Saturday, September 15, 2012

Instant Heat Part 3

Ever had a blind date that didn't turn out as you expected? That's what happens to Alyson when her friends set her up on a date. Who knew it would turn out even better than she thought?

            His hands were everywhere, stroking and teasing every inch of her body until Alyson was aware of nothing but the desire coursing through her veins. Her head fell back, a small moan escaping her as she felt his lips trailing across her throat, nipping and sucking at the skin exposed as he pressed her body tightly to his.

            The scent of her desire and the feel of her smooth satiny skin under his lips stirred the beast within, calling for him to simply take her as was his right. He shushed the beast with a warning sound, unwilling to be rushed. It had been so long since he had found someone who had caught his interest in such a manner and he wasn’t about to skim through the experience. By the time he was done with her she would be lucky to remember her own name.

            Somewhere along the way he had stripped her of her shirt and bra, his hands coming up and cupping her breasts as he returned to claim her lips in another passionate kiss. She felt him moving her, steering her towards the bed, and made no move to stop him. Her hands were as busy as his, deftly unfastening his shirt and trailing her nails along the tanned skin exposed as she returned his kiss.

            Her knees hit the edge of the mattress and she tumbled back onto it with a soft surprised sound. Within seconds Drake was hovering over her, his mouth again attached to the warm skin of her neck as his hands teased and caressed her bare breasts. Alyson reached up to push the shirt off his shoulders and Drake paused long enough to shrug out of it before returning to laying fiery kisses over her body. She allowed her hands to fall to the bed and clench at the covers beneath them as he moved from her neck and down to her breasts.

            There were no words exchanged, just soft moans and growls as Drake took a nipple into his mouth, suckling and nipping at the tip. His other hand remained busy, gently kneading the flesh and toying with the other hardened tip, leaving Alyson squirming underneath him. His teeth grazed lightly over the flesh in his mouth, drawing another soft gasp from the female beneath him even as she tangled her hands in his hair and tugged slightly.

            His free hand slipped from her beast to glide down her side, running over her hip and down her leg as far as he could reach. He gently grasped her leg and parted it, allowing him to settle his body between them. His lips trailed a blaze of fire down her abdomen as his hands began to tug gently at her skirt, encouraging her to lift her hips to allow him to slide it over her hips and down her legs, slowly moving his body as he did so.

            Her pantyhose came next until she was left wearing nothing but the lacy black thong she had chosen to wear underneath it all. Why she had felt the urge to dress in this particular pair she didn’t know. But judging by the heated gleam in Drake’s dark mysterious eyes she was glad she had done so. She squirmed in anticipation, waiting for him to slip off her naughty panties next. Instead he moved forward and buried his face in her crotch, drawing a startled squeal from her.

            “Are you attached to these?” he growled, the vibration of his words against her heated core sending shockwaves of pleasure through her.

            “N-Not particularly,” she managed to get out. She felt him smile before he took the thong into his mouth and with one quick movement tore them from her body. The cool air brushed against her and she shivered.

            “Are you cold?” he asked, gazing up at her from between her thighs, the now ruined thong still held within his teeth. Alyson quickly shook her head, the sight sending heat rushing through her veins and chasing away the slight chill. Drake smiled, allowing the thong to drop to the floor and sliding his hands under her thighs and pulling her closer.

            Without another word his head dipped between her thighs and she felt the warmth of his tongue as it made a slow sensuous path through her neatly trimmed curls from the moist opening to the very top of her pubic hair. He gave a low sensuous growl and smirked as Alyson’s legs parted even more at the sound. Oh she was a delicious treat.

            Settling himself fully between her legs, he trailed a series of light kisses along each inner thigh, waiting until she had finished squirming before suddenly dipping his tongue inside of her. The taste of her exploded over his taste buds as he buried his nose in her curls, lapping and licking at her with a passion that surprised even him. His hands rested on her thighs, keeping them apart as his tongue slid up again until it found a particularly interesting piece of flesh between her nether lips.

            He heard her breath escape in a soft hiss as he began to explore. Each flick of his tongue drew a response from her until she was writhing on the bed. Slipping a hand free he slid it up underneath him until one single finger slid into the hot depths of her body. She whimpered as he began to move it within her body, his tongue never stopping its teasing torment of her clit.

            “D-Drake!” she moaned as her fingers tangled in his hair, jerking slightly as she attempted to press herself even tighter against him. With a soft chuckle he easily stilled her movements, continuing his sweet torture as he began to push her towards the edge of ecstasy. He could feel her body trembling, smell the scent of her juices as they began to flow faster and his grip upon the beast slipped a notch.

            “I love the way my name sounds on your lips,” he purred, sliding another finger in to join the first and pumping them in and out of her body. His tongue pressed upon her quicker and he was barely able to keep her still as she thrashed about on the bed, her soft breathy moans turning into sharp cries of pleasure as her climax swept over her suddenly. He growled as he felt her body clenching down on his fingers and felt his cock throb with the desire to be buried within the tight hot heat of her as she rode out her ecstasy. He felt her slowly beginning to subside and allowed himself one last long lick before moving up from her thighs and eyeing her with a predatory look that sent another spasm through Alyson’s temporarily satiated body.

            Keeping his eyes on hers, he raised his hand to his lips and slowly ran his tongue over them, drawing another soft sound from Alyson. He moved to cover his body with hers, only to find himself pushed over with the young woman hovering over him with a devious smile on her lips.

            “My turn,” she purred and Drake was speechless. As he watched her begin to crawl down his body, pausing to tease and taste every square inch of flesh along the way one thought crossed his mind.

            ‘She is the one.’


  1. whew how hot!! i loved the end!! i cannot wait till next week!

  2. Oh dear lord Shelia, I need some ice and a fan. . . hot!!!