Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Fatal Indiscretions Episode 5

by Anjie Harrte

Firstly I wish to apologise to all our readers and my fellow writer friends for being so late on this post which was due to many unforseen circumstances. I hope you enjoy the read and I hope writing it in a rush doesnt affect the smooth flow of the story.

Also, there will be no doodles today but I do promise to do a doodle for this episode sometime later in the week or next week.

Episode 4 Recap

In the previous episode Sherry and Paul rendezvous in his boat on the river as they continued to satisfy their lust for each other. On her way out of the market area Sherry sees that someone has stolen her side mirrors and she scolds herself for it, because she was parked in a shady area. She bumps into Jennifer from the art class and after a weird encounter with the woman she heads home to meet her friend Allie who is taking away the baby clothes to a charity organization. Sherry decides it is time to get back into her life, and settles on starting that journey at dinner with her husband Ryan and now it continues . . .

Episode 5

Rumours café was located on the ground floor of the majestic Tower Hotel. With each step I took through the lobby of the hotel; my heels clanking on the fancy tiles; my hips swaying from side to side and; the end of the red dress flinging with it; I smiled. A bunch of Caucasian and what I assumed were American tourists were checking in at the front desk and their eyes were on me. After all I am a true Guyanese beauty in the prime of my life. My curly hair bounced as I walked and eyed my onlookers from the side of my well lined eyes and smiled; a smile I had picked up from Paul. The slinky material of the dress gripped my luscious twin mounds and hugged my waist and hips before falling off into a frilly flair. My strappy red shoes wrapped itself around my chocolate coloured feet revealing the blood red nail polish I had applied to my toe nails. I clutched my red purse under my arm and moved like  a natural woman, one step in front of the other allowing my body to sway as though in rhythm with a sultry reggae song.

When I reached the café I pushed the doors and stepped it. It was dimly lit with a romantic atmosphere. The walls were painted dark red and had small gold lights that gave the room that sultry feel. The tables were covered with black and red table cloth and to the back of the café was a little bar. I recognised Ryan from the back sitting at the bar. He saw me in the mirror behind the bottles and he turned around. The outfit had cost me thousands of local dollars and the hairstyle and mani-pedi racked up another bill, but the look on Ryan’s face when he turned around was priceless.

I walked to him feeling as though the tables and chairs were parting for me to move smoothly between them. Ryan didn’t move, his jaw was dropped and his eyes were wide and when I was within inches of him he closed them and shook his head and then got up. “Good evening honey,” I said feeling a little victorious inside.

“Huh?…yes hun, good evening indeed,” he replied before reaching and kissing me on the lips. I leaned in when his lips touched mine and pressed myself against him and allowed my tongue to part his. I threw my arms around his neck and felt him pull me closer, his hands on my waist as we passionately exchanged a kiss right there for all to see. The café had about fifteen occupants at various tables and I could feel their eyes on us. Ryan and I hardly showed public affection beyond a simple smack on the cheeks or lips, but tonight neither of us cared what anyone else thought, tonight we were both letting out our frustrations.  

Slowly we let out of the embrace and I could see his eyes were heavy with desire. He ushered me to a table and when we were seated he reached for my hand, it was such a strange thing that I didn’t realize what it was he wanted when he stretched out his. It had been so long since we sat holding hands that I had grown unaccustomed.

The waiter came and gave us the beverage menu. I told Ryan I wanted a wine but since I wasn’t familiar with it I let him choose one. Minutes later we toasted to us and I sipped on a light yellow liquid in the glass that tasted light and fruity. Ryan knew my taste so the wine wasn’t as pungent as most I had tasted before, the taste was light and it seemed to caress my tongue and flow down my throat with ease, leaving a wonderful mixture of sweet and sour taste in my mouth. It reminded me of the wine we drank at our wedding, the one Ryan had chosen and promised me I would like – and I did, at my wedding and at the dinner with my husband.

Our conversation was light banter about my art class and the work place. I was surprised how at ease I felt to speak about my art class without blushing when Paul’s name came up. I told Ryan about the progress I was making with my drawings and he told me he was proud of me - correction he said, “you must be making your teacher very proud.” Ryan was not a man of many words; he was very quiet and reserved. I was the talkative one, I was the one who spent hours telling him all sorts of things about my life when we met, and it has always continued this way. This was one of the reasons I thought he was my soul mate; the fact that he would sit and listen to me and hardly said much.

Eventually it became an obstacle in our relationship, since I always felt as though he was keeping things from me, as though he never felt comfortable around me, or trusted me to open up. Over the years it succeeded in forming a big gap in our relationship. Sometimes I think our quest for a child was an attempt to fill that gap.

However, Ryan had always been good at expressing his feelings to me through his actions. He always showed that he was not only hearing to what I would ramble on about but he was also listening to me. He knew when I was down and would send me a single rose with a lovely note. He knew what I liked and what I didn’t. He knew when I was tired and would offer a massage; he knew my every desire and always tried to fulfill them without me asking. At least this is how things were in the beginning. The more pain and hurt we experienced through every miscarriage, the further apart we grew and soon it seemed as though a simple cup of coffee was too much for him to prepare. As time went by I stopped talking to him as much, emotions became pent up and overflowed in the form of my tears. He sought distraction in his work and his hobbies and our house became inhabited by two strangers.

Tonight, the man who had watched me over his omelet a little over a week ago as though I was a mad woman he didn’t know was stroking my hand and looking into my face with love and my heart swelled a little. As the wine started soaking into my brain, his stroking of my hand began to have an effect on me.

I sat back in my chair as the waiter brought our meal. I had ordered shrimp in a cream sauce and Mediterranean rice with a citrus salad. Ryan ordered a steak with Cajun potatoes. We ate in silence with just a few commentaries on the meal.   

