Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Love Notes - Chapter 4

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A brief recap:    The first week we met Stephanie debating her decision just moments before her flight. The idea to journal this experience boosted her confidence to go ahead with hertrip, something completely outside of her normal behavior or reserved Midwest business woman.  On the second installment Stephanie got caught in the rain and met Leah and Megs, a couple friendly locals that take to Stephanie and help her warm up.  Last week Stephanie met Rob, the man she flew across the ocean to see and things heateed up fairly quickly.  Now, what do you suppose has Stephanie ready to scream after such a hot night of passion?

*  *  *  *

Leaning back against the headboard with all but one pillow tucked behind you, the sheet draped across your lap you were ordering room service.

Honestly, I expected that you’d leave!

“The dessert crepes. Yes” covering the receiver, you ask “Strawberry OK love, or would you prefer something else?”

“Strawberry is fine.” I couldn’t stop smiling. I was elated. “Do they have ice cream?”

“Hang on I’ll check.” You uncovered the receiver “Can you add some ice cream with that? Oh yes, that would be fantastic.” You nodded in confirmation to me. “15 minutes? Perfect, thanks.”

Placing the phone back on the small table you pull me onto the bed with you. “Worked up an appetite.” An abrupt kiss pressed against my lips. Your legs spread, knees bowed outward. I eased between them,somewhat sideways as I hugged you tight. You wrap your arm around me squeezing me, then lift my chin and kiss me. “Is something wrong my darling?”

I shrug, feeling embarrassed.

“What is it?” Your eyebrows furrowed, then you asked “Did I hurt you baby? I”m so sorry love. I never wanted to hurt you.” Your hand gently rubbing up and down my arm.

“No. No Rob. You didn’t hurt me. It’s nothing like that. It’s just.”

Your eyes searching mine as if the answer was written there. “What is it Steph?”

“Well, it’s silly really. I just thought.” I hesitate in sharing my fears. “I thought you’d want to leave after we, you know.”

Your teeth clenched, your jaw stern. “Do you want me to leave?”

“NO, God no!” I hug you as you pull back slightly.”I was afraid you weren’t really interested, or the sex wasn’t good for you or”

Your lips were suddenly on mine possessively. “How could I not want you? Are you kidding me? The sex was amazing! Wasn’t it good for you?”

I blush. “Only the best sex I’ve ever had in my life!”

You pull me snug against you, kissing me again. This time it was more relaxed, but mind bending none the less. You kiss my forehead, then tap my nose with your finger. “You worry too much.”

I snuggle into you, relaxing in your arms and exhale a deep breath. We sat like that for a few minutes to where I was just about to drift asleep when the knock came from room service.

You nearly dumped me in the floor as you jumped up, slipping into a robe as you strode to the door. I cover myself with the sheet seconds before you open it. The man wheels in the cart, glancing between us knowingly. I blush, but am somehow turned on from being discovered in our actions. His short cropped hair was grey at the temples and he appeared to be around 50. He nods towards me as he opens the champagne bottle, then pours the glasses. “Is there anything else, sir?”

“That will be all for now. Thank you.” You escort him out the door, he glances back just before you shut the door then gives you a wink. I slide beneath the sheets, turning red from embarrassment.

“A little hide and seek?” I hear your footsteps drawing closer to the bed. “Feeling playful luv?”

I couldn’t help it, I giggled. Some very naughty thoughts were racing through my mind at that moment,including a couple of the fantasies we had shared online.

“Where oh where could my Stephy have gone? Hmmm, is she under here?”

I can feel you lifting the end of the mattress, it jiggles me a little.

“Or how about under here?” I scoot down away from the pillow, certain that you’re going to yank the covers back, but you don’t. You delicately lifted the other edge of the cover. Again, I giggle. You sit down at the very edge next to me. I don’t know how there was room enough for you. You lean back, pressed against me. “She was just here, now where can she be?”

You reach back, your hand resting full on my ass cheek. “What’s this? The bed feels like my Steph’s great ass?”

