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Cathy Brockman's Vampire Story

                                                                     A Vampire Story
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Cathy’s vampire story
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    The gentle breeze that lasted about twenty seconds did absolutely nothing to cool things down. All it succeeded in doing was mess up my hair that took over an hour to fix. Well the eighty degree heat was doing a good job already with that.  Not only were my soft waves a frizzy sticky mess, now I probably looked like I had just escaped a tornado. Why on earth did I choose an outside table? Even if I am right, and my bluff fails, he isn’t going to kill me in a crowded restaurant. I should have thought this out a little better. He isn’t going to kill me anyway. He probably has an army of hit men to do that kind of stuff for him. I should have at least told Reggie what I was going to do. I could trust him. Not only was he my photographer, but he was my best friend and room-mate. I knew he would say something snide like, “Merah, when the chick in the movie said, I know who you are, I saw what you did! Things didn’t go too well for her. What makes you think it will work for you?” I tap the envelope with the pictures in it. Maybe because I have proof. I just don’t know exactly what I have proof of. Perhaps this is a bad idea. Maybe I’ll try to find out exactly what I have pictures of first. Then I could reschedule with him when I know exactly what was in the boxes. And make sure I choose a place with air conditioning. I pick up a napkin and wipe my brow. Great! I muttered to myself, as I look at the makeup on the white cloth. Now I have a streaky forehead to go with the mussed up hair. I decide to go, I have fifteen more minutes, I am sure I can slip out without being seen. I bend down to pick up my purse.
“Lose something Miss Slavings?”
I rise up with a start, whacking my head on the table. Yup, this day just keeps getting better and better. I gain my composure hoping the sweat masks the tears welling up and force a smile. “Well it’s about time, Mr. Masterson. I was just about to leave.” Good going stupid, add insult to injury, I thought to myself.
He gracefully looks at his watch. “Oh I’m really sorry. I may need to take this thing and have it looked at. It must be broken. I thought I was a few minutes early. Please forgive me Miss Slavings. It is Miss is it not?”
Hmm, this man cannot be this perfect. He knows darn well that his super expensive watch keeps perfect time, and that he is ten minutes early. No one person could be so handsome, so extremely rich and so generous, and so sexy. No, I will prove it or die trying. I smile sweetly, well I hope it’s sweetly, “Yes, it is Miss, but you can call me Merah".
“Merah, what an unusual but beautiful name. Indonesian for the color red, I believe. I blush as he kisses my hand and gracefully sits down. “Forgive me for being brash, but you are even lovelier in person than on TV.”
There! I knew he wasn’t perfect. He needs glasses.
“Shall we order?” his voice is smooth as silk; his blue eyes sparkle with amusement. His perfect white teeth are way too white and way to perfect to be real, I just know I am right about this, but now that he is here and we are so close, my mind is total mush. I lay my hand flat on the envelope. His eyes follow my movement. The amused twinkle in his eyes flash to a knowing look.
“Let’s have a bite to eat, I am famished. Then we shall discuss the business you obviously came here for.” Our eyes met, he smiled seductively, and then all of a sudden, he dropped his gaze. A look of surprise quickly came and went as he motioned for a waiter.
The waiter arrived and took our drink order. Nicolas ordered for both of us. Another waiter was there in what seemed like seconds with two small glasses that resemble tiny votive cups and two glasses of water with a pretty little dish of lemons. The first waiter returned with a very uniquely shaped bottle of some liquor.
“Merah, I assume you are over twenty one, and that you like Saki.” He grinned as I nodded.
I have never had Saki, but surely it can’t be that bad.
“I hope you don’t mind that I ordered some sushi for the appetizer. Of course feel free to choose whatever you would like for your meal.”
