Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Love Notes Chapter 3 by Ellie Mack

Love Notes (copyright 2012 Ellie Mack)

I instantly turn ten shades of red. “S – sorry babe. I didn’t mean to keep you waiting. The storm, my umbrella broke and I was soaked. I . . “

You press into me lifting my chin, and kiss me deeply. My legs nearly buckle, heat pooling within me, my nipples rock hard and clearly visible in the too tight silk blouse.

“It’s ok.” You take my hand, kissing my knuckles and lead me to the booth where you’ve been sitting. You motion the waiter and he comes back with a bottle of wine.

“Your order will be ready shortly, Mr. Taylor.”

You nod, your hand sliding up my thigh beneath the table. As we talk, and share our meal your hand never leaves my thigh. You maintain constant contact, sometimes caressing your fingers a little higher or sliding to the inside of my thigh. I wonder if the touch is affecting you as much as it is me. I say something silly and you laugh. Wow, what a sexy sound it is to me. Your smile a total seduction, your carefree and confident mannerisms just throw fuel on the already stoked fire raging within me.

“Oh Steph” you chuckle. “You’re just as I imagined.” The warmth of your hand leaves my thigh as you turn my head to yours, kissing me softly.”

“Mmmm” I moan softly into your mouth as you kiss me. The absence of your hand on my thigh forgiven for the moment.

“Is that good or bad baby?” I ask nervously, questioning everything I’ve said or done since deciding to get on that plane in Chicago.

“It’s good.” Another light kiss. “Very good my Steph baby.” Your voice a hoarse whisper against my lips.

“Wh-why is that good?” I say almost breathless.

“Because.” You take another drink of your wine, then take my hand in both of yours kissing the back of it along my knuckles. You raise your eyes from my hand without lifting your head, ever so slowly as you pin me with a heated gaze. “It means the rest should be as imagined as well.”

My lips part, but I don’t have a single word to say. I swallow hard, my mouth suddenly gone dry. Everything we’ve shared, every time we’ve had cyber-sex over the internet came flooding through my mind, crashing like a tidal wave, washing all rational thought from my mind. My free hand nervously fiddling with my necklace.

“Shall we go?” You kiss my palm, flicking your tongue against my skin.

I nod my head in agreement, swallowing hard and clearing my throat.

You pay as we leave.

“You’ll let me get the next one right baby?” I ask, holding onto your hand as you lead the way.

“We’ll see.” We walk six blocks to the hotel. It took nearly three times as long as the short walk had taken me earlier, as we talked and leisurely strolled, occasionally stopping to kiss.

“How was your flight?”You ask me as you clasp my hand in yours.

“Uneventful. I wrote” I almost tell you about this journal, but I’m not quite ready to share this yet. I’m still afraid of what you really think of me.
“I wrote myself some notes, business stuff mostly.” It was a lie. I fantasized about you, and wrote in this journal.  “The man next to me snored the majority of the flight.”

Suddenly, you pull me snug against you, pinned between you and the brick building. Your lips on mine, searing. Your kisses are as delicious, and as hot as I imagined, if not hotter. Your hand combed through my hair, your elbows on either side of my head, your tongue plunges deeper inside my mouth. I open for you, greedily accepting your affections. You withdraw slightly then plunge into my mouth again, your tongue mimicking another action. Heat surges through me, aching for more of you. Time seemed to stand still for me, lost in your embrace, and in your kiss.

You pull back, your eyes alternating between mine. A slow exhale before you said “Steph, babe, I want you” with a low growl in your voice. A shiver of anticipation snakes up my spine.

As we walk through the lobby to the elevator I squeeze your hand, stopping momentarily. “You want to change your mind Rob? I’ll understand if you do.” I look hopeful into your eyes, such gorgeous, sexy bedroom eyes. They say eyes are the windows to the soul baby, and yours held the promise of paradise.

