Sunday, July 22, 2012

Where To Now, Writer Person?

So, my story is over.  Diners at the Memory's End was only going to the half-way mark, and no further.  Why is that?  Because I want you to read the whole thing--after it's editing and published, that's why.  I mean, come on:  did you want it all for free?

To be honest, based upon the hits I've been getting, I wonder if anyone actually read it.  Not that it matters.  That's past, on to the future . . .

The question I have is:  what's next?  I'm up to keep writing every Monday, but what should that be?  I'm happy to have people read me, and I do love my fan, but what could I do to entertain you next?  I was thinking, "Dinosaurs on a Spaceship," but that's been done.

I have an idea--even a plot--but I'm wonder:  should I do it?  Should I spring it on the public?  I guess we'll see in a week, won't we?

I want to thank everyone who popped in to read my story.  I do hope they enjoyed what they read, and that they'll bug the hell out of me to finish and publish that little--well, not so little--gem of a tale.

Catch you next week, and if you have anything you want to say, please leave a comment.


  1. good luck Raymond!! We want to see more so get it done!!

  2. I read it! I think you should go with your instincts and write what you want to write. You've done excellent so far, and I dont see that changing!