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Love Notes - chapter 8 & Companion chapter

Welcome back to Love Notes. As a special treat, this week we hear from Rob.  We've been reading Stephanie's diary and hearing her thoughts. I don't know about you, but I'm wondering if Rob is into her as much as Stephanie is into him.  Do you think Rob is keeping secrets?  Will the secrets that each of them are keeping end up ruining their relationship or will they work things out?

Chapter 8 Companion
by Ben Hannigan
              Rob laid on a bed of white cotton, curled up with his new found lover watching her sleep.  The room was small but the fact that it was a suite made up for that. He rolled over carefully to avoid waking her and saw that it was five thirty in the morning. Yawning, he searched for the source of the vibrating noise that had awakened him.  He eventually, by touch, managed to reach his phone; unlocking it he saw it was work. “Bollocks” he swore and checked the message; “Taylor, the package from the yanks came in today, pick up and deliver asap. DV.”  He slowly rolled out of the bed and gently kissed his sleeping partner.

            Grabbing the pad from under the phone he scrawled a note for her.  From the adjoining living room area he phoned room service and arranged for a simple breakfast to be delivered to her for around nine thirty; a kir royale, a light croissant, and a Viennese pastry with a single red rose. He stepped into the shower closing the door quietly as not to wake her.  He turned the shower to a high heat, and sliding off his silk pyjama bottoms, he stepped in, swearing softly at the change from cold to scorching heat.

            In the shower, his mind, freed of distraction, worried on  an issue that was bound to come up sooner or later.  It was Stephanie that caused the issue.  She was funny, smart, sexy -  definitely sexy.  He smiled and slipped into a memory of the night before. She was naked on the bed he’d crawled out of at 3am to go relieve himself, leaving her asleep in a tangle of sheets and duvet. He crept back in, using skills picked up over the years, and managed to slip back into the bed undetected. She rolled over onto him, her mouth seeking him, his tongue penetrating her mouth and sucking the air from her lungs. By default now his hand found her sex and she was ready for him, stroking her clit he devoured her throat with kisses.  She moaned into him, her heart pounding, and all he could focus on was the hand wrapped around his cock.

            All thoughts of a shower forgotten now he gripped himself with his left hand, his right hand supporting himself against the wall, his calloused hand sliding up and over his soap coated cock. Gripping tight and rough losing himself in the moment of his memories, eyes glazed over with lust small grunts escaping his lips.

             She pumped her hand along his hardness and grinned wickedly as he moaned for her, alternating between slow movements and fast paced poundings, bringing her boy hurtling towards the oblivion of orgasm but each time pinching just below the tip and holding him there.  It seemed like he had reached that point eight or nine times by the time that he was allowed to plunge into her, biting, thrusting, and groping.  They blended their two bodies into one, screaming into each other.

            He stiffened and exploded all over himself in the hot shower, the water washing the hot come off his pale skin as he lost himself in his memories of being inside his Stephanie. He continued his shower, hardening again still lost in the recent memories. This time his movements slowed, allowing him time to explore his own body in ways that he had not done before he met Stephanie.  His hand grasping his shaft as his thumb rubbed across his tip, teasing at the slit whilst his right hand slipped down his chest, leaning against the wall now panting with need and desire. 

            He imagined he was no longer alone in the shower but instead sharing it with her. Her mouth sucking at his neck as she twists his nipple, biting and tearing at his bare skin, his left hand resting on his hip as she takes over stroking and teasing his balls.  Her squirting the moisturiser into her hand and rubbing it over his cock jerking him softly as her free hand moves from nipple to his hip, tracing circles on his skin. He mewled as he felt the lubed fingers press against his hole demanding entrance, instinctively leaning forwards against the wall to allow her access to dip deeper.

            “Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck!” He mewled as a finger traced across his prostate, he slumped onto the digit right down to the knuckle driving him to see stars, falling backwards in surprise at the power and intensity of the dry orgasm that surged through him.  Rather than the glass shower door he expected to find, on his bare back he felt wet, warm skin, he felt a pair of rock hard nipples brush against him and a set of arms catch him as he slumped.

            “My god” he mumbled as he came down from the rush, with her continuing her assault on his limp body plunging her tongue into his mouth and grasping his hardness until he begged for release.  He moaned and shook watching her slide from the shower turning with a quick and coy wink as she managed to sway teasingly back to bed.

             He moaned again from his come soaked position slumped against the shower wall, finishing the shower he blearily walked back to the bed, not quite sure where the fantasy ended and the physical world began. He dressed slowly in a plain suit, making sure that Stephanie was still asleep.  He took a small leather system of straps from a locked box in his suitcase and untangling it and put the harness around his shoulders.  Taking the second item from its protective cloth, he readies his L117A2 and prepares to leave stowing his spare magazines in the inside pocket of his leather jacket.

