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Love Notes - Chapter 7

I do believe that Stephanie is starting to loosen up a bit and be more spontaneous.  How do you think Rob is going to respond to a hair change?  What is going on that Rob seems preoccupied to the point that it's noticable to Stephanie? 

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Day 5  10:30 am

I could really get used to waking up to you. I’ve never been a morning person until I met you. Waking up to your kisses is the best way to wake up - ever. Especially when it leads to tender loving with you.

I could almost give up coffee for you! I realize you don’t get how significant that is, but maybe someday you will. I just want to lose myself in you when you kiss me. I want to give you everything I am, holding nothing back. My heart aches for you Rob,and it scares me. What if you don’t feel the same about me? What if it is just all about the sex with you? I’ll be such a fool if that’s the case, and at this point I can’t imagine my life without you.

I had wondered about your reaction to changing my hair.  I should be spontaneous more often!  Wow talk about making a girl feel hot!  When I met you at the restaurant, you stood outside waiting.  As I walked towards you, your face lit up to see me.  You took a few steps toward me, then you pulled me into your arms and kissed me.   Mmmm, loved that!  Then suddenly you got a strange expression, and held me at arms length, your brows knitted and said "Stephanie!  What have you done?"

I felt at that moment that it was the single most stupid thing I'd ever done.  "Umm, I had my hair styled while I waited for you?"  I responded nervously.

You spun me around, looking me over closely as I nervously touched the shorter ends, brushing them back over my shoulder.  I stood there for several seconds with you not responding before I said.  "Do you not like it?"  I had thought the face framing style would be more attractive. I had hoped that the layers would add some depth, and the bright highlights would add a little sexy oomph, while the cinnamon lowlights added a little something  - I wasn't quite sure what, just something more than my plain brunette hair.  But as I stood there, my hopes fell and I suddenly wanted to point out that my brows were waxed, or that my toes freshly manicured, anything to get your attention off my hair.

"Like it?"  Your jaw seemed stern. "Dear Lord woman, I couldn't keep my hands off you before!  Now you're even sexier!  And you expect me to eat?"  At that you pulled me into your embrace, kissing me firmly.  A slight rumble in the back of your throat as you breathed into me. I relaxed into your embrace.  As usual my worrying and fretting was for nothing.

We’ve spent practically every second together since our first date. This is the first day we've been apart for any length of time and I miss you terribly.  This isn't healthy, this overwhelming need to be with you.  How am I ever going to function on the job when I get back home?  Come to think of it, how can I possibly return to that life without you?  I don't want to think about it, but it looms before me.  The countdown to my departure date looms like a ticking bomb.

I've got to come clean with you, and be totally honest.  If I expect you to be honest with me, how can I hold out on you?  What are you going to think of me?  Will the truth destroy what we have?  Oh, I can hardly bear to think of it, yet the longer it goes the more urgent the need to fess up.

I can’t help but light up when you walk into the room. I love the sly half grin you give me when you’re wanting me. LOL! It’s been quite frequent! I love the subtle little gestures. The way you trail your finger along my jaw, gazing into my eyes before you kiss me tenderly sets me aflame. When you reach out and clasp my hand in yours I feel giddy. From the slightest touch to the wild animalistic frenzied sex, I’ve never felt as alive as I do with you baby!

Today you’re giving me the tour of the medical facility, the key point in being able to deduct this trip as a business expense for the firm. I know, I know! It even sounds cheap to me! Honestly, I had such a heavy workload and clients backlogged I shouldn’t have taken off. But when you said if I could arrange a trip you’d give me the full tour well, being able to deduct my costs tickled that practical side of me.

Would I have come just for you?  If I had any idea that things would be this way between us I'd have come months ago, but I think that the time we've spent getting to know each other is part of what makes things so great.  I have to be honest - if I'd never stepped out of the box and taken this trip, I think I'd have made excuses why I couldn't or shouldn't and end up missing out on what we have. The truth of that makes me sad over the way I've been. Now that I'm here with you, I would never go back. I wonder if you feel the same.  I hope you do, and I hope you forgive me for the truth of how I was before.

When do I tell you, or do I tell you that I own the company? I don’t have a company jet yet, but if I can pull off this deal for the new medical center . . . BABE! It’s a multimillion dollar deal! Would the money matter to you? I don’t want you to think I don’t trust you because that’s not it. I never tell anyone! I mean, well the people in the industry know, and others in my company know of course.

