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Fatal Indiscretions Episode 6


By Anjie Harrte

Episode 5 – Recap
Sherry and her husband meet for dinner at Rumours Café where things get hot between them. At the dinner table Ryan is swept up in the hotness of the moment and slips his fingers into his wife rocking her body to an orgasm. As the moment continues to heat up, he takes her to the men’s washroom and drives her home to another crashing orgasm. On their way out of the hotel which houses the café, they bump into the art instructor, Paul, and Sherry becomes nervous. Introductions are short as Paul heads into the hotel with his arms around a tall beauty. At home Ryan notices the missing side view mirrors and questions Sherry about them, it is here the story resumes.

Episode 6

I turned and wrapped my arms around his neck. My throat was tight and I feared if I said anything I would give myself away. His eyes were questioning and his body was stiff.

“What happened to your car Sherry?” he asked once more. Nonchalantly, I turned to the car and sighed. “That? That happened at the old Dutch Market earlier today.”

“What were you doing in that neighbourhood?” he asked, his forehead crinkling up as he raised his eyebrows. I sometimes forget how much older than me he was and how much more experience he had; maybe that is why he has been able to read me all these years.

“I heard there was a store there that sold sexy lingerie straight out of Brazil, the kind those Brazilian girls wear at the strip club down town,” I lied, relying on something I heard in the mall about a store on the top floor.

“But you shouldn’t be in areas like that; you know how dangerous they are and the sort of people who live in those…” I cut him short; with his tongue taken up he couldn’t continue to rant. I kissed him ravenously, with my arms wrapped tightly around his neck as he wrapped his around my waist and pulled me in close. He was just about to pick me up when his phone went off. He tried to pull away to answer it but I pulled him back in, tightening my grasp and kissing him more intensely. However, the phone didn’t stop but continued to ping. He pulled away again. “Leave it,” I said.

“I can’t,” he retorted as he took it out and answered it.

I was furious; steam was probably emanating from my ears as I stood there in our garage and watched him walk past me into the house. I sighed deeply and decided not to be the usual me, instead of sulking or being angry over it, I headed upstairs. I passed him at the kitchen counter and rubbed my body against him; he was listening to someone on the other end intently and watched me from the side of his eye. I stopped at the door to the stairs that led from the kitchen to the upstairs bedroom and licked my lips as I curled my fingers in front of me beckoning him. He looked at me and closed his eyes, letting out a heavy breath. I turned and headed upstairs.

I eased my body out of the red dress and watched my reflection in the mirror. Dressed in lingerie that I bought from the Brazilian store; a low cut lacey panty with no crutch and a bikini lacey bra. I went to the box still sitting on the vanity top and took out the lace neck band and clipped it around my neck. I slipped on the knee high stockings and clipped on the straps attaching it to the panties. Then I slipped my red shoes back on  and quickly lit a few candles around the room.

When I heard his footsteps coming up the stairs I stood at the foot of the bed, my feet spread apart and my hands on my hips. He came through the door and stopped, running his hands through his curly hair and biting his bottom lip. I smiled at him and took a step towards him when he said, “I am so sorry honey.”

I stopped and tilted my head at him, confused.

“I have to go in to the office, Barry said that the accounts aren’t balancing and the audit starts tomorrow,” his eyes were pleading as he spoke.

“Audit?” I asked.

“I told you we were being audited by Inland Revenue, so we hired a private firm to do the audits for us first over the weekend so we could be prepared for Inland Revenue next week.”

I dropped on the edge of the bed and sighed; he hadn’t mentioned this before.

“Why would Inland Revenue want to audit us, did we not pay our taxes, declare the right amounts, what? Why?” I asked, as my head seemed to be swirling around in circles.

“I promise to tell you everything when I return, for now Barry needs me to go over some figures with him,” he didn’t move to me to comfort me, he stood by the door and when I looked up with tears in my eyes, it seemed to send him through the door faster.

