Sunday, April 1, 2012

This Week's line up

Tuesday - Unexpected Desire by Anjie Harrte

Fiona is a thirty-two year old recluse working with a news agency for too long. She finds that the men she works with are lecherous, blood sucking predators and the women are haughty and judgmental, so when nineteen year old Nyasha enters the agency she feels a pull towards the younger woman and an urge to protect her from the evils that be.

            The two women form a bond beyond friendship. The sexual tension between them bubbles until it overflows and one of them find herself madly in love with the other. When the love is not returned the scorned and hurt tries to pick up the pieces and move on.

While the broken heart tries to heal and rebuild trust and love in someone new, the one who caused the heart break finds herself savagely attacked by the green eyed monster. Feelings she didn’t know could exist within her stir with such a mighty force that she feels it will stifle her unless she wins back her love.

Now the count is at three, two women in love with one. Two women competing for the love and affection of one woman and one woman confused as to whom her heart desires. The love triangle among these three women shows you that love comes unexpected and sometimes it topples us over. The question now is, who will she choose? Can she turn her back on one for the other? Is it possible to love two people at the same time?

Wednesday - Purging Matthew by Emmy Grayshun

Purging Matthew is a story about love lost - two men, Matty and Rick were deeply in love and had their whole lives ahead of them... theirs was a longterm love. It was a joy and a commitment then, suddenly, it was all gone. Matthew, left alone, now has to try to get the pieces of his life back together but he can't move on because he has to keep living in the past because of the court case hanging over his head. Will he ever manage to get his life back together? Can he move on? Can he ever learn to love again or is he destined to live alone forever without his soul mate?



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