There was one time just after dad passed and left me the company that I shared with this guy. I had gone out with Letti for a few drinks to celebrate my freedom from Trevor. Well, after the first few margaritas I was feeling quite liberated and I told this guy that asked me to dance that it was Trevor’s loss. He wanted out, and we would divide everything equally. I bought out his part of the house with a loan from my father. Two days after he signed the agreement Dad left me the company. The guy from the bar was a leach after that.  The next day when I was sober he stops by the office trying to schmooze me and get all chummy with me. He was only after the money. I decided then that I wouldn’t tell anyone that didn’t already know. People treat you different, and it’s not a good thing.

So what does this have to do with you? I feel that I should share with you. I wonder if it would matter. I’m curious yet at the same time I’m afraid that you may decide to put up with me if there’s money involved. I don’t want that. You either love me or you don’t. I’m not looking for a sugar daddy and I don’t want to be anyone’s sugar mama. I want a relationship based on mutual respect, mutual desire, an equal partnership.

Maybe I’ll tell you before I go back and convince you to move in with me back home.

Well, a girl can dream anyway.

It’s pouring down rain now, and you should be back any minute. I wonder what’s taking you so long? It was only suppose to be twenty minutes and you’ve been gone quite some time. After we eat you’re taking me to the medical clinic. You seemed a little nervous before you left, a little apprehensive. I wonder what that’s about. I’m sure I’ve totally disrupted your normal routine and I apologize for that.

Day 5 11:30 pm

Again, an amazing day. You were absolutely soaked when you returned with our food. You’re right, the clinic is absolutely state of the art! You said you have to go into work tomorrow. Maybe I'll buzz you and see if you want to meet for lunch or something.  Or maybe I should just give you some time away from me.  I don't want to be smothering you.  Maybe I should spend that time compiling my presentation and send it to Letti.

When I show the power point presentation with these photos it’s going to knock the socks off those old stuff shirt windbags back home! If I can make this sell baby,  wow!  The future will be blown wide open, opportunities abound.  Can you say huge bonus???  I can't help but daydream about us together on a tropical beach.  I don't know how you can handle the dreary weather here.  I don't mind rain, but this is depressing. It was quite chilly by the time we had left the clinic.
* * * *

After the tour we walked hand in hand along the river. You are the most romantic man I’ve ever met in my life. You shared your usual routine with me, telling me about frustrations at work and hopes that you have for your future. We stopped at your usual cafe where you bought me a latte. I wish you’d let me pay for stuff. I feel so guilty knowing that my company can cover everything.

It was so nice to sit and talk, really talk with each other. I had wondered if maybe the sex had made things weird and you wouldn’t talk to me. I’m so glad you’re not like that. Hearing about your friends,your hobbies,the things you enjoy meant a great deal to me. This is probably weird, but I felt like an outsider, an intruder on your life. My mind goes down all sorts of dark alleys wondering about what secrets you might be keeping from me, what lies you are covering. Trevor was all about secrets, and I was too naive to see it.  I need to be more cautious, yet I've already fallen hard for you.

We went to your favorite bookstore, the manager addressed you by name, asking you to introduce your latest girlfriend.
Latest girlfriend?
Latest girlfriend???

I know you have had a life before me but I was instantly jealous. You laughed it off and said he was teasing you. I know, I know I have no right to be jealous of anyone you’ve been with. It was a quick reminder though that I’m letting my emotions get way out of control concerning you. It made me wonder again about secrets. Here I say that and I’m keeping two big secrets from you. First I’m the owner of the firm, and two that little escapade with Megs and Leah. How can I cast any doubt on you when I’m keeping secrets from you?

That’s it! I have to tell you. I dont’ want there to be secrets between us. If I want you to trust me, and love me, then I should come clean with you.

We walked a little further down the river to a nice restaurant where you had made reservations. That was probably the best seafood I’ve ever had! The wine was perfect, the company divine! Again you seemed a little nervous, or apprehensive. Are you wanting to break it off with me? You seem to be genuinely interested, but what’s going on? Am I over-analyzing everything? Maybe things are just moving too fast for you. I don’t know. I won’t blame you if that’s it. I won’t blame you if you’ve had enough, or you’re just not feeling it with me.  I'm sure that my visit is a major disruption to your life.  It has completely changed mine!

For now, I’ve decided to just take you at your word and enjoy the time we have.

