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Love Bites! by Cathy Brockman - Episode Three

Hello everyone!! Welcome back for Episode three of  My Vampire story!! Lookie!! We have a Title.. Cute, huh? So let's go see what is going on with Nicolai today. Next week you may get a shock.

Love Bites

Yep, I finally gave my story blog baby a name! Thank you Brad Venz for the suggestion—It is absolutely perfect! Drum roll please!!


After my shower, I reach for a T-shirt and a pair of pajama pants. After all, I do have a female guest. Well she really isn’t a guest. It looks like she will be living here for a while, at least until she learns how to handle her new life.  That will make a good story. We have been talking since we met for lunch and decided to go away for the weekend to my House in Brookeville. I can use mind control and make everyone believe it.
I decide to leave off the shirt.  I never sleep in a shirt.  She will have to get used to the way I am, if she chooses to stay with me.  I’m not going to change my life for her, but I hope pretty soon she will come around and not only share my home, but also my bed. I stare at the ceiling for what feels like an eternity. I ease myself under the covers; my mind preoccupied with her scent, her lips, the way she moves, her smile….

  I open my window to let in the early morning breeze. Taking in a deep breathe of crisp clean air, I marvel at the breathtaking view. I can see the mountains in the distance, wondering if I’d rather live there or the coast. Yes, I believe the coast would be the perfect place to start a family.
 Even more breathtaking than the New England countryside is the beautiful young woman feeding the chickens, and gathering eggs. She may be our maidservant, but I love her more than life itself. Soon she will be my wife; no matter what my father or her family thinks.  I don’t care if they are poor, or that they are Wiccan. I love her and she loves me. Nothing on this earth can change that.
 Great! She will be going out to the garden to gather vegetables and herbs for dinner next.
I will have enough time to get dressed and meet her near the garden. I am tired of sneaking around to see her. I could care less about father’s fortune. Money doesn’t always buy happiness. He has plenty and since mother passed years ago from a fever, he has never been happy. My other brothers have all accepted the arrangements made for them. That is fine, it’s their business, but I see no use in having a wife and going to the brothel and spending money to meet your needs. What the hell are their wives for? They don’t cook, they don’t clean and they don’t pleasure them. All they do is argue and fight. Sounds like a waste of time and energy to me.
  I have money saved up. It’s not a fortune but it will buy Illia and I a small chunk of land and enough livestock to feed us.  She is awesome with gardening, and preserving food. What else do I need besides a roof over my head, food to eat and a lovely wife to sleep with? I really don’t relish the thought of having to run away. I will miss this place and my family. No matter how selfish and arrogant they are, I still love them. But I love her more. I really thought I had convinced Father to let me marry the woman of my choice until I told him it was Illia
”No son of mine will marry a witch!” he had bellowed.
“Father! She is not a witch, she is just Wiccan. They don’t go around casting spells on people or sacrificing people to demons. Her family is kind and compassionate people. Father have you not  always taught me to not judge others,” I had pleaded.
He had taken of his belt and before I could get away, landed three good licks. Maybe leaving won’t be so bad after all. I wonder if she had better luck. I hurriedly head out the door, and towards the garden, hoping to evade any family members. I pluck a lovely daisy growing wild in the meadow, as I smiled to myself patting my pocket with the ring inside. It is very simple and no heirloom but it is a symbol of my love to her. I had the silversmith make it into a knot to symbolize our bonds.
She smiles as she sees me approach. “Nicolai! My love! It feels like forever since I have seen you.” She throws herself into my arms, stands on her toes and I still have to bend to kiss her.
My head swims with the heat of the kiss, my body wanting more. I   tell myself soon Nicolai, soon. I take her dainty hand from my face and slip the ring on her finger. Her eyes darken.
“Nicolai? Your Father agreed?” she should be happy yet she seems so sad.
“No. But it doesn’t matter. I have enough money of my own for us to set up a homestead of our own. You don’t care that I will not be wealthy?”
“Nicolai, I have never had money so no, all that matters is that we can finally be together.” She kisses me again .This time it turns to passion her hands caressing my arms; my back, and then trailing lower. She gasps as she pulls me tight into her and felt my desire pressed hard into her stomach.
‘I don’t want to wait any longer Nicolai,” she says, her voice low and sultry.
“Neither do I my love, the desire I have for you burns through my soul and body like fire.I ache to run my hands all over your delicate skin. To kiss your body and make you tremble under my touch. To be inside you,and hear you scream my name with pleasure.
But I want to do this right. There will be enough talk. No we will wait. ”My body throbs, want to take her up on her offer. She kisses me deeply causing me to come close to changing my mind. It will have to be soon, I can’t take much more of her temptation. After all I am only human.
I can barely make the words come out, “Let’s leave tonight. As soon as our families go to bed, slip out. Meet me behind the stables.” It takes all the strength I have to pull away.
“Yes Nicolai it is time. We will have to go far away. My Father will be so angry. We will have to go far enough away that he can never find us.” I could see the fear in her eyes.
“They will come to their senses when they see how right we are for each other, when we give them grandchildren.” I wink an steal a kiss from her sweet lips. “We just have to be patient. Once they see how in love we are…”
