carefully not to bust it off the hinges.
I was surprised when she burst into the room.
What the heck!? You’re just going to walk away like that!? Without one word?” She yelled at me.
“What do you want me to say?” I look at her in bewilderment why did she follow me into my room? Damn she is impossible to figure out. But that is why I am so intrigued by her.
“What the crap! One minute you look like you’re gonna rip my head off, and then all of a sudden you kiss me. Then…then…you… uh… break the damn door!” she turned beet red as she realized she had lost control of her desires too.
 I was too exhausted to think. I hadn’t quite fed enough before I turned her. Between giving her my blood and what just happened, I longed for sleep. I took off my shirt and started to unzip my pants.
“Now what the crap are you doing!?” she fumed.
“Getting ready to go to bed,” I said nonchalantly. “So unless you plan to join me, I suggest you go to your own room, and get some rest. It looks like we are in for some long days.” I started to drop my pants.
I hold my breath in anticipation as she slowly hesitated, her eyes roaming down my body appreciatively. I let it out slowly in disappointment as she leaves, slamming the door behind her.
She wants me. I smiled smugly as I go in to take a cold shower. I’ll wait until tomorrow to decide what to do with her. I can’t just let her leave this soon after turning her. It will take a while for her to adjust to this new life. That is if she chooses to keep it. Until she learns the ways of being a vampire and decides to be mine or not, we need to come up with one hell of a story.

So what did you think? will she stay? will they become lovers or enemies?  How in the world will they explain all this? Got a really great title? leave it on the Title page we made just for this! Dont forget to look for the Reading by Emmy!!I wonder how my story will sound..There will be votes for next week favorite but read them all first!! See ya next week with the next story- come back tomorrow and lets see how Anjie's story heats up!!I am curious aren't you?

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