Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Love Notes - Chapter 9

When we left off last week Rob had given Stephanie a gift, a rather unusual gift.  I don't think that's what Stephanie had in mind do you?  What do you suppose she'll do with her time alone?  Let's find out!

Chapter 9
Ellie Mack

Day 6  

            I worked all day on the presentation for the medical center.  I think the centrally located elevators and escalators near an atrium garden will make the whole thing pop.  I added a small water feature because the sound of water is soothing, and well hospital – soothing, yeah it seemed to work. 

            I've never told you but I have a photographic memory.  Yes, well I came back here, and worked on sketching out everything I saw at the clinic; the layout, the general floor design, I took it all in and stored the information in my little brain receptors, until I could sketch it. You probably would laugh at how I work, but I had my sketches sprawled out all over the floor, specific features I liked on the chair next to me, and more sketches spread out on the other side. 

            It works OK?  Trevor laughed at me, and made fun of my sketches but it helps me visualize, and see it in 3D.  He never respected my work anyway.  Why am I even bringing him up again?   Ugh, he’s already taken more from my life than I would have ever imagined.  I’m not going to give him anything more.  New rule:  no more mention of Trevor.  OK one final thing:  He's an ASS!

            I wonder if you’d laugh.  Would you mock me?  You don’t seem the type.  Would you be fascinated?  Hmm, I don’t know.  Would you be at least interested?  I would hope so.  Maybe someday I’ll get to find out.  This is what I do, it's how I express myself. 

            I missed you this morning, not being able to wake up next to you.  It made me sad.

            Oh and by the way baby, I LOST WEIGHT! SQUEAL!  I don’t expect you to notice, because you haven’t known me for long, but I’m stoked!  Maybe I’ll buy some new clothes here after all!  

            I looked around in the shop just down the street.  I didn’t find anything interesting, bummer.  I’m heading back to hotel now, finish up my presentation and pick up my work mess.  By then you should be back.  Take a hot shower together, have some more great sex, mmm sounds like a good plan to me.

Day 6

3:00 p.m. 

            It didn’t take much to finish up my presentation, I even ran through it twice. I had hoped that  you’d be back by now.  I picked up all my sketches and just stacked them on the table.  What can I say, I’m turning into a bad, bad girl.  Your present has been taunting me since I opened it.  I have to admit I’m curious and I did promise to keep an open mind to new adventures. 

*           *      *      *       *

            Stephanie closed her journal, leaving the pen, in the crease between the pages.  It hadn’t taken much time at all to put the finishing touches on her presentation.  She kept glancing at the toy he’d left her.  Stephanie finished her tea, and wished she had something a bit stronger.  She wanted to try it , but was nervous and embarrassed.  There was no one to see her, and she knew Rob would ask.  She also knew he would want to play with it later with her. 

            That thought shot a zing straight through her.  Stephanie walked over to the fridge.  Rob had brought some things over with him that first night.  He’d showed her how to mix a few drinks since she didn’t drink much.  She took the bucket to the ice maker down the hall, filling it completely.  She could always use the rest to chill the wine later. 

            She opened the metal shaker container and added the ingredients just as he’d shown her.  Three measures of Bombay sapphire, one of vodka, half a measure of Lillet Blanc, then twisted the cap back on shaking it really well.  She shook it vigorously as she eyed the box, feeling a flush of pleasure.  There was something  seductive about daring to try something she had viewed as taboo.  The mixed emotions warred within her mind, the arguments for experiencing new things and those against tasting the forbidden.

            She reached into the cabinet and took out one of the glasses. She poured the mix into it and swirled.  Rob had a plastic container with lemons and a few long curls of lemon peel.  She picked one out licking her fingers, then swirled the glass and took a sip.  It was good, almost as good as when Rob had mixed them. This was a first for her as well, having a drink alone.  Oh, there were times she sipped wine at home alone but that was different.  Having a cocktail by yourself seemed foreign to her thinking.  Why hadn’t she?  Did she worry about what others thought?  Was she afraid she’d turn into an alcoholic?  She took another sip as she walked to the table opening her journal.

3: ish

            I have another first to report:  I made myself a cocktail just like you showed me and I’m having it by myself.  There is no one here but me and “the gift”.  Daddy used to come home and fix himself a mixed drink. I remember he drank Seven and seven; sometimes a highball, and sometimes Scotch.  I’ll have to try the scotch someday. 

            Usually when I have a drink I will go out with my friends.  Letti usually goes with me to The Suite and we typically get margaritas at happy hour. Love, love, love their tapas bar!  Can’t tell you how many times that was dinner.  A few drinks and a bit of tapas while we unwind and joke about the stupid things that happened throughout the day. 

