Friday, June 15, 2012

ETERNAL LOVE by Sian Young

I apologize but there will be no Thundering love this week, come back next week for Part 3! In the meantime enjoy this short called:
Eternal Love
Monday, November 9, 2009
By: Sian Young

Suzanna walked up the steps to the roof, every step she took the music got louder. She wasn’t sure she knew this song, but it sounded familiar.
She was sure she knew who was singing, probably some unknown new artist, and David thought she might like him so he was playing it for her.
As she reached the top, she saw the rooftop door was open, and she could smell the sweet, sweet aroma of roses everywhere. Roses, her favorite, he never failed to amaze her. She stepped out onto the roof and saw the roses she had smelt a moment ago. They were everywhere, all over the rooftop, the tables, chairs, in the center of the roof was a table set for two, candles, champagne, and roses in a vase.
Looking around she wondered where David was, maybe she was early, maybe she was late, she was about to call out his name when strong arms circled her waist and she smiled.
“David, that’d best be you or you’re getting thrown off the roof.” Suzanna joked.
“Oh, Suzie, you’re so funny!” He laughed and kissed her neck, and let go off her waist and taking her by the hand, walking over to the dance floor, pulling her along with him.
“Dance with me beautiful lady! To a song, a song made just for you!” David smiled and pulled her close, circling his arms around her waist once more, the song began to play and he swayed back and forth with her to the music; the music he created just for her, and his love for her.
“David! Is this you singing?” Suzanna asked, looking at him in awe.
“Yes, it is. I told you this would be the anniversary you would never forget. I made this song specifically for you. And no one else, we can dance to this song anytime we wish, and know that no one else can claim it, or us.” David smiled, and spun her as she squealed happily, and came back quickly to kiss him.
“I love it! I can’t believe you made this just for me!” Suzanna squeaked, David loved it when her voice squeaked, it meant she was truly happy and could barely contain her excitement and happiness, so it came out in a squeak.
The two danced around the floor to their love song, until their feet were red raw and sore, and still they didn’t want to stop, but David insisted, before they both collapsed from exhaustion.
“You cooked too?” Suzanna asked, as he led her to the table she’d seen earlier, he pulled out her chair for her to sit, then once she was seated he bowed to her and seated himself.
“Of course I cooked, I wanted this night to be perfect, and so I decided to trust it to no one but myself. I made all your favorite foods. And your all-time favorite desert.” David smiled, as her eyes lit up, and her voice became a squeak once more.
“Strawberry Cheesecake?” Suzanna could barely speak, all that really came out was a loud squeak.
“Strawberry Cheesecake? I thought your favorite desert was chocolate cake?” David said, and frowned worried.
“Oh! Well….it’sit’sok.” Suzanna was about to get very upset, when David’s face broke out into a huge grin.
“You monster! Your teasing me aren’t you?!” Suzanna said, sounding mad but smiling herself.
“Of course I am sweetheart! How could I ever forget your favorite desert, it’s mine too!” David smiled and poured her some wine, and then himself some too.
“A toast! To us, may we have many more happy anniversaries for many, many years to come!” David smiled and clinked his glass with hers and took a sip.

After dinner, David wanted to play the song he’d made for her, while she sat and listened. Suzanna loved it when he sang to her, it was a very rare treat indeed.
“This song is for you Suzanna, the love of my life, my soul mate, I hope we can be together for always, and forever.” He pressed play and began to sing a beautiful love song, every word full of meaning and love. Before long Suzanna was in tears, and could no longer hold it all in. Before he could finish the song, Suzanna stood up and hugged him as tight as she could, and cried uncontrollably.
“Dear Suzie, why are you crying?” David asked, worried he’d upset her somehow, this was not the reaction he was expecting.
“It’s so beautiful!” Suzanna managed to get out through her sobs.
“What is?” David asked holding her as she cried, he didn’t mind, he’d take any excuse to hold her.
“All of this, the dancing, the roses, the food, and this song! I justcouldn’t hold it in any longer!” Suzanna stopped crying, and looked up at him.  “What did I do to deserve such a wonderful and loving man?”
“I don’t know, win the lottery maybe?” He grinned and she couldn’t help but smile herself, smile as he slowly lowered his head to give her a long and passionate kiss, a kiss that would blow all other kisses away, and would leave the two gasping for air once they finally did part.
As the sun sets in the background the two continue their waltz around the dance floor to their one and only love song.

The End

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  1. It was a nice read Sian. But I am so morbid, I keep waiting for the end expecting to see that she imagined the whole thing and that her David was actually dead, *facepalm*

    1. Anjie!!! PM me on FB and I will send you the story after this happens!! You read my mind! Hehehe!!

    2. Anjie i finally got her doing some romance l me see if i can morbid her up lol