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Fatal Indiscretions Episode Four

Fatal Indiscretions – By Anjie Harrte

Episode 3 – Recap
Sherry gets a call from Paul inviting her to breakfast. She confirms dinner with her husband and then goes to meet Paul. They meet at the old Dutch market, an area that Sherry doesn’t visit very often. They have breakfast together and then Paul takes her to his boat on the river. There he strips for her and it ends with her deciding whether to leave or go to him.

Episode 4

          I chose to satiate my thirst, to quell my hunger, to fill that void inside. I dropped my shoulder bag to the floor and I walked towards him. And yes, he smiled that wicked smile that I was becoming accustomed to. I leaned in and kissed him softly on the lips. I didn’t care if I was a prey in his trap, if I was caught in his sticky web, nor did I care that I had given into his seduction and walked all over every moral I had fought to keep in my life. I only wanted to taste him and I did. I kissed his neck softly and then I trailed down his hard chest and torso and when I reached my destination his long dick gave me a small slap in the face as though to say; you took long enough.

I smiled and looked up at him, his eyes drunk with anticipation. I placed my lips lightly at first on the tip of the massive shaft and saw him close his eyes and sigh. Then I kissed the tip, letting my lips press against the round hardness of it. My tongue slipped out and swirled around the tip, as I sucked on it and heard him sigh louder. The smoothness of it always excited me. I let my tongue slip between the slit and probe it, pushing the two sides apart gently. I felt him pushing against my mouth and I know he wanted more, but I wanted to tease him a little. I wanted him to enjoy every bit of it. Slowly I slipped it into my mouth letting it slide on my outstretched tongue as I did, taking it in inch by inch until I felt it enter my throat. I breathed through my nose as I bobbed my head up and down on the long shaft, stopping every now and again to suck off the top. I tasted his pre-cum and lapped it up licking my tongue as I enjoyed his salty taste. He started to buck his hips against my mouth, pushing in and out, harder with each thrust, hitting the back of my throat. I used my tongue to swirl around the massive dick as he fucked my mouth. I felt the pulsating of his dick and I pushed it as far in as it would go and worked my tongue in circles as I felt his hot juice hit the back of my throat and heard him groan and moan, grabbing my hair tight with his massive hand and holding me against his pelvis.
When he relaxed and fell back onto the bed behind him, I licked at my lips enjoying his rich taste. I climbed on him like a spider and kissed him. His face bore fine lines and his eyes were heavy with the hotness of the moment. He reached and pulled my blouse over my head and unhooked my bra as we kissed. Then he cupped my right breasts with his left hand and brought down his tongue; keeping his eyes on mine. I smiled as he took my nipple into his mouth and bit on it. I squirmed and giggled like a school girl as he kept nibbling on the nipple all the time keeping his eyes on my face. Then he began to lick at the nipple and suck it into his mouth. Soon I was writhing in pleasure as his mouth attacked my breasts all over sucking and kneading them with his hands. He then kissed down my belly, while unbuttoning my pants and pulling them down. I helped him by raising my hips as he slid them down my thighs, then I was kicking them out, feeling him pull down my panties.
Again I helped him ease them off as I felt his hot breath between my thighs. He parted the lips of my pussy with his fingers and dipped his middle finger in, I arched my back and moaned at the wonderful feeling as he turned it up inside of me and moved it back and forth against my wall. I felt the warmness of his tongue on my clit and I dug my head into the mattress, the sweet feeling of his tongue lashing away at my clit and his finger fucking me and diving in until his hand hit the rim of my pussy. It was all driving me mad. He stroked my clit up and down with his tongue, sending sweet sensations throughout my entire body. Then he was sucking my clit in his mouth as I saw him reach down to where his pants were on the floor. He seemed to be such an expert; to search for, open and put on a condom while still tongue fucking my pussy. He came up and in one movement, he raised both my legs in the air and brought them against my chest as he drove into my pussy. I was so wet and ready for him that it took one long swift drive and he was inside of me. My walls clung to his thick hard shaft and I heard him moan out loud as I reciprocated under the rush of pleasure.