A slow seductive grin plays across your face. “Not a chance.” You clasp your hands in mine and press them above my head against the wall. Leaning into me, your warm breath against my neck, over my jaw, then your lips are on mine. Kissing me deeply, a soul searing kiss that made me want to wrap my legs around you right there in the foyer. “You’re not wanting to back out on me are you Steph?” Your kisses trailing to my ear.

I shake my head. “No baby, I want you more than ever.”

A rough bruising kiss takes my breath away as you press into me, your hardness just above my mound. I gasp slightly at the sudden wave of desire that consumes me. The elevator opens, and you pull me inside. I press the button for the 4th floor and you press me against the wall, your hand cupping my breast. Short jagged breaths between moans come as if I’d been running a marathon.

“Oh baby, I’ve wanted you so much.” Your voice sounding closer to a growl just before your tongue plunges inside my mouth, a rough kiss of unbridled passion as you moved against me, spreading my legs apart with your knee and pressing your hardness into me.

I gasp in pleasure, your head dropping to my neck as you clasp both my wrists in one hand, and start unbuttoning my blouse, dipping your tongue lower on my skin. You press into me, rubbing your hard cock against me. You slide your hand to the edge of my jean skirt tracing your finger along the edge then hiking it higher and tracing the edge of my panties along the cheek of my ass.

The doors open, I frantically dig for the key card in my purse. Once inside you walk me backwards to the bed, easing me down as you kiss me, thrusting your tongue inside my mouth. I moan into your mouth – oh God! Baby, you feel so amazing. You make me feel alive, and sexy. Just your kisses make me hot! You’re moaning with me as I match your motions.

“I’ve wanted this for a long time with you Steph.” You whisper in my ear. You ease to my side lying next to me, tracing your fingertips along my hairline. You kiss my forehead, then brush your lips down my nose and kiss the tip of my nose before returning your attention to my lips.

My mind races with every doubt I’ve had about our relationship, I push them aside determined to enjoy the time I have with you whether anything more comes of it or not. Right here, now I have with you and I don’t want to lose this. I’ve wanted this, hoped for this.

“I want to take my time with you baby, get acquainted with every inch of you.” Your hand caresses down my side over my hip.

I run my fingers through your hair, it’s so soft. I've never told you that I think you look like Eddie Vedder, and I don’t think I’ve told you that I think he’s extremely sexy. Your head dips to mine, your lips on mine again gently brushing over mine this time. Your tongue caressing, beckoning me to open for you. I do, and your tongue swipes inside tangling with mine. I sigh exhaling into you, as your hand moves over my breast, kneading gently. You begin undoing the rest of the buttons one at a time, very slowly. I wrap both arms around your neck, pulling you down to me. You kiss me deeply roughly, then pull back.

Your gaze steamy as you say to me “Let me see you baby. Let me see all of you.”

You unbutton the last button on the silk blouse lightly pulling it open, revealing the embroidered lace bra. Tracing one finger down between my breasts, you dip your head down and kiss a trail behind where your finger was. Lifting me up to a sitting position, you help me take the shirt off of my arms. I unbutton your shirt, carefully untucking it from your jeans, sliding it back off your shoulders and down your arms. I untuck your t-shirt and pull it off over your head revealing your bare chest. My fingers trace over your scars, kissing each one of them, then back over your chest, my warm breath against your skin between kisses.

You unfasten my bra, sliding it down my arms. I chew my lower lip wondering if you’re disappointed. Do you wish they were firmer? Perkier? Lifting your eyes back to mine, half lidded with desire. I swallow hard as you push me gently down on the bed. “Steph, you’re magnificent!” Pressing into me, a rough demanding kiss before you trail down my neck in a blaze of fire. Your hands are on my breasts as you kiss a path between them, then kiss a soft trail to one nipple then the other, kissing the full underside of my breast. I gasp as you make a suctioning kiss at the underside spot that drives me wild. Apparently, you have a great memory as I try to recall when I had shared that little bit of information with you. You roll my nipple between your finger and thumb as you continue kissing and licking my breasts before you ever put your mouth on my nipples.

