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Fatal Indiscretions - Episode 2

Oh wasn't yesterday's Love Notes episode hot? Phew, I had to fan myself after that. What a story to follow.
I hope you are enjoying this story as much as I am enjoying writing it. Just in case you didnt catch the first episode here is a recap:

Episode 1 – recap

In Episode 1 of Fatal Indiscretions the narrator, Sherry Miles, informs us that her dead body was found in the marshes of the botanical gardens. She takes us back to the beginning of the summer; two months after she had experienced a still birth. We learn that she is suffering from a severe depression that makes her husband Ryan Miles think about committing her to a psychiatric facility for observation. Sherry stumbles across an ad in the newspaper for art classes and persuades her husband to try that as therapy. After speaking to Paul Degannes, the art instructor on the phone and setting up the classes, Sherry goes to the botanical gardens where she slips and falls causing Paul to pick her up in her arms. She feels a sexual attraction to Paul.

Read the Episode 1 in its entirety and get caught up as the story unfolds.

Episode 2

I shaded the side of the vase to show the shadow from the light just as Paul had instructed, but when he touched my hand and guided the pencil something went wrong. My hand felt like jello, and my heart was beating hard against my chest. It had been one week since his heroic save; since I twisted my ankle in a hole in the ground made by the cows that trampled through ever so often. It had been one week since he set me down on this chair and kneeled before me massaging my paining ankle. It had been one week since the touch of his hand on my skin seemed to burn my flesh and ignite a fire within me that made me nervous and anxious. And yet after that entire week I still melted under his touch, under the gaze he gave me every now and again and under the scent of his body that filled my nostrils and sent me soaring with the wind through the trees.

“You are pressing too hard on the pencil to shade Mrs. Miles,” he said almost in my ear, the warmth of his breath tickling my neck and sending the hair behind it at attention.

He dropped my hand as though exasperated and stood in front of me.  His crotch was at eye level and I could see the bulge. I fought the urge to reach out and touch it. I looked up and saw that smile again, I blushed, I was caught almost red handed.

“Mrs. Miles, will you come with me please,” he said.

 I looked around nervously, was he going to spank me for not following his instructions? Would I stop him if he was?

 I got up from the chair in which I sat and nervously wiped my palms on the front of my skirt. Today I was wearing a loose knee length flowered skirt and a pink cotton top.

“I believe that some of us are very stiff, very tight around the shoulders,” he said to everyone as he rolled his shoulders back and forth and I stood next to him like a wayward child.

“I propose we put down the pencils for a while and do some exercises out there under the shade of a tree,” he pointed the big plum tree across the way, “to relax.”

“That sounds like a good idea, I am game,” a young woman named Jennifer Bunt said.

Jennifer Bunt was a very colourful character; always willing and always helpful. I remember the day when I had fallen she had run to me when Paul had set me down on the chair and tried to help. However, she had only succeeded in hurting my foot more than it already was and Paul had explained that he knew what he was doing; and he did. He had pressed his fingers and massaged certain points and within minutes the pain that left. Since then, I had noticed how eager and helpful Jennifer was with all the other students. I had also noticed how lost she got when Paul was explaining a particular method of drawing a line, or shading dark areas first.

We all headed to the big plum tree that offered a big enough shade for all of us, the sun wasn’t beaming down like most afternoons; instead the sky was a bit grey, almost black in the eastern corners. Everyone took off their footwear as instructed and stood waiting. Paul stood in front of the group with his hands on his waist and feet apart; his favourite pose. I hid myself towards the back and Jennifer was right beside me, smiling.

“He is just wonderful, isn’t he?’ she said.

I smiled at her and didn’t give a reply.

“Okay folks, here is how it is going down,” he began as he had everyone’s attention. It was twelve of us; an old couple seemingly in their fifties, two teenage girls, a man whose flair and fashion was more than that of the teenage girls, three women in their forties from a church, one other woman around my age with a wedding ring, a college guy and Jennifer.

The two teenage girls were giggling to each other as they kicked out their flat cloth pumps into the grass and stood waiting.

“Stand straight with your feet apart please,” Paul instructed as we all followed like a group of willing soldiers.

“Bend your knees just a little, relax your shoulders as though they are sinking to the ground, keep you back straight and your tummy in.”

Was he serious, tummy in? Was it possible for me to get my tummy to come any further in? I pulled in as much as I could, but the little after baby bump mocked me.

“Stretch your neck upward carefully and slowly while you sink your chin until it touches your chest - letting your jaw relax and hang loosely.”

I followed his instructions and found myself staring at my toes. They were painted pink to match my top. When had I started caring about how I look?

“Relax your shoulders at the same time and try to hold them backwards.”

As I did this, I felt a release of tension in my shoulders and upper back and I exhaled.

“Now turn your head carefully and slowly toward the right, keeping your chin down - until your nose is parallel with the middle of your right shoulder.”

The muscles in my neck relaxed and I exhaled again.

