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Fatal Indiscretions Finale

Fatal Indiscretions finale
by Anjie Harrte

In the last episode Sherry found out the real reason why there is an audit at her company run by her husband as she meets with the private auditor. This week the story jumps from there to the night she dies. From here the story is supposed to take another turn, for this is supposed to be halfway of the book. The other half is going to be presented from the point of view of the female detective on the case and as she gathers information in hope of solving the mystery. It is there you will find out what happened between the day in Sherry’s office and this scene that unfolds here. I hope you enjoyed the story.

I will be taking a break from the blog to finish my edits of An Unexpected Desire and hopefully, this story. You can visit my blog and subscribe to it so you can know when the two stories are being published. Thanks for reading and return for wonderful new stories and new authors next month.

Episode 8

What actually transpired in that office that day spiraled a string of events that led to me walking through the Gardens late at night about a week later. Did I know who I was going to see? Had I thought through how dangerous it was being in such a deserted place so late at night? That I don’t remember. However, I do remember the sound of grass crunching as my I walked, the hoots and croaks coming from the darkness, the swishing of the water in the pond when a manatee squirted to the top and the blackness of night as it swallowed me the further and further I walked into it. Sure, the moon was up but the thickness of the tress in that part of the gardens kept the light from shinning on me. I moved the branches apart and stepped into the little cave, the same cave where I committed my first indiscretion. I was early; whoever I was meeting wasn’t there as yet.

Did I plan to come first? I don’t remember, but I do remember walking all the way to the back and stopping where the marsh began and watching the moonlight shine on top of the pond to the back of the cave. The reflection of the majestic moon sent a long stream glistening over the pond. Something moved in the bushes and I gasped turning abruptly to see what it was. I sighed deeply and convinced myself it was a lizard or a mongoose. In the last few days I had learned to face fear, to be strong, to approach everything with my head held high and dare it to test me. But maybe I had gained too much confidence. Why else would I believe I was safe here in the darkness all alone?

The hairs on the back of neck stood up and I spun around. I gasped as I saw the hatred in the face of my attacker as their hand went up and came back down. Something hit my chest, tearing flesh, breaking bones, seeping into my body. Numbness was created there as I felt faint. I couldn’t make out the face in the darkness, but I could see the fine lines creasing the eyes and wrinkling the mouth as it was before, anger ridden. There was a tugging at the object in my chest the pain now hitting me like a bolt of lightning and I gasped and screamed. I felt my body grow weak. The person’s head spins around as my screams die out, they wait for a while before turning back to me. I am falling backwards, stumbling like a drunken man with one hand on my chest and the other searching for something to prop me up.

 I mutter a word, what was it? Was I not in control of my words anymore? The pain increases like a thousand arrows piercing my chest, the blood must be flowing, because I feel a hot thick liquid soaking my clothes. My vision becomes blurred, my head is light and soon I don’t feel my feet. My body falls backwards as I watch everything disappear, slowly in a haze until it all goes dark and then there is no more pain. I get up and run after the person, something constrains me from leaving the cave. I fall against the side panting and checking my chest; I am fine, nothing has harmed me. I turn to my left and I see the body. It is lying sprawled in the marsh, a knife protruding from the chest. Fear jumps into my heart, but I don’t feel the racing, or the beating. It over takes me forming a lump in my throat as I walk towards the body. Enthralled, I walk towards her lying there like a common animal left to bleed out. When I stumble on her foot and go flying in the air and falling on her I see the moonlight shining brightly on her dark pale face, her eyes wide open; and I scream. No sound is heard as I watch my dead body lying among the marshes, killed by someone who was so full of hatred that they didn’t even tell me why they took my life. The only thing now on my mind as I move my hand over her belly is; do they know that they took two lives with one stab? I fall beside my body and do the next natural thing; I sob like a small child left abandoned by the world.

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  1. oh gosh how sad but how good, i cant wait for the book !