I fell on the bed fighting that feeling that wanted to overtake me. I blinked back the tears and listened as his car left. I had a lot of high hopes for tonight and now they were all down the drain. I picked up my phone and went through the directory, I needed to talk to someone, I needed to feel better, I wasn’t going to be this emotional wreck all the time. I dialed Alaine’s number, she was the closest thing I had to a friend, maybe talking things through with someone else would make me feel better. Her phone rang and went to voicemail. I didn’t leave a message, it was almost 11pm, she was probably fast asleep. I continued to skimmed through the contacts and realized I had no one else to rely on. If Cathy was around I would call her and chat, just listening to her voice sometime made me feel better, but that wasn’t an option. I went on to the blackberry messenger and looked for her at least there I could send her a message. Her status said asleep. I couldn’t disturb her either.

I fidgeted with the blackberry for awhile, going through my contacts and their updates. Then I changed my status. Before it had read, “new beginnings,” I sighed and changed it to a sad face. Then I plopped the phone on the bed and headed for my bag with art supplies. I was going to draw something, anything; I needed to let the frustration out. As I plopped the pad on my lap and reached for the bedside lamp to turn it on, my phone pinged.

I checked the message, “Why the sad face?” from Paul

I didn’t know what to say; I looked at the phone as though the devil had left it there for me and rested it back on the bed. I began to draw a woman’s body, round and plump with lots of curves when the phone pinged again, “Come on Sher, talk to me, I am your friend,” from Paul

“Thanks for your concern, but I am fine, just one of those nights,” I typed and pressed the send button.

“Where is hubby?’ he asked. I didn’t want to answer, I felt as though he was mocking me, but for some reason I didn’t control what I did around this man.

“Left for office,” I replied

“Really, after the way you looked tonight? Hard to believe. Must be something really important then.”

“It is.” I defended, not sure myself whether it was or not.

“You home alone then?” he asked

I didn’t reply, I set the phone down again and continued to draw. Nothing was coming out right though. The woman’s head was larger than her body, her breasts were lopsided; one bigger than the other, her waist was wider than her hips, her thighs were skinny, impossible that those legs could hold up the body I drew on top. She appeared as one of those cartoons from the funny columns in the newspaper.

Just then the phone pinged again, “I am at the front door, open for me.”

I stared at the walls and felt frozen in place. I looked around the room wildly. Then, forgetting how I was dressed, I moved to the window and looked downstairs. He was standing below looking up at the window, our eyes were locked on each other and I felt that trance he seemed to always work on me, take over. I moved to the door and down the steps, I stopped at the mirror by the door and checked my face and hair and then I pulled the door open. Standing on the other side was Paul and his tall Indian beauty. She smiled and looked me up and down, and Paul did the same and then I remembered that I was still dressed in my lingerie. I gasped and almost closed the door back, but Paul put his hand forward stopping the door as they walked in.

 “You look very hot,” he said as he kissed me on the cheek and walked past. The girl smiled and said, “indeed,” and she too followed Paul into the living room. She was very tall about 5’ 9” with long slender legs that was topped with a round ass and small hips and waist. Her breasts too were tiny, something you didn’t see often in Guyana. Guyanese women were busty but this tall Indian spice had small lemon sized breasts and a long slender neck. Her face was slim with high cheek bones and a small nose, her eyes were round and noticeable on her face, black as coal with long thick lashes that seemed to look into your soul. She wore a black leather mini skirt and a silver tube top with high silver pumps. Paul was a tall man but this beauty in heels towered over him. her lips were thick and red and when she smiled her cheek bones raised, her eyes lit up and my heart jumped in my chest; she was a splendid beauty with her long black straight hair opened and running down her back stopping right above her ass. She caught me staring at her, my eyes fixated on the rise and fall of her luscious derrière and she looked to Paul and smiled.

I suddenly felt self conscious as they exchanged this wicked look between them and I said, “Just give me a minute to pull on something.”

The Indian beauty grabbed my hand and pulled me into her. Suddenly I was arrested by the smells of expensive perfume, minty breath and fruity hair. My body was against hers as she held my wrist behind her back keeping me there.

