Monday, April 23, 2012

Manic Monday

     Hello everyone! Welcome back! We hope you enjoyed our Saturday video story by our lovely Emmy Grayshun.
     So now lets start your week off right with another Manic Monday!

                                                                Love Bites- Episode 4


            I stare in bewilderment as I watch the red water swirl down the drain.  Where did all the blood come from? I remember watching Nicolas kissing the girl he picked up at the bar, wishing it was me wedged between him and the building.  I remember the smell of sour whiskey, old sweat, and clammy hands as I was being dragged into the alley.  I remember convincing the nasty, smelly man to let me go by pretending to be interested in pleasing him. I remember the initial shock as his blood sprayed onto my face, as I slammed his head into the wall. The next thing I remember is his voice and the surprise on his face as he made me let the man loose. Nicolas, no Nicolai, his true name, I found out before I completed his name with the 's', and passed out. I can still see the faraway look in his eyes, the pain in his voice as he heard his real name. He also told me I am dead. No, not dead. Undead.  A vampire.
I reshampoo my hair and scrub my face and neck as the water still runs a pinkish shade. Will I ever get the blood all off? I shudder, not from the horror, but from the memory of being in Nicolai’s arms a few minutes ago. I have never wanted a man the way I wanted him.  Still want. My skin aches for his touch. My blood burns with desire.  The pain becomes so severe I double over in the shower. I hear growling and snarling. What the heck?  Then I realize that I am the one doing the growling and snarling. Oh Heck!  I am a monster now! I shut off the water, dripping as I step onto the expensive white rug.  Why would a vampire put white rugs in a bathroom? Why would anybody put white rugs in a bathroom?
     Looking into the mirror I tremble in fear. I even look dead. I mean undead.  My skin is so pale that ivory wouldn’t come close to describing it. My chocolate brown eyes now looking more like black coffee with glowing red pupils. My stomach clenches in knots, my head still throbbing from all the bright lights and loud noise, though the lights are off and there is no sound in the house. Nothing but the sounds from the city below, at least two miles away, if not farther. I shake my head. This can’t be? I go to the window and open one. The smell of the city far, far below overwhelms my heightened senses.
            I can smell the cigarette smoke, exhaust from the vehicles, fried foods, a hint of sweet flowers mingling with Indian curry around 34th. I can smell the garbage in the alleys, and the stale stench of sweat, filth and old alcohol on the bum sleeping in the alley behind the dumpster. I can even smell the scent of his warm blood, though slightly tainted from cheap booze, coursing through his veins. My stomach roils. My fangs burn, no, ache, to sink into his throat. I can’t control this hunger. I begin to feel weak, almost as if I could sleep for weeks, or forever. I need blood desperately.
            I start down the long hall to Nicolai’s bedroom to ask him how to make this go away. Then I realize he is responsible for all these changes, for all this pain. Crap on toast! He turned me into a vampire! He is a vampire.
            I practically run back to my room. His guest room. My heart pounding in my chest, sounds and thoughts echoing in my head, I can’t think clearly. But I know I must get out of this house, away from this monster. I am now a monster too! No! There has to be a way to deal with this. I will not become a monster. I can beat this. I will go to Reggie and we will search all Databases and find a way. I won’t eat humans or furry animals either. I grab my shoes and purse and head quietly out the door. I realize how freaky I look in a man’s extra-large dress shirt, black nylon socks over my knees, and no pants. I am glad I wore two inch heels instead of four inch ones, the day I left to follow Nicolas, I mean Nicolai.
            I expected to see guards outside the door, but the coast was clear. There wasn’t even an elevator man. I slowly peer out the door, but no one is standing there to snatch me up and drag me back. Two younger men sit in chairs watching a large screen TV, barely glancing up at me. I guess they are used to half-dressed women walking out of here during the middle of the night. I could hear their hearts beating; feel their blood coursing through their veins. It was all I could do to resist the urge to sink my teeth into those pretty little necks. My teeth, I mean fangs, burned clear into my jawbones. I could hear soft growling sounds. I look around thinking he was after me, and then I realize it’s me again. Now I growl and want to rip out young men’s throats, feel their warm blood flowing into my veins. That’s something new. I take a deep breath and hold it.
            I hurriedly shut the door behind me, hoping beyond hope, that the pain and burning and strange desires for the young men will stay behind that door. I let out my breath and that’s when things really go wrong. As I let my defenses down and relax, a scent hits me like a sledge hammer. I walk into the alley, finding the hobo lying behind the trash bin. I jerk him up like he is nothing but a sack of potatoes. Low moans of delight and pleasure emit from around the man’s skin. His screams seem to make me just want more. The taste of his blood, warm and coppery, makes me feel like I’m on Cloud Nine. Euphoria doesn’t even come close to how good this feels.