You flick my pearled nipple with your tongue teasing me further, glancing up at my expression occasionally, seeing my reaction as you tease me.

I know my emotions read easily on my face, but I’m not sure if you’re reading what I’m thinking now. How could you when it’s a whirlwind of excitement, anticipation and desire? Our eyes lock as you suck my nipple harder into your mouth. My mouth parts more, as I moan with the sensation. Oh God baby, I had hoped it would be good between us, but I never in my wildest dreams imagined it would be this incredible.

Your fingers are on the button and zipper of the jean skirt. You bend your head further down, kissing a trail down my abs to my belly button. I wonder if you’re going to dip your tongue there, I don't think I've told you how sexy I think that is, or the instant bolt of desire it gives me. I hold my breath for a moment, certain that I’ll come if you do, I’m already so close.

You don’t, you are kissing my skin where the waist band was, slowly easing the skirt down over my hips. I exhale slowly, almost relieved. Almost. Sliding both hands around me inside the skirt, you move your hands down my plump backside, the material moving downward on the back of your hands. You squeeze and caress. My jagged breath coming hard as the anticipation builds, savoring your every touch.

You kiss the skin just inside my left hipbone as I lift my hips up, allowing your to slide the skirt and panties completely off. Then toss them to the floor. You sit up, trailing your hands over my body. You massage my breasts, then glide your hands down, curving in at my waist towards my belly button. My breath catches as you dip a finger inside. Your eyes following your hands down, now over my tummy. I feel self conscious, wondering if you’re thinking I really need to lose weight, wondering if you like my bare snatch when your eyes meet mine. “You’re gorgeous darling.”

You kiss my stomach, then move downward trailing light suctioning kisses across my skin. Slowly, ever so slowly you kiss your way to the crease of my leg, nudging me to spread them for you. “Don’t be shy on me now baby.” You push my leg firmly, exposing my already wet pussy. “Mmmm.” Your tongue flicks once, I gasp.

“I see you’re as turned on as I am.” You caress lightly with your finger.

“Uh huh” It was about all I could muster at that moment.

Your head moves closer, your hot breath over my skin as liquid heat pooled within me. Slowly and gently you lick and tease my pussy, sucking on my clit while your fingers slide inside me. “Mmmmmm, baby.”

At the first moan, you speed up your pace a little, seeming to know just what to do to drive me wild. It was only a matter of moments before my first orgasm, I had one hand in your hair as you continued your assault, my pussy contracting around your tongue.

“You taste amazing baby.” Kissing my inner thigh, you unfasten your jeans, and slide them down. In one move you were on top of me, your cock pressing against me, your lips on mine. Your tongue plunges inside my mouth, a deep punishing, possessive kiss. “Tonight you become mine Steph.” A light kiss, barely brushing your lips against mine. “I’ve wanted you for so long, and now you’re finally here. I love you Stephanie. I have for a while.”

“Oh, Rob. I love you too.” I pull you down to me, kissing you deeply. I ‘d wanted to hear the words from you. I nearly cried in relief when you spoke them.

You lean on your elbow, turning to put your condom on. I reach down, taking it from you. “Let me baby.” I tear the packet, and carefully roll it down on you, getting my first real look at you. I know you told me you were 10 inches and thick, but honestly I thought you were exaggerating. “Um, baby you’re so big.”

“Yeah.” You pull me back up to you, and kiss me again. Suddenly I’m nervous. What if you’re too big for me? My ex-husband Trevor was nowhere near as big.

“I’ve never been with a guy that big before.” My eyes nervously flash to your huge cock.

“I promise, I won’t hurt you Steph. Trust me?” You kiss my nose lightly.

“OK” I couldn’t deny the desire I had for you even if it did hurt. I’d been wanting this.

