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Fatal Indiscretion Episode 7

by Anjie Harrte
Episode 6 recap

After Sherry’s husband, leaves her all hot and bothered to run to the office, a temptation at her front door invites a ménage into her living room. In the middle of the hot fun among the three lovers the garage door opens and Sherry realizes her husband is back.

Now the story continues . . . . .

Episode 7

The garage door closed and the engine of the car was turned off. We scrambled about, picking up clothes and trying to fix up the living room. My heart was beating somewhere in my throat, my mind was racing and my fingers trembled. I laughed out loud and Paul and Sophina looked at me with raised eyebrows. I don’t know why I did it, why the idea of being caught excited me. I showed them into the dining room, a well decorated room that was hardly used because we hardly entertained dinner guests. I heard him come through the kitchen door, he was murmuring something, and then I heard him say, “We’ll talk tomorrow.” He was on the phone as usual. I heard his footsteps go up the stairs and I closed my eyes and sighed. The light that was on in the living room was a dim one, so maybe he didn’t notice it, or he was too taken up with his conversation to.

I stood in the living room, dressed in my lingerie with one hand on my waist and one on my mouth as my heart still paced against my chest. He would be entering the bedroom now and I wasn’t there. I moved to the dining room and pulled the door, “I have to hurry upstairs, get rid of her by the time I am back,” I said looking directly at Paul as he leaned against the dining table with his hands crossed on his chest. I turned on my heels and hurried up the stairs. I heard the shower running and I moved to the guest bedroom and grabbed a robe. I kicked out my red shoes there and walked back to the room. I looked around the room, my artwork was still sitting on the bed, his clothes thrown on the floor, I ran my hands through my hair and took deep breaths. I was getting myself ready for more lies.

          I moved to the window and looked out of it, I watched as the tall Indian beauty hurried down the pathway. Paul and I had a score to settle and as soon as this man was asleep I was heading back downstairs.

         “Where were you?” he asked.

        “All over the place,” I blurted.  'Wasn’t that the truth?' I thought to myself.

        “Do you know what time it is, are you having problems sleeping again?” He was opening his underwear drawer and pulling out a pair of boxers.

        “Not really.  Was a bit restless tonight, so I just walked about the place.” I said not daring to move from where I stood in front of the window. The light from the bathroom was the only light in the room so I knew from where I stood he wouldn’t be able to read any expressions on my face.

         “Well I am beat and I am going to take knock out now.” He was getting under the covers.

        “How did it go?” I asked. I knew I should probably just let him sleep, so I could take a shower and let the events of the night slip away, but I wanted to know how the preparations for the audit were going, after all I had a vested interest in the company.

          “We found the bug and ironed it out.” He was fluffing his pillows.

          “How about some details?” I asked moving from the darkness towards him.

          “Not now Sher, I am tired. I have everything under control, you don’t worry about it.” He turned his back to me and I resisted the urge to take my pillow and suffocate him.

           I moved to the bathroom. I stopped in front of the mirror and looked at my image. I closed my eyes and entered a warm shower; there was no sense in judging myself, after all Ryan was doing a good job at it already. I knew this was the beginning of the longest night of my life, so I made the shower quick.

            I hurried downstairs and found Paul sitting in the big sofa reading one of the books from under the coffee table.

             “Let’s go,” I said from the door, “The taxi will meet us on the corner.”

             “Mrs. Miles I really want to apologize for…” I cut him by putting my hand up and moving from the door signaling him to follow me. It was unbecoming of him to grovel.

              As we walked to the corner I made a few needed phone calls. Paul walked in step with me. I knew he was taking in the sight of me. After all; it was almost 1am and I was dressed in a business suit with a laptop and brief case in my hands. When I made the last phone call I sighed heavily as we approached the corner. The taxi wasn’t there as yet. My body was swaying back and forth nervously, “I know you don’t really want to hear what I have to say..” Paul started again.

            “On the contrary Paul, I want to hear everything you have to say, I just don’t want to hear it here, that is all.” I said as I saw the taxi round the corner. Before the driver could start making unnecessary noise I used the light from my cell phone to signal him.

           He pulled in at the corner and we got into the back. After giving him the instructions as to where to go I turned to Paul, “So how much did you say you are getting?”

          “It doesn’t matter Mrs. Miles, I won’t take anything from you; I have already been paid.” His eyes were apologetic but I didn’t buy it. I was furious and in no position to get emotional. My days of being emotional were now all behind me. Tonight I have learnt the true nature of the people I trusted and I was ready to see heads roll.

* * * * * * * * *

When Ryan would wake at 7.00am the next morning, he wouldn’t find me in bed with him or in any other part of the house; he wouldn’t do much of a search either. He would be running late for the auditors expected to arrive at the office for 9am. He would call Barry, the Accountant, and be told that the audit has begun in the board room and Barry couldn’t be disturbed. Hurrying down the roads and asking the security to park his car in the company’s garage he would hurry into the building and down the halls to the board room, but what he would never expect would greet him there; was me sitting at the head of the table as one of the auditors from the private firm explained to me why Inland Revenue was auditing my company.

