Friday, July 20, 2012


By: Sian Young

As I stand on the rooftop of my building, I hear the phantom music that used to play for my love and I.
A beautiful melody, he made just for me of him singing a love song.
He would play this song every time we got into a fight, he knew I couldn’t resist his voice, his words, our song.
It never failed to put a smile on my face, and a spring in his step.
For he knew that no matter what he did, I’d forgive him as soon as I heard that stupid song.
But, not this time, this time I cannot bare to hear the song that once brought me so much happiness.
Now, all it brings is heartache and pain, how could you do this? How could hurt me this way?
What happened, I thought we were perfect, so much in love I thought it’d never end.
That we’d spend eternity circling each other in an endless waltz, forever in one another’s arms and hearts.
But, it was all a lie, your gone and I’m all alone, forever to hear the phantom song we once knew and loved.
As I wipe away stray tears, I wonder why you did it, why you left me so suddenly and never said goodbye!
I thought I meant something to you, you meant an awful lot to me, but I guess all the nights we spent up here dancing under the stars, was a waste of time and just filler to you.
As you waited for your chance to leave me, me and all our love and memories.
As I climb onto the ledge and look down on the crowded street below, I wonder if I’ll ever see you again.
Maybe someday we’ll be together again, as I cry over our lost love and memories, I hear our song once more, and smile as I step off the ledge, my last thoughts of you and our life together.
As I lay on the ground below, clutching a newspaper clipping in my hand, I see a bright light and hear a familiar voice, telling me it’ll be alright and not to be afraid.
I close my eyes, and when I reopen them I’m standing over my body, all frail and broken.
I hear the voice again and turn to see my love, he has come for me at last. He takes my hand and leads me away, telling me, that I’ll have no more pain, no more heartache, and we can truly be together forever.
The newspaper clipping rustles as the wind blows, it reads, “Young man dies in fatal car crash, aged 26.” just before the wind blows it away, and in the distance you can hear two lovers hearts singing as one, once more.


  1. This story goes with Eternal Love! It's the same characters.

  2. Aww that is sad, Sian :( Well done though :) x

    1. Thanks Serena! I know it's sad but also romantic!