I take the menu as the waiter left with the alcohol bottle, and take a sip of the Saki. I don’t know if it was the Saki or the prices that made me choke. I am just not going to get a break. Now on top of the hair, the streaky forehead, the cracked skull, I can add spewed Saki to the list. “I am unfamiliar with Japanese food. It seems that you are used to eating here and know what’s good so I shall trust you.” Not in my lifetime, I think as I smile sweetly.
The waiter appears as I lay down my menu.
Jeez, these guys must watch him like a hawk. I have never had service like this in my life, but then I’ve never eaten here before. At these prices, probably never again. He says something in a language that must be Japanese. The waiter smiles and bows as he leaves. Another appears with our appetizer, a tray of sushi that was so pretty I was afraid to eat it. That and all the horror stories I hear about eating raw fish. He patiently explained to me what each piece was. I took a couple that didn’t sound too scary, they weren’t too bad.
“I ordered us a bowl of seafood Udon which is a simple noodle soup with seafood and vegetables. I think you will like it.” He started to pour me another glass of the Saki.
I quickly put my hand over the glass. ‘I am actually working,” I lied. The Saki wasn't all that bad,but just that one little glass,I was already acting like a dog in heat.
The seafood noodles were really good. Darn this man, he can even make slurping soup look sexy. I’m sure I have it rolling down my chin. He finished his food, dabbed his chin with the napkin, and looked up at me. Since I was already staring at him, our eyes met.
His eyes such a unique shade of blue, not a sky blue or a grayish blue like most, but a dark almost sapphire color. His brown hair not overly styled and glued in place with product like you would expect a prominent wealthy man to have, but soft and wavy,the slightly longish side part falling loosely  just over his eye. I just wanted to run my fingers through it.
“Would you like some dessert?” He asked with a teasing grin.
Most definitely, but not food. I catch myself slighty licking  my lips. I hope my thoughts don’t show on my face.No thanks, I couldn’t eat another bite.” I felt heat rise to my cheeks as I slid back from the table. Maybe I can make a graceful exit.
He smiled as if he had read my mind, “As much as I enjoyed your company, Merah, I believe you arranged this meeting for some sort of business.” He glanced down at the envelope I had slid under my plate, now in plain view once again after the waiter removed the plate.
“Oh yes. The Saki must have affected me,”
He smiled politely and nodded.
“Just show me the photos and let’s get this over-with.”  He said his tone now cool.
I just took them out and handed them to him. "I know you are smuggling illegal artifacts from Italy."
He looked at them and chuckled. “Dear, before you go try to blackmail someone, you really should know exactly what you have. These are crates of wine, from my vineyard in Italy. See the insignia on the side of the crates? That is my company logo.”
My cheeks turned red for an entirely different reason this time. It can’t be true, there must be something hidden underneath the wine. He has to be smuggling something illegal in there. I’ll do more research, something will turn up. I’m not giving up.
“I will tell you what. I have enjoyed this luncheon so much we will just forget about the photos.” He handed them back to me. ”Keep them for a souvenir of our lunch. I really do have to go now I have another meeting this afternoon.” He glanced at his watch and gently tapped it. “I sure hope I am not late.” He looked at me and smiled.
We both stood to leave. He took my hand, and shivers shot through me. Not because he gave me the creeps either. As I started to pull away, he wrapped it tightly and leaned in close, his breath warm. The scent of the Saki and seafood didn't mask his manly scent.
“I won’t mention this to your employer if you do me one favor?”
My mouth ached to feel his luscious lips on mine.
I never wanted to kiss man as bad as I wanted to kiss him. Reggie and Lisa were right. I need to go out and at least get laid. Maybe they are right and my obsession with him is more than wanting to get a promotion to lead anchor.
‘What would that be?” My voice was barely audible.
“That we do this again, but no business next time and somewhere more romantic. Perhaps a dinner on my yacht?” His voice was deeper, his eyes warmer, not angry looking at all.
My knees were weak. Ah there it is! He is going to murder me and dump my body in the bay. “I will think about it.” My voice trembled. Darn what is wrong with me? I should be afraid not horny.