            Leaving the hotel he paid the concierge to retrieve his bike from the valet parking and rode into the melee that was rush hour London traffic, stopping not at the medical facility that Stephanie had already seen but instead a small non-descript building in Vauxhall Cross.  Presenting ID at the door he was buzzed into a small dark office where he received his orders and a package to deliver to an American business contact at a small hotel in Knightsbridge.

*               *                *                *               *

Chapter 8
Ellie Mack

               Stephanie  stretched, then turned towards Rob.  She scooted towards his scent.  A slow smile spread over her.  Every moment spent together was wonderful, the sex was amazing but their morning cuddling was her favorite part.  She scooted a little closer, her arm slipping beneath his pillow.  Would he make the first move or would she?  She stretched again, the fog of sleep slowly receding.
            Wait!  Something felt wrong.  By now he usually put his arm around her or something.  She reached over patting his side.  When she felt nothing her eyes flew opened.  She sat up; the sheets falling away.  Stephanie patted his area as if somehow magically he would reappear. Stephanie sighed as the realization that he’d already left for work hit her.  It was so like him to be sweet, not wanting to wake her but she wanted to see him, kiss him before he left. Slowly she swung her legs over the edge of the bed and walked to the bathroom.  
            She showered mechanically, going over the work she needed to do, and not wanting to do a bit of it.  She sighed, her face turned up letting the water pour over her. A mental battle waged on why she shouldn’t be disappointed.  She should be glad that Rob was gainfully employed, that he wasn’t some dead beat.  Not that she cared about his financial situation, but being a dead beat would mean his character was flawed.  As far as Stephanie was concerned there was nothing about Rob that was flawed.  Not his character, his heart, his face, his body, his mind; Rob was the complete package.  A smile spread over her as she thought of Rob.  He was such an amazing man.  Charming loving, romantic, and extremely sexy, he knew just how to make her feel special.

            As she toweled off she caught her reflection in the mirror.  She turned to the side, then to the other side looking at herself.  It appeared that she’d lost a bit of weight since she’d been here.  Was that even possible?  It had only been a week?  She turned around to view her backside.  Somehow her ass didn’t appear quite as large to her.  “Hmm, maybe it’s just my imagination or wishful thinking.”  She turned back around. Her tummy definitely appeared a little flatter, more toned than before. 
            “Well Rob Taylor, my sexy hunky man.  You are apparently good for my body as well!”  She tossed the towel over the edge of the tub and practically sprinted to the small closet where her clothing hung.  She slipped on her silk panties and best bra. She couldn’t tell any difference and took them off, putting them back into the drawer and took out the black satin string bikinis, and the black lace matching bra.  They were noticeably better fitting.
             She ran to the bed and grabbed her cell phone from the nightstand. She quickly punched her friend’s contact picture. It seemed to take forever to connect, then ring before it was picked up. 
            “Hello? Stephanie?”
            “I lost weight!”  Stephanie practically screamed into the phone.
            “I. Lost. Weight!”  She could barely stand still from the giddiness she felt.
            “OK, congrats.  I didn’t realize you were trying while you were over there.”
            “That’s just it Letti, I haven’t been trying.  I just got out of shower and saw myself in the mirror.  I tried on my tightest panties and they fit me great.”
            “It must be all that sex you’re having.”
            Stephanie blushed, even knowing that no one could see her, her friend's comment made her feel a little embarrassed.  She walked back into the bathroom, turning at different angles to look at herself. “Hey if this is what it gets me, I’m doubling up!”
            “Is that even humanly possible?  Aren’t you like doing it about seven or eight times a day now?”
            “Um, yeah something like that. Oh Letti, I’ve never felt so in love in my life!  He’s just so amazing.”  She shuffled back to the bed and flopped down on her back, her feet on top of the attached headboard, staring up at the ceiling, tweaking her nipple.   “I may have to consider international business, open an office here so I can be with Rob.  Let Steve handle things there.”
            “About that"  Letti cleared her throat.  "he has lost you the Spurgess account.  Mr. Spurgess is filing a lawsuit against you for breech of contract, and failure of delivery.”
            “What?”  she flipped around instantly on her knees facing the end of the bed.  As the shock of Letti’s words sank in, she spotted a white box on the table in the living room area.  She walked over to it.  White pearlized paper wrapped with a purple ribbon, the box was about the size of a shoe box.  Had Rob bought her some sexy shoes?  They had discussed over their chats her love for and his appreciation for sexy shoes and boots.  He’d said many times he’d love to see her in specific designs, then forwarded a picture of Jimmy choo’s, or some other super sexy shoes.  A picture of thigh top zebra print stiletto boots flashed in her mind and she gauged the size of the box.  She had promised him she’d wear them with a black leather halter, and black mini skirt before she did a slow private striptease for him.
             A card was placed leaning against the side of the box. “Send me the information, I’ll be working most of the day. Rob has to work, so I’ll just stay here and get my work in order.  Send the necessary files, I’ll call and see if I can’t smooth things over with Mr. Spurgess, maybe remind him of daddy, get him all sentimental and promise that he won’t have to deal with Steve again if he can just wait until I get back to the States.” Her fingers trailed over the box.
            “OK. Stephanie?”
            “Yes?”  She toyed with the ribbon, wanting to rip into it and be wearing the boots when Rob returned.  Of course she’d wear them all day in her panties and bra breaking them in.
            “Are you seriously planning to stay over there and set up an international branch?”
            “Oh, I don’t know. It was just an offhand remark because I don’t want to lose Rob.”  She tugged on the ribbon, it started to give. A flicker of excitement rippled through her.
            “It’s just that you referred to here as back to the States, not as home.”
            “Oh, did I?”  Her fingers traced her name on the card. “I  don’t think it really matters, not a big deal OK?  Anyway I’ve got to get busy.  I really do have work to do.  Bye.”
            She knew she’d cut Letti off and well, she’d apologize later.  She set her phone down, her fingers itching to open the gift.  First the card, she opened the envelope, reading the card he’d left her.