For dessert we shared a slice of strawberry cheesecake. When the waiter put it down with the two spoons, Ryan gave him back one and smiled. The dinner had been a little uncomfortable with nothing to say. But when he took the initiative to feed me the cheesecake I was once more aroused. He scooped the cheesecake with the strawberry topping and placed it in my mouth. I slowly opened my mouth seductively and took the contents off the smooth and then licked my lips as I ate it. He sat there with the spoon in his hands watching me. I took the spoon from him and scooped up the cheesecake and fed him. There was a little on his lips and I leaned forward and kissed it off. I heard him give a deep moan at the back of his throat and my body reacted.

When I sat back he moved his chair around the table next to me before feeding me another scoop. We kept our eyes on each other as he placed the spoon in my mouth. When I took the cheesecake off the spoon, Ryan leaned in and nuzzled my nose with his. “No fair, you gotta share,” he said and my heart fluttered like the teenage girl I was when he first kissed me.

I leaned forward and he reached down and soon our lips parted and we shared the cheesecake, his tongue dancing in my mouth and tasting. I savoured the coldness of the cheesecake along with the warmness of his breath as I felt his hand move to the small of my back. I moved my hands to his crotch and rubbed it. It was already hard and pushing against his designer suit pants, telling me how much it had missed my touch.

I felt his other hand move up the inside of my thigh as he grabbed the flesh of my inner thigh and squeezed it. Ryan was always a tender lover, so the way he squeezed my thighs was strange for him and welcoming. I felt his fingers dig into my skin and my pussy reacted to it. Soon his fingers were prying my panty aside and I felt as his thumb rubbed my clit up and down. I moaned against his mouth and he sucked me in closer putting pressure against the small of my back. Then his fingers entered me, one and then two. I could feel the wetness dripping out as he worked it in and out and we kissed passionately.  I started moving my hips around as his fingers assaulted my pussy sending me into ecstasy. He never released me from the kiss as he kept me locked in pure pleasure. I didn’t know if anyone in the room was paying attention to us or; if we were moaning loudly or not and I didn’t care. Instead I kissed him harder and pressed my upper body against his as I felt the orgasm take me over. Right there in the middle of the elite little café my husband fingered me into a rocking orgasm.

When my body relaxed he released me from his kiss and quickly threw cash on the table. He grabbed me by the hand and we were quickly walking out of the café. Outside Ryan turned in the opposite direction of the hotel’s exit. We passed alongside the pool. I felt like the teenage girl again, the young girl I was when I gifted Ryan my innocence. Ryan pushed the doors to the men’s room and flung me. It seemed as one movement as he flung me in the room and against the back of the door. He didn’t check the room or anything, the CEO of the biggest pharmaceutical company in the country pulled down his zip grabbed my thighs lifted me off the ground and drove his dick deep into me. I felt my walls grab on to his thick cock and I moaned loudly from the sweetness of that feeling. It is said that sex is different with every individual, and the feeling I got from Paul, as pleasurable as it was, never compared to the feeling I always got when Ryan entered me. In that moment I would feel all the hair on my body raise to attention as my walls would welcome him. Ryan pulled aside the dress material covering my breasts and dug his head into them, assaulting my nipples with his tongue and sucking hard on them. He grew harder and bigger in me; a feeling I always enjoyed. I started to move my hips as he started driving in and out of me. Ryan drove his dick fast and hard into me; harder than any sex we have ever had. I felt as though he was letting out all of his frustrations in that moment, as my pussy began to scream from the sweet pleasure of the hard fucking. I dug my fingers into his shoulders and moved my hips back and forth in rhythm with him. As my orgasm came again; as my head got light and my body went numb I felt him stiffen up and lean in to me, and we both came hard against each other. His face rested in the crevice between my breasts as he breathed in and out loudly. I wrapped my legs around his waist and rested my head on top of his.

When we were composed and straightened up, standing in front of the mirror as we fixed out clothes; he wrapped his arms around my waist and we saw our reflection in the mirror. He kissed my neck and said, “Let’s go home baby.”

A man walked into the washroom and stopped abruptly looking at us and around. I blushed as we left and walked out of the building. When we reached the steps I heard someone call my name, I knew the voice and I froze.

“Sherry, hey there,” the voice said again.

I turned slowly as my eyes met his and I saw that smile, my heart was beating in my throat, and my knees felt weak, Ryan turned and looked from me to Paul and I hoped he wouldn’t see my reaction. I quickly cleared my throat and said, “Paul, hey.”

He walked over to us and extended his hand as I introduced him as my instructor, all the while feeling a bit queasy inside. They shook hands and exchanged a few words before Paul excused himself walking up the steps with his hand around the waist of a slim and extremely tall Indian girl. Ryan turned to me and said, “He seems nice.”

“Yep Yep, he is” I managed to say as I continued down the steps.

All the way on the ride home I sat in the seat with my hands clasped between my thighs watching Ryan. After he asked me what the matter was for the second time, I started staring out of the window. For the first time in what seemed like forever we were connecting and the last thing I wanted was to jeopardize it. I settled with myself that it was best to act normal and enjoy the night. But when we closed the garage doors and walked around my parked vehicle to head inside he asked, “What happened to your mirrors?”

I stopped with my back to him and waited for the ground to swallow me. To any other it would seem like I was overreacting, but to me; the woman who had never lied to her husband, whose husband could read her like a book, I was beyond scared to turn and tell him what happened without telling him what I was doing when it happened.
Thank you for reading this episode and if you want to know if it is possible for Sherry to lie to her husband then come back next week to find out more...

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  1. wow this was hot!! I loved the public display of affection!! You couldn't tell it was rushed it was great!! She shouldn't lie just sidestep the episode. say i dont know maybe?