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Sea of Seduction

Welcome to the first instalment of my June story. For my paranormal fans dont loose hope, Love Bites should be on Amazon soon.

Sea of Seduction By Cathy Brockman

Chapter 1

Cheryl Gallagher gazed out the window at the breathtaking view of New York. It’s not her first trip to the city, but she always finds it intriguing. She got the window seat, since she was their excuse to take the trip; a Caribbean cruise that will start with a shopping trip in New York and end in New Orleans.
'Everyone’s dream right? Not mine. I would be just as happy sitting in a five star hotel somewhere with my Kindle Fire. They booked us a singles’ cruise, and don't think I don’t know what they are up too? I wasn't born yesterday. Actually, I was born forty eight-years ago, forty-nine in about a week. I am old enough to find my own dates if I wanted one. I have only been divorced for six months. I wanted out as much as Jon did, but finding out he had a girlfriend not much older than our own son, stung like stepping on a hot match. More like a pile of smoldering embers. At least I had remained faithful even though the love had gone years ago.’
“Cher! You are not paying attention to a word I said!” Angela whined. She didn’t need to whine for her shrill voice to grate on Cheryl’s nerves.
“Sorry Ang, I was just looking at the view and thinking.” She says as she turns to look at the younger woman.
“About a day of shopping in New York’s finest stores, then we’ll live it up in style in a posh club?” Angela smiled broadly wiggling her thick but neat eyebrows.
“No. More like how the hell did I let you two talk me into this? Carol don't you sit over there looking so innocent. I know you are just as much to blame for this as Angela is.” She nudges her other best friend playfully.
“Oh! Come on Cher! This isn’t just about you. We all needed this.” She paused, looked at Angela then continued. “We haven’t been on a girls’ only trip in the past couple years.” Carol smoothed her designer slacks and gave Cheryl a serious look.
“So what was the weekend in Tupelo a month ago? Besides boring.” Cheryl said as they all started unbuckling, getting ready to disembark from the plane.
“It’s not our fault you don’t like to gamble and turned down every man that asked you to dance. Besides, it was just a short drive to get out of the house. This is a real trip!” Carol tugged her blouse into place and made her usual big production making sure she was all neat and tidy looking.
Cheryl glanced at Angela and they both chuckled as they all got their bags and headed to the exit.
Cheryl wouldn't admit it to either of them, but she was a little excited about the cruise. Her last cruise was with her ex-husband Jonathan. They took it to reignite the dying flames of their twenty-two year old marriage. All it did was totally extinguish what little was left for her.
He had spent most of his time flirting with crew members or passengers; all young enough to be their children. Cheryl had been embarrassed and appalled by his behavior. He had not been the considerate loving man she married for several years, but he had gotten completely out of hand; buying a bright red mustang, having his teeth whitened way too white, dying his hair too dark, spending time in the gym and tanning bed, and buying clothes their twenty-one year old son hadn't worn in at least five years. The gym she could have handled if he had been going to impress her, but she knew better. He even had the balls to beg her not to divorce him. He said he was just sowing his wild oats--of course he didn’t want her to sow any oats of her own. ‘Just have some patience’ he had said. Yeah right! She smiled and rolled her eyes at the memory.
She was going to surprise the hell out of both Carol and Angie. She planned to have the time of her life on this cruise. It would be perfect to meet a man or two or even three, have a good old-fashioned fuck-fest. She wouldn't have to worry about facing them after the cruise. Nope! She could let loose and fulfill some of her naughtiest fantasies and that’s exactly what she planned on doing. Everything she had ever dreamed of and hopefully even some she hadn’t. Damn her panties were already wet, and the cruise didn't start until tomorrow afternoon. ‘Oh well I guess it couldn’t hurt to have fun tonight.’ She blushed at the thought. They had a suite so they each had their own bedroom. Cheryl planned to put her room to good use.

