Friday, July 13, 2012

Since You’ve Been Gone!

By: Sian Young

Hi, My name is Scarlett, I’m 29 years old and happily single. That’s right I’m happily single. No annoying men to bother me, pester me,or tell what to do.
I broke up with my boyfriend like 5 months ago, of course I went through the stages. I don’t need him, I’m better than him; the new and improved me, and then finally depression.
I sat on my bed in my PJ’s and ate junk for about 3 months, then in March I started to go outside and interact with the world again. It was then that I realized it; I loved being single. I mean, I could drool over any guy, flirt with him, giggle, smile, wave, do whatever I wanted without any stupid boyfriend getting jealous or thinking he must be gay.
I also realized that without a fragile male ego to keep stroking 24/7, my life was so much more fun and stress free. Trying to keep a man happy when he’s so paranoid is hard. They are always on about; you don’t appreciate them, you use them, you’re cheating on them, that is a lot of work to fight against all the time.
I also realized that being tied down was horrible and I hated it, it was no fun at all, sure the perks were great, but they weren’t worth the agro and stress.

You’re, by now, probably wondering how on Earth this could be a romance story? Am I right?? Well it’s easy, I had to tell you my back story on my ex and my view of men and dating before you understood the story I am about to tell you. How one man who I never saw coming, changed my point of view of men and that being tied down isn’t such a bad thing if it’s with the right man.
So, sit back get a drink and enjoy.


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