Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Faere Warrior: Passion's Price

This week begins a new story.  I hope you enjoyed the heat between Stephanie and Rob in Love Notes.  This is a little different tale, one from a current WIP series. I think you'll find the same level of heat and passion, if not a little more with the added elements of danger. Enjoy!

Faere Warrior: Passion's Price

Ellie Mack

Keegan pushed through the crowd to the bar. It had been a rough flight getting here, there were problems with his rental, and the hotel staff had given away his suite. When assignments began this way, he knew he was in for a rough ride. He ordered himself a beer and spied a table in the corner with two open chairs. It was only a matter of time before that worthless Faery Lee showed up.
Lee was the contact from the Light Court of the Faery Realm that upheld the contract between the mortal and Fae Realm. Keegan and his brother Kyle were chosen for the responsibility to defend the portals into the humans world, because their clan’s land held two of the portals, one of them being the standing stones near the old castle ruins near Dunbarton, and their father was the merlin. Keegan had no knack for wizardry, but he was a fierce warrior.  
The Light Court monitored things from their side, while several humans monitored the human realm. Each of the royal houses of Faery were in charge of certain regions where portals connected the two realms. Leevander, being first prince to the house of Euthoria, had a vast range of portals that he monitored.  All Euthorians were telepaths. It was one of their special talents. They were very sensual beings, sexually heightened and often sought pleasure with whatever human they chose.  Lee was an arrogant fuck on his best days, a worthless piece of shite on all the rest. 
Keegan moved to the small table, his back against the wall assessing the room. As he scanned, he noticed most were college aged. There were a few that more than likely were under aged on fake ids, but that wasn’t his concern. There were so many bodies gyrating on the floor, it was hard to make much distinction.
The hard driving beat of the band reverberated through the floor, pulsing through the chair. Dark Horizons was a great band, better than most he’d heard recently. The lead guitarist rocked, and the vocals were exceptional. The woman that belted out “Break me out of this hell” would be gorgeous, if she’d cut back on her stage makeup. The male singer wore more black eyeliner than she did, and he looked as though he hadn’t seen daylight his entire life.
Keegan drained his beer, just as a server walked by. He motioned her for another. When the girl returned, she gave him a sly grin and sat a napkin down with her number on it. Option 1 for the evening. He grinned as he put the napkin in his shirt pocket.
“She’s hot.”
Keegan nearly choked as Lee appeared beside him. “Dibs, she gave me her number, not you fuckwad.”
“I could easily persuade her.” He shot Keegan an arrogant look knowing it was no challenge.
“Sure. Sad that you have to trick ‘em.” He waved his fingers in front of Lee as if performing some magical spell.
“I wouldn’t have to use glamour. She’d be mine if I chose it.”
Keegan took another swig of his beer. The arrogant prick. He was probably right, without using glamour it seemed women threw themselves at Fae. They must emit some base pheromones or something. “Yeah? Well why don’t you shut off your emitters as well. That pixie dust or whatever the hell it is and see how far it gets you.”
Lee leveled him with a glare. “Jealous?”
“Of you? Pfffft. That’ll be the day.” He took the napkin out of his pocket and tossed it to Lee. “’Ere. She’s no my type anyway.” He took a swig scanning the females in the room. “I prefer the dark haired beauties myself, and one a bit taller than my waist.”
Lee swirled his glass of yellow liquid before chugging it. Another magically appeared in front of him.
“Damn, man. The least you could do is cover mine since I’m risking my own bloody neck for ya.” Keegan said as he stared at the glass.
“Fine. Typical mortal, whiny little girl.” He waved his hand and a new bottle of Bud light sat in front of Keegan.
“Girl eh? So even girls can kick your sorry arse.” He downed the second beer. “Pro’ly a wee bairne lassie culd.” He chuckled, remembering his sister biting Lee’s leg at the age of 3. She latched on like a pit bull and brought the man to his knees, literally. “Aye, Bridgi got the best of ya, di’nt she?”
Lee slammed the glass down. “Enough mortal swine.” His jaw was clenched, anger roiled off him like a heat blast. “We’ve business to discuss.”
“Aye. ‘Bout time you got round to it.”
“The portal’s been breached.”
“Isn’t it always.” He took a swig as he turned towards the stage and noticed a dark haired woman in a slim black skirt, and a ruffled multicolored blouse. He held the beer to his lips but didn’t drink. He just sat there staring at her for a few seconds. As she danced, she turned so he could see her face.
“Business, then I’ll see that you have your chance with her.”
"I don’t need any Fae help.” He set the beer down. “The portal’s breached, somehow it got opened and I have to send them back. Same song, same steps, different club. I know the routine.” He slid down from the chair.
Lee grabbed his arm. “There’s more. Whatever is going on the Dark Prince is furious, and threatens war.”
“He’s always threatening war. Really he needs to grow a pair.”
“Keegan. This is serious business.”
He looked at Lee’s fingers clasped on his arm. “I’ve got this. I send them back we seal the portal. Same dance steps. Really, it’s getting old. But I see a real challenge right over there. I’ll catch up with you later.”
He walked towards the woman as the song ended. She walked off the opposite side of the dance floor. Keegan kept her in his sight. He wove through the crowd, straining to keep her in his sights. She stopped at one of the small tables and slammed the rest of her glass down, then hugged her friend and turned to leave. He had to move quick. He hastened his steps as he moved towards her, and nearly knocked her over as he bumped into her ‘accidentally’.
“I’m sorry lass, I di’nt see ya there as I was headin’ out.” He clasped his hands around her firm slim arms. “Are you alright? I din’t hurt you did I?”
“No, I’m alright. It’s OK.” She looked up into his eyes irritated.
“Can I buy you a drink? Make it up to you?”
“I was leaving.” She replied expressionless.
“Can I buy you a coffee? I was just leaving myself. Got a busy day tomorrow, and weel, I havena hit it off with anyone all night. Then I nearly knock you over. What you say lass, humor a visitor and let me buy you a cup of coffee?”
She crossed her arms. “Well actually I was going to go get a bite to eat. I came with my friends straight from work.”
“Great! Where would you like to eat lass?”
“Denny’s has great omelets.”
“Perfect. I love breakfast foods.” He pushed the door open to allow her to go first. “Are you OK with riding my bike?”
“Sure. Not a problem if you have an extra helmet.”
The “breakfast” was shared, sampled between the two meals, with both ordering orange juice. They conversed easily and soon were touching, sharing a light kiss. They held hands as they left, leaving over half their food behind.
Keegan mounted his bike, then pulled Salena into his arms, half laid across the front of his Dukati. Their kiss deepened, as Keegan slid his hand over her breast. Salena moaned into his mouth.
“Come home with me.” He whispered hoarsely.
“OK.” She kissed him back aggressively, biting his lip, then holding it between her teeth, pulling back before releasing. She slid out of his arms and straddled the bike behind him. Her arms wrapped around his waist. “Let’s go.”