“In this position, try to look over your shoulder as far as you can and let’s count to five.”

The muscles down my back stretched and I sighed.

“Keeping your chin in position turn to the front.”

Was he staring at me? Was he smiling that wry smile again? How could I keep this position if he kept looking at me like that? The muscles between my thighs relaxed under his gaze as he tilted his head and smiled at me.

“Turn to the other side now and try to look over the other shoulder, count to five.”

“Turn to the front.”

Why did his voice sound so close? I turned and almost fell backwards as he was standing directly in front of me. He reached out and caught me by the waist and brought me crashing against his hard chest.

“Mrs. Miles you are still not letting go and relax,” he whispered into my ear

“Oh I can help her Paul, no need for you to bother yourself,” Jennifer said as Paul and I turned to see her so close to us that I could smell her foul breath.

It was amazing that some people didn’t take the time to check their hygenie before leaving home.

Suddenly, there were drops of water everywhere. Small drops fell from the sky slowly at first and then larger drops started coming down. Everyone scrambled and ran eastward towards the gazebo. Jennifer grabbed up Paul’s sneakers and motioned for us to follow as she too ran in the direction of the gazebo. The rain was starting to come through the branches of the tree at us and before I could move, Paul grabbed my hand and ran across from the tree in the western direction. I looked back to see the backs of the other students heading towards the gazebo but didn’t have the strength to release my hand from his. Instead, I followed him, running with one hand over my head towards a bushy area. He parted the bush and we can into what seemed like a cave. The rain was no longer falling on us, but we were both dripping wet. I looked around to see that the bamboo trees that leaned and curved while growing had formed a neat cave. The entwining of bamboo shoots above with the leaves growing thick on them was enough shelter to keep out the rain except for a few small sprinkles here and there. The ground was thick with dried leaves and tree roots. I turned and my eyes met Paul’s. He was taking me in, wetting his lips provocatively and watching me up and down. I was soaked, the thin cotton top clinging to my ample breasts, the wet skirt hugging my thighs. Water was glisterning on his broad shoulder and little droplets had formed on this thick hair and eye brows.

I reached down to wring the water from my skirt when I heard the crunching of leaves and knew he was stepping towards me. I froze. I felt his shadow on me and I saw his foot; they were well trimmed nails, long fat toes, on a broad thick foot and the looks of them had sent my mind wandering on thickness and length of other things. I rose slowly as my body became parallel to his and he looked at me straight in the eye. His intentions were clearly written in the black depth of his eyes and it made me swallow hard. I wasn’t sure if I could stop him, or if I wanted to, but when he grabbed me by the waist and brought my cervix into his, I gasped and put up my hands against his chest. He moved one of his hands up my back as he tilted his head and the sides of his lips curled. I was breathing hard and heavy, my eyes were locked on his and my blood was beginning to boil. I felt his hand move up the small of my back and to my neck before stopping at the back of my head. He grabbed my hair in his hand and his lips crushed down on mine. I felt their soft thickness pressing against mine. I willed myself to say no; to push him away; to knee him in the groin; to remember that I was not an available woman. The fight that ensued within me soon died as I felt his tongue lick my licks my lips slowly. I opened my mouth to protest and this gave his tongue entry. As soon as his thick tongue entered my mouth and I tasted the sweetness of his kiss I lost control and I kissed him back as we began grabbing at each other, tongues wrestling.

There was nothing romantic or soft about it; it was rough groping and wild probing as his tongue wrestled in my mouth. One of his hands grabbed my hair and the other cupped my ass. One of my hands rested on his chest with my fingers digging into his flesh while the other was wrapped around his neck. He was kissing me hard and strong and I felt my body get closer and closer to him until there was no space for even air to pass through. The hardness of his body under mine, the wild probing kisses, and the hand cupping and squeezing my ass was enough to get my nipples hard and my panty wet.

His hands moved to his body and I suppose he was dropping his pants, I wasn’t sure because I was lost in the taste of his tongue, in the flavor of his breath, in the sweet sensation of having a man sweetly devouring me. he broke the kiss for a quick moment as I kissed down to his long neck, smelling his manly scent as I went. I heard a packed rip and saw as his hands went back down and he rose my face to his again and kissed me hard, swirling his tongue around in my mouth. His hands move from his body to mine as he lifted my skirt. I felt him rip my lace panties off of me. With brutal strength he ripped the thin lace fabric as though it was a piece of limber leave, leaving a burning around my waist where the material had dug into my skin as he pulled at it..  

Soon, I felt his hands run under my skirt and he grabbed my hips as I felt myself being hoisted me up. I shrieked for a quick second as the motion caught me by surprise, but I quickly adapted and wrapped my thighs around his waist; as he brought me down on his massive cock. I felt the huge shaft enter me, stretching my pussy lips apart and pushing its way further and further into me. I cooed and grimaced as Paul lifted my top and pulled out one of my breasts and starting sucking on the nipple. The sensation of his soft tongue and warm mouth nibbling away on my bare flesh, sent sensations down to my loins and I started to move my hips and ease my way down the snake like shaft.I felt him squeeze my ass cheeks as he looked up at me with huge eyes; Was he in pain?