You squeeze, then ease the covers back from my head. “Your ice cream is melting.” You smear a big dollop of whipped cream on my breast. A sharp intake of breath as the cold substance covers my nipple, making it even harder.”Aw, now look what I’ve done luv.”

Your head drops to my breast, swirling your tongue over the delicate skin, avoiding my nipples, driving me wild. “Mmmmmm.”

“Mmmm, I don’t know which tastes better you, or you with whipped cream. Maybe I should test and find out.” You abruptly yank the covers back, and push me over on my back.”What do you think I got the food for Steph?” You waggle your brows at me and smear more whipped cream down my stomach, and onto my mound. You make a mock gasp. “Oops! Would you look at that.”

I feel a cold bit of whipped cream sliding down over my clit. I gasp at the sensation. You bend down and quickly lick it up. “Mmmm. Inconclusive. I need more testing.” You drizzle strawberry glaze from the crepes, then slowly lick it off.

“Oh my god, Rob!” The intense pleasure as you lick and suck is amazing. My fingers are in your hair as I squirm beneath you. As you continue licking, you reach over to the cart taking one of the fresh strawberries from the fruit plate. You start rubbing it over my already swollen clit. The tiny seeds creating friction, as your tongue worked magic. Using the large strawberry to massage me, you slip a finger inside me. “Ohhhhhh babe.”

Then you’re lightly pushing the strawberry inside me. “Oh my god! Rob” my jagged breath coming out in puffs as the overwhelming sensation drives me closer to the edge. I hear you making a low rumbling in your chest, a low growl as your tongue goes into overdrive. The first wave crashes over me “Oh, oh Rob! Yes! Unnnngghhh!” I clutch your head in my hands pressing you further into me. Your fingers and tongue pushing me over the edge, into the abyss of deep pleasure. A second wave hits me, and I shudder lifting my hips towards you. “Aaaeehhh.” My pussy contracts wildly on your fingers.

When the waves subside, you look up at me, strawberry mixed with my juices smeared on your face. You lift the strawberry up to me. It’s crushed, and looks like you just squeezed it in your hand. You crawl up to me, moving over me. “You did that Steph, your pussy is hot!” With those words you slide inside me completely filling me, stretching me. I gasp.

“ I think you should clean me up now baby.” You kiss me, and I can taste my juices on you with the strawberry.

I start sucking the liquid from your lips, from your mouth. As you move inside me, I start licking your cheek and chin. Lapping up every drop as you pump into me. Another wave threatens to crash as you reposition on your knees between my legs and throw my legs over your shoulders, tilting my pelvis slightly forward. Kissing my calves, then nipping my skin there. Small beginning contractions start within my pussy.

“Fuck baby!” You stop moving completely, your breathing ragged. Another small spasm, and you jerk slightly. “Hold still babe.” You scrunch your face up, then lick my foot, grazing your teeth over the tender part of my arch. ”Be still baby, I want to feel everything when you come.”

Slowly you start moving again, stopping after every few strokes. I can feel your cock jumping inside me, as my pussy clenches. You thrust deep pushing me once again over the edge.

“Oh Rob” I gasp. I can’t stop it now. My pussy contracting wildly with you inside me. You groan as I spasm around you.”Oh, oh, ohhhhhhhh.”

The intensity of the orgasm nearly made me pass out. “Oh babe, oh babe. Steph oh Gods yes baby!” You move just slightly, more of a nudge. I can feel your hot cum inside me, filling me. Your eyes are clenched your mouth contorted in pleasure, then you start pounding into me. Hard and deep. Yes! Noisy squishy sounds as I feel the fluids running down the crack of my ass, and slippery over your balls. We buck in wild frenzied movements for several minutes before you slow down.

Eventually we got around to actually eating our food. By that time, the ice cream was melted and the crepes were cold, but we had worked up quite an appetite. It was nearly 4 in the morning before we got some sleep. Laying in your arms, cuddled up with you was the perfect end to a wild first day in London.

I’m so very glad you didn’t want to leave Rob. I’m glad I took the chance on us.

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