She cuts me off, “No, Nicolai. You don’t understand my family. Father will never forgive us. He wants me to marry within our clan. Someone like us, that understands our life, believes in our powers. Father isn’t just wiccan like mother. Father is more powerful.” She trembles in fear.
“I won’t let him hurt you. I will protect you with my life.” I kiss the top of her head in assurance.
“Nicolai, it isn’t me I am worried about, it is you.” The look in her big brown eyes was more than fear. It was pure terror. What has that man done to her? If he ever lays another hand on her I will kill him with my bare hands.
“I am a big boy. I can take care of myself and protect you from harm. Now hurry and get your chores done.  Get your belongings and I will see you tonight.” I playfully smack her on the rear. I can’t wait till dark. One more day and she will finally be mine.
I was so happy I felt as if I floated through the day. I tried to avoid everyone I could, since my thoughts  of Illia and our first night together made my body hard. Not tonight. We will have to travel all night. By sunrise we should be far enough away to get some sleep. Then another night of travel should put us far enough away. Once there we can find a Justice of peace and be married. I won’t take her until she is legally mine. I have waited   what seems a lifetime. I fell in love with her the day her mother brought her in to help her. We were both just children, but I knew she was my soul mate, and I hers. I am twenty and she is now sixteen. Some women marry younger than that. If our fathers had agreed I would have waited until she was eighteen. Who am I kidding?  I wouldn’t be able to wait another week, little less another year. It seems as if she turned into a ravishing woman overnight; one day a chubby little girl, the next a sexy woman with curves to die for.
I get to the stables and see her sobbing. I rush around and grab her into my arms. She was dirty, her clothing ripped, her face bruised.
“What happened?” I was angry I just knew I was going to go kill this man for what he did to her. I heard the crack of a twig but it was too late. I shoved Illia behind me. Many hands grabbed me and pulled me into the woods. I look for Ilia and see her being held by two men.
“Boy, you made the biggest mistake in your life. How dare you to steal my daughter. Horse thieves and cattle rustlers can be hung for stealing animals yet there is no law for a man taking another’s daughter. Even if there was, you wouldn’t be punished. Not the young rich son of Jacob Masters. No we would be accused of casting spells to make you fall for our girl to take your money. I don’t want your money.”  He takes something out of his pocket and the man with the torch steps forward. He holds the object to the fire as one of the men holding me rips the sleeve from my shirt and bends my neck down. Her father presses the searing hot object into my shoulder blade. He and the others chant as Illia screams and begs, “No! Please no. Not that Father. I promise to never see him again but don’t do this. Please! Please! “Her screams are deafening.
He grabs my face and spits. “I curse you to walk this earth for all eternity as a monster. You will feed as the animals. You will hide in the shadows. All will hate and fear you.  Your God won’t want you and the Devil can’t take you. Your soul shall be doomed for all eternity.” The others are still chanting, as Illia screams. All of a sudden, I feel two sharp thrusts into my body. I thought the hot object was bad, but the knives were worse .I could see them marking symbols on the trees with my blood.  Illia breaks loose and runs to me. She pulls my bloody body into her arms and kisses me and whispers in my ear; “I will find a way to save your soul. Even if it’s a thousand years from now I will find you and give you peace. Always remember how much I love you”.  One of the men grabs her and I could hear screaming as they drag her into the forest, promising to find a way to free me from her father’s curse. Then, nothing but darkness. 
I struggle to catch my breath, to find the light of out the darkness. A strange hunger burns inside me. My stomach aches, my head aches. It is like that first day all over again. The intense sounds the intense light blinding me ,bringing me out of the darkness, the strange yearning for blood. It was like the bloodlust I fought all the years to control has returned. How can this be after more than a hundred  years of self –control?

I sat up abruptly in bed drenched in sweat. A dream! It was just a dream. The memories flooding back so real and vivid. I felt like I was back there even though it happened more than a hundred years ago. All of it so real, the passion, the excitement the pain, the hunger. I can’t be hungering yet. I have fed recently. Why am I consumed by this burning hunger?
Oh Shit! It’s Merah!  Damn! I forgot she needed to feed.  I slap myself on the forehead. How stupid am I. She is merely a few days old. My blood will not sustain her. I will have to teach her to feed. Damn! If she doesn’t hate me enough already, after this pain she will hate me for sure. The drinking human blood isn’t going to win me many points. Can my life get much worse? How much punishment should a man have to endure, when his only crime was love? Until I was cursed.
No woman has ever gotten under my skin so much that I can’t control my own thoughts.  I have never wanted another woman so much since Illia. Perhaps that is why I had the dream.
 I grab my shirt and run through the Great Room,then down the hall. Damn! Why did I buy an entire floor! I practically push the door off the hinges as I barge into her room.
“Merah, I am so sorry. Here take some blood from me until I can find you someone to feed from..” I press my nail deep into my wrist. I jerk the covers off the bed, blood dripping.  Pillows? I see her bag is no longer on the night stand .
Where in Hell did she go?

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