In that moment I felt so whole, so full; that I felt like crying. Instead I started to gyrate my hips and move my body, as he slid out halfway and then rammed himself back in again. Paul was not a man for soft love making and my pussy didn’t mind, instead it thanked him every time he came in by hugging him tight. Paul leaned his chest on my legs bringing them all the way to my chest as he placed his weight on his hands on the bed to the two sides of me. In that position I felt him deep inside of me and then he started to quicken his thrusts, moving faster and harder with each thrust. The friction was starting up that sweet feeling in my pussy. As I felt Paul raise up and hold me by the ankles. We were still at the edge of the bed so Paul hitched one of his feet on the bed next to me, and the other one on the floor as she slammed his cock in and out of me, harder and faster moving from side to side hitting my pussy from different angles. Soon the sweet feeling in my pussy began to build up and then took over my body, sending me into convulsions as my body became flooded with orgasm after orgasm. Paul too started to grimace and stiffen and I felt his dick pulsing inside of me. The orgasms were felt through every pore of my skin all the way to the tips of my fingers and toes and then I couldn’t hold back the tears anymore. My cheeks felt flushed and my head was floating as I became overwhelmed with emotion and started to cry. Paul was coming hard, his dick pressed into my pussy, his balls against my ass as he emptied his cum into the condom inside of me. I raised my hands to my face in shame as I could not control the tears. My entire body seemed to have relaxed as I lay there crying. When Paul caught his composure he slowly pulled out of me and lay beside me, wrapping his arms around my body as I hid my face in the crevice of his neck and cried; my entire body shaking from the emotions. Paul didn’t ask any questions or say anything for the fifteen minutes it took me to calm down, he just held me and allowed me to pour out my emotions and let go of my frustrations. For the first time in years I felt relaxed and free. At some point I fell asleep, in the middle of the morning, in a boat on the wharf behind the Dutch Market, I fell asleep in Paul Degannes’arms as someone peeped us from the window of the cabin and gritted their teeth in hatred for me.

Paul must’ve looked up and seen the person, because I felt him move next to me and I jolted awake and sat up, looking around remembering where I was and what had happened. My brain started to take over my body again and I started to feel shame.

“What is the matter?” I asked Paul as he stood peeping out of the cabin window, stark naked.

“Nothing, I just thought I saw someone here just now,” he said as he sat next to me on the edge of the bed

“What?” I asked alarmed, gathering my clothes quickly

“It was nothing, there is no one out there,”he said wrapping his arms around me and rubbing his hand up and down my arm.

“I should leave anyhow, what time is it?” I asked. I never wore a watch; they never seemed to work on my hand.

“12:30 in the afternoon.”

“What? I have to get home just now is time for your class and I have things to do at home.” I said as I hurried to pull on my jeans.

“Mrs. Miles, you need to learn to relax” he said

“And what ,spend my days lazing in a boat on the river?” I asked snidely.

“What’s so wrong with that?” he asked, laying back on the bed and crossing his hands behind his head.

“Well for one, some of us have responsibilities.”

“I have responsibilities, and I am darn good at taking care of them and enjoying life. Mrs. Miles this life is too darn short to waste worrying and hurrying about killing ourselves over, slow down, smell the fresh air.”

“Right now the air only smells of fish and salt.”

He smiled, I had actually said something funny and it caused me to smile too.

“So are you coming to class later?” he asked

“Yes” I said as I climbed out of the cabin and off of the boat. He pulled on his pants and followed me. He watched me until I was out of the big iron gates. I turned and watched his figure standing there; his hands tucked into his pocked; his chest rippled from his muscles and; even from that distance I could see his crooked smiled.

I hurried across the road and pass the market; walking along the main road to my car, avoiding the winding paths inside of the market. When I reached the car the first thing I noticed was that my side mirrors were missing. I cursed under my breath and threw my hands in the air. Yes I parked my Allion in a shady neighbourhood and this is what I get for it.

“Sherry?” a shrill voice was heard behind me and I closed my eyes and almost did a face palm as I recognized it.

I turned and saw Jennifer Brunt hurrying towards me, “oh Sherry, it is you. In this neighbourhood?”

“Oh hi Jennifer,” I said, not offering her any explanation

“Oh my, do you know you don’t have side mirrors?” she asked

“Oh, yes, I noticed.” I answered, as I quickly rummage in my hand bag for my keys.

“But what are you doing in this sort of neighbourhood Sherry, you don’t seem like you are from around here,” she was leaning on the car peering into my face as I became frustrated with the many little things I must have in my bag.

“I was looking for something in the market,”I answered without looking up

“Did you find it?”

“No,” finally I saw the little round picture key ring with Cathy’s photo on one side and Ryan’s on the other, I pulled it out and picked out the car keys.

“What was it? Maybe I can help you,” she offered.

“That is ok, it was something personal,” I said as I turned the key and slipped into the seat.

“Sorry Jen,” I said as I reached for the handle of the door to pull it in, “but I am late.”

She grabbed the door and stepped closer, “It is Jennifer, not Jen, not Jenny, just Jennifer,” her eyes were wild, her face was stern and her stance was threatening.

I smiled nervously and said, “Sorry, Jennifer.”