OMG BABE! The roses are beautiful! They were waiting for us in the room with the chilled wine. You think of everything my love. As soon as I saw them you embraced me, and kissed me gently.

“OH Steph, I want you. I want you with me always darling.” Your lips pressed softly against mine as I moaned into your mouth. You kissed deeper,I relaxed into you. As you continued kissing you eased me down on top of you on the sofa. “You are gorgeous Steph.”

We kissed for several minutes before your hand trailed down my back, over my ass, but you just rested it there. You turned, rolling me to where we were face to face your hot kisses trailed over my neck, then back to my lips. Your fingers working deftly at unbuttoning my blouse, never breaking our kiss.

You traced the edge of my bra with your fingertip, just barely brushing over my skin. The kiss deepened; more passionate, intimate, loving. The front clasp of my bra clicked, and your hand was cupping my breast. Pulling back slightly from the kiss you said “Your breasts are gorgeous darling. So big and full.” Dropping your head slightly, you kissed the swell of my left breast lightly then returned your lips to mine.

Your hand trailed over the curve of my hip, down over my ass. Your fingers trailing little circles on my skin leaving a blazing fire everywhere you touched. I could feel your hardness pressing against my hipbone. When I reached to touch you, you brushed my hand away.

Slowly, very slowly you unzipped my jeans. I moved to assist you in sliding them down, but you stilled my hands again. You trailed kisses down my neck, over my collar bone, down to my breast taking my nipple in your mouth. Teasing with your tongue flicking lightly before sucking it into your mouth gently. My fingers combed through your hair. You stop, reach back and pull the clasp from your hair letting it fall free.

I love your hair baby. I love feeling it brush over my nipples with you above me. I love running my fingers through it. I love the way it frames your face, giving you a wild edge. My fingers comb through your unbound hair you press a hard kiss to my lips, demanding, nearly bruising.

“Let me love you Steph, let me take my time and love you with the attention you deserve.” Your voice hoarse and raspy. Nearly a growl.

You slip the sleeves of my shirt down over my arms, then toss the shirt behind you. You push me back on the sofa now and slide my jeans down, kissing my skin just above the edge of the fabric as you slide them down. You continue this all the way down my legs, down to my toes then suck on my toes, biting my big toe playfully. The jeans are then tossed behind you.

Unloosening your tie, you unfasten and toss that in the pile. Then never taking your eyes from mine, you unbutton your cuffs then the front of your shirt and remove it, tossing it behind you. You lean down, kissing me deeply passionately then pull back.

Standing, you unzip your trousers and let them fall in a puddle, stepping out of them placing your left knee on the sofa edge scooting me back over on my side. You hold me close, pressing into me slightly, the lightest touches over my skin, every nerve is on fire anxious for you. Your mouth closes over mine at the same time your fingers brush against my slit.

Babe, I’ve never wanted anyone as desperately as I did in that moment. But you weren’t finished yet. Lightly you caressed my folds through the fabric of my panties. I moaned, wanting more.

Slowly and deliberately you tease me, before slipping your finger under the soaked fabric inside me. You grin and hook your thumb into the side and pull them down over my ass, then down my legs. As you lift my leg up over yours, you rub against me. Your lips on my neck, pinching my nipple between the knuckles of your fingers as you cup my breast,I gasp at the sensation, my hand clasping in your hair.

Every cell in my body is humming with anticipation, the anticipation of what I knew was to come was nearly too much. Slowly you caress my skin, leaving a trail of goosebumps. You lift my top leg up onto your hip as you thrust forward rubbing against me. I gasp at the sensation.

That sexy half grin you get when you know you’re turning me on spread across your face right before you kissed me deeply. You positioned yourself teasing me. Slowly, very slowly you pushed inside me inch by inch. Oh Rob, it was exquisite! When you began to move, it was slow and tender, so loving. I have to admit, I cried. Not because it was painful, oh God no! It was the most intimate, loving, feeling I’ve ever had. At that moment I believed that you loved me. There’s no way it could be so tender, so intimate, an almost spiritual level of intimacy if you didn’t care. I felt like we belonged together. That we fit, and anything else could be overcome with the love we share.

You continued your slow tender pace the entire time. When I came, you held me tight and you were only a few seconds behind me. We fell asleep in each others arms on the sofa with the blanket tossed over us. Eventually we made our way to the bed, where you held me, spoooned around me your arm over my waist.  I felt safe, secure in your arms. 

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