Thursday, July 26, 2012

not the main event but half the fun is the journey

by Ben Hannigan   
                             My hands cupping the heel of your shoe as I stare at you reverently, undoing the small leather and brass strap around your ankle. I slide the four inch stiletto off your dainty foot and present a series of searing yet gentle kisses as you giggle at the feel of my tongue on your stocking covered arch.  Your now shoeless foot caressing my cock through my leather boxers I move to the second shoe repeating the process massaging your arches and heel, sucking gently on your toe as you gasp, feeling me stiffen.   I move now to your calves rubbing, caressing, and stroking my hands tracing the curve of your toned legs till I reach your garter belt, this small delicate strip of white lace, the sole nod to purity and innocence on my Laura’s thigh. My hands trembling as I slide it down, my tongue following its path down your skin until it hangs daintily off your toes, the second follows the first. Gently as I undo the fasteners, you moaned slightly as my hot breath tickled your cloth covered centre. Your stockings almost rolling themselves down your thighs as I slide them off you, watching as more and more of your bare flesh previously covered by black lace is revealed to me, my eyes devouring you, ravishing you. The material pooling at my knees as you rub faster, with my licks eliciting little moans from your lips. I move and slide myself up your willing body kissing and nibbling as I go, your shirt in front of me tight on you; silk and oh so very sexy. With one hand I undo each button, my skin touching yours, me worshipping each inch of newly exposed skin with kisses.  I slide it off your arms and pull it from under you whilst thrusting into your mouth, rough, hard and fast. One hand on the shirt, the other in your hair leaving you bare breasted and breathless. My fingers stroking each nipple to hardness your C cup boobs perky and sexy as I dip my head to taste them, worshiping you and feeling each whimper of desire as my shaft is pressed against you. My hand moving down to cup your arse, slipping under your panties as we stand in the moonlight. My tongue still swirling in your mouth as you rip my boxers in your need to have me nude. Stood with you near nude, I finger you faster and faster, first one finger sinking into your wet depths, then two, then three stretching to fill all of you as I bite your throat, your body sinking into my arms. Your knickers falling down your thighs to your feet as I spin you pinning you against cool stone wall. The slight rough finish teasing your clit and nipples, my mouth on your neck, my hand muffling your gasp as I enter you my love, from behind. You cease to say a word as you and I are overcome by the feelings, other than turning to me, kissing me and whispering with a flick of your tongue in my ear that “yes baby I do.” I moan hard and thrust further rougher, slipping your tight ring of muscle onto my length as my hand slides the small silver band onto your hand. As we lose ourselves in each other the cool air on hot sweaty bodies entangled as one sexual being, together like some renaissance painting. Where you end and I begin who knows, we don’t care, we are joined.

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