Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Love Notes - Chapter 5

Whew!  I think Stephanie has fallen head over heels for Rob, what do you think? Is it love or lust?  Which is it for Rob?  Is she just heading for the biggest heartbreak down the road or is this more than a summer romance?  Have some strawberries, sit back and let's find out what they are up to now.

Day 3

Since we were up so late, we were rather slow in getting out of bed. It was noon before either of us opened our eyes. Waking up to your beautiful eyes has to be the best way to wake up - ever! Closely followed by the slow tender lovemaking of course. Oh,wait - hmmm, maybe I should reverse that. I don’t know, I think it was the package deal. Combined with the fact that I’m totally in love with you. I’m being really cautious though. I don’t want to put any pressure on you. I know you’ve texted me, and messaged me many times ‘ILU’, but you haven’t said the words to me in person. I don’t know, but I can’t help but worry that I might be giving myself to yet another man that really doesn’t love me. Is it just the sex? Am I just one more lay to you?

I made so many assumptions with Trevor. When I look back, he rarely ever said the words to me. When he did, they seemed flat and emotionless. Why am I such a fool when it comes to matters of the heart? Am I just a hopeless romantic being unrealistic to think that someone might love me and desire me for who I am? Someone that just wants to spend time with me? Is that really too much to ask?

The way we’ve connected online, I’ve wondered if there could really be something between us. It’s only been one day, yet I can tell that you’re exactly like you’ve said, no exaggerations or lies. That fact alone is such a relief I can’t even begin to tell you! Your pictures don’t do you justice. Wow! What a hottie you are! I had thought that perhaps you sent me someone else's picture, but it is you. Pictures can’t capture your charm, your expressions, or your personality. I’m not sure what you see in plain old me, but you seem sincerely interested.

*Squeal!* I’m actually here in London with you! AND YOU DIDN’T LEAVE! We’re going sightseeing just as soon as you get back with the coffee and crullers.

Day 3 - 10:00 p.m.

I’ll write fast while you are in the shower. We took one together this morning before we started. Well morning is relative, isn’t it? It was around noon. Anyway, we showered together. Wow baby! I’ve had sex in the shower a couple of times with Trevor and it was nothing like this. When you lifted me off my feet, my back pressed against the wall, with you moving inside me; intense! The warm water flowing over us like a waterfall just made it even hotter. The way you move with me is amazing. I don’t think I could ever get tired of your touch, or of you. Is it just you or is it you with me? I don’t know. I don’t want to think about it because I feel jealous already just thinking about you with anyone else. Which is crazy, right?

I don’t know if it matters to you, but I never had this many orgasms the entire time I was with Trevor. It was always rather mechanical, and he had one speed. I thought maybe I just wasn’t any good at sex, but with you I’ve felt alive and sexy. The passion between us is absolutely amazing.

I’ll write more later. You just shut off the water and will be out soon. I still need to take a shower as well. I meant to write down all the things we did today, I guess I’ll just have to do it later. Bye for now.

Day 3 - 11:40 p.m.

Not sure how much I can get down. You’re sound asleep beside me as I’m writing. I want to write it down before I forget a single detail. I’m debating, I know I should come clean with you about my experience with the girls, but I’m embarrassed. What will you think of me? What was I thinking?

We finally got moving around 2 in the afternoon for you to show me around a bit. Sightseeing has never been so exciting! We went to the Tower of London. You laughed at me for taking so many pictures. I took about twenty of you! HA! You didn’t know that did you? You thought I was being a total tourist all the while I was obsessing over you! Then when you were teasing me at the back of the bus, sliding your hand under my skirt, just brushing your fingers over my panties; I was instantly wet wanting more.

Let’s see: the first time in the alley the bricks rough against my skin, in the handicapped stall at the pub, and in the taxi on the way back to hotel. Wow!  Well it’s a wonder we didn’t get arrested for public indecency! When we got back here, oh my! Maybe it was because we were a little tired, or because we’re getting familiar with each other, but it was intense. As soon as I closed the door, you had me pinned against the wall, lifting my skirt. I don’t even remember where I lost my panties! You pressed against me, your hand raking over my breasts while you slid into me. Oh babe! You moved slow and deep, kissing the back of my neck, then you turned my head towards you and kissed me as you thrust deep inside me from behind until I came, then we moved to the bed.

It was my turn to explore you and get to please you. I eased your shirt over your head, tossing it in the floor. I carefully set your glasses on the table before I started. I kissed you gently at first barely brushing my lips over yours, then a little firmer. You eagerly kissed me back. Mmmm, I love kissing you!

I started kissing your jaw line over to your ear, then tickled with my tongue. You didn’t seem to find that as hot as I do, so I moved on. As I kissed and licked down your neck and over your throat you shifted and made a slight moaning sound. I grazed my teeth over your adam’s apple and you clasped your hands over my arms quite hard. I wasn’t sure at first whether I hurt you or you really liked it until I listened to your jagged breath. Seems I’ve found a sensitive spot. Yeah me!

I kissed my way down your body. I slowly unfastened your jeans and carefully slid them off you. I was afraid for a bit that I might pinch you in the zipper, your cock was straining against the fabric. That would have been a nightmare! As soon as I got your jeans lowered your cock sprang free, daring me to taste. I eased down between your legs laying on my stomach as I teased you, licked you, then took you fully in my mouth. You gasped when my mouth closed over you. You moaned when I sucked you deeper. I wanted to give you just as much pleasure as you had given me, taking my time and making it last. I was slow, almost tortuously slow in my actions as you moaned and writhed beneath me. After a while you were gritting your teeth and begged me “Please Steph, let me come! I’m about to explode here.”

At that, I sucked you deeper to the back of my throat and ran my tongue over your balls, sucking each one in my mouth before taking you deep in my mouth. I bobbed quickly, harder on your cock. Your hand clasped in my hair, feeling you tense beneath me. My movements increased again in speed and intensity for about five seconds before you exploded for me. I had to gulp to swallow, feeling like that was probably a big turn off for you but you pulled me up to you and rolled over me. For the next half hour it was slow, loving and tender. It was the sweetest, most intimate feeling I’ve ever had baby. Then you held me tight in your arms until we both fell asleep.

I could spend the rest of my life in your arms and be perfectly happy. Just being near you makes me smile. Just now as I glance over at you, sleeping soundly next to me you snuggled closer realizing that I was writing. “Your receipts and ledger can wait till tomorrow my darling, come snuggle with me.”

Now how could I possibly say no to that?

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  1. how dare you offer us strawberries and no chocolate. *hmmff* wow how hot..Id say Stephanie has it bad.