“This is Sophina, Sophina this is Sherry,” Paul introduced us as Sophina smiled and reached forward and kissed me on the lip. It was a strange feeling; being kissed by another woman. Her lips were so soft and her manner of kissing me so tender.

Paul came over and stood behind me, running his hand up and down my body.

“My husband might be back in a bit,” I said.

“Then we don’t have much time, do we?” Paul added as I felt his lips on the back of my neck. His hands wrapped around my body and the palms of his hand rubbed down my belly and stopped inside my panties. Sophina’s lips met mine again, soft and inviting as she parted them and I tasted her minty breath. His hands found my breasts as she massaged them, all the while kissing me deeply and slowly, her tongue caressing mine. I leaned in toward her wanting to taste more of her. I felt her kick out her shoes as she came down lower.

Paul was now massaging my clit with his fingers as he continued to kiss the back of my neck and shoulders. I could feel the hardness of his shaft against my ass cheeks as he pressed his body against mine. Sophina broke our kiss, and placed a smack on my neck. Then she and Paul were kissing softly and slowly, moaning and groaning as they did. Paul’s fingers were assaulting my clit and Sophina’s were rubbing away at my nipples. I opened my eyes long enough to see her long slender neck glistening in the dimly lit living room and I kissed it. Her flesh was so soft that I placed kisses all over.

 I was starting to buck my hips under Paul’s assault of my clit, when I felt Sophina push him away and giggle mischievously.

Paul chuckled as Sophina took me by the hand and lead me to the couch. Paul moved back to the door, clicking the locks, bolting the door and letting down the blinds to the two big windows on the side of the big mahogany front door. If I was thinking straight I probably would’ve told him that Ryan will come through the garage and not the front door. But I wasn’t in my right senses, after all it is impossible to think straight with a sexy woman lying against you body, kissing you and running her hands about your body.

Sophina trailed kisses down my neck, softly pressing her lips and letting just the tip of her tongue touch my flesh, but it was enough to send sweet sensations throughout my body. She trailed down to my breasts and pulled away the lace that covered my mounds of flesh. She kissed them lightly before sucking in my left nipple into her mouth. Her left hand massaged my other breast while she sucked on my nipples causing me to arch my body against her. She trailed small circles around my breasts as I saw Paul undressing behind her. She moved her attention to my other breast as the warmness of her mouth caused me to moan in pleasure. Then she kissed down my belly and unclipped my panties from the stockings. She was smiling with me as she eased down my panties. I reached forward to kiss her, I enjoyed the way it felt; her lips against mine, her tongue dancing with mine, but she took her hand and pushed me down back on the couch. She opened my thighs and kissed the inside of them, I jerked my hips as the sensation of her kisses seemed to send shock waves through me.

Then I felt the warmness of her tongue on my sex. She was sucking at my clit slowly, trailing the length of it with her tongue and then sucking it in her mouth. I closed my eyes and threw my head back as the sweet sensations began to wash over me. I raised my hips and bucked them under her sweet assault of my sex.

I felt something slap me and I opened my eyes; startled. Paul was standing on the couch, one foot jacked up on the back of it, his long thick shaft waving in my face. The sweetness was increasing between my thighs and I needed him in my mouth. I reached for the long caramel coloured shaft and sucked it into my mouth. I let it slide in and out and then I sucked on the smooth head, letting my tongue tease the slit on it, prying it apart. I heard Paul moan out loud and I know he liked it. I reached down below his dick and licked one and then the other of his twin boys, feeling him arch against my mouth.

 Sophina was now lashing her tongue on my pussy; plunging it in and out of me. I was bucking my hips on her tongue as Paul started ramming his dick in and out of my mouth. I felt Sophina run her finger around the rim of my butt hole as she plunged her tongue in and out of me. The sensations were rising slowly from the pit of my core, and Paul kept ramming in and out of my mouth and I felt him hit the back of my throat. When the orgasm started to flood my body and I started to stiffen under it, I felt Sophina enter my ass with one of her fingers and I cried out under the overwhelming sensation of emotions that washed over me. As I screamed in pleasure, Paul took the opportunity to fuck my mouth harder and faster and soon I felt him jerking and the hot liquid hit the back of my throat.