Chapter 2

The three women had a good time picking out a wardrobe for the trip. They had all decided to leave their old clothes behind and start fresh. They even bought new luggage to put it in. By the time they were finished and had it all back to the hotel and packed for the next day’s trip; they were hungry, thirsty and tired.
Angela and Cheryl still had plans to start their trip out right and were eager to go to the club on the top floor of the Hotel. Angela had been here before and claimed it’s a real man-mall, any shape, size, color, or age and most willing and eager to please. Cheryl hoped it was true; she was ready to retire Mr. Blue.
They stopped at a nice restaurant next door to the club. Cheryl had a chicken, strawberry and walnut salad with raspberry vinaigrette and a glass of red wine. Angie had vegetarian salad full of mixed veggies and cheese and Carol had a Cobb salad. They didn’t want to eat so much because they tired and bloated, but knew they all needed food on their stomachs before going to drink, especially Cheryl, since she was a light weight.
The glass of wine did a good job of warming her belly and making her feel less self-conscious in her short little Zebra-striped shift, and the black three inch 'fuck me' heels just made her feel sexy. Now looking in the ladies room mirror touching up her lipstick, she was glad that Angie had talked her into wearing her hair down. It hung softly past her shoulders to her mid-back in gentle waves. The lighting flashing around in the bar really brought out the soft red undertones of her still natural hair color. Yes, they all three looked pretty good for middle-aged women.
They entered the club, found a good table, and they each ordered a drink. Angie wasted no time hopping up and hitting the dance floor, falling in with three very cute but very young men. She motioned to the other two women, but both smiled and shook their heads, neither of them interested in men that young.
Cheryl jumped as she felt a hand on her shoulder, spilling a little of her drink on the table. Thank goodness the glass was almost empty.
“Looks like I owe you a drink.” The owner of the hand smiled down sweetly.
“But how about a dance or two first?” He extended his hand; she took it still hypnotized by the twinkling pale blue eyes and sweet crooked smile.
Good grief this man was an absolute doll. Only a few inches taller than her five foot three, well six, if you count the heels she has on, he had an extremely well-muscled torso, and narrow tight hips. She thought she had to be hallucinating. She stumbled into him as he pulled her to her feet and blushed as he caught her pulling her a little closer than necessary. Yep, he is sexy as all get-out. She glanced at Carol feeling a little bad about leaving her at the table, but Carol smiled and waved her to go on.
One or two dances and a fresh drink turned into a good hour on the dance floor and at least two more drinks. All with Mr. sexy blue eyes. There wasn’t a lot of talk and what there was, was mostly small, but Cheryl really didn’t care. She had been wet all day and he had her even wetter. If he offered, she was taking him to her room. No! Tonight was the start of her fun summer vacation and she was going to make sure he came to her room. This was the beginning of the new Cher. Angela was dancing with every guy in sight. It was obvious she was going to have her own fun and it looked like Carol had made friends with a couple from Texas so Cheryl didn't feel guilty about her plans.
After a couple fast dances and one really slow one, she decided to test him and see just how interested he was. They walked to the table for another drink and catch their breath. He slid a chair next to her, “You don’t mind, do you?” He grinned seductively as he motioned to the waitress and ordered drinks for them. Cheryl nodded as she took a deep breath and mustered up the courage to rest her hand on his leg, high on his thigh. ‘Damn he is as excited as I am and how long is he?’ Cheryl swallowed hard as her thoughts ran wild. She planned to see just what her fingers brushed very soon. She just didn’t want to seem like an over eager middle-aged woman that wasn’t used to picking up men. But the thought of being the one to do the picking up really excited her a lot. She wasn't going to wait long to make her move. Besides it was getting late and they did need a little sleep before boarding the cruise-ship tomorrow afternoon at two.
Cheryl heard him suck in his breath in happy surprise as she let her fingers linger on the tip of his hard cock, her fingers making small light circles on it. They exchanged looks, and both knew they wouldn't be sleeping alone. It was just a matter of where. The unspoken decision just stoked her confidence even more. Crap, things had moved so fast they hadn't even exchanged names. She was just about ready to ask his, when she decided not knowing was even more exciting. Besides, what is the chance they will ever see each other again after tonight.
It’s a good thing Angela had given her a little gift bag with condoms, lube and a few other things, she wasn't a hundred percent sure what they are for, before they left the hotel room as part of an early birthday gift. Cheryl hadn’t really planned on doing anything even close to this until they had arrived in New York.
“MMM they are playing a nice slow one. Let’s dance. I want to feel you against me.” He practically purred as he pulled Cheryl up and led her to the dance floor.