NOTE:  Make sure to send Letti a gift – she’s an awesome friend!  She was there for me with all the crap with Trevor, and encouraged me to keep talking with you Rob. You may want to send her a thank you gift because I was so crushed after Trevor’s  . . . whatever you call it, that I was just going to hide in my office and never come out.  She thought it would be good for me to chat with you.  She thought it would be good to have a male friend that I could talk with and help me get over it. 

NOTE 2:  Buy a gift for Rob!  Don’t argue with me – you deserve it!

            I plan to introduce myself to your gift in a while, as soon as I get up my nerve.

*          *          *          *          *

            Stephanie took a big swig of her drink, walking over to the box.  She took the toy out, holding it in her hand.  She turned it over examining it and giggled.  She couldn’t help it.  Somehow the idea seemed absolutely hilarious, and naughty.  She set her drink down and examined it a little closer.  There was a soft membrane on the base, she pushed it.  It began vibrating.  She laughed out loud, feeling the vibration tickling her hand. She pushed the button again and it vibrated faster.  A warm flush came over her as she chewed her lower lip.  She pushed it again and it vibrated so strongly it moved itself across her palm.  Her eyes grew larger as her hand tingled from the vibration.  She clicked it again and it shut off.

            Stephanie placed it back in the box and took her drink.  Her arm crossed over her waist, she stood looking at it.  Then she turned her hand over looking at her hand, it still tingled.  She slammed the remainder of her drink, walking back to the kitchenette area. 

            As she mixed up another drink, she thought of a name for her purple friend and giggled.  It was perfect.  She poured the ingredients in, shook the mixer doing a little happy dance when she decided she needed some music.  She popped her iPhone into her Griffin dock and selected her 'after hours' play list.  First up was NIckleback, and she did a little dance move as she dropped the lemon peel into her glass.  She picked up her glass, lifting it in toast to the toy and giggled.  She went back to her journal for a quick entry.

*          *          *          *          *

            Thought of a name for “the gift”.  It is hereby named Mr. Prince!  I crack myself up!!  Going to  introduce myself, see if we can get acquainted.  LOL!

*          *          *          *          *

            Stephanie walked over to the box, picking up her gift.  She took a big swig of her drink before setting the glass down.

            “Hi, my name’s Stephanie.  What’s yours?  OH, Mr. Prince nice to meet you.”

             She danced around a bit, thinking she needed a different song with a sultry beat, something provocative.  “So I hear you know how to show a girl a good time.  I’ve got a confession.  I’m not interested in a long term thing, just an occasional “booty call”.  See, I met this man.  He’s amazingly awesome.  I know you probably don't want to hear about him.  She took another sip. "Oh you don't mind?  Great because I think I'm in love with him.  Seriously!  He  is caring, sensitive, loving, adventurous, and quite sexy.  He’s very understanding about my needs, though.  In fact he encouraged me to get to know you.”

            She picked up her drink, swirling the glass before taking a big swig.  “I’m up for a bit of sport so long as you know I’m not looking for any major commitments.  What’s that?  You’ve been looking for a girl that just wanted a little action?   Oh, well . . . maybe you misunderstand.”

            She was beginning to feel a little tipsy, a little less inhibited as the thoughts of what she’d like to be doing with Rob filled her mind.  “See it’s like this.”  She slammed the rest of her drink, then set the glass down, blinking.  “Wow, that’s some powerful stuff.  I’ve had four margaritas before I felt like this.  Gonna have to talk to Rob about this.  I think he was trying to get me drunk before.  Anyway, I"m not interested in just a little action.  See, since I've gotten to know Rob, I feel almost insatiable.  It's like he flipped the switch on and I can't seem to shut it off.  I've got all these years to make up for.  So you see, you've got a real challenge.”  Stephanie giggled at herself for the ridiculous conversation, but decided she was having fun with it anyway.

            She danced back around to the little table and dug inside the box.  A bottle of lube, and instructions, and . . .”OOH!  What’s this?”  She reached into the box and pulled out a small velvety box.  She opened it, her eyes grew large.  She laid Mr. Prince down on the table.  “Oh Rob!  You are the most thoughtful amazing man.  I wish you were here so I could kiss you, and you know, all those other things.  Stephanie raced to the mirror to put the necklace on.  Her fingers tracing over the smooth gold, lifting the diamond studded infinity symbol from her chest.  It was beautiful!