Staring at me like I was the Antichrist; he would walk around the table and greet people, trying to figure out what was going on. He would pull Barry into a corner and be told that I picked up Barry at his house at 6am this morning and brought him to the office and made him spend the last couple of hours debriefing me on the status of our company. Three hours, however, was not enough to bring me up to date on things I have missed in over a year, so now the private auditor, a woman in her late thirties running a little private accountancy company was explaining the rest. The woman with a small bun on her head, and her spectacles on her nose introduced herself to Ryan as Indi Charan. She was a small bodied Indian woman with milk white skin and small black eyes. She seemed to understand her work even though she had only been in business for herself for five years. She explained to us that the concern of Inland Revenue arose since several companies that we had paid for products and services seemed to have gone out of business. She showed me bills from five companies to which we had paid large sums of money and each company had only been registered about three months before we did business with them and then ceased to exist a few months after. Our bills showed us paying VAT to these companies and these companies didn’t exist long enough to pay over this VAT. Inland Revenue’s concern was that we were moving our funds to these companies so that we don’t have to pay that much tax on our earnings. The problem Barry was having, was pointing out where the product and services were utilized by the company.

Ryan stepped up to the table, running his hand through his curly hair before saying to the room, “These companies submitted tenders to supply us with products for manufacturing, File coded MANU-2340 has all of the tenders submitted by all companies quoting the ones we chose as having the lowest prices.” He flips the pages inside the black folder.

         “So where are the records of the products supplied by these companies, receipts received from these companies?” Indi asks as she spins her chair moving her attention from Ryan to Barry.

          Barry looks to Ryan nervously before stepping up to the table, “File coded INV 63 will have the list of inventory with copies of all receipts from all purchases made from all companies for the past year.”

           I box through the file perusing the names of the companies on the receipts.

         “Where are the internal documents; the documents from the store room to the different departments showing these products were dispersed for usage?” Indi asks.

           “That is none of Inland Revenue’s business, we bought the products and we sold products, we paid the taxes, have the receipts and bills, we also have receipts and bills for products we sold, that is all they should be concerned with.” Ryan retorts in a controlled voice.

              “But I would like to see those documents,” I say, looking at him.

             “Not now Sherry, we can deal with this another time, not all of us have the leisure of disappearing for months and then reappearing and demanding stuff.”

             “No!” I say firmly as I push away my chair and stand up, leaning on my palms on the table, “Because not all of us are Head of the Board of Directors, not all of us own majority share in this company, not all of us are answerable to our investors, BUT I am, ME!” I hit my chest and I lean towards him.

            “Not everything can be about YOU Sherry, this audit is about getting our accounts straight for the Government, we can deal with the internal issues later.”

            “Actually Mr. Miles,” Indi interrupts, “There is another issue that the Government is probing.”

              Ryan shoots her a look as though to say not now. I look at him and try to recognize him. He seems so different standing there in his white shirt tucked neatly into his black pants. He was always a well kept man, always well dressed and I had made sure I kept things this way for him. I remembered the day I met him, the day I married him and the day I buried my father promising him I was going to make life work with this man and the money he left to me.

             “I need a coffee break,” I said as I headed for the door.

              Indi got up and said, “That makes two of us” and she followed me out.

             As soon as the door closed behind me I assumed Ryan was accosting Barry. When I rounded the corner to my office I bumped into Alaine.

            Her files went flying in the air and documents fell all over.

           “What’s the hurry?” I asked her.

          She froze, her eyes set on me, “I was going to make photocopies of these documents for the meeting in the board room.” She almost stammered.

        “That is okay, we are on a coffee break you can slow down.” I told her.

          Just then her phone rang and she looked at the screen as though she had seen a ghost. The ringing was becoming annoying so I urged her, “Why don’t you answer it.”

            From my end all I got of her conversation was, “Hi, No you didn’t, I checked and rechecked it isn’t there, I don’t know, you took it home I am sure, okay, bye.”

             I knew what the conversation was about but it was too late to pry. Instead, I was more interested in the documents strewn on the floor.

           “You know what Alaine, we are going to pick these up, why don’t you take coffee to the boardroom,” I said touching her on the shoulder.

        “Oh that is okay, I can pick them up,” she insisted.

        “Now don’t be stubborn, your boss is waiting for the coffee, I have this covered.”

        She wrung her hands together and suddenly the woman I had respected as being older and wiser, for years, now seemed like just a child to me. I watched her go as Indi and I picked up the documents and headed for my office.

        Indi’s assistant was already there making us coffee. He placed the two cups on my desk and left, pulling the door in behind him.

      “So it is just as you thought,” Indi said to me, “Are you prepared for this?”

       “Am I prepared for what; the biggest shock of my life and the biggest betrayal ever?” I asked taking a sip of the hot liquid and feeling it flow down my throat and warm my inside.

      “Yes, are you sure you can handle this?” she was sipping on hers and watching me over the rim of the cup.

      I heard the footsteps coming down the corridor towards my office and I could feel the tension in the air. I sat in my big leather chair and relaxed, was I really ready for this?
* * * * * * * *
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