            I stand in astonishment as I pull back the blanket, finding nothing but pillows. Never in a thousand years did I think she would just run out. But this is Merah, not just any ordinary woman. I should have figured she would pull something like this. I should have made her stay in my room. Yeah, like I could do that without ropes. Chains may not even hold her now. Her strong will is part of what attracted me in the first place. I could tell even from seeing her on TV that she was much more than the cute, sweet, angelic looking, and sarcastically humorous woman smiling at a camera. Much, Much, more.
I’m hoping and praying that I can find her before it is too late. I’m glad I can use the mind-control without having to stop and touch both of the attendants on duty. They don’t even think I am home.
             I let down my control and feel for her, she isn’t far away. I round the corner into the small concave where the trash bins are. Oh Hell! What a mess. There she was, covered in blood. I hear her growl, harsh and rumbling, like a dog does when you try to take its bone. Except this beast is a thousand times more dangerous than any dog. Or most any beast imaginable for that matter.
I hope I am able to have some control over her, even though I can’t get into her head. Hopefully, her now having my blood, I can get her to listen. At least enough to make her stop so we can figure things out. I do not want to have to physically fight with a newling, especially her. Well, I would like to tangle her, but not like this. I can feel her bloodlust. I haven’t fed in almost two days, and the smell of the fresh blood and her excitement is almost all I could bear.
            “Merah! ENOUGH!”
            She turns and glares at me, hot chocolate eyes burning straight into my soul, sending shivers through my spine, straight to my groin. She drops the man like he is nothing, takes a couple steps toward me then stops. It is as if she threw a brick wall between us. She shouldn’t be able to do that yet.
            “Merah, Love! We really need to stop meeting like this. It seems like every time we meet it’s in a nasty alley with a bloody dead man at our feet. It’s far from romantic.” I hope the humor calms her down some.
    "And you think waking up in a man’s home, in his clothes, still caked in blood, oh, and I almost forgot the biggest shocker, finding out he turned you into a vampire against your will, to be his mate forever is romantic?” She never paused for a breath.
            She almost looks scary standing there, blood dripping from her mouth, her eyes like dark chocolate, still in my shirt, and socks. Nope not scary, but sexy as hell. She takes a deep breath and I know she can smell my arousal, if she can't see it. I know she does since her eyes are glued right below my waistband, and the thin pajama pants I have on isn't helping hide my arousal.
            “Oh! Just like a man!” She exclaims, blushing, though it is hard to tell under the blood now drying on her face. The scent of it is not helping either my bloodlust or lust.
            “Just because your desire isn’t quite apparent as mine,” her eyes flick quickly down and back up, “doesn’t mean you are hiding it any better. You forget now how keen our senses are. I can smell it on you as well as you can on me. Pheromones my dear. That is what drew us together in the first place.  You wanted me that day at lunch as much as I wanted you. In time, you would have fallen for me, but time was jerked out from under me like a rug.”
            She is on me and has me by the throat before I realize it. Damn! Why do I seem to ire her so? Just as quickly, I reversed the hold, pinning her to the wall with my hands. I left her some space, trying to gain a little trust. If she would just see I am trying to help. After her knee makes contact with my groin, I lean in flat against her, our bodies tight. The feel of her body  pressed hard beneath mine is not helping my needs, but I’m getting really tired of her kicking and thrashing. I need her to shut up and listen. Then we either go home or I go feed.
            “Merah, why can’t you seem to get it through your thick skull that I saved you. You were about two seconds from dead when I gave you my blood. I didn't have to drain you. You had already bled out  after the attack by your assailant.
            “I wanted us to date like normal human beings, for you to come to me, to make you mine. But fate likes to intervene in my plans wherever women are concerned. So I gave you the greatest gift anyone can give, Eternal life.”
            “Oh my gosh! You think you are a knight in shining armor? You are not God! Eternal life is not yours to give. You stole my soul! You robbed me of any chance of salvation, because you are a pompous, greedy, selfish fool. What have I done to make you think I would ever fall in love with you?  You’re a monster!” Her words hurt worse than the bite she landed on my cheek.
            “That is why I had no intention of telling you my secret until I was sure you were in love with me. I am a man, not a monster, as you keep forgetting. You are the same as I am now, with two kills under your belt in less than four days.  Be careful judging, Love.”
            “Stop calling me LOVE! I am not now or ever will be your Love. So put me down and get the heck away from me!” She yelled.