            Stephanie walked back over and picked up Mr. Prince. “You see you have some stiff competition right? "  She blushed and and laughed at her statement.  "That's funny, don't you get it? Stiff?   It's funny!"  She set her glass in the small sink.  "I mean he’s amazing!  I don’t expect you to be buying me gifts, or calling me the next morning, got it?  And if things don’t work out – well don’t call me I’ll call you or not.  I’ll let you know. AS long as we understand each other, let’s get to it!”

            She moved to the bed.  She looked at the paper that said instructions then set them aside.  “Really?  I think I can figure things out here.”  She lifted her sundress over her head, and tossed it across the chair.  “Mr. Prince the first thing you should know I suppose is my name.  It’s Stephanie.  No, no last names. Let’s keep this as our little secret rendezvous.  You don’t have to tell me your first name either.  I like the mystery and intrigue.”

            Stephanie pushed the button once, and Mr. Prince began vibrating in a low hum. “Glad to see you’re excited.”  She rubbed it over her nipple then the other one.  The vibrations making her nipples harden and peak.  “Mmm, very nice.  Too bad you can’t lick though.”  She unfastened her bra, tossing it on top of her sundress.  She opened the bottle of lube and squeezed a bit over her nipples, then rubbed the vibrating tip over them.  Wow!  It felt really good.
            Her fingers slid lower, trailing down her stomach.  “Let’s see what else you can do.”  She pulled the silky fabric of her panties aside, caressing with her fingers, feeling herself grow moist.  “ I don’t think we’re going to need any of that lube, do you?”  She looked at her purple and silver toy, then slid it down her skin over her abdomen, touching against her belly button, down her lower abs to just above her clit.  She chewed her lip anxious to experience this new sensation, but a little apprehensive as well. 
          “ I don’t know, maybe I should have another drink before I let you get to know me intimately.” Heat was already pooling between her legs, thoughts of Rob walking in catching her made it seem even more daring and adventurous.  “ Oh what the hell.  Let’s go for it Mr. Prince.”  She touched the tip to her clit.  Her eyelids closed with the instant pleasure.  “Oh wow!”  She rubbed it against herself, enjoying the new sensation.  “Mmm, you’re good.”  She moved the toy in longer strokes, just touching the tip inside her.  “Oh, wow.  I’m sure Rob will have a proper demonstration for me later.”  With that she pushed the tip a little further in, the vibration sending a ripple all the way up her body.  Stephanie clicked the end to the next setting.  "Mmmm."  She rubbed it over and inside of herself, making quick short strokes, almost going deeper but not quite.  She pressed it harder against her clit, an instant jolt of pleasure.  She continued for a few seconds letting it build.  Soon, she was lost in the pleasure, alternating over her clit and inside herself., the pressure  building, she was getting close to orgasm.  She had to have more.

           Stephanie pushed the toy deeper, touching that spot that as of yet Rob seemed to be the only one to hit.  She worked faster, deeper pressing against herself until she exploded in orgasm.  She continued working Mr. Prince  until the waves subsided, then ran the wet toy over herself, down over her back hole, remembering the play with the girls.   That thought sparked a whole new wave of lust, and she turned the vibrator on high.  The tingles that went through her as it vibrated over her ass, then plunging inside herself sent her over the edge to another orgasm.  Twice more she brought herself to orgasm before her actions were interrupted by her cell phone ringing.

          She quickly jumped up to answer.  "Hello?"  It was a London number, but not Rob.  

          "Ms. Colson?  Stephanie Colson?"  It was a deep male voice.

          "Yes?"   She couldn't imagine who it could be.  "Who is this?"

           "Ms. Colson, there's been an accident.   Mr. Taylor has listed you as next of kin.  He's in critical condition. "

           She didn't hear anything else the man said.  "What?  Rob is hurt?  Where?  What happened?"  Tears welled in her eyes.  No, this couldn't be happening.  "What room?  Where do I need to go?"

          "Calm down Ms. Colson.  He's stable at the moment, but if you could get here soon."

           "Yes of course just give me the address." She scribbled furiously, swiping at the tears.
She closed out the call, looking around feeling immense guilt that she'd been masturbating while he was in critical condition.  "Oh baby I'm so sorry,"  It came out barely more than a whisper.  Quickly she dressed, and slipped on a pair of sandals.  Mr. Prince was roughly tossed back into the box, the lid set on top.  She grabbed a light sweater on her way out.

         Frantically  Stephanie went to the front desk and asked the man  what was the best way to get to the hospital from there.  Smelling the alcohol on her he called a cab.  It was only a few minutes before the cab arrived.  Stephanie thrust the paper in front of him, as she could barely keep from bursting into tears. 

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