His grip on my ass tightened as he said, “Damn, you are tight.”

I smiled as though I had won an award and in that moment, when he said that. I let go of all inhibitions and I let the little slut I had kept at bay all my life go. I held on to his neck and threw my head back as I moved my hips back and forth, up and down. I felt the sweetness of his thick long shaft moving in me and I moaned my approval. He held me with his arms running under my thighs and his hands gripping the back of them as he guided my movements and bucked his hips; ramming himself in and out of me as I tried to match his movements.

Suspended in the air, with my legs around wrapped his bare hips, holding on tight to his neck I bumped and grinded on his cock. His massive strength held me up there as the rain poured around outside the cave; drowning out the moans and foul words that escaped our lips.

            I felt as his shaft hit the back of my pussy wall and the constant rubbing of his head on it caused my orgasms to build up. Slowly from the pits of my vagina, it began building like a great big tornado swirling around within my sex and then moving throughout my body. My body tensed up and my eyes rolled back as I felt it take me over completely. Then I felt as his shaft jerk inside of me and I realized he too was coming. The idea of being able to make him come filled me with so much pleasure that my body seemed to pulsate and jerk as my feet stretched out straight behind him.

Slowly I brought my head forward and saw him smiling that signature smile. He rested his head in the crevice between my breasts and placed a small kiss. Somewhere through our orgasm the rain had died down and had stopped and we could hear Jennifer calling out to us.

I rested my hands on his shoulders quickly and rose off of part of me cursing the wretched woman for showing up so soon and part of me feeling incredibly guilty for what had happened. He helped me down as I quickly gathered up the torn panty and chucked it into my skirt pocket.

He pulled up his pants and asked, “I hope this has helped you relax Mrs. Miles?”

I shot him a look and he chuckled, throwing away the condom into the bushes and pulling up his pants.

“Ahmm,” I began nervously, “I will leave through the front, I think you should wait a little and then come through the back there,” I finished directing him through the hole in the cave at the back.

“The back there, Mrs. Miles, leads to the Marshes,” he said snidely.

“We can’t be seen coming out of here together,” I said, as anger at his lack of concern began to build up within.

“Why not, Mrs. Miles, we ran from the rain, now it is over,” he said.

I wanted to slap the smile off of his face.

“I think after this, it is safe for you to call me Sherry,” I demanded

“I like Mrs. Miles,” he said arrogantly as I stormed off.

I parted the bushes and walked out as Jennifer turned in the middle of the little field and looked at me.

“Are you okay?” she asked as I passed her heated with anger

“Fine!” I retorted

“OH Paul, where did you go?’ I heard her say behind me as I turned to see him standing with his hands akimbo in front of the opening of the cave, watching me and smiling.

I got my bag and left the class that day furious that I had been so weak to the flesh. Paul had made me feel as though I was some prize that he was waiting for and now that he had gotten it, he was showing bravado.

I was furious as I drove home, still feeling the wetness of his fucking between my thighs, banging my hands on the steering wheel every now and again. I took a shower as soon as I got in, hoping to get his smell off of me before Ryan came home.

I didn’t make it to the kitchen to make dinner or anything but when I woke at 8am the next morning I saw a note on the bed next to me.

‘For the first time in months I came home to you sleeping, you looked like an angel in peaceful rest so I didn’t disturb you. You slept through the night so I am leaving for work without waking you. Seems like the art classes are helping. Hope you and I can have dinner together tonight at Rumours CafĂ©, how is 8pm? Please call me later lets finalize.

Love R.’

I read that note over and over again. How long had it been since I had awaken to a love note from my husband? How long had it been since he had said the word ‘Love’ to me?

Was fucking an almost stranger helping my marriage?

I looked over at the little chair in the corner of my bedroom where I had dropped my cloth bag with my art supplies; it seemed to be sitting there mocking me.

Would I be able to return to these classes after what happened between my instructor and I?

As I threw my wary legs off the bed, my cell rang and I answered without checking the ID.


“Goodmorning, Mrs. Miles,” his voice; thick and smooth as always, causing me to sit upright in the bed.
* * * * * * ** * * * * ** * * * * ** *
Thanks for reading.
Did you like my little doodle? I know it is NOT artistically correct but I like doing them for my scenes, hope I can do one for next week too.
Now are you wondering why Paul is calling Sherry so early in the morning? Do you think infedility can help heal a marriage? Or is Sherry disillusioned?

Return next week for more of Fatal Indiscretions by Anjie Harrte.

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  1. Wow I loved the story!! At the beginning I actually thought I might melt too. I adore the doodles!! so cute!! I think Paul is calling Sherry to ahhh Relax her more? LOL. I dont think infidelity can heal a marriage maybe for a shot time but eventually the mistrust will build. Thanks for the awesome story !