Saturday, September 29, 2012

Instant Heat Conclusion

This is the end of Instant Heat. I do hope you've enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Ever had a blind date that didn't turn out as you expected? That's what happens to Alyson when her friends set her up on a date. Who knew it would turn out even better than she thought?
             No words were spoken as they moved against each other in a synchronized rhythm that was almost natural for them. Alyson could only gasp as with each thrust Drake seemed to push deeper into her, until it felt as if he was touching her womb. In response she dug her claws into his back and held on, meeting his thrusts as she silently begged for more.

            When Drake suddenly pulled out she let out a sharp cry of disappointment. That soon turned into a scream of pleasure as she was unceremoniously flipped over, raised onto her hands and knees and firmly taken from behind. Drake draped his body over her as he gripped her hips, pulling her back to meet his thrusts as a low growl of pleasure rumbled in his chest. This was the way his kind took their females. It was the way she was used to being taken.

            “What pack are you from?” he growled softly, never missing a beat as he stroked in and out of her tight body. Alyson could only whimper, the pleasure making her deaf to anything else. Sensing he wasn’t going to get an answer, he reached around and slid a hand between her legs, once again finding the small nub of flesh he had been teasing earlier and began to rub and toy with it steadily. He could feel her body tightening around him, knew that she was close. Only when they had satiated their lust would he be able to get the answers to the questions that were scrolling through his mind.

            Allowing all thought to cease, he allowed his other half’s instincts to take over, claiming the young female beneath him in such a manner that he would never be able to let her go. He felt her convulse around him, heard her cry out her pleasure and he slid his hand away to grip her hips as his movements quickened, becoming more forceful. His own release was so close he could almost taste it.

            Suddenly he felt her muscles clench down and ripple around him in such a way that it drew his climax from him without warning. He threw his head back and howled out his pleasure, his hips continuing to move against her erratically as he spilled his essence into her. After a few more thrusts he grew still, staying draped over her as they struggled to regain their breath. Finally he pulled free and moved to lie on the bed, drawing her firmly to him. As he cradled her head on his chest he recalled the questions he had and cleared his throat before speaking.

            “What pack are you from?” he asked softly, a hand idly stroking the bare damp flesh of her shoulder. He felt her hesitate then a soft sigh escaped her.

            “A nameless pack far from here; a pack that I can never return to,” she replied quietly. Though her words were matter of fact Drake could hear the note of hurt in her voice and was immediately intrigued.

            “You are an exile? Why?” he asked cautiously. There was such a long silence that he was beginning to wonder if he needed to repeat the question and he was surprised when she finally answered.

            “I…refused the claim of a suitor that my parents had picked for me. He was…not to my liking,” she finally replied with a faint grimace. That was a severe understatement. The male had been too rough and she was more than aware of his indiscretions even as he had been courting her. It was only the fact that he was the son of an alpha pair in a rival pack, a pack that hers was seeking to come to a truce with, that kept her parents from seeing the truth.

            After she had very firmly denied his attempts to claim her, her parents had promptly exiled her, with strict words of what would happen should she do so. The last she had heard her younger sister had taken her place as his mate and tension between the two packs had only increased. It was a sign that her decision had been the right one, though it still hurt her deeply to be cut off from her family. A wolf without a pack, especially a female, was considered an oddity in their society and was generally shunned outside of casual sexual flings.

            Drake was silent, processing her words. There was more to her story than she was saying and he made a note to do some digging. For now he would let it go. The questions were agitating her and as his new mate that was the last thing he wanted. Though the bond had been unexpected it was very much welcome and he tugged her closer, kissing the top of her hair as he felt her relax against him.

            “So…what do we do now?” her question caught him off guard and he frowned slightly. Was she afraid that he was going to throw her out?

            “What do you mean?” he finally asked. She raised her head slightly to meet his and he could see the fear in the depths of her eyes.

            “I mean the bond…it was unexpected. It…doesn’t have to mean anything,” she finally whispered. Drake’s eyes flashed as he tensed.

            “Are you saying that you don’t want it to mean anything?” he growled, irritated. He watched her eyes widen as she realized how her words had sounded and quickly shook her head.

            “No! I…I want it. I’m so tired of being alone,” she replied softly, her eyes earnest. His expression softened.

            “I admit it might be…unconventional, but I’m glad it happened,” he replied equally as quietly.

            “So as I said, what do we do? I’m sure your pack won’t exactly be too thrilled about this,” she prodded. He tugged her closer as he fixed his gaze on hers and she could see the wolf within peering out at her as he spoke.

            “It doesn’t matter if they are or not. I am the leader and if they have a problem with it they can leave,” he said firmly.

“Though I’m sure many will be happy. They’ve been nagging at me about mating and having pups for years now,” he added as a wry smile tugged at his lips. Alyson laughed softly as she snuggled closer to him.

“So…when do I get to see your real residence,” she asked as she began to trace a light pattern on his chest. He growled as he pulled her on top of him, his hands beginning to roam her body again.

“Sometime tomorrow,” he replied before claiming her lips in a kiss again. Alyson allowed her consciousness to slip away as passion began to stir within her again. She would worry about the future tomorrow. Tonight it was all about them, about exploring their bond. Tomorrow they would face the day together, united as lovers and as mates in a bond would span the rest of their lives.

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