Friday, June 22, 2012

Lovers Reunion (I promise to finish Thundering Love!)

Lovers Reunion


Sian Young

It's been three long years since I last saw my love. Ever since the war started all young men were taken away to fight. My love did not want to leave me, but refusal means execution. Not much of a choice go and have a chance of dying or stay and be executed.
I was sitting in our usual spot on top of the mountain overlooking the village, next to the tree where we made love for the first time when we were just adolescents, I remember when my mother found out she forbade me to ever see him again. She lifted the rule when I told her it was this or I run away with him forever. It didn't take her long to change her mind; she said I reminded her of my father, he knew how to get his way no matter what.  I took it as a compliment even though I knew it wasn't. My father had left us for a younger, prettier wife when I was just a child in swaddling clothes or so my mother tells me.
"Why did the Terrans have to be so violent and mean? They almost wiped themselves out with war and now they want to wipe everyone else out with war Barbarians." I muttered to myself as i stared off into the distance.  The fighting was nowhere near us thank Galla & Dionisis, but they were still collecting the young men from the country to fight as their numbers far outnumbered our own. I heard that they had destroyed their own world and have decided to conquer someone else, how could they?
"We would have been conquered by now if not for our strong bond with our world and our elemental gifts." I muttered to myself, those with the gift are in high demand during war time male or female, no one knows that I have the elemental gifts but when the other children were being taught to use it and control I wasn't allowed mother forbade me from ever training or using them, I didn't understand why. But, once war time came and they were taking 10 year olds with elemental gifts I knew why my mother forbade me from ever using mine. They never returned home and if they did it was either badly scarred psychically or mentally...or both.
The older you were the better chance you had of surviving and returning home the person you were.
"Konnor where are you...I haven't heard from you in a fortnight..." I sighed and lay down in the grass. All news of the war and it warriors had ceased 14 days ago, some people broke down in tears and cried for days, others just thought that the messengers were not getting through, all I cared about was my precious Konnor. I sat up as the evening bell chimed; time to return to the village it will be dark soon and that is when the creatures roam.
"Another day without..." I got up and turned to gather my things when a shadow fell over the area. I froze hoping it wasn't an early riser; some of the creatures ventured out early at times of great hunger. But, I felt no menacing entities nearby or the wind and trees would have warned me, instead it felt familiar like I knew the presence, almost as if from a dream.
I slowly stood up and turned towards the presence, what I saw made me drop my belongings to the grab and cover my mouth with my hands, as I tried not to let out a sob.
" haven't aged a day." Konnor said and smiled, I couldn't move or even breathe, it had to be a mirage or a dream...I've fallen asleep on the grass and dreamt of his return like so many times before. He just smiled and shook his head as if he knew my thoughts.
"It's me my love, I have returned home...the war is over. The Terrans have fled our world to terrorize another far from us." He took a step closer, when my body finally awoke and I found myself running to him sobbing uncontrollably, next thing I knew I was in his arms being thrown into the air and swung in circles as we both laughed and cried. He finally set me down and we stared into each other eyes for what felt like forever.
"I love you, my Ourlette..." I smiled and his face broke into a huge smile.
"I love you too, my dear Ourlette!" He slowly leaned towards me and I quickly closed the gap between us and soon enough we having the most passionate kiss I have ever had in my entire existence.
He was alive, safe and home...and even more the war was over for good; we were finally safe!

The End!


  1. wow Sian I think this is my favorite so far... I loved this one!

  2. I am not a fan of this genre, but this story was great and yes I do see it having the capability of becoming a novel. Good work Sian, looking out for more. Answers to questions like, when will her time come to use her powers?

    1. Thanks Anjie!!! I'll see what I can do with it! :-D

  3. This is a great story! Most definitely you should continue it. This is definitely novel material. You would have to expand on the history of what happened to the Terrans and how did they get into this predicament in the first place.