Reluctantly letting go of my hand, “Shall I call your office, or would you like to give me your number?”
“Just call the office. I really better get back. I’m running a little late too.” I left as quickly as I could. I went behind the building and hid, knowing it would take him a few minutes to settle the bill. He took his I-phone out of his pocket and made a call . In a matter of minutes a car pulled up and he got in back. Darn! he had a car waiting.  I tried to hail a cab and keep my eyes on the car, but by the time I finally got one, the car was too far away to keep up with. Taking a chance, I  had the cabdriver take me by one of his office buildings.  I was right. I saw him enter the building.  I guess he was going to work awhile, so I had the cab take me back to my office. I went in grabbed a few files, and got my car. I went back and the car was still there, so I parked just far enough away I wouldn't look conspicuous. I sat patiently for a  couple of hours. Thank heaven for I-phones. Time seemed to fly ,when I saw him and his driver come out and get into the car. I followed them to a large building that looked like a hotel.The driver let him out then circled the building to a private parking lot. Behind the small lot was a private parking garage. That must be where the tenants kept their personal vehicles. I drove on and circled the block, finding a parking place at an angle across from the building in front of a little coffee shop 
I don’t care if I have to stay here all night. I will. It was close to midnight when I saw a figure emerge. I knew it was him, by the build; tall and large but not overly muscled. He was dressed very differently.  He must be wearing all black because in the dark you would miss him unless you were looking for him. He blended right in with the shadows. He didn't hail a cab or call a car. He walked. I got out of the car keeping a far enough distance not to be noticed. I wish I had gone home and changed. I pretty much sat in the car or on the bus stop benches, playing around or reading on my I-Phone. Except when I went in a shop for a cold drink and to use the potty. My hair was still a mess and I probably stank.
He went into a nightclub that looked better than most I saw thank goodness. I waited about twenty minutes before I went in. I spotted a seat at the bar where I would be able to look around but not be seen. He was at a table way to the back of the bar, nice and secluded, with, a tall leggy blonde giggling over every word he said. What the heck? This man could have any respectable woman he wanted and he is in a shady nightclub, with a floozy. I ordered a drink, but I had barely taken a sip when they headed to the door. Hoping I didn’t lose them, I slowly step out the door. Crap! They couldn’t haven’t gone too far. Then I spot them. He was leaning forward she was pressed between him and an abandoned building, He was leaning down as if he were kissing her. Darn how I wanted to be her.
I could smell her as I walked out of my apartment. I thought about going and confronting her, but decided that wasn't a good idea. I had tried at lunch to compel her, but it didn't work. I could usually control peoples mind quite easily. I can not only make people forget, but I can actually put thoughts and suggestions into most people’s heads. Except hers. That just added to the intrigue and excitement that gnawed at my primal instincts. I had to feed tonight or I wouldn't have any self-control left. I will have to deal with her afterward. Perhaps with my strength and powers renewed, I could affect her mind and not have to kill her. She has stalked me for the better part of a year now, and I have been watching her as closely. She has an obsession for creatures of the night. She felt something for me as well; I could feel her desire, smell her need today at lunch. It was all I could do to sit there. I sure as hell couldn't stand up. I was glad I opted for the light sport coat and didn't just go in my shirt and trousers, at least I could hide my hard-on, and it sure as hell wouldn't go away. I almost grabbed her and kissed her right there. I could tell she wanted me too. I wanted to give her everything she desired and then some. It has been way too long since I have had a companion. I was hoping it to be her, and now I am forced to decide to turn her; more than likely against her will, or to kill her. Normally, once turned she would, well, not be my slave, but willingly be loyal to me, since she would carry my blood.  She is anything but normal, so I have no idea if it would work that way or not. I have had to lie to rest a couple of my companions for less than that. Luckily I had found an easy prey as I walked into the club tonight.  