Suddenly her entire appearance changed as she smiled and stepped aside. I pulled the door in, keeping my eye on her for a few seconds as I started the car. She looked up the road and signaled to me that it was clear to pull out, I still turned and checked though, in the last few minutes she had scared me and so I didn’t trust her.

As I drove home the thoughts of the moments in that boat on the river played over and over in my head. I wanted to turn the car around and go to Paul, but I know I couldn’t. Yesterday evening before falling asleep I had called my friend Alaine from the charity organization and asked her to pass around lunch time to pick up some of the baby clothes to donate to charity. Alaine used to be one of my best friends until I got so depressed I blocked everyone out.

Alaine Grenshaw was forty five and she was my father’s executive assistant for about six years before he died. She and I became good friends when my father decided I needed to learn his business. She was charged with teaching me the ropes and soon I knew everything about his and my husband’s company. When my father died, I liquidated his company and invested all of it into Miles Pharmaceutical. My shares in the Pharmaceutical company grew and I made Alaine administrative assistant in charge of hiring and training staff. I became a board member in Miles Pharmaceutical and got my own lavish office overseeing the city.

Alaine started the charity organization with my financial help, but I preferred to be a silent investment. Besides our investment into the charity gave us a lot of tax redemptions too.

I had so many clothes bought for all the pregnancies I went through that I decided if I was going to heal I had to give away the baby things; so I called Alaine. After all, the doctor had said, I shouldn’t try again for another three years or so. I could always buy again; I wasn’t going to keep them there to haunt me. When I pulled into the driveway the Charity bus was parked on the curb. It was a big white bus with the logo and name of the Charity on the side; Wings of Hope.

“HI Allie,” I said as I reached and hugged her.

“How are you today Sherry?” she asked in that concerned big sister tone.

“I am doing very well,” I said in an upbeat tone, honestly feeling relaxed.

A young man walked up the path and Allie said, “This is Jerry, he works in the warehouse, he is here to help me carry out the boxes.”

I smiled with Jerry and opened the door as we walked in and I led them to the packed room.

Sunday, Ryan had decided that since I had taken the step with the art classes he would help me along by having the room packed up. It wasn’t until last night that I had agreed to actually give away the stuff.

“You are giving away everything, Sher?” Allie asked

“Yep,” I said as I tried moved to my room. She motioned for Jerry to enter the room and as he started to pick up boxes, she turned to me, “I am happy to see you looking so relaxed.”

“Thanks, I feel relaxed.” I said, hoping to get away to my room.

“I miss you,” she said, “I came personally for these things in hope that I could see you and I am glad I did.”

“I am happy to see you too,” I said

“Well I hope you feel better soon, it is not healthy to be home like this all the time you know, considering how busy you used to be when you worked, making sure everything was just right in the company.”

I smiled she was right, I took a lot of interest in the business that involved my father’s money. He had worked really hard for what he left me and I intended to keep his dreams alive. I know he wouldn’t agree with me selling his company, but Ryan had presented a good business plan that meant us producing a lot of medications and even cosmetics locally. I thought it would be better than importing, making it cheaper for the locals to access.

“I need to take a bath, just do your thing and you can let yourself out when you are finished,” I said excusing myself. She smiled and nodded as I walked off towards my room.

I was stronger, but not strong enough to stand and watch them take the last reminder of Emily away.

Under the shower with the hot water splashing all over I felt so clear and at peace that I started to think on the things Alaine had said. I had let so much time go by with me sulking and waning away, I decided there in the shower that things were going to change.

Ryan wanted me to step out of my depression and be normal again, well he was in for a surprise, because my next step on this ladder to becoming normal was going to be re-entering the workplace and re-asserting my position there.

I stepped out of the shower a new Sherry, with all the brains of the old Sherry when it came to running a company that belonged to me by right. I was a bit nervous about the whole idea. Feeling my heart beating in my chest and my throat feeling stuffed with fear. I dried my head with a towel and watched at my figure in the mirror. My body hadn’t changed much; I still had my small waist, and round hips, firm breasts sticking out from the warm shower. I wondered to myself what the reaction I would get tomorrow when I walked in my office. What was Ryan Miles going to say about the new Sherry? I dressed quickly checking the time, I had two hours before classes, maybe I could get two outfits before; one to test drive the new Sherry at dinner with Ryan tonight and one to shock the office at Miles Pharmaceutical tomorrow.
* * * * * ** * * * * ** *

Well Sherry seems to be finding her self confidence back. But is she digging a bigger hole with her indiscretions? How do you feel about Sherry? Share your honest opinions let me know and return next week to find out what Sherry does on her date with Ryan. . . .
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