“Whatever you want baby. I want you to be happy.” You roll me back over on my back and move on top of me. Your knee spreading my legs as you press against me. You position your cock, then move slightly just inside me. I gasp, holding my breath slightly. Wanting more, but nervous. Your mouth on mine, you move another inch or so inside me. I groan into you, and you go a little deeper.

I break the kiss, gasping at the sensation.

You stop. “Am I hurting you baby?”

“Oh God no! I’ve never felt anything so good, ever.” My breaths already jagged.

“Mmmmm” You cover my mouth with yours again as you push a little more inside me, my hips rising to meet you. Then you pushed further, beyond what I was used to. It was sheer heaven.

“Oh baby, yes!” I squirmed beneath you, a wicked grin spreading across your face.

“That’s my baby. My Stephanie. Finally.” With that you pushed all the way, burying your full length within me, as I gasped. You swallowed my gasping sounds as you began to move slowly, rhythmically.

It was only a couple minutes before I adjusted, when you made a quick deep thrust, nearly sending me over the edge. You noticed my tensing, and repeated the action.

“Come for me, my darling Steph!” That was all it took as I shattered into orgasm.

“Oh Rob, baby! Ohhhh!”

My mind was lost in the desire. I moved, turning with you until I was on top, and eased back into you. You raised your knees, allowing me to lean back against them. I moved my legs closer to your hips, easing up. Your hands were on my breasts, covering them fully as you rolled my nipple between your thumb and index finger.

Your cock jumped inside me, urging me to action. I rose, nearly coming off of you before slamming down hard on you. “Ohhhhhh babe.” Your eyes glazing over, as you throw back your head.

“You like that baby?” I ask you. “Just like we talked about, me riding you.”

“Yes.” Your expression a mix of desire for more and a need for release.

“Yeah baby. I want everything we’ve talked about together.” Your hands tighten on my breasts as I rise and fall quicker, beginning to feel a burn in my thighs.

Another groan came from you as I slammed down hard on you, gasping. Your hands squeezing my breasts, forcing me down on you faster and faster. My pace increasing as I felt the pressure building within me. “Mmmmm, babe.”

Your movements starting to get jerky, I lean forward slightly, pressing myself harder against you. “Steph, baby” Your hands now on my hips, pushing me down onto you.


“Steph” I squeeze around your cock, tightening as I slam down.

“I’m getting close again Rob” My thighs burning nearly as much as the heat inside me. “Come with me baby. Can you wait for me?”

“MMMM, Steph. I . . . , not if you keep doing that.”

It was too late, the wave crashed over me causing me to contract hard on you. “Come with me baby! I can’t, I’m . . . Ohhhh”

“Unnngggggghhhhhh!” Your face scrunched, as you pumped into me wildly. In one quick movement you flipped me on my back, raising my leg over your shoulder and began pounding me harder.

After several minutes you slowed, breathing heavily. I dropped my leg down, and wrapped them around your back. You eased down over me, propping yourself up on your elbows your lips descended on mine. Nuzzling into my neck, your cheek brushing against mine, between kisses.

My heart pounding as my pulse raced. “OH Rob.” I whisper in your ear. You raise slightly, our eyes locking with each other before you lower your lips to mine kissing me tenderly.

A few minutes later you get up to throw away your condom and clean up. I figured that’s it and you’ll make a few minutes of small talk then leave. The most amazing sex of my entire life, didn’t you feel anything? Wasn’t it good for you? How could this be so amazing for me, and leave you cold. Every insecurity rushed through my mind, making a parade of my inadequacies, and failings. Blinking furiously, I fought back the urge to cry. Maybe I was jumping to conclusions.

When you came back from the bathroom, I jumped up to clean myself up. I couldn’t bear to watch you get dressed and walk out of my life. I splashed water on my face until my fears subsided. After several deep breaths I braved facing your good bye.

When I opened the door, I nearly screamed.


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  2. She nearly screamed! Tune in on 6/12/12 to find out!