Friday, April 27, 2012

Week in Review

Another great week on this romance story blog! Did you enjoy the stories?
There is just one more episode to end a month of four wonderful stories. During this month we saw a heart heal, a heart break, a heart grow with love, and a heart grow with hate. The stories are so diverse that we, the presenters, hope they are keeping each and every one of you entertained.

 This week started off with a bang on Monday as Merah found her first victim. The hatred for the injustice she believes Nicolai did to her boils in her heart and trickles down her face as she spars with him. She is one cannon waiting to explode. The question is who will she blast? Will Nicolai be able to handle her when she transforms into a complete vampire, blood sucking and all? Will she be able to look herself in the mirror?

Wednesday we got a refreshing view of Matty. Finally he was almost completely from under that cloud of gloom and what did he do? Matty stepped out of sorrow and into a fun night with a twink whose name he cannot remember. Oh how scandalous! And to top it all off his friends are not letting it go by that easy. It was a light episode with fun moments and camaraderie among close friends. But there were some hints in that story. Emmy was giving us some small hints here and there and I snickered a bit when I read it. Did you see it? What was it? And what is next for Matty? Or should I ask who is next for Matty? And what is this with Morgan and her extremely hot man?

Someone say blushing red Thursday. I surely did blush for Phoebe. She was such a shy woman and now after letting her inhibitions go, she remembers it with pink rosy cheeks. As it turns out Jake wants more. Malora seems to be bringing a new twist into this story. What is this about Jake being a famous Hockey player? Annie sure does remind me of my best friend, nosy. It was good to see interaction between Phoebe and Annie and the deep friendship they share. Now I can’t wait to see what the girls are going to discover on Google. What do you think is coming next? Does Jake have some secret for the girls to find out?

All in all it was a week of tension in two stories and a week of light laughter and friendship in two. We certainly hope you enjoyed all and invite you to return tomorrow for the reading by Emmy.

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