I found a table and a date before she came in. I generally don’t prefer tall or blonde, but tonight there weren't a lot of choices, or time. As soon as I walked in, she was sitting close to the door, she looked up and smiled. Our eyes met. It was like taking candy from a baby. I would have preferred a challenge, but that should be walking in the door any minute now. We barely got seated at the table when I hear the door open. I won’t have to fake desire tonight, as I was aroused seconds after she walked inside. She hadn’t showered or changed, so between her perspiration and her earlier desires I had awakened, my senses were reeling. I had to feed quickly. I checked the area with my keen sensory perception. It was clear, other than a few sleeping transients a few miles away. I had already taken care of the bar. Everyone inside would either not remember me at all, or remember a different person altogether with the girl. I looked into the eyes of my victim and imagined it was Merah that I was kissing, her lips soft, and warm as she begged for more just like in the dreams she had starred in for the last several months. I was intrigued by her the first moment I laid eyes on her. I haven’t felt this way about anyone since before I was cursed. Now I was going to have to end it all before anything ever began. That is what I get for not thinking or thinking with the wrong head. As I sank my fangs into the blonde's neck, I heard a scream. At first I thought it was the image I had of Merah screaming my name. Then I heard it again. I knew she was in danger; I dropped the girl without thinking to seal the wounds and ran in the direction of the commotion. I could tell now there was a man. A very drunk one. He chose the wrong woman tonight. I will not be gentle. He will die a slow and agonizing death. If I can’t have her, he sure as hell wasn't. I turned into the alley and was shocked to see Merah standing there slamming this man’s head into the wall. His head had been splattered like a melon against the wall. Perhaps now I could talk her into joining me, it would be better than life in jail.
“Merah, enough! He’s dead. He can’t hurt you anymore, she threw her arms out to hit me, I’m sure she was in shock, “Nicola” she crumpled into my arms Her missing the s,it sounded so close to my birth name Nikolai, that I was totally taken aback. No woman since I had been cursed has called me Nicolai. I hadn’t used that name in over 100 years. How I longed to hear that name, my real name whispered in my ear, I leaned to kiss her and realized she felt cold. NO! Almost no pulse, I leaned her back and saw blood pouring from a wound to her chest the blade still embedded there. I should leave. This would be easiest cleanup ever. The man attacked her, she fought back and won, in the process she got stabbed.
There is absolutely nothing here to implicate me at all. I pull her body back to me, she feels so good in my arms. I tried to compel her to ease the pain, but it still didn't work, I raised her face to mine, I wasn’t going to be cheated from not even a kiss. As our lips met, her eyes opened, she accepted the kiss softly with what strength she had left. I could feel tears welling in my eyes, Could I let her die? Or save her? The hospital isn't far, with my speed could I get her there in time? Then what?

So what do you think? Did you like it? Do you think Nicolai is hiding any other secrets? Why don’t you tell me? That’s right! Tell me his secrets .I will pick at least one secret Maybe more, from today’s comments. It may show up Monday or it may show up later but it will show up. Isn’t if fun finding the things you chose in the writing? So i want to thank all of you that participated in the namedropping saturday. so here is what i chose--Nicolai-thanks to- Teresa Webb Davis...Masterson thanks to Vickie Tilmon. I changed the female lead name to Merah-thanks to  Brent Jeblonski( I loved that it meant the color red).Keep watching,There will be more names used- you all gave me so many wonderful choices. So I guess you noticed there is no Title. I am leaving that to you all too start thinking about it I will be asking for you to post your ideas soon.I just love contests.


  1. im cathys sister susan hi i just read cathys vampire storey i likeed the storey. i really liked the suspence. im like waiting for more!!!! ILL BE WAITING FOR THE REST OF THE STOREYi im VERY IMPRESSEED AND PROUD OF HERe i love my sister susan riley

  2. Cathy, I love this story! You are so talented! I love the names, the irony of Merah's name...I love the suspense and drama! Can't wait for tomorrow's chapter!