As soon as their bodies met, his hands massaging her lower back she turned her face up, stopping just as their lips were so close you could barely slide a sip of paper between them. She darted her tongue out seductively wetting her lips, as she gazed into sexy bedroom eyes. She smiled seductively.
“Damn woman, you are so hot. I am about to lose it right here on the dance floor.” He moaned softly.
His breath a blend of his Jack and coke with a hint of mint tantalized her, as she moved in boldly for a kiss. His lips parted in invitation as she hungrily accepted, slipping her tongue inside. A soft moan muffled by her onslaught sounded like a low growl to her, fueling her fire. She explored every nook and cranny fervently. She sighed in disappointment as he pulled her away reluctantly. The music switched to a fast song; Paralyzer by Finger Eleven.
“Shall we find us somewhere more private, or is this just a tease?” His voice came out weak, barely a whisper.
“Does this feel like a tease?” She giggled as she leaned close into him gyrating and echoed the words Your Place or My Place from the song.
“Lady’s choice.” He grinned as he took her hand and led her from the dance floor to the table.
Carol was sitting at the table next to theirs with the Texas couple. Sexy blue-eyes wanted to take a bathroom break and tell his friends he would see them a bit later. Cheryl was nervous trying to come up with the words to tell her friend she was taking a total stranger to her room. She was relieved when Carol asked her to go to the ladies room with her, so she didn't have to talk in front of the new couple. Carol always seemed to know just what to say and when to say it. Having been friends since junior high, they knew each other pretty well.
“So are you and sexy blue-eyes fixing to slip out?” Carol smiled as she washed her hands then dried them under the drier. She frowned when Cheryl swiped her wet hands down the side of her dress.
“You know I hate those dryer things.” She grins sheepishly trying to change the subject.
“Oh Carol! Do you think I am totally bonkers for doing this? I don't even know his name!”
Carol made a choking sound as she looked at her in surprise.
“I really don't want to know to be honest. It makes this so much more exciting. What does it matter?” She cocked her head to one side and grinned sheepishly.
Besides, chances are we will never meet again. She diverted her eyes from Carol’s “Do you think I am terrible?” She looked like a little girl that just got caught with her hand in the cookie jar.
“No hon. If you didn’t do this I would think you were bonkers.” She placed her hands reassuringly on Cheryl's shoulders and whispered. “Just don't scream as loud as Angela does. I do want to get a little sleep before tomorrow.” She hugged Cheryl. “Have the time of your life sweets!”
Part of her hoped the man wasn't interested or that he had even gotten cold feet and the trip to tell his friends he was leaving, was an excuse to slip away. Besides he had been with her all evening and she saw no friends since they danced the first dance. She was partly shocked and partly excited as she saw him standing by their table nervously looking around the room.
His eyes lit up and his smile sent shivers down her spine straight to her groin.
“I thought you skipped out on me.” He bent down gave her a quick reassuring kiss. “You sure you want to do this?”
“More sure than I have been of anything in years.” She leaned in close, her fingers brushed him.
Oh well it will be fun getting him back up. She thought as she picked up her purse and took out her key card.
They made good use of the elevator, kissing and groping as it descended too quickly to her floor. He leaned against her and kissed the back of her neck as she opened the door to their posh suite.
“I am just down the other end of this hall.”He shut the door behind him.
“Would you like a drink or some water or anything?” He shook his head.
He watched Cheryl as she motioned him with her head to follow into one of the bedroom doors.
He took her into his arms and kissed her fervently as she felt the zipper slide down her back.
He isn't wasting time. Good, since we don't have a whole lot anyways. She mused as she started unbuttoning his shirt. She slowly turned him then shoved him forcefully onto the bed. His eyes widened with surprise as her dress dropped to the floor. She stepped out of it showing off her sexy 'fuck me' heels, black silky panties and a corset bra that helped to hold in her tummy, framing her firm breasts in soft black lace. She planned to keep the bra on or she would lose her confidence.
He licked his lips as he sat there looking so sexy. His unbuttoned shirt showed off his well-toned chest with a sprinkling of hair pointing a trail downward to his tented trousers. He swallowed hard as she sashayed to him. She kissed him eagerly as she removed the shirt from his arms, then pushed him back onto the bed and straddled him.
He trailed small kisses down her chin, and nibbled her neck. His hands traced the top of her bra and fingers slid under the lace tweaking her nipples.
She moaned as she felt his hot wet tongue lapping and teasing one nipple. His strong arms pulled her in and as he turned her to lay her down she took control. He moaned as his teeth gently bit down on her nipple. She kissed his neck, down the side of his throat. She paused as she reached his nipples looking up as she teased them, testing to see just how rough he will let her play. He groans as her teeth toyed with one nipple then the other. He didn’t seem to mind it a little rough. He sighed in disappointment as she let him go and continued to lick and tease down the hairline leading to the generous package she can’t wait to unwrap. She gazed up as her fingers toyed with the button on his slacks and slowly unzipped him. He smiled as she moaned in pleasure and lifted his hips to assist her as she slowly pulled off his pants. She kissed his hip and thigh as she slowly eased them down, his moans got louder, his breath more and more ragged. She looked up and smiled approvingly, their eyes met. She wanted another taste of those sexy lips. But she opted to plant her kisses elsewhere as she slid her hand inside his briefs taking his long and not too thin cock into her hands slowly stroking it.