My love!  Had to nip into work a bit earlier than expected, something’s come up. Shouldn’t be too long.  Booked you a ticket to the Cabinet War Room, for this afternoon.  Will have to meet up with you later my darling.  I will text you.
P.S. There’s a toy in the  box next to this note if you need to work out some stress before you go out.
             Well, obviously not boots then.  Stephanie looked at the times on the ticket and slid them back into the envelope. A toy?  She wasn’t into dolls, souvenirs, or much for knick-knacks.  She tugged at the ribbon again, this time it pulled out easily.  As she laid the ribbon aside, she carefully removed the paper and folded it setting it with the ribbon.  Stephanie lifted the lid, curious as to what Rob had given her. 

             “Oh my God!  Rob!”  she practically screamed it as if by saying it loud enough he’d hear her at the clinic. She placed the lid back over the box quickly, turning bright red. “I can’t believe you’d”  she didn’t even finish her thought. 
            “Should have gotten the boots!”  She crossed her arms, a myriad of emotions battling for first place.  She stomped to the closet and slipped on her black floral sundress smoothing it down into place. She glanced back at the box, a bit angry that Rob would give her ‘that”.
              A knock came at the door. “Room service.”
              "I didn’t order any room service yet.”  She briskly walked to the door, practically flinging it open.
              “Mr. Taylor took the liberty of ordering for you Ms. Colson.” The attendant said as he wheeled the cart in. He deposited the tray on the table, then removed the cover to reveal a magnificent meal and a single long stem red rose in a bud vase. 
“Enjoy your meal.”  The gentleman made a hasty retreat with the cart.
             “Oh don’t even think to butter me up because you’re thoughtful.” She spoke to Rob’s presence in the air. "I'm mad at you Rob Taylor!"  She plopped down in the chair, and poured the coffee from the carafe.  The breakfast was divine, but she couldn't finish it.  Stephanie carefully positioned the bud vase in the center of the table, just the right spot, then took the tray to set outside her door.  As she set up her laptop she let out a huge sigh. There was a great deal of work still to sell this medical center.  She pulled up her programs in different tabs and loaded the pictures from her phone.  Stephanie called room service again and requested a large green tea with lots of ice.  She worked diligently for three hours, occasionally glancing at the box.  She mulled over inside her head the contradicting thoughts about her gift. 

               Fear of being caught, fear of what others would think of her, unsure of what she really thought of 'it', curious as to how it would feel, how it would make her feel.  She'd never used one, hadn't ever really considered it, until now.  She stretched, took a drink of her tea then pushed herself away from the table.  She walked back to the table behind the sofa, and opened the lid staring at the contents.  Carefully she set the lid on top of the wrapping paper.  She reached for the toy.  A ten inch hard plastic vibrator that was  purple metallic.  Her phone buzzed and she dropped the toy instantly.  She scrambled back to the table, to grab her phone. 
               It was a text from Rob. 'Miss you darling.  Will be tied up a bit longer than planned.  Afraid I won't make lunch.  go ahead without me, I'll grab something here.  ILU'
                 The clock on her phone told her it was 12:30; they were suppose to meet at noon.  Darn!  She saved her files, and closed out her laptop.  Carefully she put the lid back on her box, after taking one more peak of course.  She grabbed her purse, checked herself in the mirror, smoothed her dress down, admired the smaller curve of her backside and headed down to the hotel restaurant.  A small seafood salad and fresh fruit sounded divine, and she needed to get out of the room before she gave into the temptation to try "it".

* * * * * * **  * ** * * * * * * *

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