            “Merah you don’t have any choice but to stay with me now. I will not force myself upon you, but face it. You need me, or you will end up doing this every night. I can teach you how to feed without losing your control, without killing. A bit more painless for your victims.” I added as I looked down at the dead man by our feet.
          “I will help you find and unlock your gifts. Then, after you are ready to live on your own, if you don’t realize that you do indeed love me, then you will be free to leave.”
            “Why can’t you get it through your thick skull that I don’t love you?”
            Really? After all that, all she heard was that I think she loves me?
            I drop her. Weary of trying to convince her what was best for her. I start going through the bums stuff rolled up in rags he had been using as a pillow.
            ”Oh heck! Now you are going to rob him?” She asked as she got up, brushing herself off.
            “First of all, I wasn’t the one that killed him; second of all we have to find out who he is and figure out how to dispose of him. Perhaps we can find some information to help us come up with a story.”
            By now I am really regretting my decision of turning her. I really need to use my brain instead of my heart  more often.
            “A story? For the record, it is your fault he is dead. If you hadn’t made me a monster, I wouldn’t be here now sucking blood.”
            “I suppose the first one was my fault also?”
            She looks down thoughtfully.
            “Now I give you a choice. We go home; you call your friend to my place. I convince him and the press that you and I met for lunch and decided to go to my Mansion in Brookeville for a more private discussion. One thing led to another, and you are going to live with me. Then, if you decide later to branch out on your own, we will just say it didn’t work.” I look at her hoping to see a hint of hope. None.
            “That’s lame. We weren’t dating. We had never even met before that day. No one will believe it.” She says matter-of-factly.
            “You forget my powers of persuasion. Ninety-nine percent will believe whatever I tell them to believe.”
            “My second choice?” She glares at me, her hot chocolate eyes sending sparks of desire through me.
            “Well, it seems our dead friend here has some gruesome secrets.” I hand her a stack of photos of several women bound, gagged and very much dead. Funny, that makes her puke after she just sank her fangs into his throat out and drank all his blood while he screams. 
            “This helps me how?”
            “I take you to his place where I’m sure we will find at least a few bodies. I tie you up, and call the police.”
            “We explain your presence how? And his ripped out throat? Besides if he had a place, he wouldn’t be sleeping here.” she asked sarcastically.
            “Would you be sleeping in a house with a bunch of dead women?  We say we had a date the night you came up missing. I have your cellphone traced and find it, and you.”
            “I guess you have a point. So, Sherlock Holmes, my cell phone has been dead at least three days. No one will even begin to believe either of these stories.” She starts to look really nervous, realizing she has killed this man.
            “You forget my powers of persuasion.”
            “You mean mind control.”
            “Powers of persuasion sounds better. Let’s get this scum to his home. You can make up your mind and we can smooth out the wrinkles in our stories on the way.” I concentrate hard and one of the chauffeurs from the hotel pulls up at end of the alley.        
           Sure enough, we find five bodies, two of which are just lying in the abandoned house, the other two in very shallow graves of trash in the back yard. It smells so bad from the filth that a normal human would never discern the difference.
            I find a knife with blood caked on it, insert it near the wound on Merah’s victim, it looks more like self-defense now. I stab myself in the stomach and lay on the ground, holding my breath so I don’t try to eat any of the police or emergency personnel. I concentrate hard, putting the story clearly into their minds. I watch quietly as they untie her and load her into the ambulance. They load me into the second one and I quietly dine on the EMT in the back with me. When we reach the hospital, he recalls nothing, except that I was treated at the scene and released. That I would go to the station tomorrow to give a statement.
            I stand by the limo, hidden in the shadows, so no one will ever recall seeing me at the scene and watch as they rush her inside.
            I guess I shouldn’t have given her the second choice. I will never figure out women as long as I live. And that will be forever.
Wow! I bet you didn't see that one coming! What do you think Merah will do? How will she feed? How will she learn  how to deal with what she is without Nicolai's help? Will she go back to him? What do you want to see happen? Let us know in the comments below with what you would  like to see more from the characters on Sundays?.  Dont forgot to come back tomorrow and see how Anjie Harrts's girls are  do,or should I say what?

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