He cried out as she trailed her tongue down the length of it and backup to the tip, licking the drops of precum from it. Her tongue gently toyed with the slit. Then she shocked him more going down quickly sucking hard as she pulls back up.
“Ohhhhh Baby!!! You keep that up and I'm gonna come.” He moans as she repeats it a few times then comes up and licks down to his balls taking one into her mouth rolling the other in her hand. He moaned again as she looked up into those hungry, sexy eyes.
“That’s the idea baby. I want you to come in my mouth. Then you get to play. Then we will see who screams the loudest.” She didn’t wait for a reply as she took him back into her mouth stroking him, as she takes as much as she can swallowing.
He came quickly bucking beneath her. His fingers wrapped tightly into her hair. She licked him, not wasting a drop. She kissed back up his hard abs, his chest, stopping to toy with those plump hard nipples. She meets his mouth and they kissed fervently, his breath still ragged. He flipped her over.
“Payback time.” He smiled mischievously as he went straight to her breasts, slipping them out the top of her bra.
“Ohhh, so sexy baby.” He gazed at her longingly, and then teased her nipples and breasts mercilessly. He began to unhook the corset, but she put her hand over his, sliding it down until it brushed her wetness.
He watched her face as he explored her first with his fingers, then his tongue.
After coming several times, she pulled him up and rolled him over. Reaching into the nightstand she gets one of the condoms, tore it open and rolled it on him. She straddled him and they both gasped as he entered her.
“OOH Baby! You are so tight.” He purred.
They both cried out as she slowly moved up and down, testing how much she could take. He grabbed her hips and arched for her as she moved up squeezing tightly as she went.
“Ahhhhhhh, Slow down babe, I’m about to bust.” He begged. She did just the opposite, moving hard and fast. She threw her head back and let out a yell, sending him over the edge with her. They collapsed in a heap onto the bed.
After a long silence, he smiled.
“So do I have to try to walk down the hall to my room or can I crash here?” He looked bashful as he removed the filled condom, tied it off, and took it with him into the bathroom.
“You can stay, but I have to set the alarm. We need to check out by noon.” He nodded and lay down as she got up and went to the bathroom.
She laid down and rolled onto her side. He curled around her as if they belonged that way. ‘Too bad I will never see him again. He is the perfect dream man.’ She thought as she dozed off into oblivion reliving her last few hours in a beautiful hot dream.
The alarm sounded like sirens in her ears as she grunted and flipped it off. The sexy man still lying beside her reminded her how real it was. He looked up heat already in his eyes. Without a word, he kissed her, reached into the drawer on the nightstand and took out another a condom. She gasped as he took her like there was no tomorrow.
“Did I hurt you? Oh crap! Are you sore?”
“No. I’m fine, your fabulous.” she gasped and moaned as he took a steady pace, kissing her as they moved. They both moan out into each other’s mouths as they climax.
“As much as I would love to do this all day long, I really need to get a shower. We have to leave soon to catch our boat.”
“I know. I really wish we had more time. I would like to take you to breakfast, to get to know each other. Dam we didn’t even exchange names.” She put a finger to his lips.
”It is best this way.” She choked back a tear as she walked quickly into the bathroom and locked the door just in case he tried to surprise her.
He was gone when she came out a folded piece of paper lay on the pillow.
“Just in case you want to know. If not just throw it away.” She really did want to know, but it would be so much easier to leave like this without knowing. He wasn't a real person to her if she didn't know his name. Just a fantasy come true. She tossed the paper still folded in the trash.
Later when they were all leaving and just about got to the elevator Cheryl called out to her friends, “Wait! I will catch up!” She glanced down the hall where he said his room was. She turned and ran back to her room, grabbed the paper and shoved it in her purse.
“Are you ok Cher?” Carol turned to look at her, when she had rejoined them.
“Yeah, I had just remembered I forgot something that is all. I am fine.” She smiled to herself as they got in the elevator. If the rest of this trip is anything like last night I can’t wait!

* * * * * * * * * * * ** * * * * * * * ** * * * * * * * *

How did you Like the new story? What about sexy blue eyes? Should she look at his name in the note? What would be a good name for him? Would you look?
Join me again next Thursday as Cheryl and her friends have just barely gotten started.
Looks like we are in for one hot summer..
Come back tomorrow and see what Sian has for you. *waves*

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