Friday, June 8, 2012

Thundering Love: Part Two

Thundering Love
Part: 2

(For Madison Johns,
who HAD to know
what happened next.)

By: Sian Young

I had my head on his chest feeling it go up and down as he slowly breathed. He was fast asleep and had been for a few hours. We'd stayed up until the storm had finally broken at around 4am, talking about each other. How long we'd known, when we figured out we were in love and how happy we were to finally tell each other. As much as I loved sitting here listening to him breath I had to get up and write everything down in my journal before I exploded from it all.
"Best night...ever..." I whispered and got out of bed slowly as to not disturb him, I grabbed my bag which had my notebooks, journal and laptop all in it, and headed downstairs, maybe I could watch the sunrise, and Andrew did say they were beautiful here.
"Ah, blissful's so beautiful and quiet up here. Hard to believe I wanted to go home last night, now I don't want to leave." I said to the empty house, I sat down on my favorite chair that hung from the ceiling and had no legs, I pulled out my journal and opened it to last night's passage I'd started before I'd gone to bed, I smiled at it and turned the page to today.
I must of gotten so into what I was writing, because before I knew it the sun was up and shinning and my legs were screaming at me to move.
"Ok, ok, I get the message. Maybe I'll make Andrew breakfast in bed...or at least breakfast anyways..." I closed my journal and put it back into my purse, I got up slowly as to test my legs and back, last time I got up quickly I collapsed...Andrew had laughed for hours, at least he did until I tripped him and he fell over.

I walked into the kitchen fully dressed having just left the bathroom, Andrew had left it in such a mess I had to clean the whole thing before I could use it.
"Ok breakfast...let's see what we have." I rummaged through the cabinets, but not much was here, I wasn't the Chef Andrew was, so the most I could do is cereal.
"...I'll let Andrew do the breakfast..." I grabbed a can of pop from the fridge and went back into the living room to continue writing. I slowed to a stop as I reached the living room table as my purse was on top of it, I could of sworn I had left it under the chair. There was nothing missing...maybe I'm more tired than I thought.
"Losing it girl...losing it." I grabbed my purse and headed back to my chair, when I heard a creak in the floorboards, I paused and listened but heard nothing. I shook my head and sat in my chair and got all comfy when I heard the creak again.
"...It's an old log probably creaks and groans a lot...yeah." I got out of my chair and grabbed the baseball bat and snuck slowly towards the sounds, once I'd reached it I jumped around the corner and yelled like a mad woman.
"Don't bash my brains in!" Andrew yelled his arms in the air, I sighed and dropped the bat, that'd be twice in two days I'd almost beat him up.
"Andrew...must you sneak up on me?" I sighed and leaned against the wall, he smiled and walked over to me, even though we'd said our 'love you' bits, I was still very nervous around him.
"I woke up and you were gone, where'd you go?" He smiled and got real close to me, I mean I loved him and all but I was so shy and nervous I could barely get out a coherent word.
"You're so cute when you're shy and nervous you know that?" He smiled and leaned in to kiss me; my heart jumped into my chest at the mere thought of it, but before our lips could meet there was a crash from the kitchen.
"...What was that?" I ducked my head out of the way of his and looked towards the kitchen; I knew for one thing it wasn't Andrew.
"...I don't know..." He bent down and picked up the baseball bat and moved slowly towards the kitchen. I followed behind him slowly, why I was hiding behind him? I didn't know as I could beat up 5 guys on my's a girl thing.
"...Maybe it's the cat..." I said, the fact that we didn't have a cat didn't matter, I just hoped it wasn't what I thought it was.
"Wait here..." Andrew whispered to me, he stepped towards the kitchen when I grabbed his hand and pulled him around and down to me and gave him a fast but passionate kiss, he looked at me a little breathless.
"For luck..." I whispered breathless, he smiled and turned back to the kitchen he slowly crept up to it, I watched him take a deep breath and charge in, then it got quiet until I heard a loud bang and someone groan and crash to the floor.
"...Andrew...Andrew...ANDREW!" I screamed and ran into the kitchen.

What happens next?! You'll have to wait until next week to find out! Muahaha!!!! :-P 


  1. Aw...Man! Are you serious? Gonna leave it hanging like that? Oh well. I'll be back to read what happens next! Terrific scene - got my heart pumping from their anxiety!

  2. I just hate a tease and cliffhangers. I'm so bad at remembering to come back. Sounds great and I'm ready for some real action to happen between those two.

    1. Any love making Madison will only be mentioned in a passing comment sorry! :-P