Sophina kneeled between my thighs smiling as Paul fell on the couch beside me. I licked my lips and reached forward to kiss her. I tasted my pussy on her and the taste got me hot again. I grabbed the little skirt she was wearing and practically ripped it off of her throwing it to the side. She reached over and started massaging Paul's dick. He looked at us, me ravenously removing her clothing tearing away at them and throwing them to the side, she watching him and smiling; and I saw him rise to attention once more. When she was naked I pulled her in towards me, her breasts in my mouth as I hugged her close kissing away on her small lemon size mounds. She cooed and moaned as I lashed my tongue out at her nipple, massaging her clit with my fingers. I wanted to taste her, make her feel the way she made me feel. So I threw her against the small coffee table and tried to mount her. She grabbed my shoulders and playfully pushed me on the ground, we both fell, rolling and laughing. I heard things fall and crash but didn’t think twice on them.

We rolled on the ground, my arms around her waist as we kissed, her giggling against my mouth. Then she stopped wrestling with me when one of my hands found its way between her thighs. I rubbed her clit and dipped one of my fingers into her sweet pot as she moaned.  I wriggled under her and moved down until my face was buried between her thighs, smelling the sweet scent of her love and tasting the tangy taste of her pussy.

Paul moved to the ground on his knees and opened her thighs wider. I attacked her clit with my tongue, nibbling and sucking on it. Paul came down and traced the entry to her butt licking it in circles before dipping his tongue inside, she moaned out loud and arched her body as he did. Then he positioned his cock and slowly entered her ass. I was in awe, I had never been fucked in the ass, and the fact that she was going to get such a nice huge dick in there excited me. I continued to suck on her clit and raise my head to dip my tonuge into her pussy hearing her moan loudly on the other end. My own pussy was dripping from the thought of Paul's dick in her ass and I guess she saw it, because soon she was lapping it all up, sending more sensations through my body. Paul started moving in and out of her; fucking her ass faster and harder as I continued to move my tongue up and down her clit and in and out of her pussy. She bucked hard and screamed loud, her orgasms crashing one after the other as I felt her body stiffen and tasted her sweet cum over and over again. The thought of her coming and the feel of her tongue on my pussy caused me to cum too; crying out in pleasure against her pussy. I saw Paul quicken his thrusts and grimace from the pleasure.

All three of us collapsed on the floor as Sophina rolled to a side and Paul lay in the middle of us two.

Paul's dick sat limp on his body right there in front of my face. I wanted to taste her on him, so I reached and licked it. I felt it jerk and I giggled like a teenager. I sucked the head and watched it come to life. I was so happy with it, that I continued to suck, watching it get harder and harder.

Sophina smiled and sat up, "I like this one Paul," she said as she mounted his face, throwing one long slender leg over his face. He reached and grabbed her hips bringing her down. Just the sight of her on his face got me wet, and I got up and mounted Paul's massive dick, feeling it fill me. Sitting on it was quite different from any other position. I felt totally full of Paul and soon I couldn’t stop myself from rocking back and forth. Paul's dick seem to touch that spot inside almost immediately as I grabbed on to Sophina's shoulder and rode it hard and fast, moving my hips back and forth and around. Sophina reached and kissed me, our lips pressing against each other, she extended her tongue and so did I and they played together licking and tasting. I could feel the sweetness from the massive cock in my pussy as I heard the car pull up outside. The sound of the garage door opening is what froze us in place.

All through the orgasms I had forgotten about him returning; about us in his house; about the possibility of my husband coming through the garage and walking in on the scene of me riding Paul's dick while Sophina rode his face. As I heard the garage door open, I looked from Sophina to Paul to my living room and wondered; now what?
* * * * * * * * * *
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Now what? What do you think will happen when Ryan walks into that living room? Are you a bit scared for Sherry? Want to know more? Then return next week for another episode.

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